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Pixel 3 Rumors? Ask MKBHD V27!

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Tech questions. Tech answers. Leggo. New York Empire Schedule: https://nyempireaudl.com MKBHD Merch: http://shop.MKBHD.com Actual Fortnite gameplay: https://youtube.com/user/AculiteGaming Video Gear I use: http://kit.com/MKBHD/video-gear#recommendation17959 Tech I'm using right now: https://www.amazon.com/shop/influencer-0bfe542e Intro Track - Jordyn Edmonds: https://soundcloud.com/jordynedmonds ~ http://twitter.com/MKBHD http://snapchat.com/add/MKBHD http://google.com/+MarquesBrownlee http://instagram.com/MKBHD http://facebook.com/MKBHD
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Text Comments (3201)
Nirupam Gamer (50 minutes ago)
Most epic intro
Vivek Nain (9 hours ago)
Cobby Djamphi (9 hours ago)
Hey, can anyone suggest a reliable online store for the pixel phones? Someone got duped and needs a new reliable online store. I'd appreciate it.
Othon Oliveira (13 hours ago)
I'm a fan of HTC, will it be manufactured by her or another company? This third-generation pixel is going to be a destroyer in the photos, but is there any news? Sorry to ask because I'm Brazilian and I do not speak English.
Tony Stark (15 hours ago)
Terence Achebe (16 hours ago)
Just for that opening you get my like
Sylvester Stewart II (18 hours ago)
awesome intro my dude
toris kasuma (23 hours ago)
Hahaa you should put more bloopers on your video😂😂
Santosh Kongley (1 day ago)
That bloopers stuff is cool!!!
Matthias P (1 day ago)
Maaaan you're the best! 😂 I love Your videos!
Robin Veres (1 day ago)
The intro was fucking hilarious 😂😂
Debra Dukes (1 day ago)
MKB Definitely Interested and looking forward to see what it's going to be like the New Pixel. Wish you much luck in the game's.Deb ✌👍
kamlesh talpada (1 day ago)
Only one company can make phone without any port, and yes that's Apple, because they "Don't care their customers"
Matt Green (1 day ago)
Ottowa? Dude. Ottawa. :)
Uzair Ahmed (1 day ago)
RogueTriumph (1 day ago)
Android Popsicle.
Ehsan Sohrabi (1 day ago)
you are cool man :D stay cool ;)
Mark Waid (1 day ago)
No notch, front facing speakers!!! A notch will ruin the phone for me the selling point for me is front facing speakers.
I think all Android phones should be dual boot with Vanilla Android and whatever skin the OEM has.
Mr Nobody (1 day ago)
That twilight colour tho
Manuel A Martinez (1 day ago)
Essential pixel 3 with thing besels thing shin top and bottom and side to side stereo from facing speakers anapdragon 846 8gb of ram 128 storage SONY OLED scream panel i mean all essential goodies google and sony combine sony Google edition Bluetooth 5.0 headphones
TechPimp (2 days ago)
Lol why would you go to a Warehouse dock to to record anyways?
Alex Boone (2 days ago)
Tuts Cafe (2 days ago)
That shirt tho👍
SElmvAN (2 days ago)
That ending tho 😂😂
Jose Beltran (2 days ago)
Hi awesome dude two items!: 1: I once saw a NCAA volleyball in your closet do you play?! 2: I work at cocktail bars and as technology gets more ahead with cell phones many of my frecuentes bars try to adapt to the needs of the patrions, in example adding USB plugs under the bar top. If we go wireless and we can't offer wireless pads at our day to night stlabisments; won't that defeat any innovations if you can't have them when you need them? And if we can't won't that single factor affect our guests experience? If it does... Do you think that there could a way where we can have companies supply small businesses with some sort of technology just to at least be able to supply our guests with some sort of accommodation to cater to they're technology needs? I frequently find my self trying to find a USB port or a USB type C cable or a lightning cable to provide juice for people to get together or at least get in touch in order to fullfil they're agenda! ? How can we keep up ? Or is there a factor that companies are missing, when it comes to the needs of the consumer or are companies competing so hard to the point that they get blinded by the need to provide something new or relevant to catch the eye of the consumer to the point point where everyday life needs get lost in the shuffle? (Sorry if my many questions don't add up in one comment)
Hayden Gill (2 days ago)
Swing sometimes farmer divide repeatedly tender platform both fantasy topic handle.
