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The Chromebook Pro - Most Powerful Chromebook Ever?

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Got a chance to go hands on with the new Samsung Chromebook Pro! Is it the most powerful Chromebook ever? http://bit.ly/2s3E5ei My favorite Dream Desk ever. https://youtu.be/_nAL4NB58lA?list=PLqcaiHQwxA9iQ29GmJDV-spxGwp3b7BDt *Actual packaging may differ from what’s shown in the video. This video was sponsored by Samsung My Audio Setup & Gear: https://youtu.be/v9hu-Avj2oE?list=PLqcaiHQwxA9gWWz-l_C2Ai536Gxz3_cLJ Add me on Snapchat! https://www.snapchat.com/add/tldtoday My Gear: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yIc0umpbLNE Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/tldtoday Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/tldtoday

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Jonathan Morrison (11 months ago)
I know there were some new MacBook Pros today but how about a Chromebook Pro? 🤔 Also thanks for the love on the newest Dream desk! <3 https://youtu.be/_nAL4NB58lA?list=PLqcaiHQwxA9gWWz-l_C2Ai536Gxz3_cLJ
James Kristoff (5 days ago)
I have the Asus Flip...Im diggin it a lot
TheChillMan 21 (3 months ago)
Chromebooks...... are crap for me.
Mike Cox (3 months ago)
Jonathan Morrison You failed to go into detail about the battery life of the device.
Yaseen Ali (6 months ago)
Jonathan Morrison can I get this laptop in the UK
Emmanuel The Homemaker xD (10 months ago)
Michael Wong and if memory serves, HP has a chromebook that has higher iSeries processors as well.
Kim Lexie (8 days ago)
i will buy this one
William Wise (24 days ago)
I have the samsung chromebook 3 and I love it.
Finlay Mitchell (1 month ago)
3:55: "so, while my autistic abilities may not be the best" What??
Thezombielord47 (1 month ago)
what does it get on antutu
Thezombielord47 (1 month ago)
I dropped mine and the touchscreen stopped (as in it doesn't register touches) also im watching this on a chromebook pro
George Michael (1 month ago)
I would like to see a Tab S vs Chromebook Pro comparison.
Aiden Douthitt (2 months ago)
oh my gosh if you told me to draw you would see squiggly < might have spelled that wrong> lines
nuelo321 Oladee (2 months ago)
Benchmark for powerful chromebooks can it run android apps
Hasnat Chowdhury (3 months ago)
can you download and run apk files?
rafi is the best. (3 months ago)
How bout pixel book
Aryan Narayan (3 months ago)
But can it run Roblox xD
its zerø døød (3 months ago)
i use the Samsung Chromebook Plus and i have serious ghosting problems on it from every 30 minutes to every hour. does anyone have advice?
Ridzuan Rosli (4 months ago)
wowwww,this is so cool
Net Worth (4 months ago)
Samsung Chromebooks .... The Chromebooks s display clarity are awesome
M.J Perez N. (4 months ago)
Karoline Kaba (4 months ago)
This video inspired me to buy a Chromebook since mac is expensive and I dont like Windows
Daniel Southcomb (5 months ago)
I'm sorry, but it is not the most powerful chromebook. The Pixelbook comes with an i5 or i7 processor, both are better than the m3, and the Asus 302 can also be had with an m5 processor. I will agree that the screen on the Pro is second to none, but the bad is the rendering time for the 1/3rd more pixels eats into that m3 processor. For a screen this size, I would rather have 1080P, and more processing power. Also no back lit keyboard on the Pro. It's personal preference, but for the same price, I'll take the Asus, faster processing speeds, 64gb internal storage vs. 32gb on the pro.
Will Neal (5 months ago)
Too bad there aren’t many apps that can take advantage of the specs... like a good video editing app.
Jack Zhang (5 months ago)
Samsung why don't you put back lit keyboard in it
Jacob Berman (5 months ago)
What about photo and video editing?
