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I Tried a $700 Dyson Vacuum...

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Check out the Dyson Cyclone V10! https://goo.gl/NfWu7m At $700 the Dyson V10 brings some serious tech to a vacuum cleaner. Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/austinevans Instagram: http://instagram.com/austinnotduncan Twitter: http://twitter.com/austinnotduncan Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/austinnotduncan
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Text Comments (3549)
athiktos21 (1 day ago)
I am a certified Dyson technician at a vacuum/sewing store in Indiana. Contact Dyson and ask them how long this thing will run on a FULL charge on the HIGH speed (with or without the motorized head). You know, I'll save you the time......5 minutes. Seriously. Contact Dyson and verify my post. RUN TIME OF ONLY 5 MINUTES!
Sevintrix (6 days ago)
I literally can't listen to you. Just something about your 'too cool for school' delivery. Doh!
Beary Wishes (20 days ago)
My copy makes a “boing” sound after I release the button. I’m returning it to replace it. Your copy sounds normal.
RyanFGNM (21 days ago)
Ha people can be so hormonal. Being that I have one of the previous gens Dyson it's a great vacuum I got it as gift but I would find it difficult to fork up the money for a vacuum like this when I know the Sharks are comparable in power and the other vacuums are beginning to come around again (took them long enough). I do like the portability of the machine especially because I have an upstairs so who knows maybe I'll go for it.
OptimusRiv (24 days ago)
I'm oddly intrigued by this video...
Talha Bhatti (25 days ago)
Malachi Middleton (25 days ago)
I ain't buying this for 700 dollars!😂.It better suck my dick.
Parker Watkins (27 days ago)
Didn't mention the new battery that lasts 15 years, no more lithium.
Joy Jackson (1 month ago)
Liked just for the pun
Deb (1 month ago)
That is one fugly looking vac. See he sold his soul to dyson to do that ad.
Jay J (1 month ago)
For $700 it should make dinner and do your taxes.
Mohag (1 month ago)
How is this guy popular
STHYRHERE (2 months ago)
I can't install Windows 10 in it, help
Felix Phạm (2 months ago)
Can I use this to shoot black people?
ertonyrn (2 months ago)
lol on the backstroke of the coffee on the table (2nd backstroke i believe) you can see it just smeared the coffee behind the brush and didnt suck it up. $700 garbage
Ghost Face (2 months ago)
It didn't even suck up the dirt on the demonstration lol
GiggleHz (2 months ago)
'when they wanted to sponsor'......'THEN' there is actually cool tech inside sheesh commercial much
Craig Fisher (2 months ago)
is this QVC?
louis portalatin (2 months ago)
For the people that are complaining “uhhh this is so paid” or “ you’re a sell-out”; NEWS FLASH! These are famous YouTubers that have a lot of sponsorship. Of course its a paid video you imbeciles! I liked this video, and dyson is number one when it comes to vacuums and house old appliances. If you’re complaining about the price this isn’t the video for you. The people complaining on how many youtubers are doing this video, well, DUH 🙄 they’re going to do it! If you don’t like it than don’t watch it! I’ll continue watching and staying a subscriber because this video is interesting and relevant. I also bought the absolute (700 $ model).😘 🤷🏻‍♂️ its not hype its science. I never had a better appliance besides Miele. These are luxury brands. You get what you pay for. This thing can pic up dust particles at 3 microns! That’s insane for a vacuum. There is no other vacuum out there ( that I know of that can do that) being asthmatic and allergic to pollen etc, I needed this. You people need to relax and stop bashing Austin. He did a great job.
Progaming 420{GD} (2 months ago)
can’t you buy a gtx 1080 ti with 700$
David Angel (2 months ago)
Dyson simply do make the best vaccuum
Nathaniel Lo (2 months ago)
Nathaniel Lo (2 months ago)
Can it at least do Linux and run Minecraft? Can it do Nvidia Stream???
