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iMac Pro vs 5K iMac: Worth the Price?

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We put two of Apple's priciest desktop computers, the base iMac Pro and the top of the line 5K iMac, against each other. Which one is the better buy? https://www.technobuffalo.com/2018/02/01/imac-pro-vs-5k-imac-the-results-will-surprise-you/ -More VS Videos- Note 8 vs Pixel 2 XL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a26_22gHEG0 iPhone X vs Pixel 2 XL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sznXd_4XY9c iPhone 8 Plus vs Galaxy Note 8: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpHfFh1bixY -iMac Pro Specs- 3.2GHz 8-core Intel Xeon W processor 32GB 2666MHz ECC memory 1TB SSD Radeon Pro Vega 56 with 8GB HBM2 memory -5K iMac Specs- 4.2GHz 7th-generation Intel Core i7 40GB 2400MHz DDR4 512GB SSD Radeon Pro 580 with 8GB video memory Music from Epidemic Sound. Start your free 30-day trial! https://goo.gl/ibDfse More tech goodness: http://www.technobuffalo.com Deals: http://bit.ly/1JMh2qc Follow us! Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/technobuffalo Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/technobuffalo Instagram: http://instagram.com/technobuffalo Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/+TechnoBuffalo

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Text Comments (326)
Brendan Whelan (14 hours ago)
Is it better to drop an extra $800 for 10-core 32 GB RAM or extra $800 for 8-core 64 GB RAM? I do a decent amount of video editing. Thanks!
I still waiting wwdc ... Coffee . 6 cores. Will be the best machine for most users like me.
Youtube Channel (7 days ago)
I hate how the 5K iMacs all have to be upgraded to i7. The 8GB gpu iMac should start with i7, but hey I guess that's just apple
Link Kakariko (12 days ago)
At least on the 5K mac you can upgrade ram
Alien Fry (13 days ago)
(For price/quality)
Alien Fry (13 days ago)
Better 5k
Rob Nowe (15 days ago)
I just tested my 2017 iMac 5k with 1TB SSD and my Blackmagicdesign 3.1 Disk Speed Test is 2044 WRT and 2461 RD, yours is much slower so I am wondering why as I have all kinds of other thiings open and running too. Just FYI.
Mr Screamer (21 days ago)
The price can't be justified. Get a PC and learn to use some other software. Paying $2500 over the odds because you can't be bothered to learn a new editing program is a ridiculous waste. And the myth only Apple can edit is nonsense. I don't see Linus Tech Tips struggling to make 4k videos with their windows set up.
Matthew Park (24 days ago)
This video was clean cut and to the point👍🏼
Josh Parker (1 month ago)
Technology never stops growing so believe me when i say buying something u cant upgrade is very stupid! 5 to 10,000 dollars for a imac that u cant upgrade is stupid,ur basically screwing urself it will adventually be old and outdated and theres nothing u can do about it and u cant get ur money back out of it, its funny cus apple will come out with another computer and then what r u gonna do? The 10k imac pro u bought is outdated and nobody will give a shit about it
T-Jack (1 month ago)
The quality in this video is legit amazing! Keep it up
markyoung01maccom (1 month ago)
I hate to say it’s Apple and oranges pardon the pun. Server and desktop processors , Xeon as compared i7 is fundamentally different. One is inherently build for multi threaded tasks and the other for single thread activities. It probably would have made sense to state that at the start. Perhaps it’s also worth waiting for the new modular Mac Pro. And get the cheaper of the machines; iMac 5k. Whilst the upgradeability of it isn’t all that special , the pro is a $6,000 + paper weight in comparison. So go for the 5k iMac, the price differential is just too significant and if you are seriously rendering 8k videos do on a grid of render boxes.
EdVentures (1 month ago)
Awesome thanks!
FANG (2 months ago)
Mother fucker! Here you are! You never said a thing!!!
Vincent Prinssen (2 months ago)
I choose imac pro
Benjamin Rodriguez (2 months ago)
Drink lie stumble oytoqyc emerge purchase injure religion poet conclude.
John O'Connor (2 months ago)
I don't understand all your comparisons say the imac pro is the best choice, but all the results show the imac 5k was better? Did I miss something in the video??
Matheau Michalak (2 months ago)
Where did you get that wallpaper from at 0:57 ?
p soteriou (3 months ago)
I think the iMacPro is a great choice for pros but it is not going to "grow with you" because there is nothing a user can change on it - not even a RAM upgrade - without great difficulty. Non-upgradeability seems to be the opposite of what a pro user needs.
