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Samsung Galaxy S8 Official TVC: Sibling Rivalry

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We all understand how we use our phones. Until now. See how the new Galaxy S8 changes the way you shop, protect, play, and work.
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Text Comments (956)
What's the title of this song
WORLDGAME clash royal (15 hours ago)
The new Siri Great (8 days ago)
Overpriced junk
张汝文 (9 days ago)
CoffeeROBLOX (10 days ago)
It looks amazing!!! I love it. I'll probably be able to afford it in ten years.
christopher Roldan (10 days ago)
Watching this on my s8
JustFactsTech (11 days ago)
Good job in this one
aaron malong (15 days ago)
whos watching this on their iphone
Harshal Chavhan (16 days ago)
Taehyung KimBTS (16 days ago)
i love Samsung so Amazing
Vanessa Van dijk (17 days ago)
I want Samsung... But Its updating not for long for a 2 or 1 year(s)
Sreedath A.m. (27 days ago)
Creates sibling rivalry.. I don’t want it.
Stefan Razvan (1 month ago)
0:54 her face...:))))
Dennys Flores (1 month ago)
Who is watching on their iPhone 8+ 😍
Kj Zeus (1 month ago)
Dennys Flores no one
Surfitse Bluepanda (1 month ago)
but i have s4 yet🤔
Surfitse Bluepanda (1 month ago)
infinity display is sooo criispyyy
Iqbal Kareem (1 month ago)
yes every think is best until now
xMrSchonx (1 month ago)
Who is watching on galaxy s6 ?
Pink Diamond (1 month ago)
Cooooooooòooooooooooool I Love Samsung
Pink Diamond (1 month ago)
Umair Ali (1 month ago)
watching on my s8+
The Bella Twins (1 month ago)
The TVC is so funny 😹
YOW_ DANIELLE (1 month ago)
What is their editor??
Test Challenge (1 month ago)
samsung galaxy s8 day and
rohan chowdhury (1 month ago)
I am watching with my s8 plus
grade one direction (1 month ago)
I am watching with s8 plus
shiv Modi (1 month ago)
Where samsung new phone is launch a new s9
shiv Modi (1 month ago)
It's a nice design
Vjacheslav Burlakov (1 month ago)
Very unreliable phones. Galaxy S6 after two years of use - the battery swelled and squeezed out the back cover
theMVP 845 (1 month ago)
They were comparing s8 with?
Dave OG Miles (1 month ago)
i got one he he
I have Samsung Galaxy s8 plus
Diogo Maltarolo (2 months ago)
今天有人 (2 months ago)
Watching on s7 edge with pink line😓
Crazy Hacker (2 months ago)
I have money n I'm waiting for s9 or one plus 6
Asoo Mahmmed (2 months ago)
شنو اسم الاغنيه
Rōma Tawāzu (2 months ago)
Everything is better now ❤
Alpha MUA (2 months ago)
S8 is great but Bixby (Vision) is sh**!
Moacyr Matheus (2 months ago)
Mulher mais bela do mundo!
cookie monster (2 months ago)
Are they lesbians?
Kj Zeus (1 month ago)
bue bye no sisters XD
athena rose diez (2 months ago)
i wish my mom and dad buy me s8 i really want it badly
Turki Kaboha (2 months ago)
Is it me or the other phone looks like an IPhone....Haha😂
Salin Khan (2 months ago)
Such a hilarious way to troll......love you SAMSUNG.
Glaxy S8 / S8+ unbox your phone Enter your mobile number now: Will you be our next winner ? https://tinyurl.com/y7c22xwg
R. Fahan Rahman (2 months ago)
But I am iPhone user
fgere (2 months ago)
This is nothing watch my galaxy s3 :) worst phone ever i wish s8
Soran Sharifi (2 months ago)
I love the S8 .It very beautiful and useful.
Jorge Martinez (2 months ago)
Samsung galaxy s8😍😍
SMILEZYWILEZY (2 months ago)
Moral of video - the more better looking you are, the easier life is
Am I the only one to think that Samsung sex sister is copied from the Nintendo switches dock sistem lol
Aishagupta Gupta (3 months ago)
best ever mobiles of samsumg
Drake Ray (3 months ago)
Review 3333333333333333 love you have your BF freeware pripyat coma coma coma coma coma coma coma KFC KFC KFC KFC KFC KFC KFC KFC KFC KFC wicked TV whatever you yes we did you with you copy of you Indian butter butter butter butter butter butter butter
chelsea boy (3 months ago)
Amazing Phones 😍❤
father kean (3 months ago)
i wonder what is the song?
dat nguyen (3 months ago)
when a Samsung galaxy s8 got OUTPERFORM by a 2015 iPhone 6s lol
Mohamed Nasir (3 months ago)
ده تلفون وحش
luka djorjdevic (3 months ago)
My samsung s8 black
Mohsin Khan (3 months ago)
So are you sure.. can i click pictures under water ??
pagadala venkatesh (3 months ago)
My dream is to Hands on s8
Ashen Gamage (3 months ago)
I have seen the Samsung and Huawei product videos but non of then show the weak side I think k this is what a business is.
plamen hristov (3 months ago)
Song name?