Chang Liu (5 months ago)
the intense graphic games do lags. It is not smooth as on arm architecture cpu
1st Acc (6 months ago)
Play WOT blitz on it with medium- high settings and well see if it lags
Person New person (6 months ago)
I’m getting this for my birthday
Person New person (6 months ago)
I’m only getting this cause play store
Adella (6 months ago)
Flip c302 and Chromebook Pro are costing the same on amazon now. Which one should you guys think I should get? I will use mostly to watch youtube, netflix and browsing.
Jacob Frank (6 months ago)
Then pixelbook comes with a crazy price tag and crazy specs and Jonathan over here calling this "powerful"
kyle Action (6 months ago)
Honest question: Why are you calling this the most powerful Chromebook ever when the Pixel ships with an i5 or i7 and more ram? I have a 2015 Pixel 2 and it blows this out of the water with both gaming and overall performance.
Sumit Ghoshal (6 months ago)
why is it not available in India offline? There is no warranty of this product in India if I buy it online.
Belal Al-Badani (6 months ago)
Where did you buy you white shirt?, i like it
Manpreet Sabharwal (7 months ago)
Soo commercial, not a critical review at all.
Xx_Gl1ch43v3r_xX 17 (7 months ago)
WAIT IT HAS A M-3 INTEL..................... HE HE IT CAN RUN LINUX
Christopher Yiwei Liang (7 months ago)
Pretty nice for its price range, very surprised by the screen like it has a better display than a macbook pro
Guided Hand (8 months ago)
Very cool
Mikayla Galindo (8 months ago)
Battery life?
Petr Musil (8 months ago)
Is There some copy 'MacBook' with mobile connectivity from/for Samsung ? Thank you
Jerad Berry (8 months ago)
"on those skype calls" is that possible on a chromebook?
Sentry (8 months ago)
You can download Skype via the playstore or just use it on the web, problem solved
Ishii Shiatsu (8 months ago)
the biggest problem in this dévice is the memory eMMC.it will be impossible to increase the memory or change.
Ishii Shiatsu (8 months ago)
the biggest problem in this chromebook is the memory eMMC. It will be impossible to increase or change
Alexander Grant (8 months ago)
Jonathan..... You have.... Bug eyes.
iMicrosoft (8 months ago)
0:12 Look at the top left corner;)
Joe Edwards (8 months ago)
Most powerful? Seems the 2015 Pixel chromebook is more powerful.
Bizaxey (9 months ago)
Can it play Minecraft pe or roblox(mobile)
Richard Bucker (9 months ago)
pretty bold statement. How does it compare to the Pixel?
Jobs mine (9 months ago)
Wait an hr and it will crash
Robert Collis (9 months ago)
Great review. Maybe if you slowed down on the arm and hand jesters.
Ryan Hoekstra (9 months ago)
Or you can get my $400 Asus laptop with 8gb ram and 500gb of storage with a 15 inch 1080 display
Nicholas (9 months ago)
Where do I buy one in the uk?
Saito C (9 months ago)
This is ok for a classroom use....and for light use...but their are better laptops out their.
candle2Light (9 months ago)
like The Samsung Chrombook Pro  -  but I want it to be Larger!  It should e at least 14 inches.  We want Big Screens!
supr maro 46 (10 months ago)
The only good sponser videos are form Liza...
Emanuel Oliveira (10 months ago)
Is it possible to view a pdf 2 pages side by side when chromebook in landscape mode?
Lemon birch (10 months ago)
Your drawing Mickey Mouse wether you like it or not
GimpyTheSpaceman (10 months ago)
Saw the title and laughed out loud. Literally. :') "Most powerful Chromebook ever" isn't saying much... xD
Anuj Taxali (10 months ago)
Yousef Saber (10 months ago)
Google have to build a new version of chromebook pixel Apple and Microsoft are now making hardware and software it's now embarrassing for Google that there is no new upgrade for the Chromebook pixel I don't mean that Google or Microsoft should be a closed source just like Apple but there are people who prefere premium experience and those OEMs suck in that case
Devin Sharma (10 months ago)
ASUS C302 is where its at
Sentry (8 months ago)
same specs, no stylus included, narrower aspect ratio, screen not as sharp and bright
UFO Studios (10 months ago)
Dude, when you said that you couldn't play android games with the old chromebook's, you were actually wrong since they have a beta version that you can download, it might not be the full version but it's practically the same.
