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Music on Google Play

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With Music on Google Play, discover millions of tracks available for purchase, upload 20,000 songs in the cloud for free, and stream music instantly on the web or on your Android device. Shop the store to get personalized recommendations based on what you listen to most. Learn more at http://play.google.com/store/music. And pick up the track featured here from The Bell - Whatever Did You Say at Google Play: http://goo.gl/c0FSE.
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Text Comments (340)
William William (2 years ago)
google play music is available in us and other countries
Monica Araneda (2 years ago)
algunos tienen que descargar de 100 canciones tiene que ir a la pagina web desde https://play.google.com/store/music
thuong nguyen ngoc (2 years ago)
yaya kone (2 years ago)
Herfandi Dimas (2 years ago)
F*ck google! Its not available in Indonesia, I rather to choose iTunes
Burcu Sabur (2 years ago)
q a emanet ediyorsunuz bir
David Franciscus (2 years ago)
di indonesia aplikasi google play music sama google play movies belum ada.
Burcu Sabur (2 years ago)
OA Khanom (3 years ago)
Лазаи гуворо
Bal Krishan (2 years ago)
john mulvihill (3 years ago)
Ally bally
rifal muhammad (3 years ago)
Belum ada di indonesia aplikasi nya
rifal muhammad (3 years ago)
Belum ada di indonesia aplikasi nya
Пакажите изволь ананди последние серии
Dat Joker (3 years ago)
May qua cham
armand taloon (4 years ago)
En de videos worden altijd lelijk stop gezet dat is niet leuk dus aub beter laten spelen bijvoorbaardank.
armand taloon (4 years ago)
Video's blijven te lang om te spelen
Please make it available in Mexico, please, we need it, please, make it available in Mexico, we dont have that. please
Adrian fausto (4 years ago)
please make it available in phillipines please please please please please
Magnus Teekivi (4 years ago)
Because it doesn't work in many countries... Many people doesn't understand that licensing doesn't always work on a global basis.
Perathees Thangarajah (4 years ago)
Thanks Google...it works for for "me" but I'd appreciate it if you could do it to people from other countries as well...don't be a let down"anytime...anywhere" bull....
Дядя Ян (3 months ago)
Perathees Thangarajah FluttershyFan HD 🇷🇺 *GREETINGS FROM RUSSIA* 🇷🇺 *I am 16 and I have just finished my first album. It was a very hard work. I used 20 musical instruments, including strings, piano, horn, guitar, glockenspiel, sitar, erhu, bass, violin etc! If you want to listen to it open GOOGLE PLAY MUSIC MARKET and type A DOG ON THE ICE - the name of the album* 🐶❄️❄️❄️ '..,,,.,,
ImRonalds (4 years ago)
Damn you google, "The Google Play music player is currently available in select territories."
Marek Niebudek (4 years ago)
"Google Play makes your music available anywhere, so you can enjoy it anywhere". Reported for false advertising.
Marek Niebudek (4 years ago)
Because Google are taking a shit on everyone outside US. I mean, most countries can't even upload any songs to their accounts.
reconx86 (4 years ago)
It already is here and its not spectacular
Marco Lenz (4 years ago)
Cortez3fl (4 years ago)
Why so many haters???
Jose Gomez (4 years ago)
Esta mal al parecer no les interesa, que el servicio este disponible en la Región latinoamericana me parece absurdo y que mas parece que nos discriminan y no solo es este servicio
Luiz Matos (4 years ago)
uma bosta
Coverwatch (4 years ago)
you are making nearly the whole europe waiting for this. what's the point of advertising when it's not available to the most of the world?
BMJ Gaming (4 years ago)
Still doubt it will be better then Spotify ^^,
Carsten Lorenzen (4 years ago)
This is the ultimate solution for me, please open up for danish customers asap :-)
mistaflake (4 years ago)
It ain't free so NO.
Ross Sandeman (4 years ago)
Siham Abukar (4 years ago)
Do u have to pay for it
tayat auttsit (4 years ago)
Larry ChinZ (4 years ago)
you pple are this app is out of space wow its realy amazing.Wat abt movies please do somethin.
Dwayne Cook (4 years ago)
Milena Maidana (4 years ago)
Lo mejor esta muy bueno
Ymanol Duran Ro (4 years ago)
Lo mejor
MrJunior717 (4 years ago)
so.. basicly it's a remake of itunes?
Leo (4 years ago)
sorry for my bad english, i speak spanish but i know you can't understand my languaje, and i have this pic since 2 years!. Google Translate sucks!
