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Crowning the BEST Smartphones of 2017! #C4EAwards

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In this video, we present awards to deserving smartphones that came out in the year 2017. Where To Buy Xiaomi Mi A1 - http://fkrt.it/fA7XSTuuuN OnePlus 5T - http://amzn.to/2jAZJHn Galaxy Note8 - http://amzn.to/2x26uag | http://amzn.to/2f0rMdC Pixel 2 XL - http://amzn.to/2zbrQ3z | http://fkrt.it/7t~hC!NNNN LG V30+ - http://amzn.to/2BVUxBM Apple iPhone X - http://amzn.to/2zwauS9 | http://fkrt.it/YP7N2!NNNN If you like our "Crowning the BEST Smartphones of 2017! #C4EAwards" video, give it a THUMBS UP, SHARE, and SUBSCRIBE! Comments are welcome too :) Follow us on... Twitter: @C4ETech (https://twitter.com/C4ETech) Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/C4ETech Google+: http://plus.google.com/+C4ETech Instagram: http://instagram.com/C4ETech Website: http://c4etech.com Music Credits Intro - Gemini Fire Inside (Elliot Berger Remix) https://youtu.be/aHXMCRpAyEw https://www.facebook.com/ElliotBergerMusic https://soundcloud.com/elliotbergermusic https://twitter.com/elliotbergeruk BGM Credits http://www.audioblocks.com/youtube
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Text Comments (1193)
Keshav Bharati (7 days ago)
Best All Rounder Note 8
Anurag Basanta (8 days ago)
😆😆😆 I can't believe that you have chosen the iPhone X. That's way too overpriced. And that notch..... I think note 8 is better.
Aswin srini (8 days ago)
note 8 must be the allrounder because at the same price of iphone x u could do lot better
Aswin srini (8 days ago)
is sony dead for 3 years
S kumar (10 days ago)
Sunder, no offence but pls only you cover vlogs, your friend doesn't speak clearly and also does unnecessary acting. This may force me to do watching your vlogs as he make it bore. Pls adhere.
muthu rangam (13 days ago)
I feel pixel2xl had better camera..I did try using most flagship phones and found pixel 2xl too be best...
Binay Pradhan (14 days ago)
WTF man, u keep bickering about Sundar and his incapabilities and it makes the video un enjoyable. IF u find him so annoying just do the video alone, who stops U. I left the subscription for the same reason 4 months back and you guys have still not improved. A BIG THUMBS DOWN ..
Binay Pradhan (14 days ago)
thank you suggesting videos which do solo, but nothing against u, I would rather watch good well rehearsed videos!! Look all I am saying is A Script and less bickering will take u a long way ... All th best :)
C4ETech (14 days ago)
Well mate we're friends, we aint perfect - its how we are, we dont have a problem with it, most people dont have a problem with it, if you find it so annoying why watch? maybe its not for you, there are ample number of videos we do solo, watch em alone, who stops u :)
Shahed Kamal (16 days ago)
Worst video... You guys ever made
Agam Srivastava (16 days ago)
Bro , this is too much acting ... 😂😂😂😂
Adarsh Ms (16 days ago)
Note8 should be all-rounder....
Nikhil Mungara (16 days ago)
iphone x definitely not the all rounder over note 8
siddharth garg (17 days ago)
Pleaseeee think about a5 2017 as its price is now very low some thing about 17000
Akash S.U (18 days ago)
hai C4ETech , i am looking a phone . i am a person who use to use to take calls for long time may be like 2, 3+ hours . and i use to play heavy games and online games . moderate camera user . can you suggest me a phone under 20K considering the above factors . hope you will feel free to help me
chetan verma (19 days ago)
Surprise motherfucker
#ThE InDiAN MaStErMInD (19 days ago)
Are they JohnCena FAN 🏋🏋
Mayank Ekbote (19 days ago)
Ash +Sundar= Ashundar
Sooraj Rajotia (19 days ago)
Try awarding phone with their price range Best phone under 10k,20k,30k etc......
Vedant Choudhari (20 days ago)
Sir please.. Give me your views on the price slashed lg g6! Is it worth buying spending 30k odd bugs??
Honor 9?
GhaV jGRite (jeaHAvee) (20 days ago)
Biggest disappointment of 2017 is the Galaxy S8, S8 plus, and Note 8. How dare they place the fingerprint scanner way up there, just because they couldn't implement new technology. Same with Apple, how dare they trying design phones for technology that they aren't ready for. Hoping for under the screen fingerprint readers in 2019.
Chinmay bapat (20 days ago)
best phone: iphone X .. biggest bummer for me..!! Big lol.. Note 8 wins it for me..! One category missed: Most eye catching design - like for Eg Mi-mix 2, Essential phone, iphone X etc..
Jameel Ahamed (20 days ago)
anyone else notice ash wearing wwe tshirts all the time?
