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I Tried a $700 Dyson Vacuum...

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Check out the Dyson Cyclone V10! https://goo.gl/NfWu7m At $700 the Dyson V10 brings some serious tech to a vacuum cleaner. Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/austinevans Instagram: http://instagram.com/austinnotduncan Twitter: http://twitter.com/austinnotduncan Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/austinnotduncan
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Text Comments (3451)
Kymie (1 minute ago)
Ok so Microsoft and Apple skipped the 9...and now Dyson SERIOUSLY
PlasmaYT (3 hours ago)
Why do people hate this this is lit
Jae-Hoon Lee (6 hours ago)
Looks like mei’s gun from overwatch
LifeBoxGaming (11 hours ago)
BO4 New Ray Gun!
Sung Ji (13 hours ago)
I feels like there is one dyson engineer who is gun enthusiast and think "Let's make vacuum looks like a gun!" That throwing trash out motion looks like pump the shotgun. Idk. maybe I'm too dramatic
UltraStoat (15 hours ago)
Wow another fucking paid ad for dyson. They must be offering a lot of money
Amer Huba (15 hours ago)
Austin and iJustine.. accidentally watched a few videos of them - are they like 1 person? sooo fake humans omg and what's more sad is millions of subs.. wow, sheep generation
Sadnehs (20 hours ago)
I really wish these sponsors wouldn't go for both Austin and Linus. There's a lot of audience crossover.
vishu sharma (23 hours ago)
1nnu3ndo (23 hours ago)
The 1950's vacuum salesman 2018 style
ItzMilk (23 hours ago)
Looks like a machine gun
T38-Talon (23 hours ago)
Why does it looks like Mei’s gun from overwatch
Omm (1 day ago)
You know how they say in the silicon valley series "this guy fucks!", for Austin its "this guy sucks !" lol
yassine achagui (1 day ago)
7000 DISLIKES ? boy shut up
Metalmess (1 day ago)
this is something you would see on a sunday at 7 am in an open tv channel
Daniel Canea (1 day ago)
I see a big unfollow comming soon...
Master Gamerxdd (1 day ago)
Patrik Banek (2 days ago)
Nice, this vacuum sucks!
muehli02 (2 days ago)
Austin, even you get paid you can do better reviews....seems like an ad only....disappointing
Steven Case (2 days ago)
oh god, ok linus we don't care about vacums
william castle (2 days ago)
Just got mine today.. charged it up. On max suction it worked for 12 minutes. I used it on a 9x11 area rug and around my 700sqft apartment and it died about 3/4 of the way. I'll try medium suction and see how long it lasts but i'm guessing no where near 60 minutes unless maybe on low suction with none of the agitating attachments.
DroneWolf Media (2 days ago)
Look, it's the new Billy Mays! 😃👍
GreyFace (2 days ago)
"i feel like im in an air commercial right now" much worse!! you're in the worst vacuum infomercial. :)
ElectricPie (2 days ago)
Austin.. *your office is dusty* *bring me my $700 vacuum* *CYCLONE V10*
Kari Greyd (3 days ago)
Dyson stupid product you can get a KIRBY vacuum for less and is far better.
Superjam23 (3 days ago)
Luke Bales (3 days ago)
"One of these smaller, little dudes." idk why, but had me rolling
tman1576 - (3 days ago)
i know why i haven subscribed yet now
Mario Delgado (3 days ago)
rapidly angel secure point argue order mention diet.
arthur staal (3 days ago)
Austin, you went from PC builds and tech to infomercials and oversimplified clickbait videos. After 5+ years i'm going to unsub from the channel that inspired me to build my first computer. Bye.
Kawaii Hatsune (3 days ago)
Stop. Find some help.
Henry Sham (4 days ago)
The Dysons actually make vacuuming very fun. People who haven't tried one just won't know...
GoochQuest (4 days ago)
$700 for a vacuum that'll blow coffee grounds all over the place! Nice!
Trash_Bin (4 days ago)
Hell naw to the naw naw
Endorion (4 days ago)
God damn sponsor vids!
Chris Romberg (4 days ago)
Instant disslike, sry^^
LAHegarty (4 days ago)
This home shopping channel really sucks.
Fat Tony (4 days ago)
Amit Maddheshiya (4 days ago)
yes it sucks
0Dz (4 days ago)
Lol just unsubbed xD
Scar Mangler (4 days ago)
Omg why so many dislikes
Gary Hewgley (5 days ago)
Is this a paid advertisement or a review?
Don't Press Subscribe (4 days ago)
Think about it? Almost every techtuber says the same shit, does the same shit. It's paid and most likely this sell out fuck gets to keep the cancerous vacuum too.
WHY FILMS (5 days ago)
Glad marques didn’t give in
WHY FILMS (5 days ago)
Dyson just sponsored and payed all these youtubers to do this, I disliked and I think it’s so obvious this is just for money, honestly sponsored videos are fine but not when no body cares shut them and there just to make money
Game Account (5 days ago)
But can it clean?
alz582 (5 days ago)
You guys are kidding right? I mean, it doesn't matter how much money I have, if Dyson offered to give me a $700 vacuum at the cost of simply making a video about my opinion, I'd 100% do it as well. You'd be dumb not to.
KissesLoveKawaii (5 days ago)
Ladies and gentleman Austin Evans! A shill and a corporate prostitute!
Mr. Goose (5 days ago)
BUT! can it play minecraft?
kn0t 14 (5 days ago)
"Hey guys this is austin and this is a 700$ vacum cleaner" Me:it can run skyrim right?
