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One of the world's most successful insurance salesman, Peter Rosengard

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Bruce Whitfield sits down with a man who has spent a lifetime selling insurance in the United Kingdom. This fascinating discussion tracks Peter's life from the late 70's and the pop star culture he surrounded himself in, all the way to the man is today. Considered one of the best insurance salesman in the world, Peter shares his secrets in this tell all.
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Text Comments (27)
Deshapriya Vipulatheja (1 month ago)
Fantastic presentation
PuI2ePLaYaZ (2 months ago)
Car Salesmen... Life Insrance Agents... bullshitters
Jonah Romine (2 months ago)
constant interruption this interview sucks
Jane Mircevski (3 months ago)
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Victor Tokarev (4 months ago)
Interviewer needs to lose his job! Clown!
Hard Work (4 months ago)
That hand of the interviewer demonstrates his impatience. Let success speak, you... listen. You are not funny, nor entertaining. Learn from a man with charisma how to be charismatic instead of guessing or trying to guide an interview from a man that’s obviously polished and professional and open to sharing. You remind me of my 5 year old son that interrupts when parents are speaking. Him I get, he’s 5 years old. You I don’t get. When pearls are being offered don’t be swine lol. He had meaningful things to say each time, and you were so busy trying to tote yourself in his league (albeit him in sales and you in interviewing) you proved you don’t belong in interviewing. Period.
Clyde Barrow (5 months ago)
Honest dude
Andrew Mitchell (5 months ago)
A sales agent's job in the phone is to talk little and in person talk as much as the other person.. He gave quite a story! What does the interviewer usually interview on?
okaseun Samuel (7 months ago)
i love this
Greater Guangxi (7 months ago)
Can CNBC do this interview again WITHOUT Bruce Whitfield?
aleisha williams (8 months ago)
I thought I was the only one who hated this damn interviewer with this annoying creepy grin. Who is the guy?
Hard Work (2 months ago)
aleisha williams the same guy who likely failed as a salesman, became an interviewer, and is likely having to look for a new job soon to talk his way into unemployment again from that one too. At his age, he’s not likely to learn any time soon since he hasn’t learned at this point in the game.
Marshall Wilkinson (8 months ago)
Interviewer sucks
Andri Witjaksono (10 months ago)
The interviewer doesn't know shit about insurance. Asking irrelevant questions, and big EGO gets in his way of listening. I was so close to call him stupid.
Tom Watson (10 months ago)
Just ask him a question and let him answer. Quit trying to get him to say what you believe he does. Idiot.
BootzbaobaoGaming (11 months ago)
MrPepelongstockings (11 months ago)
Who the hell is this interviewer who can't shut the hell up while the man he's interviewing is speaking. I want to smack this pushy little sneering stuttering fingernail picking shoulder pad wearing bigot back into the 60's.
Bryan Cheung (1 year ago)
Is there another video with a different interviewer?
robinlook (1 year ago)
so good
Kerlem (1 year ago)
Looks like a British Ben Stein.
Giang Nguyen (1 year ago)
can i have all sub of this talk?
sweeperstore (1 year ago)
The interviewer has no idea what to ask. What a waste of an excellent interview opportunity with a Life Insurance Legend.
Jeff Smith (1 year ago)
Interviewer=F Interviewee=A++
RSJ (1 year ago)
This interviewer is an interrogator..
Rudy zagal (1 year ago)
jesus what an annoying interviewer..
William Brewster (25 days ago)
Rudy zagal lmfao
Al Quasimiyah Jvs (1 year ago)

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