Monus Brewer (3 months ago)
Well dugh, of course it will smoke it... You load it out with 40 gig of RAM? Absolutely INVALID test process, please do us a favor and delete this waste of time.
R l (3 months ago)
The pro is gets a better mike for sound and shit background music by two dick vid editing. Music stops then returns.. loops .
andreyy akpinar (3 months ago)
The quality of this video is really good. And the information was good. But tbh, it's a very small minority that is editing in 8K. Most people edit in 1080p or 4K. There definitely should be a video of these iMac's doing tests on more adobe products like LR, PS, PP, and how many files can be edited in LR and exported, and likewise with PS AND PP. That will target a larger audience. Also, the same should be done ONLY on a 5k Mac that is a base model, so that it shows what that computer can do as most people are not going to spend $4-6,000 on an iMac unless they are a well established business.
8+FRC which is fake 10-bit is always worth it. Love Mac scams.
If you're pros, you better get used to using a PC with a Quadro GPU and true 10-bit monitor.
yea no (3 months ago)
Very clean video, loved the editting and the quality is dope. I subscribed 👍🏼
DontFuckWitDreDay (3 months ago)
5K iMac is for poor people.
Ed Saucin (3 days ago)
5K iMac was once overpriced, now it’s for poor people...
evilution (3 months ago)
DontFuckWitDreDay Most people who bought a iMac pro don’t need it and could do the work on a 5K version.
tinydancer2607 (3 months ago)
FINALLY...we can understand what they are saying as opposed to ‘Motormouth’ who speaks (way) too fast and unclear. Great video. Thank you!
dela vago (3 months ago)
Always video editors. Your skills aren't enough to test the imac pro. I want to see some 3D modeling and code compiling . Scene rendering. Video editing isn't enough
sarath sasikumar (3 months ago)
who would need these beasts for daily surfing and movie playings??!!😎😎.... i better stick with my cute dell...
Andy Repka (3 months ago)
Clickbait title
DG TV (3 months ago)
Why just do an 8k video compare, 4K would have been great too
Leo Joey (3 months ago)
um. wait I thought that the iMac pro had better P3 something... like a wider gamut
slaWterCH (3 months ago)
The silent operation alone is worth the small price difference. I'm waiting for the new Mac Pro as I already have external 5K displays I'd like to reuse.
Franco Calaramo (3 months ago)
Can you please link the wallpaper of the iMac 5k?
Richard Servello (3 months ago)
$5000.....MWAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Fucking insane! I just ordered an Origin desktop for my business (vfx for tv shows and commercials). I got an 8-core 3.6 Intel X, 128GB ram, and a 1080Ti for $4800. Apple tax is real. And before you jump on the monitor train...remember....this worthless iMac Pro has 32GB ram....not remotely enough for pro work...Sure a 5k monitor will cost more...but 128GB ram currently costs $1700!!!!! So mine still BLOW THIS CRAP AWAY for a MUCK lower price!
Richard Servello (3 months ago)
Try playback in Premiere.
ScreamingPixels (3 months ago)
Did WE make a mistake?? No! Apple did! I bought 5K back to 2016 and sometimes it’s even slower than my old iMac from 2007. Especially with games. Because most power of GPU it spend to render retina picture.
Matt Thomas (3 months ago)
the 5k would be my best bet, I have a 9 year old iMac 20" 2.66ghz... So it would be faster for me...
Bryan R Thompson (3 months ago)
I really question which of the two will even be working properly in 3-4 years. As a video editor, I invested heavy into a maxed out 2013 iMac as my every day driver, convinced that both Apple's design and product support would be the better value over time option vs building another PC. I started running into issues around 2 years in, but the system held firm with minor issues until year around year 3. By mid-2016 I was dealing with regular crashes, and by early 2017 the system almost cost me a couple of long-standing clients due to repeat system failures when pushing it in Premiere CC. Turns out, Apple's iMac thermal design just isn't good enough for long-term serious use. After several consultations and few over-night stays in Apple's shop, I was told that given the workload, I should be happy I got as much out of it as I did. Premiere isn't optimized like FCP is for the system so every project with 4k or even worse, long GOP formatted footage, really started to push the thermal limits just scrubbing through timelines and 7 out of every 10 attempts to render caused a complete system failure and a force restart! Sure, 3+ years for a system in a professional work environment is pretty good - I made my money back on the investment several times over - But when I started looking around and waiting for Apple to release a better product... All they did was announce more design-heavy options that look like they'll become glorified paperweights in a few years time. So, I built a new PC with an emphasis on cooling and thermal design - time will tell if it was the right decision, but when I saw that Apple wasn't changing the design on the iMac Pro and was still going cram in server grade desktop hardware with only minor modifications to the layout and a single added fan, well... best of luck to anyone buying it for long-term use! There's a reason you won't find modern mac pros or iMacs used in a serious Post house, they just aren't a reliable investment for the long run! Stick with modified g5 towers, or build a PC :)
Noel E (3 months ago)
How does the iMac pro blow the regular iMac out of the water in Black Magic but then you say the iMac 5k wasn’t far behind?
