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HTC U Ultra Rant: Skip this One!

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HTC U Ultra is new, but you should probably pass on this one. Here's why. HTC U Ultra: http://amzn.to/2mOCjf2 Video Gear I use: http://kit.com/MKBHD/video-gear#recommendation17959 ~ http://twitter.com/MKBHD http://snapchat.com/add/MKBHD http://google.com/+MarquesBrownlee http://instagram.com/MKBHD http://facebook.com/MKBHD Phone provided by HTC for review.
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Minion Bay (2 days ago)
With Apple, 1900mAh capacity equals Android 2900mAh capacity
Minion Bay (2 days ago)
I would put a 5000mAh battery in the U Ultra
Linus Blaney (2 days ago)
£299 brand new now😂😂that's a good price
Nige Turner (3 days ago)
This phone has been slashed from £549 to a crazy £299 in the UK, but would you still recommend it at that price ??
Roman Baranovichi (3 days ago)
*_SeEmS LiKE a PoOr UsE oF sPaCe_*
Henry Kochensparger (4 days ago)
Goodness ten months ago we thought $750 was expensive for a phone and now we’re willing to pay $1,000 plus dollars
alabbas haj muhammad (5 days ago)
Basically... it's a Great phone, but it wasn't really worth the price, but now 1 year after it's release, think it's now 250-300$, absolutely worth it.
Stacey-Ann Allen (6 days ago)
Hi, Im not a phone tech so i need guidance. I use my phone mostly to make and receive call. i play games and watch movies often on my phone. Could you please tell me which phone would be the best to purchase that does not cost a arm and a leg to get. I would love it if the memory on the phone was 64gb with a 4gb ram however if it is 32gb with 3gb ram, that will be fine. Please help me.
Bob van der Valk (6 days ago)
I bought this phone a few weeks ago for the price of 350 euro's. Now that makes it a different story doesn't it? Ok, the processor is 'old' but still high end. The phone is massive but really good looking and the 2nd screen is really handy. My unit does not suffer from that backlight bleeding so they fixed that or i'm lucky. The 2k screen looks nice and the camera is good with a lot of options. The battery... That sucks if you are a heavy user but will last longer when you decrease the backlight a bit. The headphones are pretty good but the volumes of the built-in speakers not tuned equally so the bottom speaker is louder than the top speaker. Don't know if all the units have that but that annoys me. But for 350 euro's this for sure is one of the best phones out there ATM.
nekrosante nabu (12 days ago)
Hello, i buy just now HTC U Ultra 4/64GB by 315$ or 265€ in Europe, i don't remenber any cellular better, for this money...
Agus Suwito (13 days ago)
ezar howard (17 days ago)
I think the light bleed is a design flaw. My LG V10 and V20 has that same issue.
a Little Pal (18 days ago)
Bilal Smadi (18 days ago)
Bought it online for 250$. Still not worth it. Huge bezel. Battery life is barely half day qhd screen sucks battery. Htc skin is completely bullshit lacks of important feature
Cate4life (18 days ago)
the htc one m8 was the last great phone HTC made
Trevian Hipp (19 days ago)
They tried to copy the lg v series.
soulis lovermana (20 days ago)
I've got a question Marques. I live in Greece and right now this phone is available for 325€, close to 390$. What's your opinion about the phone in this price? P.s: I care mostly about fluidity in the os, camera performance and battery life.. P.s vol2: happy new year, stay strong and heathy.
Sastra Coc (20 days ago)
Rip htc
Thomas F (21 days ago)
I just bought this phone for around 330$. Please tell me I didn't make such a bad decision
Hybrid X (22 days ago)
"Seems like a poor use of space.™️" Marques Brownlee 2028 🤗🤗
Mateo Gomez (23 days ago)
gesture cousin die about reflect continue break ethics hero smoke below.
Phantom Assasin (25 days ago)
Oh you are probably single handedly responsible for killing a billion dollar brand man And to think they made millions of this phone is a criminally poor use of global space
wayne clark (25 days ago)
Google just bought about half of HTC, I hope it was the good half. Lol
Guillaume Courcelaud (25 days ago)
I didn't get it or Christmas and I can't tell you that it is amazing !!! I've not been using it for 3 days and I haven't been impressed by the build quality and the beautiful glass back.
Ajit Pai (26 days ago)
It looks like an s7 edfe
McUpi Ndebele (26 days ago)
Whats the name of Intro Soundtrack ?
Lemon Salt (26 days ago)
Man this is really a bad phone
Gustave Walter (26 days ago)
xD now its about 300 €
Hank Hill (26 days ago)
Yeah but when iPhone does the same shit there is no issues so go to hell. When HTC does this you roast, but when iPhone does it you give them a pass.
MILKWynn (27 days ago)
RE title this to .... Poor used of space
Bionicle16 (27 days ago)
It`s 250€ in germany now, should I give it a try or save my money and buy a u11+?
Erin Thomas (27 days ago)
HTC made this phone when they were drunk
Fedor Vladimirovich (28 days ago)
9 Months after, U11+ fucks everything
I loved this video <3
Admir Ljubovic (28 days ago)
I think it managed to occupy the space very poorly
Francis O. Njemibe (28 days ago)
Honestly, I've given up on HTC.
Jason Kristian (28 days ago)
Most "poor use of space" said in a video ever.
