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Inside the world's largest solar plant

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The world's largest solar thermal power plant is now online in California and can provide enough power for 140,000 homes.
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Andre Kirsch (1 month ago)
In CA we still have the 30% tax credit until dec31 2018. get a solar quote today Andre@lasolargroup.com
Gourab Das (3 months ago)
Pavagada, Karnataka, India.... 2000 MW... Largest in the world...
ElectricBuckeye (8 months ago)
I was always a fan of it. It works in desert areas with high sun concentration year-round. Doesn't work so well in Ohio where sunlight is pretty much just a summer occurrence.
notmuchto (11 months ago)
How many birds it burn to death every day?
Mr. D (1 year ago)
China has build in 2014 a solar power plant that provies electricity for 3 million homes.. CNN you suck incredibly.
zack leffue (8 months ago)
Mr. D theyre talking about concentrated solar not photovoltaics
imaaround (1 year ago)
This is the number one destroyer of climate change lets just heat up that atmosphere create our own solar winds and kill wildlife were better off with carbon emissions. .wake up world can we get anymore ignorant. use some logic and sense before we do this kind of stuff...
Katie Graham (11 months ago)
Huh? You realize the energy from the sun was hitting the sand and then radiating heat into the atmosphere, right? That's why the area this solar plant is located is so hot. This just directs the energy to a tower where it can make steam to power turbines that make electricity. It is not contributing any more or less to the heat in the atmosphere.
Sambit Mukherjee (1 year ago)
392MW makes it the largest solar thermal plant. India has a 648MW solar photovoltaic plant.
Rikhtyn (1 year ago)
Ananthanarayanan S V (1 year ago)
648MW Solar power plant in Tamilnadu India opened in Sept'16. Almost twice this size.More in pipeline
general g (7 months ago)
1000 Mw in Ghattu, Telangana.
Gopi Nath (9 months ago)
This is worlds largest Solar Thermal plan. And worlds largest Solar Photo-voltaic plant of 2000 MW is getting done at Pavagada, Karnataka India.
mba2ceo (1 year ago)
Birds Lives Matter :(
Curmudgeon (1 year ago)
+mba2ceo Domestic cats kill more birds than solar and wind, by an order of magnitude.
Vimalananda Naidu (2 years ago)
The future of mankind is depend on maximum use of solar power and less use of carban emanating power.we have to do research on multiple use of land which is scarce for both solar and other purposes. The New companies has to come up providing solar panels on long term heir basis to reduce financial burden to household s and small firms...9490727485 mobile give suggestions for better world... Vimalananda
sidvisious (2 years ago)
So they didn't say how long or if it will be capable of paying the government (us) back or if it was actually going to save the people using the electricity money. Because it isn't going to do either.
Mik Wind (2 years ago)
+sidvisious This should pay for itself in about 10-12 years give or take
primalcaptive (2 years ago)
Such a shame it doesn't have Molten Salt Storage to provide around the clock capacity.
Mauro Scimone (1 year ago)
In fact!! Without molten salt not so good; molten salt provide storage for many hours after the sunset, up to 15 hours eith large insulated storage tank
Pono Kaleikini (2 years ago)
Truu. Solar tower ftw
Awesome, This Solar Plant is great. more plants like these will provide a great savings in the electric Bills for homes and businesses.
SUVAM KUNDU (1 year ago)
now the word's largest solar power plant is in india
sunrisewizard (3 years ago)
CNN didnt mention it is killing all the local and migrating  birds.
Ananthanarayanan S V (1 year ago)
sunrisewizard OPEC country?
Bad Gator (2 years ago)
+sunrisewizard thats why photo voltaic is better--
Nikos V (1 year ago)
removed +sunrisewizard
thooke222 (3 years ago)
I drove by a place similar to this (maybe it was this site) years ago in the CA desert and the mirrors were all focusing on one spot in the air above.  It was glowing as if it were plasma.  Pretty cool.
Joe (1 year ago)
I've driven by this in the middle of winter. You wouldn't be able to look at it on june/july/august.
Bernie Bernstein (4 years ago)
I wish i got 1.6 billion for private profit.
Sikh Atheist (1 year ago)
1.6 billion on LOAN probably with interest.
Curmudgeon (1 year ago)
+ Red Menace Fossil fuel companies make far more in subsidies than renewables *and* make more profit, much of which they pay zero tax on. Do some research.
Bernie Bernstein (3 years ago)
I'm thinking light rail is a better option.
thooke222 (3 years ago)
Bernie Bernstein (3 years ago)
And then take tax payer money and turn it into private profit? Maybe I can get tax payer money to start a private solar power company to enrich myself And the politicians who sold it to the public right?
Untv Rizal (4 years ago)
If every houses is designed to have a mirror on the roof like this, we could make a society that is truly civilized.
Bartosz Barejko (1 year ago)
I am working on it today.The sphere wind and solar. You will see my project on the You tube in 2-3 Days please watch it.
Bartosz Barejko (1 year ago)
I am working on it today.The sphere wind and solar. You will see my project on the You tube in 2-3 Days please watch it.
thooke222 (3 years ago)
It doesn't work that way... You need a wide open area with many mirrors focusing on a tower all at once.  Every house could have photovoltaic panels though.
Bernie Bernstein (4 years ago)
We will never be truly civilized, never.
differentbeat (4 years ago)
too bad we are a destructive species with a terrible god-complex
Archimede meets California
Arik Ring (4 years ago)
It's a first of its kind, that is why it is so costly, a second "Ivanpah" would cost significantly less, and a third even less. It is a remarkable engineering feat!
xXMcCreEpXx (4 years ago)
RedicuLous. soLar is so far beyond this it's disgusting. Projects LIke this heLp promote the ignorant stupidity of OiL dickheads. $2 biLLion for 140K homes. How about $100 billion for a RaiL system core that transports freight & idiots at 350 mph and generates this much power as excess? Oh sorry, forgot i was taLKing to CapitaLIsts fucknuts that care more about their cushy cheesebaLL LifestyLe than the country & pLanet! My Bad.
Nikos V (2 years ago)
+xXMcCreEpXx chevron is spending $54 billion on an LNG project in australia called gorgon.... annual operating costs are over 1 billion... when you think about it, if $2 billion spent on solar powers 140k homes, $54 billion on solar should be enough for 3.6 million people minimum and the ongoing costs are lower compared to pumping LNG as you do not have to ship electricity half way around the world on massive barges. The economics of renewables are cheaper but fossil fuel lobbies are bigger right now, hence they are winning
slhines7 (4 years ago)
This sort of thing is mostly funded by the so called "state/gubmint" fyi.
slhines7 (4 years ago)
Gubmint Gone Wild! Liberalism truly is a mental disorder.
Curmudgeon (1 year ago)
+slhines Have you any idea how much of your taxes go to subsidising the fossil fuel industry to keep them artificially competitive with renewables. If there truly was 'free-market capitalism' and an even playing field, fossil fuels would have gone the way of the dinosaurs decades ago.
slhines7 (2 years ago)
I don't consider myself right wing either. I'm just not a big fan of "Coal Cars".
Bad Gator (2 years ago)
+slhines7 you are a dumb bastard-- get with it or get the fuck off- serious-- you right wing douchbags wanna go back to horse and buggy---

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