powermichiel (3 months ago)
8K is sooooooooo mainstream... lol !
C Cooper (3 months ago)
Mateo Gomez (3 months ago)
Tire three artistic vanish wander thousand magic key chaos manufacturing
Derek (3 months ago)
No g sync / v sync. There’s your downside.
yoyo (3 months ago)
Dude I was confused. The iMac Pro is also 5k.
ColeWorks (3 months ago)
40GB RAM in 5K iMac?
Jelle Harmen van Mourik (3 months ago)
For my web designing needs. The iMac 5K will last me 8 years.. just saying :')
Ed Saucin (3 days ago)
A maxed out iMac Pro will last me a 15 years. It’s like a dream machine that I could never afford until I can’t use it.
LoveTech (3 months ago)
Enjoyed the video. I think its better to wait for the Mac Pro 2018, before buying a iMac Pro 2017.
Dolphinasd Gaming (3 months ago)
With the base price of the iMac Pro, u could by yourself one of the Hp desktop workstations with about 48 TB, 56 core i9 Xeon I think, 3 ni idea graphics card.
Kate Haaland (3 months ago)
iMac 5K upgradable too, you could buy cheaper version, replace CPU, RAM, SSD and save at least a thousand $. Old hardware also can be sold too make extra money.
Ed Saucin (3 days ago)
Both are upgradable. The iMac Pro is more expensive to upgrade.
David (3 months ago)
I just switched from a completely custom built PC to an entry level 27" 5K iMac and I have to say...for someone who doesn't work with videos or anything much more intensive than basic Lightroom /Photoshop, the iMac has more than enough power to easily handle daily tasks. Don't get me wrong, for gaming and heavy workloads, I'm sure the PC has it's strong suits but the stability of MacOS is simply unmatched. Anyways, great video!
Jeroen De Vleesschauwer (3 months ago)
how can it 'grow with you' when it's not upgradeable 'out of the box' e.g. no Ram acces hatch, no upgradeable internal storage/gpu/...?
Jeremy Daly (2 months ago)
Because already it's more powerful than what you need it for but as you grow and put more demand on the machine it has the capabilitie to handle it.
Joshua Stefano Baguio (3 months ago)
how to make the title bar opaque? :O im new to mac
Michael Burns (3 months ago)
What was that desktop background on the standard 27 inch?
neil hartley (3 months ago)
i decided to get a thread ripper pc a 3rd faster and at half the price and better specs by a long shot, i have given up on Apple I'm sorry to say after 10 years.
Dennis Herold (3 months ago)
Nice review. Can the 5K iMac work with an eGPU? This would be a better option.
Ed Saucin (3 days ago)
As long as it has Thunderbolt 3 ports, then yes.
Aunchient Pistol (9 days ago)
Dennis Herold If you have the latest updates yeah
ciderandthorazine (3 months ago)
bend over and let apple part your cleft, if you've never picked up a screwdriver (that wasn't a cocktail). that's what i get from this video. fawning fanboy swill.
andrea effe rao (3 months ago)
"if you are on the market to edit and create videos..." consider a machine you won't have to throw away when the graphics card will be obsolete in 2 or 3 years, while the CPU will be still viable. Wait for the new mac pro or go pc :)
Bubo Mc (3 months ago)
guys can you link the wallpaper of the imac on the left?? thank you <3
Aljaž Ugovšek (3 months ago)
Desktop bacground on just imac??
smartbot7 (3 months ago)
With the $1,000 off that MicroCenter is running the iMac Pro is a much better value!
