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The Coolest Phone You’ve Never Heard Of…

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Doogee Mix (USA Link) - http://amzn.to/2vz6jjk Doogee Mix (International) - http://geni.us/PApqz7 The Doogee Mix features a striking design, solid build and dual camera system. It costs only $200 making it one of the more intriguing Android smartphones in existence. If you’re looking for a cheap Android device the Doogee Mix might be for you. Side note, the design of the Doogee Mix is very similar to the Xiaomi Mix and given the naming convention I suspect substantial inspiration has been drawn from the Xiaomi device. I highly recommend installing a third party launcher to the Doogee Mix. The stock OS is heavily skinned and is likely the main drawback of the device. That said installing another launcher is incredibly easy to do, so go ahead and get to it! FOLLOW ME IN THESE PLACES FOR UPDATES Twitter - http://twitter.com/unboxtherapy Facebook - http://facebook.com/lewis.hilsenteger Instagram - http://instagram.com/unboxtherapy Google Plus - http://bit.ly/1auEeak
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Text Comments (7548)
Iskandar shah Yoyo (2 hours ago)
How do u wipe the software off?just install from play store?
Black Girl Loves Rock (4 hours ago)
Those phones are about 30 - 80 dollars on wish
Qwassred YT (2 days ago)
U kinda forgot to mention it has 6 gigs of RAM
Such phone, very specs wow
Isabella Schmidt (3 days ago)
Increase bit ghost institution hearing shade except technological regardless most.
Boy hood fame (3 days ago)
Can u please tell me from where u got the wallpaer
Caleb Bozarth (4 days ago)
Does this phone work with AT&T?
Gloria varela (4 days ago)
The Condom haha!!
stashouse617 (6 days ago)
I thought that little package he had was a condom . Durex to be specific
Jhon Palen (7 days ago)
Jhon Palen (7 days ago)
Domingo Fragasjr (7 days ago)
Im interested how to order pls help me
Relentless Nightcore (8 days ago)
can you give me and advice ...i need a phone wich one when i plug my headphone ..i whant my ears bleeding xD .yea i know you need a power headsphones but olso you need a good cellphone
Joushwah Belfast (8 days ago)
Can I get it
Drumain Green (9 days ago)
I was rocking an LG Tribute HD from Boost and I had the phone for quite some time. So I have to say that I saw this video months ago and thought about getting the Doogee Mix. When I went to Gearbest, I found a few phones with this same exact design with slightly different specs. I found my new baby, the LEAGOO KIICAA MIX has the same design, 13+2mp camera, 13 front facing, 32g rom, android 7, etc. All this for $100. I was sold. I would have never found my new baby if it wasn't for this video. Thanks and keep making these vids.
Teresa Duncan. (9 days ago)
I lime the galaxy 7 and 7 edge would you please show these 2 phones also ? Thank you Terri
oliver baker (11 days ago)
so is that oval not a button
Juan Sanchez (11 days ago)
Hi thanks for your review and unboxing guys as I just saw it on WISH for £168 so coz of your review I just ordered one straight away so cheers cool
Nice> meant nice copy of XiaoMi Mix :P
Pacman's Little bitch (12 days ago)
*low key actually heard of it*
Wild Man (13 days ago)
Is it compatible with the S2 Smart Wristband?
Wild Man (13 days ago)
I just bought the wristband and it isn't compatible with my current old phone. So I'm looking for an affordable phone that will connect to my wristband.
Rillaman113 (13 days ago)
Which phone would u recommend doogee mix2 or bluboo s8 ?
Naveeda Sheraz (13 days ago)
I have very good idea about this device
Squrch (14 days ago)
I own this phone guys "Doogee X5 Max Pro" Was the worst thing I ever had, was basically just an expensive paperweight
Tony Kellogg (15 days ago)
They even stole their logo font from Dodge
BlueOne Gaming (15 days ago)
Its from CHina but the main endorser of the phone is from philippines
Mind Yours (16 days ago)
Now when you click on shyt it doesn't work. Good luck contacting customer service. Also getting the sim card out is a pain in the ass. I'm more then sure I broke something in the inside trying to poke that small hole. Being no hole poker cam with it so I had to use a bobby pin to fin in that hole
Mind Yours (16 days ago)
The phone is shyt. Do not buy this trash. I hate it so much. Navigating through it with that annoying bot voice is so damn aggravating. Also, I didn't get that grip stand b.s. either.
RobertsDigital LAX (17 days ago)
No more samsung phones for me.....I guess I will get this next
waro waro (19 days ago)
i have no money, i just want an every link for music that you play when review smartphone
Al Caballero (19 days ago)
What the hell is with the background music? Too distracting!!
Christopher Lee (20 days ago)
I’ve seen these on Wish. I’ve been thinking about picking one up. Does it work fine with Canadian carriers?
whistle blower84 (20 days ago)
Are you a fan of this phone? Or devaluing it?
Jekiyah bullock (21 days ago)
um ally express is a hair company on the Internet😂😂😂😂😂
Chi Vathana (21 days ago)
WTF fake dual camera
Feizet BG (21 days ago)
Alecia Weedon (22 days ago)
which do you prefer this phone or the Elephone S8?
Chavez7 - (22 days ago)
Stick in Hole feel world
XENO DUCK (23 days ago)
The blur looks like the condom failed
Vaishak V (23 days ago)
Hey have you reviewed the AGM X2 yet ???
Mad Cow (24 days ago)
That's not a European plug, that's Asia.