Austin Mertins (4 years ago)
you have bad grammer also i had this pic first so yeah
Leo (4 years ago)
wtf! men why you have the same avatar than me??
Joran Poortstra (4 years ago)
Why isn't it available in the Netherlands yet?
Danny Trinh (4 years ago)
What about us Canadians??!?!?!!?
monkey6573 (4 years ago)
It is now.
Austin Mertins (4 years ago)
Cmon get flounder
Tim Jasper (4 years ago)
Australia? cloud?
nena salasar (4 years ago)
Fahim azam (4 years ago)
Live ipl
Алексей Н (4 years ago)
Pardeep Singh (4 years ago)
Moosa Mahsoom (4 years ago)
Can I import from iTunes?
Teresa Lange (4 years ago)
Pamala Brock (4 years ago)
Play lynyrd skynyrd
Pamala Brock (4 years ago)
Play lynytd skynrd
Leo (4 years ago)
Not available on latin america, why why whyy?? Just one word: SUCKSSS!!!!
Error1069 (4 years ago)
all around me -flyleaf is free
priscip almeida (4 years ago)
Jessalyn Pace (4 years ago)
I cannot find any free music why? why? why? why?
Bekir Gezgeç (4 years ago)
not in TURKEY ? Why ? Why ???
sydjaguar (4 years ago)
Not in Australia? Why?
Ydo Bergstra (5 years ago)
Only buy music??
Hanna Seedur (5 years ago)
is there free songs?
Jonathan Leon (5 years ago)
Google play is awesome
Дядя Ян (3 months ago)
Jonathan Leon 🇷🇺 *GREETINGS FROM RUSSIA* 🇷🇺 *I am 16 and I have just finished my first album. It was a very hard work. I used 20 musical instruments, including strings, piano, horn, guitar, glockenspiel, sitar, erhu, bass, violin etc! If you want to listen to it open GOOGLE PLAY MUSIC MARKET and type A DOG ON THE ICE - the name of the album* There is be a dog on a cover of album🐶❄️❄️❄️ ...,,,,
Juan Hipolito (5 years ago)
O mierda no ntiendo nada
Rohit guleria (5 years ago)
fudu H ara
Ben Levian (5 years ago)
not really anywere ....
tyson fatah (5 years ago)
Hey hey hey hey
chimera1uxe (5 years ago)
I fucking love this app.
Suresh Dembla (5 years ago)
Dre Mueller (5 years ago)
what is code error 932 wont let my phone down load
Michael Maynard (5 years ago)
Play johnny cash cocaine blue
Dan Medoit (5 years ago)
Good. Love it like gold all my chqain pop the molly I am s
Bradford D'souza (5 years ago)
Not yet available in India?! :(
Henning Hansen (5 years ago)
David Šádek (5 years ago)
You can save offline playlists or albums. There is also Thumbs up button, which creates its own playlist, you can save that playlist offline as well.
Thomas Broughton (5 years ago)
how can I listen to music on my Nexus 7 while offline?
Sparks (5 years ago)
Nicole Witvrouw (5 years ago)
Je voudres en francais
DeBra Thornton (5 years ago)
I like this but it runs my battery down that's what I hate DeBra
Arnout Zaal (5 years ago)
cloud for Holland please!!!
Lori Williams (5 years ago)
Cool. Can u download???
B0oM 202 (5 years ago)
Cool !!
Hamdy Hag (5 years ago)
daphne (5 years ago)
@tiwn100 ik kan hem wel downloaden via de app store van Android
leekleek1000 (5 years ago)
Shit sucks. You don't own the songs you pay for!
Fil Pereira (5 years ago)
Is there anyway to get this to work in canada?
The other problem is that why pictures I have n my gallery comes out as albums n the music player I hate that just make the player plain :/
The new update looks cool but 2 problems when I put the widget on my screen phone the words of the artist and song they come half they don't show the whole words sucks
gloretta sneed (5 years ago)
The videos don't play well
Tony Ortega (5 years ago)
still waiting online feature to be available on more countries...
Trillext Isanity (5 years ago)
Marie duc tolfo (5 years ago)
Ce genial youtube
Edgar Perez (5 years ago)
Nazim Kenan Güngör (5 years ago)
How do I buy music on it ?
Manuel Zabaleta (5 years ago)
a nada
vk.com has all songs in the world for free!
Maureen Ellen (5 years ago)
It bleeped out

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