Nuno Figueiredo (5 days ago)
Lone wolf Studios (5 days ago)
The ar15 of vacuums
Rasmus Knudsen (5 days ago)
how much ram does it have?
rewer (6 days ago)
Actually you can be honest and say this is a paid sponsor. We all know youtuber need to pay bills and eat too. But pretend like you bought this product make us cringe. Still love you tho.
Brandon Klopp (6 days ago)
You guys gotta be more careful with the sponsored videos.
Dawid Rigga (6 days ago)
A o ton of money for.... just a vacuum... Really interesting peace of tech. I doubt That there's anything interesting i terms of technology, normal motor crank to its limit, battery, leds... Yeah really new existing peaces of technology.
melb00m21 (6 days ago)
Paid Promo = Sellout = Unsubscribed
Happymonday 2015 (6 days ago)
Dyson would do anything for sponsors
Q GST (6 days ago)
No thanks , this is done just for money , disliked instant.
Sebastian Bolte (6 days ago)
matt69savage (6 days ago)
If that’s the eu model then the power is limited to save electricity and ultimately Co2.
jbzhummerh2gamer (6 days ago)
Yes this video did suck, a lot...
Aenayus White (6 days ago)
r u billy mays son this vid is epic
YisianPlayz (6 days ago)
next gen advertising
Timo mit Hut (6 days ago)
"Hey guys this is your hoover representative"
Tutle 47 (6 days ago)
Nobody wants vacuum reviews
MrEagle2704 (6 days ago)
I must say, that is a very nice vacuum
Taboss Games (6 days ago)
I have 3 dollars
Jag M (6 days ago)
Great, now my mom starts watching Austin.
Tech James (6 days ago)
This is why i subscribed, can't wait for the next vacuum cleaner review!
NathanPandaGuy (4 days ago)
Tech James Hey, im subbed to you!
CorruptedPoison (6 days ago)
You should not be around money if you spend $700 on a vacuum
This is sponsored prostitution!!
Pickle Rick (6 days ago)
but is it anti-static?
kiss peter (6 days ago)
kon (6 days ago)
Looks like a lot more work to clean up the same amount of dust and debris than the upright I'm currently. It's doesn't stand up when I want to pick something off the floor. I'd have to lean it against furniture, wall, counter or something else. The charge base, who wants to bother with finding a space and the installation of all that? They can talk about the freedom of cordless, but, you're a slave to the thing's charge base where a corded machine can be plugged in...anywhere. And hey man, did you see how much dust fell out of the canister when you closed it? That dust isn't going in your trash can, it's going right back on the floor and, the air you're breathing. To prevent that from happening, you'd need a crazy tall trash bag or trash can. Otherwise, I guarantee that you're going to be getting dust all over the outside of that canister and likewise, distributing that dust around the rooms you're vacuuming. Speaking of the canister, it's TINY. That means more trips to emptying it. And that means, spreading more dust around when you do. Then there's the price of these things. At the end of the day, they're cheap mold inject plastics lifting the same amount of dust, dirt, fur...whatever, as most if not all of today's better vacuums.
RTAVY73 (6 days ago)
sellout.... and unsubscribed...
Brice Graham (6 days ago)
The official Vacuum enthusiast video.... I've honestly always wondered if there's vacuum enthusiest out there. I'm a car enthusiest.
Silent Potatoz (6 days ago)
The 2018 plasma cannon vs iPhone X
s diggly (6 days ago)
Because he didn't mention it, I'm assuming this *can't* play Crysis?
ChamChoCraft (6 days ago)
and you sayd the $20 one was over priced
David Steinkellner (6 days ago)
We have that vacuum....
Amin (6 days ago)
austin has pretty big shoulders. does he lift?
Dominic's Curiosity (6 days ago)
They still make big ones too
Patrick Gueriguian (7 days ago)
more vaccuum reviews plz
Anshul Singh (7 days ago)
of all the image stabilization this video is so shaky....... Can't watch
Trever Baltus (7 days ago)
Haters! All the other tech you tubers making parody's are just jealous. You would stupid not to take and offer and pass on a business relationship with Dyson.
Alex Varley (7 days ago)
These have lead in them, they are made in China, and they cost about $80 to manufacture, the packaging cost about $20 per unit. The battery is is a bout $60 of that total cost, so for $100 you could choose from a dozen others that go the distance because you dont have to sit and wait for the battery to charge..lets not talk HEPA filter for allregy sufferers..Do yourself a favor and find a place that sells Panasonic vacuums, be sure they are the ones made in Japan.
Cre8tive Cre8tion (7 days ago)
Long time sub, quickly disappointed. It's hard to win over viewers, easy to loose them. Please don't do these infomercials again.
500 Phenom (7 days ago)
I hate how every word is an end of a sentence
Mit Luv (7 days ago)
i need this
StumbledGull Vlogs (7 days ago)
you know what, i think we need more videos like this XD
Demyan Lozano (7 days ago)
When he says "hey guys this is Austin" the background music goes along with it.
Go kart racer (7 days ago)
Its not a vaccum cleaner Its a SMART vaccum cleaner
Kazi (7 days ago)
put ur arms the fuck down wtf ur not big
VLD3Media (7 days ago)
Cool vacuum. Not paying $700 for it.
Having New Hope (7 days ago)
I like my Dyson.
Erik Bakker (7 days ago)
What is the deal with these dyson vids? Are hey for real? Is it the first of april yet?
Alain Machado (7 days ago)
No, Austin, no...
Martin Pedersen (7 days ago)
Sellouts all of you
Aze (7 days ago)
Welcome to QVC

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