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How to Use the EcoWash Mini Portable Washer from Avalon Bay

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Need a better way to do laundry? In this Video Natalie shows us how to use the Eco Wash from Avalon Bay. By the way, if you’re having trouble putting it together we have another video that shows you exactly how to do it so don’t get intimidated: https://youtu.be/sP2KY06ZpOg The first thing you want to do is put the EcoWash really close to your sink because the drain is actually not that long, and you want to make sure it can reach right into it. And the EcoWash can get kind of heavy when it’s full of water The suction cups are really strong so the EcoWash will definitely stay planted. Once you need to actually move it the suction cups have a little nub that will help you pull it; although you might want to use a little fingernail action as well Once you’ve got the EcoWash positioned where you want it technically that’s when you put in water and detergent; but if you’re new to this, I’s recommend putting your clothes in first just to see how full it’s going to be, because that’s going to influence what water and detergent amount you put in. I got my dirty clothes right here, and if I put them all in I can see that the EcoWash is about three quarters full so I know I’m going to need about four and a half quarts of water and about 3 tablespoons of detergent. So now you’ve done the clothes test, you’ve looked at your chart, you know how much water you need. It’s got to be hot water, but not boiling. Just whatever comes out of your sink is fine. I’m going to use a pitcher, but if you have a sink or a shower head that’s extendable that’s great too. The really cool thing is that the hot water acts the way it would in a pressure cooker so the detergent goes through the clothes really, really fast; in fact, it’s one hundred times as fast as a normal machine, or hand washing. And yet, you’re using so much water; the EcoWash actually saves ninety percent more water compared to a normal machine. And just to put this into context a little bit I have a friend whose Grandpa would actually collect the water used from his washing machine to reuse it for his garden and they filled up three big trashcans full of water. Just to put that in context we put a few quarts in here. That’s awesome, you’re saving a lot of water. Now you put in the detergent. Probably just a few tablespoons full based on whatever the chart told you; which if you think about it is a lot less than you’d normally use. Now it’s time to put your clothes in. Just separate them out the way you normally would for laundry the way you normally would; whites in one, colors in another. So this is the top. As you see the lid has an inner lid that is pretty wiggly; don’t worry, that’s a good thing, it doesn’t mean it’s broken or anything. That’s actually what helps make the pressure magic happen in there. The lid has a knob that you want to screw in just a little bit; just enough so it doesn’t fall off. When you put the lid onto the EcoWash there are little tabs that stick out around the rim of the opening. All you have to do is line up the tabs and make sure the lid goes on kind of flush with the base of the EcoWash, and then give it a turn. Then twist the top knob until it’s all the way down but not too tight because you want to be able to get it off again afterwards. Now it’s time to crank your EcoWash. It’s slightly heavy but not too bad because it’s not full. You want to crank it for two minutes. And I would go both ways a little bit to just kind of approximate the normal agitation of a washing machine. And when that two minutes is over it’s time to drain. to attach the drain there’s a point that you can kind of feel it drop in and there’s a kind of springy motion. That’s good that means you can push in and turn, and it will stay on there. As we attach the drain, you can see it’s kind of dribbling off and you may be thinking “I put in more water than that” well you did put in more water than that. What we actually have to do is unscrew the top and that’s going to allow the water top flow fully. So once you’re done draining, just counterclockwise twist the drain hose to detach it. At this point you have a couple of options. You can either just take the clothes out and rinse them in the sink, that’s fast; or you can do sort of a semi-rinse cycle in the EcoWash just by putting in cold water, closing up the top, the same way we did, cranking it one to two minutes, and draining it again. When you take your clothes out just keep in mind they’re going to be sopping wet. Thankfully you’re probably by your sink or close to your bathtub that works too. Then just give your clothes a little wring out and hang them up. Thanks for joining us to learn the ins and outs of the EcoWash from Avalon Bay. SUBSCRIBE for more tips and product reviews https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=avalonbay CALL US 1-844-528-2566 EMAIL US support@avalon-bay.com LET'S CONNECT! YouTube ► https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOURN_oE9e67qIOMImjNQpQ

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Text Comments (106)
Roronoa Zoro (1 day ago)
Angela Wright (5 days ago)
What happen to the old fshion way washimg cloths by hand for those little bit of cloths ypu can only put in wash them by hand then ypu want have to worry about all that work assembling
Beth G. (5 days ago)
I have one. A different brand. I think it's a joke.
Jayne Gardiner (9 days ago)
Sounds like hard work to me. Thank you but I prefer to use my ECO washing machine 😁
Richard Smith (9 days ago)
This product is NOT eco friendly... how many plastic trees died to make this?
