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Nintendo E3 2018 press conference in 5 minutes

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Nintendo’s E3 keynote focused more on soon to be released titles that people will actually be able to play in the coming months like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Super Mario Party, and Pokémon: Let’s Go! rather than offering updates on no-shows announced last year like Metroid Prime 4. If you missed the presentation, though, here’s everything you’ll need to catch up. Subscribe: http://goo.gl/G5RXGs Like The Verge on Facebook: https://goo.gl/2P1aGc Follow on Twitter: https://goo.gl/XTWX61 Follow on Instagram: https://goo.gl/7ZeLvX Read More: http://www.theverge.com Community guidelines: http://bit.ly/2D0hlAv Subscribe to Verge Science on YouTube, a new home base for our explorations into the future of science: http://bit.ly/2FqJZMl
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Text Comments (176)
Peem HerzBreakerZ (3 days ago)
Elvie Andallo (5 days ago)
Chawit GoldTree (4 days ago)
No metroid prime 4 no won
The zombie n00b (5 days ago)
Victor Hugo (7 days ago)
So in other words, Nintendo E3 press conference announced Super Smash Bros. and literally nothing else... Was hoping to see something new on Metroid Prime 4, or maybe an actual, fully realised pokemon game. And what about Bayonetta 3? I'm buying Super Smash on day one, but looks like I will still spend more time with my PS4.
Now I NEED 2 things: Money and a Switch
Haag Johnson (7 days ago)
December 7th, 2018?? Too soon Japan, too soon.
Everyday blogs (7 days ago)
Does this mean you can be the *Cough* Pokemon trainers
Autistic Anime Girl (7 days ago)
welp guess i'm gonna have to wait another year to see any metroid prime 4...
كحيل العين (8 days ago)
"I cant wait to drop off the battle bus and meet some of you on the battle in fortnite " the best thing reggie said since "My body is ready"
jwchoi721 (8 days ago)
Yes!!! Dragon ball z fighters.....that’s all I wanted to see.
crazypeopleparodies (8 days ago)
I just want media apps like Netflix and YouTube, or atleast a web browser.
Taco Pants27 (8 days ago)
We. Need. Metroid prime FOOOOOOOUR!!
Project: DarkStorm (9 days ago)
0/10 no metroid prime 4
ROBIN (9 days ago)
im getting a switch!!!!!!
NotEriel (9 days ago)
my heart is alive seeing all of the comments who are sad at how there wasn't any metroid! i thought nobody even cares about it anymore! thank the heavens i'm not alone!
Drake Black (9 days ago)
Aaaand no news on Metroid Prime 4. Just Smash and Weebtendo games. 😣😢
Nick Combs (9 days ago)
And people wonder why we’re not interested in E3 anymore.
Egor Rose (9 days ago)
Yesssss Z Fighterrr
Evan Eaton (9 days ago)
Now we just need Animal Crossing
red drib (9 days ago)
haha... I'm too old for pokeballs, I'm not gonna buy that! hahaha...
Adhi Raj (9 days ago)
Fortnite on Nintendo 🙇🏻‍♂️
MSSoulBlader (9 days ago)
Did no one do their research? They literally said they'd show games that were upcoming - metroid, animal crossing and anything else is clearly much further down the line! You idiots 😂
Drake Black (9 days ago)
MSSoulBlader They could've at least gave us a brief update on these games though. It sucks to be left wondering.
Ahsen Mirza (9 days ago)
I can't believe solid snake made it to switch !
Lighten hope (9 days ago)
What ever happen to metroid 4 they announced last year. I feel like we never got anymore news since then.
Tony Toronto (9 days ago)
'Throws Pokeball plus at 70 inch TV'
Arjanator (9 days ago)
If they showed Metroid Prime 4, Nintendo would have won E3 for me.
Vega Necro (9 days ago)
+ 1
Jovin Jacob (9 days ago)
Very underwhelming...
Dark Blades (9 days ago)
No Metroid?? Man thats upsetting.
tszhang cheuk (9 days ago)
If it’s not fun, why bother?
BlindStudios (9 days ago)
Thomas Verdon (9 days ago)
BlindStudios nope
ytown4 (9 days ago)
What about transgendered Pikachu?
yun (9 days ago)
i dont like the way my man reggie says "pokemon"
shisho95 (9 days ago)
They released a full Mario & Zelda alongside with their new console (which have been killing it) last year, what else do you want? There is only so much time and money. Nintendo is doing better now than they have in years, be happy.
6644pmr (9 days ago)
shisho95 I loved breath of the wild but that was a Wii U port. It wasn’t made for the switch like Mario odyssey was.
