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The Coolest Phone You’ve Never Heard Of…

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Doogee Mix (USA Link) - http://amzn.to/2vz6jjk Doogee Mix (International) - http://geni.us/PApqz7 The Doogee Mix features a striking design, solid build and dual camera system. It costs only $200 making it one of the more intriguing Android smartphones in existence. If you’re looking for a cheap Android device the Doogee Mix might be for you. Side note, the design of the Doogee Mix is very similar to the Xiaomi Mix and given the naming convention I suspect substantial inspiration has been drawn from the Xiaomi device. I highly recommend installing a third party launcher to the Doogee Mix. The stock OS is heavily skinned and is likely the main drawback of the device. That said installing another launcher is incredibly easy to do, so go ahead and get to it! FOLLOW ME IN THESE PLACES FOR UPDATES Twitter - http://twitter.com/unboxtherapy Facebook - http://facebook.com/lewis.hilsenteger Instagram - http://instagram.com/unboxtherapy Google Plus - http://bit.ly/1auEeak
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Text Comments (7194)
Abra Cadabra (11 hours ago)
Yeah i got this phone it was okay for all of 3 weeks then the screen fell out lol
YouTube Poop (2 days ago)
I will only get that phone for that ring holder in the condom looking packet
Judy Jantvold (5 days ago)
Does this work in USA?
xialingan lin (5 days ago)
Oh,I have never heard of this mobile phone brand. The competition in the Chinese mobile phone market is too fierce. Huawei, OPPO, Vivo, Xiaomi, Meizu, OnePlus, Nubia, 360, Coolpad....and include the Lenovo and ZTE that are being driven out of the Chinese market
mr. t (6 days ago)
Pretty please
mr. t (6 days ago)
Can I have the doogee mix please
Paul Peterson (10 days ago)
Stick in hole feel the world😄do it for the likes.
Prepsquid58085 (11 days ago)
man I need a phone and boy do you have a lot. help ya boy out.
RED DRAGO 17 (11 days ago)
Just a mi mix and MAZE ALPHA kick-off
Klash Gaming (13 days ago)
Stuck Your In Hole And Feel The World!
memesaucemichael (13 days ago)
realityorfiction (18 days ago)
Meh, its about the same price as the asus max plus but the Asus phone is better.
Master AJT (18 days ago)
I thought that was condom
cri ling (19 days ago)
The problem with these chinese phones for me is that they cant handle canadian winters lmao
John Stibal (19 days ago)
"stick in hole, feel the world" and experience the force of a thousand suns...lol
Ayesha Rashid Khan (19 days ago)
Sankalp Kalangutkar (19 days ago)
When I first saw that red packet I thought it was a durex packet🤣🤣
MIKE_ PLAYZ1234 (20 days ago)
This is a jack face reveal
Diana Nicolás (20 days ago)
People complaining about Chinese phones, guess what? All come from there. I don't want to pay for a brand, I want to pay for what really is and 200 for a phone is nice for what you get, stop buying overpriced crap just because it makes you feel better with yourself. Saying cheaper phones are crap is a lame justification for someone who overpaid a lot for something you can have for much much less, an status symbol is what it is.
Black Pearl (20 days ago)
try the Ding Ding phone
Marisol (20 days ago)
I thought he was holding a condom 😂
Gabriel RAKOTONAIVO (22 days ago)
Do not buy this phone, or anything from the DOOGEE brand. On the Mix, one of the lenses in the back is not functional, and is only there for aesthetic purposes. The UI, despite being in "English" is very poorly translated. The phone starts to slow down, and becomes buggy as soon as you start installing apps on it. Coming out of its sleep mode requires 3, to 4 presses of the power button. Fingerprint sensor barely works after a week of light use. And the list goes on ...
Jason Gooden (22 days ago)
looks like my sony
Kabir Bachwani (22 days ago)
Durex: Stick in the hole, feel the world...
Smerilia™ (23 days ago)
The USB type C is not in the middle xD xD
Michael Addo (24 days ago)
oh wow i thought it was a condom
Donovan Olguin (24 days ago)
Im just trying to get off this shitty galaxy j7 thats preformance is just terrible 2 gb ram is just not enough for me but i will use it as a back for music listening or camera becuase samsung has personalize sound which actully makes audio quality much better also has a built in eq but other than that i really dont need the j7
István Nagy (25 days ago)
I have this phone and its looking realy good and fast as f... Good device and good features :)
Suryansh Patel (25 days ago)
Nothing bugs me more than copied phone designs!
jay perfect (25 days ago)
Hey can i buy products u reviewed 😉😉
Gaming Freenet Zone (26 days ago)
Soham Chowdhury (26 days ago)
Stick in hole Feel the world Dafuq!!!
Is that a CONDOM
Felly Adanza (27 days ago)
Haha stickinthehole
Gongphop Chaiphiphat (1 month ago)
Unbox therapy is becoming expensive Lew with you introducing affordable tech we've never heard of. It might be a good value but it adds up man. Jk. Keep doing what you doing lew u da best in the game.
JoGeo Geos (1 month ago)
I have recently done camera and CPU tests for the doogee mix 2. It's a pretty good phone
겨털빠진브베 (1 month ago)
hey is it waterproof?!
Kyle Woods (1 month ago)
Pretty cool, although these are the phones the CIA are asking people not to purchase. I just heard this yesterday on a podcast which led me here to see what the phone was like
Crazy talk (1 month ago)
how much do you think the iPhone plus 2018 6.1 is worth in china if I order it?
Niihalu Ashka (1 month ago)
No one should ever buy a phone like this. They're cheap because they have no security which makes it easier for companies (and criminals) to sell your personal info.
