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TrendForce: Samsung leads global smartphone market, Huawei tops China

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TrendForce: Samsung leads global smartphone market, Huawei tops China Market research firm TrendForce has released smartphone market numbers for Q2 2016. As per the report, Huawei was the leading player in China (the world's largest smartphone market) with nearly 21% share. Oppo and vivo came in at second and third spots, with 12.7% and 10.6% share, respectively. Lenovo and Xiaomi rounded up the top five with around 10% market share each. "The combined production volume of Chinese brands in the second quarter reached 139 million units, up 13.8% from the previous quarter," said TrendForce smartphone analyst Avril Wu. "For the second straight quarter, the combined volume from Chinese brands was larger than the combined volume of the two leading international brands, Samsung and Apple. Furthermore, the volume growth rates of respective Chinese brands are expected to be above the global average in the third quarter." Globally, Samsung topped the charts with nearly a quarter of the market share, while Apple came in a distant second with 15.1% share - Samsung shipped 77 million units, while Apple shipped 48 million units. However, compared to the last quarter, the former's share decreased, while the latter's share increased. Huawei, Oppo, and LG rounded up the top five with 9.2%, 5.6%, and 5.4% market share, respectively
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