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The Property Show 2016 Episode 156 - Highgrove Village

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94110mission (2 months ago)
Not impressed with Highgrove Village at all. While it's "OK," anyone who calls this, "the Beverly Hills of Nairobi" is someone who hasn't seen the real Beverly Hills, USA. (Why compare it to the US anyway? Is that supposed to be a selling point?") If this is high-end, then where's the central air-conditioning? The Borgani homes development, seen on another segment, beats this one, and those homes are cheaper to purchase.
94110mission (8 days ago)
Before I answer your question, explain what my nationality has to do with my comment.
bonface Wachira (11 months ago)
i love the high grove village, it is my best place I have seen yet on the property show. Asanta sana Nancy and property show team.
Janeth Dofitas (1 year ago)
I don't like Indians neighbour..they are barbaric and smelly
Deep Jadeja (1 month ago)
hahahaha..ati u agree....kwenda kabisa...
Deep Jadeja (1 month ago)
u cant even afford that house ..so shut ur smelly mouth..u Fuck"ng Idi"t....
kiatu kichafu (1 year ago)
I agree
I know the place I ever worked there two years back
Joseph Mkubwa (1 year ago)
Nancy that is well done show. This is a high end development without doubt. However I would like to know why they wont provide basic information such as whether property is freehold or leasehold and a rough guide to the asking price. I don' t like this secrecy honestly.
Happyness Wanjiru (1 year ago)
Nsubuga Julius (1 year ago)
its a must get
Rayhab Wambui (2 years ago)
hii ata pesa ya lotto after 20% tax mtu haezi afford.which i guess comes down to about 80 million labda euro bond money. its a real beauty absolutely love it...
Princess Judy (1 year ago)
waaah talk of 80m mimi nimeipatia a good guess of 150-200Million aki wooiii Ngai fafa
James Keru (2 years ago)
Lower Kabete areas is very beautiful. The problem is that most of the land is owned by Kikuyu farmers who won't sell their land no matter what...they actually defied the white settlers. But I am glad to see this change with developments like Highgrove taking shape.
tuforu4 (1 year ago)
Can you not bribe them,,
Mariam Degahburi (2 years ago)
Amazing congratulations Highgrove Village !
Joshua Odongo (2 years ago)
wooooow i like the house
Jessie Mnjeri (2 years ago)
Best show thus far....wow
UgandaToday (2 years ago)
Hahaa Nancy literally fell in love with the house (for the first time), you can tell from her voice and the depth of her breath!
James Keru (2 years ago)
She was overwhelmed.
Mariam Degahburi (2 years ago)
haha no wonder that house is so beautiful!
Naima Waitherero (2 years ago)
High Grove village is incredible. The interior finishing especially. Amazing.

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