Miss Amazon (9 days ago)
I had one of these about 15 years ago....maybe 20!! It's very good!! Best for underwear and such!! It cleans really perfectly!!
Umaxen 00 (14 days ago)
1:06 "It's gotta' be hot water, but not boiling. Just whatever comes out..." Mine is usually 98.6'F How's that? It may get to skinkin' a bit though...
cody gibson (19 days ago)
y'all need a different spokesperson, this bitch is annoying as fuck. Like, you cant talk and demonstrate at the same time? Or at least talk at a reasonable pace, instead of like you're talking to a group of preschoolers
Segundo Tirado (24 days ago)
4:17 ..ella es cantante que hace ahy
puttputt524 (28 days ago)
Bucket and wash board. We were able to wash clothes in the past you know?
Lif Pan (1 month ago)
Dirty clothes on a kitchen bench...wow lol
Gary Harper (1 month ago)
Now available at hipster stores all across the greater Portland area.
Sandra Leishman (1 month ago)
Does anyone in Ontario, Canada know where to get tabletop dishwashers?
Sandra Leishman (7 days ago)
Terri Primus thank you very much!
Terri Primus (7 days ago)
London drugs carry them.
cat nip (1 month ago)
bet ya $5 .. my cement mixer will do a lot better than this :D
Imsoo188 (1 month ago)
No thanks lady, I’ll hand wash
Patrica Dyson (1 month ago)
To much work ..
Umaxen 00 (1 month ago)
Debbie Gibson: Lookin' GOOD in 2018 !
Billy Joe Mac Allister (1 month ago)
I owned one. It Works. My only modification would to use an epoxy filler to thicken the inside of the handle crank. We broke two under normal use. If you own one you know how thin and light the handle is. It has a thin plastic grid as a strengthener. This should 100% be filled in with an epoxy for long lasting use! The plastic to Aluminum bearing (through) stand to barrel will wear down. Expect 1 to 2 years max of use under normal circumstance daily use. Its $50 and well worth it for what it is. Would buy it again if needed as a (travel washer).
Layith (1 month ago)
I love the way you present! Thank you! "Looks about 3/4th through. *shows* and it's perfect. ^^ logic and balanced emotions in a non sense world... butter!
she didn't even use it in the demonstration. she turned it like two times and im not convinced . when she turned it, it looked like it was really heavy and bulky and ghetto .
Billy Joe Mac Allister (1 month ago)
Hehe. Its all those things. But it has its place.
Julia Veregen (2 months ago)
This is a great way to get your clothes clean, all while reducing your economical footprint, and doing your part in saving the planet! You would be surprised how much Co2 it produces running a washing machine, the numbers are shocking! I'm looking into switching to this or the laundry pod. I already hang dry my clothes for the same reason, and drying your clothes in a dryer actually damages your clothes * sad face *
joe kh (2 months ago)
great for partying cocktail
Olivia Hardin (2 months ago)
This is useless. The hard part of washing clothes is the wringing and it doesn't do that. The easy part is the washing and that's what it does. So--useless.
Bob Ranch (2 months ago)
Just got mine today and just in time to do a load of diapers. I placed the unit in my tub, put half the normal amount of soap and 6L of hot water and then added 9 cloth diapers with their inserts which weighed 5lbs(eco wash max cap), spun it 2 min, drained the soapy water. I then added 6L of cold water and spun another 2 mins, drained and carried it to my washer and did the final spin to get the water out and then in the dryer for an hour. Came out smelling good and with alittle work, I saved about 88L! I will still use my main washer for big stuff/sweaters/jeans. But I could totally use this for boxers/under shirts/long johns.
Billy Joe Mac Allister (1 month ago)
Yeah its def light duty.
Ricardo Lozano (2 months ago)
I lost 5 min. Never come back
Son Le (2 months ago)
Can afford plants, wooden back bard, a fancy kitchen set, back lighting. But can’t afford a REAL water.
B1ack S7ar 14 (2 months ago)
super mais quand tu l'utilise ds le bain ...quand le fond du bain devient mouillé les ventouse ne tienne plus en place se serais bien d'avoir une deuxieme paire de «patte« anti - dérapante pour les surface trempe !!!
Linzie Rogers (2 months ago)
This is the 21st century, not the 19th. If it doesn't plug in forget it.
Pie 4life (2 months ago)
Looks like a pile of shit you can just wash that 1 thing you need by hand
HighTech Camping (2 months ago)
I was very disappointed with this product. The fact that tape is the silver band looking piece sealing the middle pieces was a huge letdown.