Avera9eWh1teShark6 (9 days ago)
Vega Necro (9 days ago)
im crying too 😭😭😭😭
Michael Alexander (9 days ago)
“Make it 2 and a half” (2x speed)
J Dog L (9 days ago)
Jake Robbins (9 days ago)
I wanted an animal crossing for the switch. Smash is cool, but animal crossing is cooler
acrobatsutr (9 days ago)
nothing for metroid... disappointed.
DarttheLegend (9 days ago)
I didn't think Reggie could get any more obnoxious for me, but then he mentioned Fortnite.
ɃȋTx Ɍ3TRØ (9 days ago)
Hell yeah the GameCube controller is back baby!
idontknow (9 days ago)
why is this only 5 mins and not 10 like the others?
Captn Maico (9 days ago)
Does not have enough smash 0/64
John Snow (9 days ago)
Nintendo is like a mobile game company without the phone now a days. 😕
John Chrystler (9 days ago)
Joseph Soto (9 days ago)
I’m real disappointed in smash. I’m sure they’re gonna recycle all the maps and final smashes as well. And only adding one new character is pitiful, that was the only game for me that maybe made the switch worth getting. Not anymore, I guess
Joseph Soto (9 days ago)
They’re only adding one new character to smash????
AuroraX7 (7 days ago)
John Scott.-_-
John Scott (7 days ago)
3 daisy, Ridley, and inkling
AuroraX7 (9 days ago)
No it's not complete start listening
christian v (9 days ago)
Florian Haffner (9 days ago)
As someone who is not interested in Smash this was very, very disappointing. No 2D mario? No Yoshi? No Starfox? No Metroid??? You fucked this up Nintendo
David C (9 days ago)
Hmm. I thought they gonna show Monster hunter xx or something...
SuJu_Mimi (9 days ago)
SuJu_Mimi (9 days ago)
YAY! another mario party game :D
ivan petrov (10 days ago)
this is beyond boring
TappatopShotta (10 days ago)
A lot of people are going to break their televisions throwing a pokemon ball plus at it.
NextGenNate (10 days ago)
Wake me up when the new metriod game is here :(((((
Chawit GoldTree (4 days ago)
Next year E3 2019
Taco Pants27 (8 days ago)
NextGenNate SAME!
PeterDaGreat (10 days ago)
2:11 Fortnite cross platform support 😌
Isaiah (9 days ago)
they aren’t allowed to play with ps4, tried it today. i was on pc, one friend on ps4 and one on switch
Sofia Germanotta (10 days ago)
I’m so angry at the lack of new and unique titles these days. There are only so many Mario games I can stand.
jacobitosuperstar (10 days ago)
chill out, in the video they leaved games out
Dysth Ymia (10 days ago)
so basically stuff only you cared for huh..........
Ryukachoo (10 days ago)
1:06 Hey look it's the slightly-too-attractive very carefully ethnicity and gender distributed gang!
Asssd Asssde (9 days ago)
Too much diversity! D:
pisse3000 (9 days ago)
The Nemesis It's called *Capitalism.*
Kade Schneider (9 days ago)
I love this comment.
Flori Vo (10 days ago)
Disappointed of Nintendo. Where is Animal Crossing, Pikmin 4, Metroid Prime 4?!
pisse3000 (9 days ago)
Flori Vo Stop believing the Arlo hype lol
Lord Cekrom (10 days ago)
4:55 this is ultimate =D
AuroraX7 (9 days ago)
This is america
Seseme SOS (10 days ago)
WTF did I just watch? Babies.
AuroraX7 (9 days ago)
And I watched a random chick call a few gamers enjoying themselves babies are you even into games?
AWDTH1111 (10 days ago)
I'm excited for Smash but man this e3 was pretty meh. Bethesda definitely took the gold this year.
Autistic Anime Girl (7 days ago)
I think Capcom did really good too with DMC5 and RE2 remake
AWDTH1111 (9 days ago)
Thomas Verdon uhhh...Fallout 76? Elder Scrolls blades a free multiplatform game? Starfield AND Elder Scrolls VI announcement? *mic drop
Thomas Verdon (9 days ago)
AWDTH1111 Bethesda sucked with there pathetic only only "fallout"
G H 👻 S T L Y (9 days ago)
Bethesda screwed their fans hard. It more ego stroking than games.
Mother Brain (10 days ago)
I ugly cried as soon as I saw Samus' boots hit the catwalk. Welcome buddy, we've been expecting you.
Ahmed Chandab (10 days ago)
Worst show I've seen in a while
AuroraX7 (9 days ago)
Ahmed Chandab lmao
Ahmed Chandab (9 days ago)
MSSoulBlader well I watched the EA presentation
MSSoulBlader (9 days ago)
Ahmed Chandab then you don't know what bad is 😂
William Hummel (10 days ago)
Crash Bandicoot is coming out on my birthday? I know what I'm doing all day! ♥️
PTNLemay (10 days ago)
The fact that the Let's Go games can be played with such a simplified controller makes me a little bit... worried. I was hoping that they were going to make it a more complex version of Pokemon Go.