Tanvir Ahmed Rahat (1 month ago)
In that think I thought that's a condom pack 😂
Ras (1 month ago)
For $200 dollars a phone with a finger print it is cool..thank you China.
Ron Geez302 (1 month ago)
Will this work with verizon?
Killersentra (1 month ago)
Yeah right lou that speaker sounded better than the galaxys.
Tommy Sar Vercetti (1 month ago)
I really thought it to be a condom
Colaface16 (1 month ago)
A copy of Xiaomi MI mix :)
Ouroboros Alkimia (1 month ago)
Xiaomi best!
Brad Marz (1 month ago)
If its the best phone in the world is it waterproof
FituesProshut (1 month ago)
that looks like a condom
Javier Jasso (1 month ago)
Wonder what happens to the phones after the video. Probably a video for it.
Alpha (1 month ago)
I love you simon
Rosie (1 month ago)
That looks a LOT like a Xiaomi mi mix......
Lord Adrian (1 month ago)
I've heard that the double camera setup is fake and it uses software but only uses one camera. Please verify this and respond.
Daniel Davis (1 month ago)
I need a phone :-)
josh2400 (1 month ago)
That phone hot
ShadowShadoge (1 month ago)
I have heard of it.
Noah Masa (1 month ago)
I thought it was a condom
VoiceOut (1 month ago)
woah 1440p... ive never seen this before in any youtube video, 1440p looks beautiful
McKaine Jay (1 month ago)
I saw that phone on aliexpress its very interesting but can't still afford it...
Eli Pie (1 month ago)
Stick in hole lol
darkminer 556 (1 month ago)
I thought that that was an condom XD the Sex phone lol
Kwan Linus (2 months ago)
The bokeh effect of the camera is fake.
Kaja Waterhook (2 months ago)
but huh i have a other camera on my dodgee
Kaja Waterhook (2 months ago)
lol i have that phone
franjcec (2 months ago)
Hey. Can you try out Noa n8? It's croatian phone and I think people should hear about it. Thank you
L Pi (2 months ago)
I find most Chinese phones use Tawain MediaTek MT series processor does not use North America standard LTE BANDS ( Really sucks) if you do not mind 3g: Then go for it
WhyChooseAName (2 months ago)
I got an Chineese AD before this! *the weird thing is... **-I LIVE IN NORWAY-*
BadKarma 714 (2 months ago)
I saw that phone on Austin evens channel
- Shiroyasha - (2 months ago)
Things u buy FROM/IN China are masterpieces Things u buy outside China that is MADE IN China are absolute trash
Chris Scarbrough (2 months ago)
CGIO 137 147 27 OTP OTG KEEP MOBING 537 27
VicTech 503 (2 months ago)
Ricky Sanchez (2 months ago)
I bought this phone on your recommendation. It's a piece of crap, crashed on me 3 times the first week... You've lost all credibility.
Lumpy Stilskin (2 months ago)
Dank Dino (2 months ago)
Lumpy Stilskin (pause)
BlueChain (2 months ago)
Guys this phone is 6 fucking gb ram. Im so impressed
MJ (2 months ago)
I never seen this guy take a normal picture of himself. He always makes a weird face, which imo means he doesn't like how he looks, or feels insecure with how his strait face looks in a pic. I notice lots of ppl do this now a days on social media. I sweat i thought this guy was from Brooklyn NY by the way he talks? I know he lives in the GTA, but maybe hes from around there idk? He definitely is fun to watch i got to give him that, but just take a normal picture for once, geeez LoL :-P
kdj khy (2 months ago)
Dog in the Gee Phone ?!?!
anarchisttomato (2 months ago)
Haha, I thought it said "Dodgee" <--- would love a phone called that (Ask a British person)
Digital Games (2 months ago)
The dual cam is fake it's actually software based blur
Pranjal Patil (2 months ago)
Will you please review doogee s60
WellBeSerious12 (2 months ago)
*Stick in hole, feel the world. That's the power of Chew 5 Gum.™*
Jan Archielle Acosta (2 months ago)
SkinniFinny (2 months ago)
What song did he play to test the speaker?
Busy Bee x (2 months ago)
Doogee mix or Bludoo s8?
deasttn (2 months ago)
I'm please with my Motorola 5gS. I bought mine for just under $200 and it works fine in the US with Sprint
Parker Godwin (2 months ago)
That’s the key to finally having a completely bezel-less front screen.
Real Madrid (2 months ago)
I bought it for my younger brother he is very happy.thanks lu
11초 banchan (3 months ago)
what should I buy??? this fone or xiaomi a1 or xiaomi redmi note 4 or xiaomi redmi note 5
Samuel Jeremiah (3 months ago)
tecno canon cx
Tvan Maccai (3 months ago)
Hi Lew, I'm using an Lenovo Vibe Mix I searched for this phone's Video but I only got one video of it... So please can you do a video in that phone you can write the title as the weirdest and dumbest smartphone I had ever bought...Thank You in advance
chinese condom unboxing
darryl castellano (3 months ago)
But which LTE bands does it work on in the USA. No one wants to buy a phone that only has 2g.
BOB (3 months ago)
That's one of the most inspirational Chinglish quotes I have ever heard.
Vincent Earth (3 months ago)
Can u update the phone
flukeman022 (3 months ago)
What most ppl thought was a condom turns out to be a c??? ring lol
melissa taveras (3 months ago)
Could you try phones from wish app
Vid_M (3 months ago)
I have a 09 lite is this better
Vid_M (3 months ago)
Mike Tammaro (3 months ago)
Been using doogee phones for 5 years. Good value for sure.
Izabela Love (3 months ago)
Chinese android > apple and Samsung
Tarakshraj Shekhawat (3 months ago)
stick in the hole, feel the world
BOBB Gaming (3 months ago)
What do you do with all the devices you buy

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