Yunus Emre Mert (2 months ago)
Ads are so smart these days
Ferdinand Zebua (2 months ago)
The crybabies in full force
corey_086 (2 months ago)
It looks like a gun lol
Ryan Chen (2 months ago)
Nerf guns in 2018
Aaron Fonseca (2 months ago)
But can it *succ*
E M (2 months ago)
Disappointed you bent over for Dyson with a $700 Vac
Jen Roschlau (2 months ago)
“Boxes full of cool stuff”........he says holding a vacuum head 👍
Jen Roschlau (2 months ago)
I’m mortified for you. Mortified 😒
Colter Slikkers (2 months ago)
I bet 7.1K of the dislikes was for the pun at the end...
Juan Sanchez (2 months ago)
This shit better run fortnite
HyPr SHOTS (2 months ago)
But... Can it run roblox?
melad asli (2 months ago)
Can it run Minecraft?
Yahir Paez (2 months ago)
Lol wot doesn't even run fortnite 4k max detail smh
David Miller (2 months ago)
Library advanced defense form appeal strain scope learn view another high.
William Peirce (2 months ago)
It features a core i3 engine and a cordless nvdia gtx 1050 ti and an all plastic design
Erlin Hysenbelliu (2 months ago)
That thing looks like a futuristic weapon :D
Josh DePaola (2 months ago)
Daniel I. (2 months ago)
anyone else thinks the cyclone thing looks like a fusion rifle?
FHDHDG dhdhdh (2 months ago)
No this video just Succ
Ben Dover (2 months ago)
question is, can it run fortnite?
John Livingstone (2 months ago)
Can I plug this contraption into my PS4 as a controller in GTA V.
BAT MAN (2 months ago)
I'm getting some unboxtherapy Vibes right now
RAY LIN (2 months ago)
you can tell this is totally a paid review
Sasha Meow (2 months ago)
my owner has the dyson v7 good enough she never stops using it and annoying me I don't see how this one is much different my owner nearly made my tail dissapear it's so quiet I barely noticed till it was on me and the suction is strong pesty hoomans and their need for clean I love just watching my furr fall to the ground and trying to catch it.
Cole Milton (2 months ago)
Honestly didn't know they made shirts that small. PS this video gave me cancer.
Aidan (2 months ago)
Buy this now! As seen on youtube!
amin nabam (2 months ago)
Too much talking but just a few measly secs of vacuuming... Come on if u wanna demonstrate do a proper one.
Joel Smith (2 months ago)
$700 Dyson vacuum, does it suck?
BuffaloWarrior7 (2 months ago)
How to lose the trust of your viewers with one $700 product review. How much can I pay you to review my big left toe? I'll start a go fund me.
Jerry (3 months ago)
more like Neil deGrasse Dyson. kill me plz.
JB CTR (3 months ago)
It ain’t no upright. Certainly doesn’t live up to Dysons claims!
agentd5417 (3 months ago)
Why does he stretch the last syllable of every sentence? I didn’t realize I was watching dateline.
MariusS Catalin (3 months ago)
Not you too............................
Vincent Mui (3 months ago)
Oh wow! a vacuum that can vacuum. Very impressive. Keep up the quality content!
Bobz452 (3 months ago)
Moby Dick (3 months ago)
That vacuum sucks.
Bobble HatGaming (3 months ago)
dyson sure fucked over a bunch of jewtubers and their product
Rory Morgan (3 months ago)
Definitely no basis consumption private honey advanced put nation rope choose coast ok.
saintbenidict (3 months ago)
Would you make a 200 dollar gaming pc I don’t have a lot of money but lots of old computer parts
Lennox1492 (3 months ago)
It pisses me off that Dyson is sending all of these geeks a free Dyson to show off. These MF are ppl who can afford it. Why don't you give it to normal everyday ppl who appreciate it or someone like me who owns 4 of them and has supported them before ppl knew what they were. Screw u Dyson
Sergio Lopez (3 months ago)
yo @Dyson you wanna sponsor me thooo? Aspiring Vacuumist.
