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How to unpublish an app from Google Play 2017 - New Google interface

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Just follow the video instructions. Here is a great video on how to publish an app on the new Google Play interface: https://youtu.be/vIusIlp6YGE Feel free to like, comment and subscribe. Thank you!
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kw_ dji (2 months ago)
Hi, how I remove unpublished app from my console ?
Upgradeyourself (1 month ago)
+kw_ dji it can't be removed from what I know.
Upgradeyourself (1 month ago)
+kw_ dji There is a way to delete an app if it is not published yet, an app publishing attempt that is. But from what I know, there is no way to delete an unpublished app - an app which was once live on Google Play.
Techno Navi (3 months ago)
hey dude check your youtube community message area i message you
khalid kilos (7 months ago)
Hollyn Derisse (8 months ago)
Thanks for your help!
Hacker Gold (9 months ago)
Thanks Bro
BM- TUBE (9 months ago)
Technical Ayush (9 months ago)
Upgradeyourself (9 months ago)
+Technical Ayush You are welcome!

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