AnotherFishyMuffin (10 months ago)
Is the stylus pressure sensitive?
Nexus Hexus (10 months ago)
You suck with keys? 1st person I have ever heard to say that.
Siddharth Singh (10 months ago)
how did you get asphalt 8 on chromebook ???
Sentry (8 months ago)
Didn't you watch the video? he clearly said that you can download everything off the playstore
pietro Pietro (10 months ago)
where's the skip ad button?
expeditin (10 months ago)
You can soooo tell you were SPONSORED by the chrome book people!!
Rayre Trc (10 months ago)
Whats the music? And Can you make the best budget microphones?
p.s.s. santosh (10 months ago)
2:10 are you kidding me!? It's a 100 💯 percent stuttering and lagging!!😞😱😱
Timo Spapens (10 months ago)
Jonathan can I win that one?
Damon Martin (10 months ago)
Can it play minecraft pe and run word from android?
Hitesh Bhagat (10 months ago)
will punch you in face.. stop that damn fidget shit #@$#@ KDFG$#@%@#3 :3
Lance Rose (10 months ago)
Any cases?
VacancyJB (10 months ago)
Say no to Chrome book, Google already taken my life.
Stranger24 (11 months ago)
considering it uses a core M and the older pixel chromebooks and even HP ones run full i5 variants... how can you even have a title as most powerful?
L morrow (11 months ago)
can I install window on this Chromebook🙃
R X (11 months ago)
Samsung sponsored... let the luv in begin. I'm counting the compliments going to Samsung. Going past 10 compliments. Going past 20 compliments. The superlatives are crazy. Where was the negative comments. I never trust a review if it's only positive.
Jude B (11 months ago)
Linux anyone?
Harlem (11 months ago)
Fidget spinners. *facepalm* Okay, now to continue the video.
Valoreign (11 months ago)
what's the cost? is it able to run Microsoft word?
MrSoloHD (11 months ago)
Agent Soshi (11 months ago)
"initially upon first impressions"
TheMysticMimikyu (11 months ago)
Who else noticed the fidget spinner in the corner at the beginning
Vorname _ (11 months ago)
In 2 years they made a car!
DrinkMe101 (11 months ago)
I know its a metaphor but whenever people say "normally x and y don't go in the same sentence" all i think of is "x does not posses qualities of y" and it throws me off
Milan Meiland (11 months ago)
This thing is definitly not a "Pro" model... Come on, an Intel M3 processor and you call this thing a "Pro computer"??? It obviously skipped frames during the gameplay.
Aditya Bose (11 months ago)
The aspect ratio is a bummer.
One Man On Fire (11 months ago)
Dreamcast in the background
I love wall.e (11 months ago)
thumbs up for fidget spinner at 0:07 at top left!
Rui Saraiva (11 months ago)
where can I get one of these? :) I live in Brighton, UK
Paul Jamieson (11 months ago)
I would, but at the Canadian prices of $800+, I might as well start looking at a Surface or something along those lines!
MJae (11 months ago)
Johnathan is on some serious gains
Michael Carroll (11 months ago)
Thanks you for the excellent review Jonathan. One thing. What is the price point?
LoganDark (11 months ago)
Oh yeah! Your chromebook can handle Google Docs and some drawing app! I feel sorry for the people who believe this is anything special.
Raghuram Gaddam (11 months ago)
Good job on telling us how much it costed
notRobbie (11 months ago)
When this will be available in Europe?...
BuddyPs4King (11 months ago)
asphalt 8 ftw!
Asa Snow (11 months ago)
This is what I call chromebook dongle-life. 😢
Adnan Nazir (11 months ago)
cutest Youtuber in Milky Way.
fisher lee (11 months ago)
Nice T-shirt!
Junghwa Kim (11 months ago)
You can definitely see the stutter when you play Asphalt, but you ignored deliberately as this was sponsored by Samsung.
55 44 (11 months ago)
Is the keyboard backlit I just need backlit keyboard
Yash Vardhan (11 months ago)
Ohh how I wish if these macbooks and chromebooks were as cheap in India as they were in US. Waiting for the day I can get my own personal Mac. TLD for life :D

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