GAME HUNT. (2 days ago)
Vessel for an angel
Mike Anthony (2 days ago)
The bloopers were hilarious! These should be closers every so often
Kris Zhao (2 days ago)
Where is your HUAWEI P20/Pro review? I wanna see your review on them.
Robert Simmons (2 days ago)
A vessel for the software in which they changed the name from Nexus to pixel and increased the price by $200. And you folks ate it up
Tolkien Martin (2 days ago)
'Ottowa' is spelled 'Ottawa'. Sorry, I just O.C.D.
N. B. (2 days ago)
Your way of explaining is too smooth..loved it.. especially when u explained about dope tech..
active247 (2 days ago)
too cool .., last long...... dude at lease response my comment.. I always post like this.. u can search using the * wield card search .. reply me .. plz
prabavathi sachin (3 days ago)
google has the worst customer service, i have a pixel 2 xl and it doesnt work properly, i been struggling to get a decent answer from google for 4 weeks now and counting.
clubtc05 (3 days ago)
Yessss! I want Google play edition note 8!
Arturo Atherly (3 days ago)
He just wanted to use the word "supplant"...LOL
Isaac James Sturdee (3 days ago)
Hey man. I've been doing research on why android Instagram story's look worse than iPhone Instagram story's and it because on Android they are just screen grabbing the viewfinder? Do you think they'll ever fix this!? :( Running Google Pixel 2 XL
Bilal Ahmed Khan (3 days ago)
What did you shoot this video with? Why don't you try shooting videos with the smartphone camera that you think is the best?
Louis Stewart (3 days ago)
Good ending 😂
Brody Lane (3 days ago)
One throughout stir honor trouble constitutional heritage setting overcome.
bob johnson (3 days ago)
hmm...should i just get pixel 2?
Zânzar (3 days ago)
Will you review the P20 pro?
Christian Öhrn (3 days ago)
p20 pro is your daily driver?
Rishabh dev Tyagi (3 days ago)
You are right U12 plus will be the best..😀
OrangeSheep14 (3 days ago)
on the portless phone: what about data? usb data? I'm in favor of one port (I love 3.5 mm but if apple decides to kill it then it might just die)
启强洪 (3 days ago)
That phone is dope though
Jordan Jamison (3 days ago)
when i saw CA i was hyped, but quickly realized that meant Canada..
Jonathan Diaz (3 days ago)
Okay MKBHD or anyone , question : why does YouTube Capture! Hasn’t been updated for iOS 11 till this day ???? 🤔🤔🤔 or perhaps we don’t need that Capture app anymore ???
Elías Güitrón (3 days ago)
Legend says he is still charging that "FFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUCKKKK" at the end
Luke Watson (3 days ago)
I appreciate the comedic mini skits so much. Instant like
HariKiran MC (3 days ago)
Still you use wired mouse? Great bro
Tu Nguyen (3 days ago)
"souuppleent" what a tool, full of bag.
Preston Ferry (3 days ago)
Don't play Fortnite.
ABM W (3 days ago)
Always excited ... Pixel!
Johan De jager (3 days ago)
b_m_b (4 days ago)
Link to when he actually talks about pixel 3¿
Rui Frias (4 days ago)
Dope tech is awesome :)
K_raymi (4 days ago)
That white tee 🔥🔥🔥
Alex Plaut (4 days ago)
I want more robot arms
Alex Plaut (4 days ago)
Ignore the haters
Jacky Lam (4 days ago)
What are your thoughts on Apple completely screwing over third party repair stores? iPhone 6- Touch ID, iOS 11.3- Screen, iPhone X- Face ID How are parties like Louis Rossman and iFixit gonna make a living next?
Claudio Barata - Chob (4 days ago)
We demand a Blooper monthly video, even if for Patreon Subscribers only
afrid ahmed (4 days ago)
Please do unboxing of Nokia 7 plus & opinion
Tharsan J (4 days ago)
Dope episode
Lucio A (4 days ago)
Great to see Tomographic in the start of the video
Stevis360 (4 days ago)
Blahahahahahahahaha! Nice Outro!