Tobias Funke (3 months ago)
Its always annoying how these video reviewers assume every workload is just like theirs, heavy video editing in Premiere or Final Cut, photo editing. What about music production? Development? Engineering? How does it handle huge amounts of VMs? Large compile times? Ableton or Logic tracks with huge amounts of automation, virtual instruments, tracks? Scientific simulations? Benchmarks exist for all of these things
harpoonflyby (27 days ago)
Is it annoying that you even have a video to watch at all, or do you prefer to languish in absolute confusion for eternity
Scott Pleasants (3 months ago)
I would have to disagree with this review that iMac Pro is the way to go. Today you can get two more machines that can handle the video rendering from the Adobe suite for much cheaper. Unfortunately it does not run OS X. In my opinion if you are running the Adobe suite, it might be time for you to really look at a Windows-based machine. This price tag for an iMac Pro is really ridiculous.
Krishna Yalla (3 months ago)
hi guys, really good video. However, your single core scores seem very low for the imac Pro. I have the same machine and scored a 5122 score for the single core score. Might want to try the test out again or check what programs are running in the background.
dunno yolo (3 months ago)
Have to sell the wife to buy one. But hell its Damn worth it buy wifey.
WestUCoog (3 months ago)
Makes even more sense if you get the base model iMac Pro from Microcenter for $1000 off! That's $3999. Not much more than a fully spec'd out iMac.
Joe King (3 months ago)
Great comparison. Thanks...
anish sachdeva (3 months ago)
Or you could just make a PC with 5000$ that blows both of then away. I love technobuffalo but i think that this video wasn't up to there standards. Recommending a 5000$ machine and suggesting that it is a good value for professionals is insane. I am also a professional software developer and i can't understand why weren't NVDIA graphics discussed and especially the lack of them. It's appalling.
TechnoBuffalo (3 months ago)
We edit in final cut.
Official Koenigjay (3 months ago)
Design is “terrible!” because cooling is the awful. Performance, “worse than expected,” because the cooling system brings it down a but probably due to thermal throttling. Value is “about as valuable as your hometown getting hit with a tsunami”, because these systems are massively overpriced.
Ashvin Ambegaonker (3 months ago)
I don’t get why your videos are getting just darker and darker. The quality was top notch. Please add more lights.
Hi-Fi Insider (3 months ago)
good video guys.
TechnoBuffalo (3 months ago)
Thank you.
Quan On (3 months ago)
You did make a mistake... the second word in the description
Jerald Guevarra (3 months ago)
Look at those atrocius bezels.... God damn
Epicat64 (3 months ago)
I love how the video looks! Keep up the excellent work!
Josh C (3 months ago)
You can purchase an iMac Pro for $4000 (base model)
Patrick Cruz (3 months ago)
I just want the Space Gray color....I don’t care about the rest :/
Jose Rivera (3 months ago)
What about for audio production?
Jordan Vasquez (3 months ago)
If I had to choose between these two I would go for the 5K because its more bang for buck and I would not need the power of the iMac Pro. That being said... I cannot deny the sexiness of the Space Gray iMac Pro...it might be worth the extra $ right there.
Jonislol (3 months ago)
cant even play 8k. LeL
Arley Rodriguez (3 months ago)
Great video!
Eddie Davis (3 months ago)
Quick time is trash.
Clinton W Salvato (3 months ago)
I have a 27" 5K iMac. I have a background in production, but I currently don't have the experience, or work load demands that would make me need the iMac pro, or even the 2017 iMac over the late 2015. Most of the time the iMac is used as a general computer, but I do heavier tasks at times such as running virtual machines. One other consistent use the iMac has is a media streaming server. I have the top standard config 3.3Ghz core i5 SkyLake, 32 GB RAM that i upgraded from Amazon, a 2 TB Fusion drive, and the AMD R9-m395 2GB VRAM GPU. Overall really content with the setup, I've been able to experiment with some 4K@30 from my iPhone 7 Plus without any issues, and of course, HD is no issue.
Clinton W Salvato (3 months ago)
I wouldn't think so, the iMac Pro is extremely high priced.  Nice system, but only a handful of people really need it.  If I was going to make that kind of purchase, I would personally build my own computer so I could maintain it much more effectively then current Macs.
ItzDeen [WP] (3 months ago)
nobody can afford that lol
Petar Smilajkov (3 months ago)
You lost me @ 40GB of RAM ...
RiceCube Cinema (3 months ago)
Once the imac gets 8th gen i7s with 6 cores, bang for buck will only get better. Dave lee made a good point, the imac pro is not for youtubers or prosumers. ECC memory and Xeons are not always a good deal for video editing. Its meant for deep learning and compute based tasks.
