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Magazines on Google Play

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Your favorite magazines come to life on Google Play. Shop a wide selection of titles, from cooking to cars, travel, style, sports, photography, and more. Pick up a single issue or subscribe to your favorites. All your latest magazines will be delivered right to your Android tablet or phone. And now you can seamlessly archive back issues to the cloud, so they are always available anywhere you go. Learn more at http://play.google.com/store/magazines. And get Esquire here at http://goo.gl/3CNtc.
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Text Comments (16)
Make it available in Mexico, please, please. And do not dalay like Google Play Music :)
Françoise Séguier (4 years ago)
Oui dac. Et en français? Ça existe? Super gadget? Bwaaaaaah!
Andrean Permana (4 years ago)
Love jesus
Moosa Mahsoom (5 years ago)
got it in India. I think the price has to be adjusted because the price at the moment looks like direct conversion from the US price.
Darrell Emmett (5 years ago)
Do you have. Industrial tradesmen?
Teh Wever (5 years ago)
Useless to the rest of the world, we cant even install the shit outside US - nice job Google
Kitsunèbuckwheatoru (5 years ago)
Not available in russia...
Staint12 (5 years ago)
Not available on my coutry!!
Dee Norbert (5 years ago)
Come to Europe to.Like Romania :D
awesomebe96 (5 years ago)
USA is not the only country in the world. think about the middle east please I really wanna purchase apps and magazines
Edrian Vivar (5 years ago)
Dear Google, US aint the only country on Earth -Other countries
brucespleen (5 years ago)
Dear Google, why have you sent me an email telling me what I can't have? I was better off not knowing about it at all. Why mock me? What have I done to you?
Vicente (5 years ago)
It's sad that all this is only for USA, very bad Google, it's the same mistake of Itunes...
Nick (5 years ago)
when all this is aviable?
LeVo DS (5 years ago)
The ending just like every PS3 commercial. ^^
Eduardo Diaz (5 years ago)
Any android device on USA... Really Google?

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