GSHeverything _27 (24 days ago)
Dogee is way louder c'mon dude
Feeling Songers (24 days ago)
xiaomi mi a1 please
Sticker (24 days ago)
That's what she said:stick in hole feel the world
Make redmi note 4 react
steam guy (25 days ago)
it woud be awsome if the cat that is on the phone it woud be more awsome if those were notifications then the themes and designs.
rubycandy92 (26 days ago)
Love this phone. Beats my note 5 any day
gianni kelly (26 days ago)
ur very natural .. not so scripted... like ur reviews
niceuneasy (29 days ago)
Dude don't over act lol
Cwazy Ducking (30 days ago)
Can you text iPhones with that
Dead_Fox /De4Th (1 month ago)
Super Ultra Bedman (1 month ago)
Why the fuck this phone look the same with Mi Mix??
Wolf Gaming (1 month ago)
How much space does it have
Andjr hm (1 month ago)
your so fucking annoying dude
You Do The Math (1 month ago)
I keep seeing the new Google pixel book ad and I really want it and I can't stop freaking out every time I see it. Help
Andari Voom (1 month ago)
well after some updates this phone is damn awesome
Michael Rudko (1 month ago)
Dude coolest job ever... Its like Christmas everyday for you. Lol
Auvishek Chakraborty (1 month ago)
I thought it was Xaomi Mi Mix
Mostafa Yassine (1 month ago)
Hi,i recently subscribed to your channel and i love your videos!..Good Job,keep it up!Could you make videos about the Mi Mix 2,Oukitel Mix 2 and Sharp Aquos S2
Movie Arena (1 month ago)
do you review Doogee s60?
Estrading Co (1 month ago)
Just another cheap Chinese copy cat POS....
Aizen sosuke (1 month ago)
Do a review on the ZTE Max XL
Fmatias Matias (1 month ago)
I actualy thought it was a condom package
Jessica Corr (1 month ago)
Does it work with any service providers
James Vent (1 month ago)
Does this phone work with sprint USA LTE 4G???
John Allen Lim (1 month ago)
Can you please unbox a Doogee Mix 2 and give somre review? thanks in advance
RAdin WAHAB (1 month ago)
I thougt that its a cond0m
Zackery Mac (1 month ago)
I am broke,idk why i watch this channel I know i ain't getting shit
Randzi (1 month ago)
iPhone will forever be the cleanest looking phone idc what ppl say
Sid (1 month ago)
stick it in his hole, awful reviewer CLICKBAIT, selling these mediocre devices
Anurag khugshal (1 month ago)
Mi mix 2 is better than it.
vijay rasiganda (8 days ago)
There is 100doller less than mi max 2
vijay rasiganda (8 days ago)
But it is 150 dollers only man
Anurag khugshal (1 month ago)
I have used those chinese phones. Never buy them.
Matheus Rotta (1 month ago)
200 buck people! come on. I know it's a dogee phone but it's 200 bucks!
Ed the champ (1 month ago)
pls unbox the doogee s60
jalihi 1999 (1 month ago)
i thought it was durex
Chris Bradshaw (1 month ago)
It's now because of you...I now own Doogee S60 & bought my family Doogee mix for Christmas...very impressive phones. Thanks for doing these phone covers bro!!!! Merry Christmas😊
ICE & FIRE (1 month ago)
why do i find this phones design unnerving in a bad way
Guy DÉRIDET (1 month ago)
There are 2 models and the best one has 6 GB RAM and 64 GB ROM ! For around 200 $ ! Now there is a Mix 2, with a lot of improvements : 6" HD+ Amoled display, USB type C port, 4 cameras, Android 7. i had the Mix one, I ordered the Mix 2 at Banggood for 200 $ !
Kirstin Mack (1 month ago)
Nasty at first
Char Aznable (1 month ago)
emmm....this is a knock-off of the Xiaomi Mix
niclas arnold (1 month ago)
Radical dozen engagement lvegvnm lecture replace suit gallery strength.
Yukiteru Amano (1 month ago)
*Stick in hole and feel the world* -China
#drsroy Roy (1 month ago)
Can you please make a video for MI MAX 2
soumik ghosh (1 month ago)
xaomi mi mix 2(64gb and 128gb varient) ($350-300 or INR-35K..approx..flagship phone with qualcomm 835 processor) and xaomi red mi note 4 (64Gb varrient) ($200 or INR-12k..approx budget phone with qualcomm 625 octa core) (both indian varient) unboxing..pls pls 🤜🤛🤜🤛🤜🤛🤜🤛🙌🙌🙌🙌🙏🙏🙏🙏
Bleach City (1 month ago)
jakemandel92 (1 month ago)
Is the home button capacitive or a physical button? If its capacitive how is the vibration feedback?
Fien Hermans (1 month ago)
Dog boot hug soup catch mainstream thank box care.
Restless Butter (1 month ago)
This phone seems “dodgee”
zul amal (1 month ago)
Doogee smartphone brand originated from Spain then owned by Chinese technology company
yo i bought this phone it was amazing then.............GOT STOLEN
Modded Account (1 month ago)
You should do a review on the zte blade zmax
Southern Hemisphere (1 month ago)
What about overheat and other radiation problems and glitches? It look like a good phone but not a good review.
GodlyBladeTSOfficial (1 month ago)
I have that phone, in fact im using it now.
Jason Smith (1 month ago)
dude, what do you mean "wipe that software off" ? is the stock not useable?
Pianodude 5 (1 month ago)
You should buy the Xiaomi Mi Mix with same design with (full screen except on bottom) better performance.
N E L S O N -E L E (1 month ago)
Does the Doogee Mix work on 4G Lte Tmobile?
Fluffy Dragon (1 month ago)
Why blue in the sides, whyyyyy. Black would look awesome
systematic planning (1 month ago)
Colour is too full in the pics
August Chow (1 month ago)
I never heard this brand in China (メ ゚皿゚)メ
SpitzPlaysGames (1 month ago)
Doogee = Doge

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