PersonalFitness3 (4 days ago)
A buddy of mine showed me the awesome AR (Augmented Reality) feature of the Google Pixel 2 with the Star Wars pack and the Stranger Things pack and it blew my mind. I was wondering is this feature only exclusive to the Pixel 2 running 8.1 Oreo, or will other devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 get this functionality?
Banish Misfortune (4 days ago)
Samsung Galaxy X
RamirezHD (4 days ago)
I am completing the ending. uuuuck!
adeola faleti (4 days ago)
Do u think iphone 6plus is still good for 2019
adeola faleti (2 days ago)
Malik Adhwa - Roblox and More! Thanks so what about iPhone 7 in 2019
adeola faleti no.
I want to go to a Philly game, what's the schedule?
Fabricio Gonzalez (4 days ago)
Love that intro and ending!!!
Tom Higgins (4 days ago)
You spelt Ottawa wrong
Lars Rye Jeppesen (4 days ago)
MKBHD + Casey collab would be insane
weekap (4 days ago)
I like Huawei P20 Pro 🤩
DatGuyOfficial (4 days ago)
Love this kind of videos ❤️ !!!
xxgg (4 days ago)
Without the charging port you'll be extremely limited for using your device while charging. Don't tell me you've never wanted/needed to use the phone while charging??
DerParadonym (4 days ago)
I assumed MKBHD had purchased one of the camera robots - and I assume he can financially do this from now to tomorrow without ever having anything loose. Was a bit disappointed that it was just a well made ad for the producer...
DerParadonym (4 days ago)
All that dumb games today... Running around with a gun shooting the others hoping to be the last man standing... Without any sense. I mean, you don't have to think like in all these quiz games, you don't really have to react as quick as in the racing games, you don't learn about ancient times like in Assassin's Creed... So... I'm a big game player, but defilitely not things like pubg oder fortnite or something...
Ricardo Gobin (4 days ago)
He was about to say finally at the end
Darth Sceledrus (5 days ago)
I think the Lucid Air will kill the Tesla in terms of executive luxury vehicles.
CeshaanV (5 days ago)
Like and sub me I'll do the same
Alonso Moya (5 days ago)
Brother consult coverage tqavaol noise shirt phrase glory borrow shame narrow.
Diablo99V (5 days ago)
Eventually everything will go wireless and portless and the next step will be start integrating every single sensors into our bodies and the entire phone will be non existence, we will be the device.
Super Joe Pardo (5 days ago)
According to your schedule you will be in Philly on the 5.19 but according to Philly's website where I can buy tickets it is 5.12. Hmmm?
Intro is insanely cool...
Marilyn Gogue (5 days ago)
Can this dude get any better first he does awesome Tech videos then he's a pro Frisbee player and now he plays fortnite wow
Ionut Macinoi (5 days ago)
You are getting FAT! man! Do not go there!!!
Random CLIPZ (5 days ago)
Google, i beg you not to add the notch
Emmanuel Haque (5 days ago)
Bloopers! HAHAHA
Nyasha Chiroro (5 days ago)
the bloopers tho 😂😂😂
Manu Srivastava (5 days ago)
Do you need a map? More like, are you still using Apple Maps? @marques
balaje purushothaman (5 days ago)
Intro awesome!
Tymek Uzarczyk (5 days ago)
Actually you can have raw android expirience on this phones with linageOS
Sean OB (5 days ago)
Ottawa not Ottowa! But love that you get travel in Canada more.
omi205 (5 days ago)
I love the bloopers at the end. This needs to be a consistent thing PLEASE!!!! Reminds me of Jackie Chan movies. Probably the only movies I would watch till the very end just because I knew the bloopers would be there and they add that extra personality to the clips. Great touch.
RayfromCuba83 (5 days ago)
Rocket33r (5 days ago)
What about the Android One initiative? Doesn't the Nokia 8 Sirocco look promising?
Aman Kumar (5 days ago)
Always add blooper mkbhd, it was so cool!!!

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