Bhuwan Madan (21 days ago)
Phenomenal t-shirt ash ;) #ajstyles #p1
Vishnu Ashok Knightz (21 days ago)
Redmi note 4 is also better @ rs 10000 range...Mi A1 is better than redmi note 4 expect ui customization and battery package. Mi A1 stock android gives smooth experience,monthly security patches,two major updates.... My Mi A1 updated to Android Oreo ,small bugs noticed..Phones boots up very speed after installing Oreo ,gaming performance increased ... Honor 7x has problems in gaming and battery not optimized.... Mi A1 portrait mode is better than any other phones @ this range. .. Increasing low light Performance guys use snapdragon camera...U will notice slight increase in camera quality,this app has wide variety of options like chroma flash,normal flash,screen flash for selfies and various mode... Mi A1 is the real winner
Safran Ali (21 days ago)
That AJ styles tee 🙌💗
Harshal Kulkarni (21 days ago)
Nice addition... Similar line with MKBHD!
Wasif Kamran (22 days ago)
Am I the only who felt Lenovo P2 is the winner in the pocket rocket category? I'm a P2 user!
Taieb Badar (22 days ago)
The only thing I ever have not liked about this channel is iphone X winning all rounder award. Really thought it was gonna be note 8. Still i trust u guys and like all your picks(except for of course.. iphine x)
Taieb Badar (15 days ago)
yes i totally agree with you. I have small hands and i can use 5.5 inch 16:9 phone just fine. So if right now i am given a choice to buy any samsung flagship i would choose s8(not + version) but overall i really like note 8
Aditya Sinha (15 days ago)
Taieb Badar companies k log hi ajib unpadh Jaise hote Hain. Kuch BHI Bana dete Hain ya to hame samajhte Hain unpadh, iPhone Accha hota but display banwane Gaya to Bolte Hain 22000 me new de denge, 18000 Ka wahi liya that wo kya denge 22K Ka. Kharidne k to pause lete hi Hain baad me double paisa maangte Hain. Sab pagal Hain
Aditya Sinha (15 days ago)
Taieb Badar wo comment Sahi SE Likha Nahi paya I want to say that companies are now making big display phones but a phone with compact display is more practical. I have a 5.2 inch display phone but I don't think that a phone with this size will come ever again with same or better specifications. Note 8 is too large, it is good indeed but it's not a phone size. Don't you agree?
Taieb Badar (15 days ago)
i don't really get what are you saying? Are you asking what note series is?
Kavin K (22 days ago)
Htc u 11+ should be included...u forget Nokia's 8 too...
manohar soundarajan (22 days ago)
Hey ash.. I seriously thought it was a bummer... I definitely thought PIXEL 2 XL WILL WIN ALL ROUNDER.. AS U SAID IN UR PREVIOUS VIDEOS. IJUS WANT A SERIOUS ANSWER FROM ASH 😅😅
Khalid Yaseen (22 days ago)
Watching on the MI A1💪
Dev Paul (22 days ago)
Acting Queen ASH ! XD
Jigar Patel (22 days ago)
congrats for 900k subscribers...
Harshal Garg (22 days ago)
Best phone should be LG V30
Jaikrit Rawal (22 days ago)
My best phone is Mi A1 . . . . cause I just bought it
Jaikrit Rawal (22 days ago)
My best phone is Mi A1 . . . . cause I just bought it
Piyath Alawatte (22 days ago)
Best budget phone should be Honor 7X not Mi A1... This is BS
Syed Kashani (22 days ago)
Galaxy Note 8 is such a long phone so it should not win any award for being a phone. Its a rock in your pocket so that u can't sit anywhere anytime.
tech life (22 days ago)
Android authority give the best phone to Huawei mate 10 pro . And I also prefer huawei mate 10 pro is the best flagship phone
tech life (22 days ago)
my opinion is honor 7x its camera is the best in all the condition and it has 18:9 body aspect ratio. And its dual camera is best . I think, u will reply to me ,why u gave pocket rocket to mi A1
Radhyan Cbabup (22 days ago)
honor 9i should be the pocket rocket 🚀
Sumi Devi (22 days ago)
I love the awards...
AkShAy hEbBAr (22 days ago)
Too much drama
Mr Online King (22 days ago)
Should I purchase iPhone X or Google Pixel 2 XL or Samsung galaxy note 8
Aseem HDX (22 days ago)
Surprise Madafaka 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Dexter 😎😎
Girish Giri (22 days ago)
Leaving for the moment wasnt in sink
Dheeraj Ahuja (23 days ago)
note 8 should have won the all-rounder category
Athhar Ahamed (23 days ago)
I think Sundar often gets marginalised when sitting next to Ash. No offence to ash. he is great. I loved your oneplus 5t starwars video. Please give more space to Sundar. #ashanswers
Bhupathi Raju Kondraju (23 days ago)
Iphone x?? You must be kidding! Winner should either be Note 8 or pixel 2 xl.
Athhar Ahamed (23 days ago)
C4etech has the best tech videos in India. You guyz are awesome. C4etech should have more followers :)
shadiq geo (23 days ago)
Note8 bro✌
Aryan Gupta (23 days ago)
Forgot G5 plus and G5S plus
Dhivakar VS (23 days ago)
Oh men...where is best battery phone category? I was waiting for my phone(guess the phone)
vishnu viru (23 days ago)
HTC u11 plus
lalith kumar (23 days ago)
Best all rounder note 8
Ashish j (23 days ago)
#sundardiscreaminates pixel 2 may be the winner.. I think 😎😅😅✌️
Sanskar Saurav (23 days ago)
P2 should have been nominated..