Andrea Belli (9 days ago)
Dude, the original Kanto games were on the gameboy, you had 2 buttons there and the cross. What did you expect? It's not like you need anything more to play what is basically a turn based RPG
Matthew Richardson (10 days ago)
Already pre-ordered smash. Contemplating dark souls but I'm not too sure about a game like that on the joycons.
Matthew Richardson (9 days ago)
The0ddPoint did it on Amazon.
The0ddPoint (9 days ago)
Is it on the Nintendo store?
Dapper Dop (10 days ago)
Live streaming in 2 hours for anyone who wants to talk about it!
daniel sadowinski (10 days ago)
Don't know about everyone else, but I'm most looking forward to overcooked 2
Climoushh' (10 days ago)
You really take out at least 4 games ? LMAO go sleep the verge
Climoushh' (9 days ago)
Will Tesler They did a 16min recap for Microsoft and 10 min for Sony. Nothing was preventing them to do a longer video. They could have put rapidly the games but they choose to go for one minute of Reggie talking. They just wanted to do bad press to Nintendo and it shows.
Will Tesler (9 days ago)
They only had 5 minutes...
Elijah Obasanya (10 days ago)
sarang mahatme (10 days ago)
Can Anyone Gift Me a Nintendo switch 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
Doomm Slayer (7 days ago)
sarang mahatme sure, if you make the money for it
David C (9 days ago)
It's not that expensive now. you can get under $300
Gunt WasteLander (10 days ago)
sarang mahatme no
chronischtelaat (10 days ago)
Endless regurgitating
Frank Bean (10 days ago)
Sinom (10 days ago)
What about demons X machina? Or Xenoblade 2 dlc? Or, you know, FIRE EMBLEM? Those looked amazing. Why did you cut them out?
NoxObscuras (8 days ago)
Ryukachoo Yet Another? Try the first mainline FE game to be on a console in 12 years. That's kind of a big thing to leave out if you ask me lol.
Sinom (10 days ago)
Fox Noram might not matter to you but FE is one of Nintendo's main franchises.
Fox Noram (10 days ago)
Because it doesnt matter 🙄🙃
Dysth Ymia (10 days ago)
Ryukachoo - not just another FE game, it was the new main title for the franchise
Ryukachoo (10 days ago)
A dlc and yet another fire emblem game? YET another?
Enter Tain (10 days ago)
Nintendo is raising
Mathias Johansen (10 days ago)
Kids game
MickeysJunky408 (10 days ago)
Hikaru Yoroi (10 days ago)
6644pmr (10 days ago)
Very underwhelming Nintendo direct for me, I’m not interested in anything they showed, was hoping for Metroid
Autistic Anime Girl (7 days ago)
They knew that most people would eat up the sm4sh switch port/dlc
6644pmr (9 days ago)
MSSoulBlader exactly, and I said “for me” right after. I don’t see your point.
MSSoulBlader (9 days ago)
"I didn't like what they showed hence it's underwhelming" that's what you just told me.
Ryan Clair (9 days ago)
Navi Savir that’s just the Ridley reveal for smash bros 🤦🏻‍♂️
pisse3000 Yeah, your right. Directs are where it's at
So.. who won?
AuroraX7 (9 days ago)
Bobby Harper (10 days ago)
Ανδρέας Καρανδρέας Microsoft
Cj L (10 days ago)
God this looks sick. Kinda has Pokemon Heart Gold vibes where you could use that pokeball you could carry around.
Cj L (10 days ago)
Sinom Been a while lol.
Sinom (10 days ago)
Cj L HeartGold SoulSilver not gold silver
Chidiogo Onoh (10 days ago)
SSBU ftw
MrDelord39 (10 days ago)
This video leaves out games....
Boss Rush Mode (7 days ago)
MrDelord39, I wasn't trying to imply that. I was simply knocking Nintendo because they didn't mention a few big names in that conference.
MrDelord39 (7 days ago)
Boss Rush Mode Does that make the fact that they left games out any better?
Boss Rush Mode (7 days ago)
The conference itself left out games too
SuJu_Mimi (9 days ago)
they did......but not all the games...you can check nintendo's website for the full list
PTNLemay (10 days ago)
How so? They showed quite a few.
MrDelord39 (10 days ago)
This video leaves out games....
Jolly Studios (10 days ago)
Devyesh Devanand (10 days ago)
Nathan Vinod (10 days ago)
First comment here
Vortech City (10 days ago)

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