Rico g (2 months ago)
I won't recommend washing all those colors togather and certainly not with hot water as this can cause the colors to bleed or even washout darker colors.
Zach (2 months ago)
You can use this same product to clean your dogs or cats. Just put them inside and rinse for approximately 15 minutes
Zach (2 months ago)
I don’t normally use a whole pitcher of detergent each time. Stupid lib tards
Krystina Rangel (3 months ago)
And it only takes your clothes 2 WEEKS TO DRY WOOOOOW!
Krystina Rangel (1 month ago)
I think I'll stick with my washer
Billy Joe Mac Allister (1 month ago)
Yeah. You need a spinner. They come out drenched. But your washing in a sealed bucket so...
marielato (3 months ago)
it will be true that Americans will be so stupid to buy shit like this
Dawn McCoy (3 months ago)
Save your money and hand wash in the sink. Seriously, I was so excited to get this thing but it sucks. The clothes weren't any cleaner and it took me a while to rinse the soap out. If you really want to clean your clothes without using electricity, just wash them in a sink.
CanadaCraig (3 months ago)
It would be great if you could hook something like this up to a stationary bike. [Or regular bike - I suppose. IF you want to give your neighbors something to think about! lol]
Billy Joe Mac Allister (1 month ago)
Spin to fast and cloths will not tumble and crash together. You go so fast it'll all stick to the washer sides beating the purpose. You need to crank slow and tumble wash to get this to work right.
caleb hunter (3 months ago)
bought one of these never use it because a bucket does the same job, save money just use a bucket
Dawn McCoy (3 months ago)
Yep..... Add a plunger and you're good to go
Chanel Woffard (3 months ago)
What is the point if the clothes are soaking wet? You should be able to crank it to remove the water after the manual wash and rinse.
Billy Joe Mac Allister (1 month ago)
Design has zero drying ability.
TiddlyJack (3 months ago)
Nice... But why can't I buy one in France?... Not even available on french Amazon...
Pretty Prudent (4 months ago)
We humans are too lazy for this mess.
Anna Garcia (5 months ago)
I just received my mine today from Amazon and I love it, only thing is it doesn't take out the stains to well. And today I had a mishap, didn't close it right so soapy water went everywhere. But other then that love it!!
Billy Joe Mac Allister (1 month ago)
Do not over tighten you'll pop/break the seals of plastic. Gentle till it pops in place. We broke our first one. HERCULES!
Anna Garcia (4 months ago)
Idk why I didn’t think of that🤦🏻‍♀️ thank you.
Travis Christoff (4 months ago)
Anna Garcia stained clothes need to be soaked overnight
Minahli x (5 months ago)
This could be really useful for light, delicate clothes that are not exceptionally dirty (like blouses, scarves, bras). Also, instead of just adding the water and spinning, leaving the clothes soaked in the water for a short while might get them cleaner. But would heavier clothes like jeans, towels, sweaters get washed?? Especially in 2 mins??
John Bitter (6 months ago)
I don’t know
John Texas (6 months ago)
I've owned one for a few years. It's every bit as good as shown here. Perfect for camping washing, etc. If others don't want to purchase, why waste the time watching?
samuel bekele (4 months ago)
Thanks John I am ordering one soon because I hate laundromats. You say you wouldn't use it weekly... Is that because of the quality of the wash or because conventional washing machines are easier to use?
John Texas (4 months ago)
It does an excellent job. Two minutes is enough because of the pressure buildup. Though missionaries, and other volunteers in backward nations use these regularly, I wouldn't use it weekly. I'd get a compact auto or twin tub if I were space and connection challenged.
samuel bekele (4 months ago)
John Texas Does it do a good job, is two minutes really enough, and would it be reliable enough for weekly use for you cloths?
Betty Valencia (6 months ago)
The presenter keep me watching she is so pleasant to listen to. :)
voidremoved (3 months ago)
0:28 ?
Jessica Godare (7 months ago)
had one of these about 15 years ago when I lived in apartment (and had 3 children under 5) and couldn't afford to go to the laundry mat every day. it was a real money saver. I think I payed $25 at the time for mine, then got a salad spiner to spin the clothes dryer for $10 and then a pop up wooden clothesline for another $10. I was doing my laundry daily for 10-20 mins a day 3-5 times a week. I'd say it saved me almost $75 or more a month (my laundry bill was $100 a month, not including soap). it was one of the best investment and I had the eco washer for over 5 year's and when I moved into a house with a washer and dryer and gave it away it was still working. they last forever.
Gary Harper (1 month ago)
You used a salad spinner to dry the clothes? Are you a squirrel?
Chanel Woffard (3 months ago)
I finished reading your comment. You are smarter than the maker of this product. They need a spinner element.
