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TERRIFYING TALENT! Freaky Magician GIRL Scares Judges & Audience On Asia's Got Talent!

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Sacred Riana On Asia's Got Talent 2017 judges scares and terrifies judges and audience with her freaky and creepy magic tricks! How does she do it?!

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Top Talent (4 days ago)
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Pro Pro (4 hours ago)
Pro Pro (4 hours ago)
Is this real?
Yaren Çakar приветик
Fatima Paz (1 day ago)
Top Talent
Kaydence Tidwell (1 day ago)
Top Talent wow
random Karatachi (1 minute ago)
I really enjoy watching her..I'm some damn emo kid lol
Angelina Michel (3 minutes ago)
Sie macht mir Angst !!
Angelina Michel (4 minutes ago)
Ich glaube sie hat schwarze Magie !😞
У меня когда батя бухнет не такое еще вытворяет
pipopolvorin (9 minutes ago)
un reebot al exorsista con esa mujer como actora PLS la amo.
Иван Тараканов (11 minutes ago)
Ярик блять! Пиздец!
Sasha Unicorn (13 minutes ago)
Как её зовут ?
Sasha Unicorn (16 minutes ago)
Мне будто либо она российская , у неё таковой ударение
Alyson Ramos (26 minutes ago)
aw, for a moment you could tell she almost smiled. that's a hard thing to do, trying not to smile.
__MusicBird__ FlysHigh (30 minutes ago)
i think many people are afraid of her but i wann to know how she is feeling. I think its hard to have a "talent" like that.
çılqın mucits (31 minutes ago)
bence bu kızın içine cin girmiş .
Bh Ggg (33 minutes ago)
Blondie Kay (49 minutes ago)
Saphira the dragon. (53 minutes ago)
Круто!!!!!😻😻😻😻😻 Обожаю мистику!!!
Wonderful world (58 minutes ago)
oh my gosh
Lim0n4ik (1 hour ago)
Just a cool girl :* (1 hour ago)
She win?
Я в шоке 😵😵😵
kyle peavey (1 hour ago)
I mostly love it she focuses on the female judge lol
Самое то глядеть ночкой
Selvino Lanzarotti (1 hour ago)
😂😂😂 That's so Silly
Did anyone see when she scared the judges on America's Got Talent? Then Simon pressed his X when everyone was focused and scared the hell out of the audience lol.
Eliy Sawicki (1 hour ago)
Dude this girl is possessed or something man
Ignacia Toledo (1 hour ago)
Creo que soy la la unica que habla español aqui??
Sherri Delorme (1 hour ago)
Her life will not end well poor girl.
Sana Farhi (1 hour ago)
Oh mon dieu elle fait vraiment flipper
Это Юрико Омега!
davina murgia (1 hour ago)
Does the world not see this as evil. It is not funny, its not a joke, its not entertainment . You can clearly see she is possessed. Wake up people
Assassins Hyper (2 hours ago)
slowly claps and runs away (not rlly Riana is best)
Тоже ищешь российские коменты?
Anthonio Nesbitt (2 hours ago)
Emma Park (2 hours ago)
Jay Park *-*
Juana Esteban (2 hours ago)
Sulaiman AlMusawi (2 hours ago)
Lame lame LAME!!!
marylisegameuse du 30 (3 hours ago)
Я ставлю дизлайк
BabyWink 1 (3 hours ago)
14:17 *oh hey bitch*
Severa Bruja :v Jajajjaja Tiene Combulciones O Que ?
Robyn Turner (3 hours ago)
Is it something to do with that twitching?
Miriam Ammylus (3 hours ago)
Das sind (zum Teil) keine Zaubertricks mehr. Das hier ist tatsächlich echt. Die Frage, die sich mir hier stellt ist nicht, wie sie das tut, denn das wie ist mir völlig klar, sondern warum sie sowas tut. Will sie beweisen, dass es sowas gibt? Will sie damit nur diese unbedeutende Show gewinnen (das wäre sehr kleingeistig und nicht sehr weitsichtig von ihr...)? Sowas macht mich echt sauer. Ihr müsste klar sein, welche Verantwortung sie damit trägt und welche Folgen das noch für sie und andere haben kann! Ob ihr das wirklich klar ist, ist fraglich.