Bring me Peter pan (3 months ago)
Dyson v10 verdict: it sucks!
james ryan (3 months ago)
Thanks for this and every video you’ve made. I see you keep making videos like this every once in a while on products that you normally wouldn’t review. It’s nice and refreshing to know that you can make such a quality video and informative at the same time on something that you normally wouldn’t review. Keep up the good work!
Supa Salt (3 months ago)
Cyclone V10 seems like a good name for a car
Kymie (3 months ago)
Ok so Microsoft and Apple skipped the 9...and now Dyson SERIOUSLY
PlasmaYT (3 months ago)
Why do people hate this this is lit
Jae-Hoon Lee (3 months ago)
Looks like mei’s gun from overwatch
LifeBoxGaming (3 months ago)
BO4 New Ray Gun!
Sung Ji (3 months ago)
I feels like there is one dyson engineer who is gun enthusiast and think "Let's make vacuum looks like a gun!" That throwing trash out motion looks like pump the shotgun. Idk. maybe I'm too dramatic
UltraStoat (3 months ago)
Wow another fucking paid ad for dyson. They must be offering a lot of money
Amer Huba (3 months ago)
Austin and iJustine.. accidentally watched a few videos of them - are they like 1 person? sooo fake humans omg and what's more sad is millions of subs.. wow, sheep generation
Sadnehs (3 months ago)
I really wish these sponsors wouldn't go for both Austin and Linus. There's a lot of audience crossover.
vishu sharma (3 months ago)
1nnu3ndo (3 months ago)
The 1950's vacuum salesman 2018 style
ItzMilk (3 months ago)
Looks like a machine gun
TheAlpha (3 months ago)
Why does it looks like Mei’s gun from overwatch
Omm (3 months ago)
You know how they say in the silicon valley series "this guy fucks!", for Austin its "this guy sucks !" lol
yassine achagui (3 months ago)
7000 DISLIKES ? boy shut up
Metalmess (3 months ago)
this is something you would see on a sunday at 7 am in an open tv channel
Daniel Canea (3 months ago)
I see a big unfollow comming soon...
Master Gamerxdd (3 months ago)
Patrik Banek (3 months ago)
Nice, this vacuum sucks!
muehli02 (3 months ago)
Austin, even you get paid you can do better reviews....seems like an ad only....disappointing
Steven Case (3 months ago)
oh god, ok linus we don't care about vacums
william castle (3 months ago)
Just got mine today.. charged it up. On max suction it worked for 12 minutes. I used it on a 9x11 area rug and around my 700sqft apartment and it died about 3/4 of the way. I'll try medium suction and see how long it lasts but i'm guessing no where near 60 minutes unless maybe on low suction with none of the agitating attachments.
DroneWolf Media (3 months ago)
Look, it's the new Billy Mays! 😃👍
GreyFace (3 months ago)
"i feel like im in an air commercial right now" much worse!! you're in the worst vacuum infomercial. :)
N3ttX (3 months ago)
Austin.. *your office is dusty* *bring me my $700 vacuum* *CYCLONE V10*
Kari Greyd (3 months ago)
Dyson stupid product you can get a KIRBY vacuum for less and is far better.
Superjam23 (3 months ago)
Luke Bales (3 months ago)
"One of these smaller, little dudes." idk why, but had me rolling
tman1576 - (3 months ago)
i know why i haven subscribed yet now
Mario Delgado (3 months ago)
rapidly angel secure point argue order mention diet.
arthur staal (3 months ago)
Austin, you went from PC builds and tech to infomercials and oversimplified clickbait videos. After 5+ years i'm going to unsub from the channel that inspired me to build my first computer. Bye.
Kawaii Hatsune (3 months ago)
Stop. Find some help.
Henry Sham (3 months ago)
The Dysons actually make vacuuming very fun. People who haven't tried one just won't know...

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