RiceCube Cinema (3 months ago)
Hearing fans is a good thing. When it comes to macs fans tend to kick on late to give an illusion of good cooling, but in reality the system is just running hot. Xeons run pretty hot and I would rather have my CPU for a long time and deal with noise than have it be silent and potentially burnout
Etienne Pienaar (3 months ago)
so only apple products....biased much...there are lots of better machines out there other that apple...Alientware, Hp Omen, Microsoft Surface studio...MSI any high end, all blow these out of the water! COMON Apple fan boys!
whiteandnerdytuba (3 months ago)
Don't know why y'all are surprised it couldn't play 8k video. It's all low end hardware compared to windows work stations. Half baked
RiceCube Cinema (3 months ago)
7700k and a lower end xeon just dont cut it. Threadripper would do nicely and it would be cheaper than either of these! Before GPUs became overpriced I priced out a TR build for just under 3,000
Fxckitscian _ (3 months ago)
I ordered the iMac pro, I hope its worth it, fully specced out.
RiceCube Cinema (3 months ago)
Shoulda built two hackintoshes with an i9. Better bang for buck
Juan Duran (3 months ago)
Javier Martos (3 months ago)
Wallpaper on the 5k?
Muhammad Salajee (3 months ago)
Where’s the 18 core that’s the real challenge.
Corbin Anslie (3 months ago)
Seriously, like others have said... this video was tops for current tech reviewers in the game right now. Nothing against seeing Rettinger's lovely face, but wow, this was a beautiful edit. Actually made me want to scroll down and comment about it, only to see the other top comments saying the same thing. Keep doing your thing like this, and you will be in that MKBHD realm soon.
TechnoBuffalo (3 months ago)
That is awesome, thank you.
Shaun Halgryn (3 months ago)
suspects2097 (3 months ago)
Oh boy - feel so sorry for Video content creators that need to buy a iMac Pro just for getting final cut...
dgeviper (3 months ago)
I work with 4K files and primarily use After Effects for a living and I simply cannot justify the outlandish cost of the iMac Pro. Hell, I’m not even sure I want to use Apple products anymore in general. Windows 10 is actually pretty great and you can get a Xeon powered PC workstation for far less than the price of this all-in-one.
Ed Saucin (3 days ago)
I mainly dislike Windows because it keeps trying to force me to use Edge, Bing, Office 365, Virus Protection and a bunch of other Microsoft software when everyone is using Google.
harpoonflyby (27 days ago)
Surface Studio is one of those things with loud AF fans and is always crashing? Almost worth $2k
Solo (3 months ago)
Tbh why get an imac pro when you can just get a surface studio for $2k less and it can just about do the same shit, its not as powerful but its no where near as expensive.
Sam Beddoes (3 months ago)
Yeah Windows 10 is pretty damn good actually, probably my favourite since XP. I have a good number of gripes with it but it's really catching up with OSX in design and efficiency in a tonne of ways. I use both for my work but I prefer my 5K iMac for everything that's not Windows-exclusive - but I don't blame anybody choosing Windows now, especially artists who can pretty much buy a computer with their graphics tablet built in if they go for a Surface. It ain't about the price, though. If you're a hobbyist sure, but the difference in pricing only tends to be a couple of hundred or less if you want something with a good form factor with good components (i.e. 4-5K screen, speakers, wireless peripherals) and that's not a big deal for a business expense and investment, and building your own PC is... not for everyone (I've done it quite a few times, but I prefer the all-in-one form factor to having all those cables and all that space taken up). Surface Book costs more than MacBook Pro and Surface Studio costs more than the 5K iMac - but then if you're an artist, a Surface is going to cost less than a Mac plus a Cintiq tablet, so swings and roundabouts really!
Etienne Pienaar (3 months ago)
TonyRedSox actually I use Linux... there are just better devices out there other than macs
Riyan Raahim (3 months ago)
Awesome Editing
S.M. FARHADUZZAMAN (3 months ago)
3 min=2000$ This is the true way of making money
yvalson (3 months ago)
Choose neither and build a 5k i9 7980XE 18 core 36 thread system instead and hackintosh it
yvalson (3 months ago)
RiceCube Tech yeah indeed but the there are workarounds however they lower performance by a extremely high precent
RiceCube Cinema (3 months ago)
Thats what I'm saying. Too bad MacOS doesn't work with threadripper because then it would be cheaper.
e N (3 months ago)
can I have the wallpaper for the 5k iMac ?
Jose Luis Castellanos (3 months ago)
Great video! Those benchmarks mean nothing without reference of what is better, higher or lower values.
Prasoon Singh (3 months ago)
Adobe’s software isn’t optimized yet for the iMac Pro right? That’s what Jonathan said in his video.

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