Rasha Shohatee (3 hours ago)
She's good subscribe to her.
Nina Bina (3 hours ago)
she hasn't smiled once
Ave Octa (3 hours ago)
This is in asia got talent then she join america got talent
Ave Octa (3 hours ago)
The scared riana has joined the america got talent wow she amazing
Legends Gaming (3 hours ago)
Melonen girl 44 (4 hours ago)
Im kinda Like the Kid...
Gabija Zakareviciute (4 hours ago)
Omg i vos so krepe o:)
willcarism (4 hours ago)
"I said Jay Park?" Hmmm.
Lara Cunha (4 hours ago)
lina Officiel (4 hours ago)
o mon dieu
Тид Джи (4 hours ago)
Оу щит
why not (4 hours ago)
я вообщем смотрел забавные моменты с бтс, покамест мне не посоветовали это видео мда капец
ajoajoajoaj (4 hours ago)
Top tier waifu material
April West (4 hours ago)
She should be more famous.!!!***
Holly Taylor (4 hours ago)
She used a oijia board
francesca bovio (4 hours ago)
She is fantastic 🤯🤯
Gormand' Ise (4 hours ago)
COMARAZZ 002 (5 hours ago)
What the actuall fuck
Alex Pazzo (5 hours ago)
What the Heck....this scared asian girl come from?!!!
Neonninja706 (5 hours ago)
damm she is hot :D
I think it's cool
кто из 2018?!
Alla Show (2 hours ago)
няшка надя (3 hours ago)
Камила Топская яя
Так не достаточно российских комментов
Я опять тебя отыскала
Камила Топская ммм конечно мало
Headline News (5 hours ago)
Two nine nine
Samuel Hinkle (5 hours ago)
Keenen Terry (5 hours ago)
that girl is influence by demonic spirits, being exposed for the world to see, the audience is cheering for it which indicates when these types of actives are frequently see the world shall accept it as normal.
India Turner (5 hours ago)
Kathie Brown (5 hours ago)
Loved it the girl got talent and balls <3
Jenny Pruggmayer (6 hours ago)
I feel some negative energy about this girl and I don't really liked that , it makes me feel emotionally bad .
Johnny Biet (6 hours ago)
Mais que fou la chanteuse Anguun dans cette émission ????😂
Shira (6 hours ago)
Alight, I would have left soon as I saw that twitching shit lol. NOPE!!!
TheFan Puy Du Fou (6 hours ago)
Waow ! 😱😰
Patrick Burton Jr (6 hours ago)
Is it weird I find her so so fucking hot and I'm oddly aroused bi this
Так то в наушниках страхова глядеть😢
Хах то че эмоция когда не понимаешь, однако смотришь до конца!
Sylvain Routier (6 hours ago)
Iptisam Alhabsi (6 hours ago)
Oh deat God it's torture
Roberto v. (6 hours ago)
21:30 tell me how she did this?? impossbile
illuminati (7 hours ago)
member ò the illuminati
Carlos Palacios (7 hours ago)
Jegateeswari Munisamy (7 hours ago)
Her reaction
Alice Angel (7 hours ago)
Are there more vids of her
Christopher Gvozd (7 hours ago)
She walks my house at night
Maninlaw 88 (7 hours ago)
1-2 трюк не плох ... остальное этак для себя ... постановка ...
Siyam (7 hours ago)
it is fake bro
я одна российская?
muhib ur rehman (7 hours ago)
Is Riana mad
karina Reyes (7 hours ago)
Watching this vid made me fall off my bed
sunday kalu (8 hours ago)
Wow that was lovely
The rainbow Beacon (8 hours ago)
The 31k people who disliked the video are going to have a curse put on them
a love riana
dzupp 1229 (8 hours ago)
Fuck girl
такая странноватая
Emma McHugh (8 hours ago)
it's Sabrina from the psychic gym!!!!!!!
KOTIK MURKA:3 (8 hours ago)
O_o WTF ..
Maksim Max (8 hours ago)
Она прекрасная)
Victor'z XD (8 hours ago)
Soy el unico que piensa que la niña es bonita?:v
Radical Fam (8 hours ago)
DAT GIRL DA DEVIL!! And really, I'm not scared at all.
Rah Ahmed Mughal (8 hours ago)

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