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Top 5 Best Luxury Phones 2017

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If money was no object, here are five of the best expensive luxury phones to buy in 2017. Some of them costing as much as a car. These smartphones are only for the wealthy. We can all dream. Which would you rather have? a normal flagship like a Galaxy S8/iPhone 7, or, one of these exclusive luxury phones? Sirin Labs Solarin 5.5" Quad HD screen / 23MP camera / 4040mAh battery / Snapdragon 810 / 4GB RAM / 128GB storage / available with gold plating. Lumigon T3 4.8" 720p screen13MP night vision camera / Snapdragon 810 / 3GB RAM / 128GB storage / available with gold and diamonds. Turing Phone Appassionato Specs not yet confirmed. Vertu Signature Touch 5.2" 1080p screen / 21MP camera / 3160mAh battery / Snapdragon 810 / 4GB RAM / 64GB storage. Tonino Lamborghini Alpha-One 5.5" Quad HD AMOLED screen / 20MP camera / 3250mAh battery / Snapdragon 820 / 4GB RAM / 64GB storage.
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Text Comments (15)
Mujahid Hb (2 months ago)
AV CREATIONS (3 months ago)
how to buy this?
Thayanandha Srinivasan (3 months ago)
sir_R34 FX (3 months ago)
no. 4 Good promo <3
Chandan Paul (4 months ago)
Is this phones are available in INDIA??
Chandan Paul (4 months ago)
Maharshi Shastri OK.. Bro.
Maharshi Shastri (4 months ago)
Chandan Paul Nahi hai bhai
Mr Yellow (5 months ago)
I saw a video in 2006 that said upcoming phones Turing.. That Turing is at least not on earth not sure about Mars
Will (6 months ago)
And people think Apple or Samsung are luxury, $25,000? excuse me while I go shit myself.
Who Am I (6 months ago)
Just cover
Tata_Batata (9 months ago)
Too bad these phones never get refreshed models. Except the Vertu.
dengia2 (4 months ago)
Vertu bankrupted on July 2017
Birte Holtz (10 months ago)
Love nr.2
Blaze Max (10 months ago)
2 like
Carl McDonald (10 months ago)

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