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The Property Show 2014 - Episode 66 - Migaa Development

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We take you back to the spectacular Migaa development in the scenic highlands of Kiambu. As they celebrate four years, we track the project's milestones. On the Expert Segment Space & Style share on a building solution - light gauge structural steel, Frametech.
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Text Comments (22)
pete mugo (7 days ago)
The house is beautiful and it sits in an oppluent sorounding but the living space is so cramed up the kitchen is wack nothing impressive about that house
pete mugo (7 days ago)
ukoloni mambo leo kweli what does it have to do with european standards
livras02 (2 months ago)
European standards? When will we stop holding ourselves to Europe? Can quality just be quality.
GORDON OPIYO (5 months ago)
Room so tiny
lewisner (5 months ago)
Sweet. The houses are stunning.
Kevin Ndolo (8 months ago)
This Mitini Scape house is VERY TINY. My Bathroom is bigger than that Lounge!! To me its a ripoff
Design Interforms (3 months ago)
Kevin Ndolo You may want to check this out to.... https://youtu.be/W6gGNmL8vG8
Teddy Dunde (2 years ago)
hehehe European standard!!! But it looks good
0900McShizzle (2 years ago)
If European standards means cramped rooms being overpriced by millions then I'll pass
Rayhab Wambui (2 years ago)
very nice but let's be honest, it's not as spacious as she claims
Dennis Mukuba (2 years ago)
Looking for 'spacious' - hardly! I don't remember European standards beating indigenous standards either :D
Renee Kanga (2 years ago)
Wiring for appliance done wrong...almost like an after thought for the "european standards" claimed.....not open enough,very tiny living and dining space......for an african family so maybe they need to incorporate that!
Design Interforms (3 months ago)
Renee Kanga You may want to check this out to.... https://youtu.be/W6gGNmL8vG8
Bernard Nambande (2 years ago)
Joshua Musau (3 years ago)
European standard, yes, we get it.
Dennis Mukuba (2 years ago)
+Joshua Musau as we can't see
Lopei Emase (3 years ago)
Great Show. Thanks Nancy. I was waiting to hear, "Again, as you can see the golf course is not your everyday golf course. It's European standard."
David Bett (3 years ago)
Migaa is beautiful. But what is with European Standards? Europe is Versatile
Wer24 (3 years ago)
Beautiful place!!!
Ben Mann (3 years ago)
Migaa is looking good
The Truth (3 years ago)
Kenya rising.
Fungai Ndemera (3 years ago)
Great, informative and atractive

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