Chanel Woffard (3 months ago)
Jessica Godare , I am sorry. You must have been doing laundry all day and night. That machine is a lot of effort for a big family.
samuel bekele (4 months ago)
Jessica Godare Is it a quality wash?
leeluv96 (7 months ago)
Jessica Godare, awesome!
Frankie Glide (8 months ago)
what chart?????????????????????????????????
Matija Kuharić (8 months ago)
So 2 minutes is enough to clean clothes? Why is then electric washing machine doing it for 2 hours?
David Ross (41 minutes ago)
it will get a lot of dirt out. it works, but you need to rinse twice, and then squeeze all the water out once it's done and then hang them up. sadly I'm going back to using a washboard because it is easier believe it or not. I seen all the good reviews on this and purchased it and boy what a disappointment. on a lighter note she did a good job on the video.
puttputt524 (28 days ago)
Matija Kuharić because dirty hippies trying to save water forgot what clean clothes smell like.
Sandra Lee (1 month ago)
Matija Kuharić no 30 minute
Juvy Montenegro (2 months ago)
I recently purchased this washer and was very disappointed with its craftsmanship, quality in material and performance. The drum (tumbler) could use panels inside to create more agitation with the water for a better rinse. The stand will really question the durability of this product. The draining process takes very long (even with the lid removed completely since the clothes blocks the outlet). I will be sticking with my Washing Wand and 5 gallon pale as it is half the price and so much more effective.
Robert Caldwell (2 months ago)
2 hours??? holy shit!! Most full modern washers usually do clothes in 15 minutes, the old style did them in 30 minutes.....but that's like 5 minutes of wash, and 10 minutes of double rinse (a "wet rinse" and a "motion rinse") plus spin cycle. Usually doesn't leave your clothes sopping wet afterward and you can have more than 5 pieces of clothing in it at a time.
Clipper1094 (9 months ago)
There's something about this presenter that I can't put my finger on. I just spent 5 mins watch a demo for a product that I have absolutely no desire to purchase.
Richard Smith (9 days ago)
For me it is her wonky eye!
Umaxen 00 (1 month ago)
Clipper1094 A middle aged Debbie Gibson...
arlekiel (2 months ago)
I 100% agree.....
Jessica LT (3 months ago)
She seems more sincere than most sales people which helps.
Travis Christoff (4 months ago)
I feel the same way. I was just about to write the same and then i saw your comment. But i know what it is with her. She is very softspoken. Soothing pleasant voice and a gentle way of speaking. Thats whats makes it pleasant to watch
I put tap water (not hot) instead and then the soap for washing machines. turned out real well
John Oliver (9 months ago)
AMAZINGLY engaging demo of a otherwise boring product.
Miss Amazon (9 days ago)
John Oliver.....or vice versa!?
darrenmuse (10 months ago)
Crazy! So, when you rinse, can you add fabric softener?
samuel bekele (4 months ago)
Rose RED Just to soften them right?
Rose RED (10 months ago)
darrenmuse just add vinegar when you want to rinse them
Krizenielle Delumpa (10 months ago)
does it really clean your clothes?
Billy Joe Mac Allister (1 month ago)
Not gonna remove period blood/oil/grass stains or heavy worn soiled sock dirt. But normal daily wear ( underwear, socks, shirt, bra yeah) Your forearms will look like Barbarian hero in 6 months time with use! Probly another benefit. If a washer is 100% clean this gets cloths %75% clean. We presoak then tumble. Drain, fill, add softener, tumble drain.
Dawn McCoy (3 months ago)
Adalain Ruiz (10 months ago)
interesante, tiene el sistema de Lavado similar a la lavadora frontal 😊
Adalain Ruiz es verdad, lástima que no está en el mercado latino🤔
Linda W (1 year ago)
Why hot water? Why can't we use warm or cold? How does it work on heavy clothes like jeans or sweats?
Sandra Lee (1 month ago)
ConwayTruckload this is nuts! I'm not wringing out wet clothes! the apartment size dryers look like a regular dryer with a round spinning drum inside just smaller!!!!
Sandra Lee (1 month ago)
Linda W I've seen much bigger ones online and apt size dryers too
Dan (3 months ago)
Mine struggles washing one pair of jeans.  The frame wiggles around and I'm afraid it might break.
ConwayTruckload (7 months ago)
I use cold water with no problems.
Avalon Bay (1 year ago)
Hi Linda, thanks for the question! You can definitely use any temperature water, it's just that hot water is what builds up the pressure; and that pressure is what makes it so super fast. You can use cold water, you will just be cranking it for longer.

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