Kshama Bhardwaj (23 days ago)
Best bummer should be Karbon Titanium S4!Why??Check it out on Flipkart
Mujahidul Islam (23 days ago)
where is the razer phone
Tech Advisor Varun (23 days ago)
Award should be given to Redmi note 4
Karthik Kumaran (23 days ago)
Yea.. moto g5 plus is better pocket rocket now tat it's available for 10k.. And galaxy s8 was an awesome phone.. should have included it in some category.. also would have liked to have a category for best compact phone i.e single handed use friendly many people still don't like a bigg 5.5 inch display
Vignesh Anil (23 days ago)
Most disappointed phone Vivo V7 😂😂😂😂
adhithya srivatsan (24 days ago)
Do upload this type of video for every half year
sairam jagini (24 days ago)
According to me 2017 pocket rocker is Moto G5 plus considering excellent rare camera.
purav solanki (24 days ago)
Hi mkbhd copy paster
Astakshar mukkala (24 days ago)
Note 8 ❤️
Pranava Raman BMS (24 days ago)
9:07 i thought pixel 2 /xl should have had the best point and shoot
Zindha Karunanithi (24 days ago)
6k to 8k category??
JUST FOR FOOD! (24 days ago)
pocket roket a1😎
Abhilash M.V (24 days ago)
Not the iPhone X not an all rounder😥
Tharun Srinivasan (24 days ago)
Worst phone is vivo v7/v7+ 720p display👎👎 400 series chipset for 20+ thousand
Also you could have a mid ranger category, and consider the Sony Xperia XZ premium phone in the camera category.
For innovative phone, you could have considered Razer phone.
Damian Maragh (24 days ago)
Note 8!
Lalit Hansoge (24 days ago)
I feel Xperia XZ1 should be in the list! It's strange how you guys have overlooked it. It's got a great great camera!
Anand Mohandas (24 days ago)
Too much Nakhra!! Please tone down a bit... Don't mimic "Unbox Therapy"
guru moorthy (24 days ago)
My favorite samsung note 8 bro
Vinod M (24 days ago)
Iphone x all-rounder is a joke👎🖕
Ayan Saha (24 days ago)
What about a boombox category for stereo apeakers
Arpit Patel (24 days ago)
Hey Ash n Sundar @C4ETech, I liked, not loved, this impromptu video. I think yr budget category shud have included phones less than 9-10k pricing or even less, given that we do have redmi 5a/10.d. U cud have named A1 as best in mid-range or best for everyone. Btw, flipkart sales are due and apart from yr fun categories, we really think u shud give us best phones in a price bracket, with sub-categories for camera and other things. I think that's what is really practically needed whilst buying. U cud give that in form of notes below this video or a seperate video. It wud be easy for u guys and probably boring, but I think, u shud get started 😁😁😁
Rajesh ranjan (24 days ago)
you should add "most fucking brand of 2017" !
nitin saini (24 days ago)
okay,as a fan of yours,i would kindly recommend you guys to take up an auction to give the old mobiles in the year end !!
Aftab Singh Chohan (24 days ago)
Loved it... Gonna use this when I put my MiA1 for sale...
Siddhant Baranwal (24 days ago)
i guess mt6582 was the chip on the android one smartphone
Siddhant Baranwal (24 days ago)
what i hate the most is the higher pricing(relative) of the smartphones in indian markets. hit like if you agree
Raswanth Jayaprakash (24 days ago)
12:06 What Abt Moto M for 17k
Shravan Ravi (24 days ago)
People love c4etech for the candid conversations between ash and sundar!
PRATHEESH (24 days ago)
It would be so cool if there are real C4E AWARD MOMENTOS
Shravan Ravi (24 days ago)
Happy New year bros!
Mohmmad Talha (24 days ago)
what about the lenovo k8note?
NURUR AZHAR (24 days ago)
My fab Note 8
MP JKrishnan (24 days ago)
Note 8 All-rounder
Jogesh 01 (24 days ago)
The Pixel 2 XL should be the best smartphone of the year IMO!!
Jogesh 01 (24 days ago)
Where is the Moto g5s plus??? It is a clear winner over the MI A1!!
Albert Francis (24 days ago)
Nokia 2 is real crap. Damn it, SD 212 in 2017.
Pinak Mohapatra (24 days ago)
Remove the bull shit and present ur opinions straight! It would shorten the video. By the way the worst pick for best phone of the year! 😂😂 Note 8 and Pixel 2XL are better than iphone X.
Lord Games (24 days ago)
‘If it’s not p1’ hell yeah! Aj styles!
Vasu Aggarwal (24 days ago)
you will obviously face these issues if it ain't scripted.. and this isn't ash answers either, so script it to avoid getting frustrated...
Picklu Ghosh (24 days ago)
It should be Note 8. Display of note is better to look at.
yukesh yk (24 days ago)
Ur making to reduce the intrest on seeing the video

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