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Peace in Colombia?: Making the Process Work

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Javier Ciurlizza, Crisis Group’s Latin America Program Director, explains how people in Colombia are divided over the peace process, especially when it comes to the reintegration of guerrilla fighters into civilian life, and highlights the need to ensure the conflict is a core concern of Colombians.
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Mayda Saborit (2 years ago)
HA HA HA! HOW FUNNY !!! That of "modest contribution of Cuba to the peace process in Colombia" is such a gruesome joke, if the Castros were the ones who always supported the Latin American armed left; and with Russian money they introduced and sustained the FARC, which then began to basically maintain themselves with Narco-trafficking.  It’s also funny that those who have actually faced these "guerrillas" were the farmers and citizens (paramilitaries) who were armed to face the guerrillas. And now they are condemned !!! . This is like a tragi-comedy !!!  They have to stop with these jokes that cause me so much laughter, yet the funniest thing was when the Pope lent his ears to the pleases and regrets of his compatriot Victor Hugo Saldanó, sentenced to death for murder and robbery, and yet he was deaf when listening to dissidents and political prisoners in Cuba who have committed no crime.  Although the funniest thing of all was the "spontaneous" and tender interruption of the bold girl Sofi yesterday with a message about the rights of illegal people, who encouraged the pope to take her in the Pope mobile and now ... " EVERYBODY WANTS TO BE LIKE SOFI "... but nobody wants to be like Zaqueo Báez Guerrero, who also came to the Pope with a letter about human rights in Cuba, and he earned a trip with no return to the prisons of the Regime.  HA HA HA! what makes me laugh the most are the jokes of Jorge Mario Bergonio A POPE UNLIKE ANY OTHER !!!  Unless he is acting serious :( Mayda Saborit www.maydaap.com FB Corazón Cubano
Mayda Saborit (2 years ago)

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