Vamsi Krishna (3 months ago)
The shittest phone ever made is samsung galaxy
Kj Zeus (3 months ago)
Love my S8+ 😍
Aishagupta Gupta (3 months ago)
best one company samsung
Titanic world (3 months ago)
samsung s8 ad girl is looking beautiful
Kj Zeus (3 months ago)
Aditya vasava pervert
mays bbh (3 months ago)
My s8+ 😍
Kj Zeus (3 months ago)
mays bbh same 😍
FLYing Onion (3 months ago)
how to do that on 0:11
Rolly Diamond (3 months ago)
But I felt dizzy after using iris scanner,feels like I'm drowning
Rupak Biswas (3 months ago)
L♡ve it😉
Fatma Aksoy (3 months ago)
Jai bien rigolée à la fin de la vidéo🤣🤣🤣🤣😂
Teshigi Smith (3 months ago)
She pulls out her phone like "Size matters." Lol
Random Poster (3 months ago)
She is definitely compensating for something with the bigger phone
Kj Zeus (3 months ago)
Teshigi Smith XD
Ellan Bruno (3 months ago)
Um sonho distante... 😢💔
Daniel Cruz (3 months ago)
i Love Samsung
Red Blazze07 (3 months ago)
dat curve on the display tho
Omar Saifullah (3 months ago)
iPhone is better ❤️ 
Kj Zeus (3 months ago)
Omar Saifullah in your dreams
DOB (4 months ago)
Daaaaamn ROASTED
3ds Max Maximum (4 months ago)
fungky (4 months ago)
aww' my phone
Dylan Power (4 months ago)
Watching on Samsung note 8 and love it 😊
Shreyansh Roy (4 months ago)
😄😄😄this video is just awesome.Every time I see this video on my S8 I just can't control over myself while laughing.It reminds of my jealous friends who are iphone 7 plus and I the SAMSUNG GALAXY S8
Devish Gawas (4 months ago)
watching this on my nokia 3310
Nadun lochana perera (4 months ago)
Best peice of tech I've bought in all my life ...( I've had over 11 phones . Some iPhones , Huawei , other samsungs and LGs )
M MA (4 months ago)
Damn I like this advertisement. It is really funny
DZ vidéos (4 months ago)
this is not a good video ...
Kj Zeus (3 months ago)
DZ vidéos your not a good person...
Atlas (4 months ago)
Who tf works on a bed
*The Unknown* (1 month ago)
RavenRing (1 month ago)
Lazy people trying to be lit.
Random Poster (3 months ago)
Atlas Me
Anita Rodriguez (4 months ago)
Me like mord Samsung s8
Anita Rodriguez (4 months ago)
Me like mord Samsung s8
Anita Rodriguez (4 months ago)
Me like mord Samsung s8
Anita Rodriguez (4 months ago)
Me like mord Samsung s8
Anita Rodriguez (4 months ago)
Me like mord Samsung s8
Jazmin Cabrera (4 months ago)
Amor a primera vista !!! 😻💕💕😻 lo quiero!!!
Ayush Anubhav (4 months ago)
I am big fan of Samsung
Md Shariful Islam (4 months ago)
Good video !!! you can also see more details here : https://goo.gl/ATCJRV
Daniel Pereira (4 months ago)
¿Como se llaman las mujeres del comercial?
Emil Oprisa (5 months ago)
0:34 is bullshit. On sunday I was in a swimming pool and had the phone in max 20 cm of water for maybe 3 to 5 min, tops. Now the bottom part of my S7 touchscreen is not responding to touch. Of course Samsung doesn't want to repair the phone as what they claim and show in advertisments is different from what is written in the warranty. I guess they got that IP68 certification by bribing officials, in true Samsung fashion. Last time I am buying a Samsung product.
TECH JETS (5 months ago)
How she got all detail of shoes buy just clicking its picture
The Greatest Idiot (5 months ago)
Watching an S8 ad over a S8... :/
Matthew Lewis De Leon (5 months ago)
jorge robinson (5 months ago)
S8+ the best cellphone in the world, thanks samsung you are the best of the best!!!
Akın HD (5 months ago)
Steve Jobs mezarında ters döndü

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