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The espionage anxiety over Huawei - CNET News

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http://news.com The U.S. government is wary about letting Huawei, a Chinese maker of telecom gadgets, work with American companies. CNET's Bridget Carey talks to Senior Writer Jay Greene about his visit to Huawei's headquarters and the concerns surrounding the company.

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poshwack Fragilito (1 month ago)
Dump it
Harry (2 months ago)
this guy is an idiot
yang ji (1 year ago)
Huawei is definitely spying for China, unlike American telecom companies that will "NOT" compromise your personal data for the NSA.
Alexandros Bastis (5 years ago)
I cannot call this a report, there is no facts no analysts no concussion,
puppan (5 years ago)
i have worked in Huawei and this company has grown from nothing to everything and this is the dedications HWers have, to be the best and beat the rest.
FRANKORILLA (5 years ago)
@2:08 "A lot of cyber-espionage has come from China." For real? For all I know, Apple, Microsoft, Google, and most of all, Facebook, all have an ultra-close relationship to the American government. What do you say about that? @CNETTV, I am disappointed in you.
FRANKORILLA (5 years ago)
How about not relying on the Chinese AT ALL? American capitalism's filthy - how about producing their own Apple in their OWN country? Labour cost? The cost of natural resources? The American businessmen & politicians have constantly exploit the Chinese, and all other foreign resources in that matter, while pointing at them saying: "You guys suck, we are the only righteous one."
FRANKORILLA (5 years ago)
hit "Like" 'cause this is simply BS
MisterPeetBull (1 month ago)
FRANKORILLA stop begging for likes loser
sal125fx (5 years ago)
We need to step up our telecom and not rely on foreign sources, especially the chinese
Troupe Goal (5 years ago)
Seems like a harsh accusation without any proof. Some might wonder if a few people are worried about a wave of cheaper Chinese products.
Zhaoyu Zhong (5 years ago)
i have to say, U.S is never a pro-democracy country, but they are a "pro-US" country
David Zhao (5 years ago)
isn't US spying on other countries? I feel bad. This is like trade protection for western companies.
Mark Bradley (5 years ago)
US GOV ask CIA. They will tell ya.
Noob Noob (5 years ago)
Oh shit, Bridget really looks like the public porn girl in Russia.
Sam Chow (5 years ago)
alot of people dont know the truth
Jay-pac shakur (5 years ago)
Then why do you buy their products you fucking retard.
Net (5 years ago)
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DonDiego256 (5 years ago)
Two things: "See! other countries are spying on America! It's no big deal!" or "Other people are spying on America!" Creating a (pseudo) enemy that supposedly justifies spying on America. Obviously, it doesn't pay to be naive about this stuff, and precautions need to be taken, but some things are just too obvious...
stablizershock (5 years ago)
noob america thinks everyone else is like them spying other countries.
Tech4YourNeeds (5 years ago)
Interesting didn't kmow that. So now it got me thinking.
abc123 (5 years ago)
Why are you people keep pronouncing it incorrectly. It's Huawei, like "Hwa Way." And yes, it does look like the NBC logo. :D
b1bobson (5 years ago)
There is no difference between a Chinese company and the Chinese government. The government is a communist regime responsible for the murder of millions of its own people since coming into power; ten's of thousands of citizens in the invasions and unlawful occupation of Mongolia and Tibet; and today they spread their insidious plans for conquest and power to every continent. "Made in China" just means they succeeded in subverting your ability to live free of their control.
usman mir (5 years ago)
Spy Genocide
AngryDoge (5 years ago)
what's your problem? I think the chinese and japanese are awesome.
domdomdrumdrum (5 years ago)
you pronounce the H in Huawei.
Richard Choong (5 years ago)
I watch HD on you Bridget!
hobobanana6575 (5 years ago)
The Chinese are snakes I wouldnt trust them even a little
Lelouch911 (5 years ago)
I never heard of Huawei before
ibmxx (5 years ago)
i did not know this was an issue. very interesting... it would make a great movie
Very Good Boy (5 years ago)
can I give you a blow job?
superchanyi (5 years ago)
the people that say that people below them are queers are queer
electronicboy5 (5 years ago)

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