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Samsung smart contact lenses: with built-in camera is at this point the new Samsung patent.

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Samsung smart contact lenses: with built-in camera is at this point the new Samsung patent. It has come to light interesting patent That tells of a lens with built-in camera That would be developed by Samsung. This week, the patent office in South Korea will just give Samsung a patent That is called "method of manufacture and operation of smart contact lenses for augmented reality" Which Summarized is a pair of lenses That Would Have a screen, a camera, antenna and various sensors. The sensors would be responsible for detecting movement of the eye and eyelid, This would serve as an input method for activating features, for example, only take pictures flashing Could or activate the screen to see what They are related to our eyes seeing content. Although the screen of the lens would project images Directly into the eye, we need to be connected to another device That would serve as a platform for content That is transmitted to the lens, In This case a smartphone, Which would be responsible to process all the information. Interestingly this is not something new, it has-been Reported That Samsung has-been working on This project since 2014, so it Might even match the trademark "Gear Blink" presented the same year, a brand That Is Currently registered in Korea and the United States. So far it is unknown When We Could See These lenses on the market, or if it ever will see, and to remember That a patent does not guarantee That we will see a product With These características, however, is very attractive to Have a accessory Such as it would be an interesting evolution to the notion That Google filed with glass. #Samsung #SamsungSmartContactLenses #sunglasses #contacts #circlelenses##SamsungContactLenses #SmartContactLenses #contactlenses #freshlook #Halloween #eyecare #circlelens #glasses #eyes #vision

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Text Comments (36)
Megan McCormick (14 days ago)
Can't wait for this to come out!
light streamwolf (2 months ago)
bracerocolon (2 months ago)
My name is Israel Soto Alice and I am the owner of this Tech. Please have Samsung contact my office at 407-244-6104. I'm currently wearing the tech now.
Violet Evergarden (2 months ago)
Imagine if it exploded and then your whole eye burned out 😀 I'm fine not at all mentally unstable
Ninive Cueno (2 months ago)
Where to buy or order?is it have a graded kind of smart contact?
Lance ESD & LAJM (11 days ago)
Link or it didn't happen.
Lance ESD & LAJM (11 days ago)
@Niraj Trapa, Link? I cannot find them anywhere.
Niraj Trapa (1 month ago)
Ninive Cueno you can order it on Amazon
Mohammad Shahnawaz (3 months ago)
Where I buy this product
Juan J Moya Z (4 months ago)
the truth is that the moment sansumg manages to get the product I buy instantly
Allan Clover (4 months ago)
Mission:impossible Anyone??
Natalia Phantom dancer (4 months ago)
That would explode
One way to get eye infection
Don Hazzman (5 months ago)
As if their exploding phones weren't enough - NOW THEY WANT TO BLOW OUT YOUR EYES?!
슬라임젤리 (5 months ago)
Turquoise (6 months ago)
Sillyguydefender (8 months ago)
Pinksheep?! Pinksheep please tell me how much is this, and when will this be released!!!??!!!
Jeffrey Barkdull (9 months ago)
Great Product for Filmmakers or Spies
Shaoizon (10 months ago)
Best way to cheat boiiiii
Juan J Moya Z (4 months ago)
I did not understand your comment very well
victoriana dablo (1 year ago)
that's cool😎
Deadwing (1 year ago)
wow ok... i need me a few lol and they better not be expensive as hell tho lol
Who dat who dat b o y (1 year ago)
k , When did pink sheep start narrating these kinds of videos? XDDDD
Donald Dick (1 year ago)
This is like a Black Mirror episode when this lenses is used to destroy the Privacy and Civil Liberties. Welcome to the New World Order!
joseph garcia (1 year ago)
Ahsan Khurshid (1 year ago)
i am so ready for the SAT when do these release
☆$adisfaction☆ (1 year ago)
cheating on state tests is finally possible
Ervin Bosenbacher (2 years ago)
Yeah it would never end up in my eyes. Countless problems comes to my mind like infection and so on. Yes don't worry about the spying issue.
Ervin Bosenbacher yssup
Ervin Bosenbacher (1 year ago)
I pass.
kankunation13 (1 year ago)
it presents no more a health risk than a standard contact lense, which millions of people already wear daily. as for spying, it connects to your phone, so it would not add any danger that is not already present.
Guyh Na'toh (2 years ago)
Oh my God o_O
Dick BENETO (2 years ago)
better than google glass
Danielmeir (2 years ago)
since directly on the eye cant the none ionizing radiation actually have a negative effect to the eyes?
Aban Tech (2 years ago)
#Samsung #SamsungSmartContactLenses #sunglasses #contacts #circlelenses #SamsungContactLenses #SmartContactLenses #contactlenses #freshlook #Halloween #eyecare #circlelens #glasses #eyes #vision

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