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Developers Spend Millions In Local Election To Stop Progressive

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TYT's Cenk Uygur spoke with Marc Elrich, a progressive candidate running in Maryland for Montgomery County Executive. https://www.marcelrich.org Donation Link: https://www.marcelrich.org/donate Volunteer: https://actionnetwork.org/forms/volunteer-to-help-marc-win Don't forget to tell us your thoughts in the comment section below! *** Follow Our Incredible Reporting Team On The Road! Subscribe to TYT Politics on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/TYTPolitics Like TYT Politics on Facebook: http://facebook.com/TYTPolitics Follow TYT Politics on Twitter: http://twitter.com/TYTPolitics Join TYT Politics on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/TYTPolitics/
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Text Comments (25)
Elizabeth Dueweke (6 days ago)
Go Marc! So proud to support this candidate.
Aesithair Runekafi (7 days ago)
Anyone who is just voting on name recognition alone is the DUMBEST humans to ever pull a voting lever.
Kavkaz (11 days ago)
If you live in Montgomery County, Maryland (Bethesda, Silver Spring, DC suburbs that's you) PLEASE vote for this guy! A lot of young people don't follow downballot or local elections, but this is important. There are 6 Democratic candidates and Blair, the rich guy they are talking about, is trying to buy his way into office like David Trone wants to. George Leventhal isn't terrible, but we can't split the progressive vote and let Blair win. Vote for Marc Elrich!
Cathy Morrone (11 days ago)
Up to the billionaires. Spend your money against progressives candidates and they will carry on that arm of the revolution, the rest of us will see you in the street. So, do you have enough money to stop a revolution?
Arath Perez (12 days ago)
Blair is all over the place, we rarely hear of Elrich let alone other candidates.
Kavkaz (11 days ago)
Arath Perez In Takoma Park/Silver Spring its all Elrich and some Leventhal...but he never really needed to worry about the vote here. Elsewhere especially upcounty I'm afraid Blair is just drowning out everyone else$$$...not to mention the Post and blogs like Greater Greater Washington spreading fake news about Elrich. Basically, progressives are screwed. At least we have Raskin
I know your pain. I ran for Hamilton County Mayor in Democratic primary and had similar problems.
Terry Walk (13 days ago)
Interesting that cenk is a former Republican huh?
Aesithair Runekafi (7 days ago)
Yes, we all know that. Education and enlightenment is responsible for progress.
daysjours (13 days ago)
I feel hopeless. We are living at the pleasure of the wealthy -- we are serfs in new feudal times
Cathy Morrone (11 days ago)
daysjours , no need to feel hopeless. This is the preparation among the progressives for a revolution. We will win. There's no doubt about it. This is my first revolution. I'm excited and privileged to be a part of it! Hang in there , the great hope is coming. We are who we've been waiting for
Wayne Plaisted (13 days ago)
we need to stop these crooks .
wiidiwii (13 days ago)
Its basically the major of the county . its not that complicated people.
Janeen Calaway (13 days ago)
This is what a real human being sounds like.
Cunningman45 (13 days ago)
Interview Ben Jealous again before the primary!
Robert Hale (13 days ago)
Ok, I don't live in Montgomery County, but I do read Greater Greater Washington pretty regularly. Is Mr. Elrich a horrible candidate? Far from it. Do I think his urban policy leaves a lot to be desired? Yes. From https://ggwash.org/view/67709/marc-elrich-not-right-for-montgomery-county-executive "Broadly, Elrich isn't convinced Montgomery County needs to add many new homes or residents, or jobs." In one of the most desirable, liberal places in the country, that is supposedly about shared prosperity and upward mobility, and with underutilized carbon-light mass transit options, we aren't supposed to let significant amounts of housing or jobs be built? A "progressive's" answer on equitable, environmentally sound development is, “I prefer to put jobs in Frederick.”?! Are you on another planet? Inducing long car commutes is the exact opposite of what progressives should advocate for. Is densification in urban areas automatically a good thing for everyone? No. But there are ways to mitigate against displacement of poor people. Elrich gives off the air of a NIMBY despite his other progressive positions. We cannot afford to dismiss the advantages of denser development in our most urban, location-efficient desirable areas, which not coincidentally are the areas most likely to have powerful people who want to keep things steady. Developers are not necessarily bad, and those opposing them are not necessarily sound. The progressive movement embraces the hypocrisy of people like Elrich at its peril.
Jo Bo (13 days ago)
Nooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! Your turning into cnn with the stupid countdowns. I understand a countdown with maybe 7 days left but 152 days is so stupid. Please TYT you're on a slippery slope
Alfred Epding (13 days ago)
The developers and major real estate interests they speak of not only traditionally hate environmentalists and land management experts, but they also cannot claim to build housing for ordinary Americans any more because those same housing prices are so unaffordable for so many Americans. This is all about real estate speculation and housing and profits for the few. More of the standard, convenient belief system that if it makes money the corruption and utility behind it doesn't matter.
ursaltydog (13 days ago)
very interesting structure..
Heidel Berg (13 days ago)
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Shawnee Love HHD, PhD (13 days ago)
Fresno Bob (13 days ago)
We are going to bring this country back to balance.
Danny Knapp (13 days ago)
Dunno who is funding opposition, but I wouldn't be surprised if it has to do with the TOD's (transportation oriented development) in which government can sell off high-value land to developers near transportation centers. Kind of looks like they may have stolen some pension funding to go towards economic development projects. Who knows? These local governments are corrupt as hell. It's amazing what they do with TIF's, SSA's, TOD's, etc... http://mgaleg.maryland.gov/pubs/budgetfiscal/2018fy-budget-docs-operating-j00a01-mdot-the-secretarys-office.pdf

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