Melchior Saux (28 days ago)
I would like to say thank you to all the reviewers for killing this phone. It's price went so low that I just bought one for 249 euros new on amazon prime. this is just an absurd amount of phone for the price of a moto g5... lol.
Adrian Echim (28 days ago)
This phone is now as low as 300 euro brand new in Europe
eli (28 days ago)
I just bought for $340
The Part Time Gamer (29 days ago)
kinda confused whether to like the video or dislike, like the video was great but the phone just made my mood a lot worse... 😂
Be Alright❤ (29 days ago)
Poor use of space
Nikkor27 (29 days ago)
@mkbhd and they still gave you an award (for best tech reviewer) for bashing their phones? 😆
barkat ali shah (29 days ago)
Someone suggested me to watch this review.. Well now i know why
Mason Ocker (29 days ago)
Smallest earpiece of all time
Altema22 (29 days ago)
It will be interesting to see if Marques reviews the U11 Plus, which is now the Phone Buff speed champ, coming in 20 seconds faster than the iPhone X.
sam israel (29 days ago)
I think this guy just hate htc phones but forget most of the advanced features in the so called phones he praise were invented by htc, this video is senseless
Saad Khan (30 days ago)
Mukti Nurun Nahar (30 days ago)
In Bangladesh now this phone is about 350$ ....should I buy it ??? Pls help needed
naveen fernando (29 days ago)
Mukti Nurun Nahar yeah
Kenan (30 days ago)
Just watching on my black HTC U Ultra...
Rohit Bhagat (30 days ago)
cryptos (30 days ago)
your face is a waste of space on my screen so leave your bitch ass and get outta here
cryptos (30 days ago)
your face is a waste of space on my screen so leave your bitch ass and get outta here
ABO TOYAB (1 month ago)
Can you give me one iPhone x please
ANDRiOs On (1 month ago)
For a person who buy this I'll say😏 Poor use of money.
BipolarUnboxesStuff (1 month ago)
HTC! What went wrong?
Nikhil Venkata (1 month ago)
What the fuck is he talking?? Those aren't the reasons at all!! No wireless charging = Poor use of space... Seriously are you mad
Chas Fordyce (1 month ago)
roll sockeye
Tina Vincent (1 month ago)
Would it be worth it if it costs 200 usd
GamingGen (1 month ago)
What were they even try to make? And why in the world $750
dancer (1 month ago)
Wait so the HTC U Ultra has the same charger port as Apple or most other Android phones?
Gilad Kingsley (1 month ago)
It's $329 now! Best budget smartphone..
Gilad Kingsley (1 month ago)
Johannes Meyerle actually I bought the zte axon 7 2 days ago, that's the best. It cost me $240 on gearbest, it has Snapdragon 820, 4 GB RAM, 64GB ROM, HiFi DAC, front facing dolby atmos speakers, Quad HD AMOLED Display... Best bang for your buck.
Johannes Meyerle (1 month ago)
I bought mine yesterday. For this price point its the best you can get.
Gilad Kingsley (1 month ago)
Skelisorce Gaming it's not worth $750 tho
Gilad Kingsley (1 month ago)
Skelisorce Gaming lol
Skelisorce Gaming (1 month ago)
Gilad Kingsley yes, your absolutely right. I'm using my u ultra as we speak. I got it for 260 pounds. That's 300 dollars in the US. I highly recommend it at that price
Michael Jimenez (1 month ago)
More like a waste of space
Leaguesta (1 month ago)
Yunfei Liang (1 month ago)
I wonder how much damage this single video caused for HTC?
Nameless Nom (1 month ago)
Here after the Smartphone Awards 2017 lol
Medmac (16 days ago)
Nameless Nom Haha me too
Ben Kleindorfer (1 month ago)
Can I get the name of that intro song?
MYT MIC (1 month ago)
M it's pronounced M !
Robison Ferreira (1 month ago)
I Buy , i m BIGGGG Happy , is a very good Phone !
Zéwande Bk. Bhengu (1 month ago)
"Poor use of space" - Marques K. Brownlee (Copyright 2017)
Ben Acheampong (1 month ago)
When are you having a review on a tecno phone
Cembo Hurricane (1 month ago)
3000 battery isnt enough on the U but on the s8 it is? You see where i am getting at? Just hating in htc.
Ricardo Martinez (30 days ago)
Cembo Hurricane well the battery is one thing plus the phone is still smaller unless you get the plus. And before you go saying bullshit he did judge samsung for that but at least tge didnt have the problems this phone had.
LE BEST OF ! (1 month ago)
It's called battery usahe
JAKOB VIRANT (1 month ago)
Poor use of money
MAXIMUM MEOW DJRJ (1 month ago)
Poor use of space
harbi4ever111 (1 month ago)
Price dropped here to 250 dollars. Is it worth it now?
Ndnenenem Dbdjejej (1 month ago)
I can buy it new for 350 $. Worth it ?
MEGASE (1 month ago)
Ndnenenem Dbdjejej Yes but don't expect a good resell value ... you should invest in it
David Vuong (1 month ago)
There was an HTC phone? Didn't notice
cool dood (1 month ago)
I'm confused... does this phone have a poor use of space
the srilankangamer (1 month ago)
Lol my g6 is smaller but has a bigger battery
Ankur A (1 month ago)
Who else searching for a comment to say positive things about this phone and kick the shit out of that htc lover..? Lol
GSMArena New (1 month ago)
Good Review!
Yolo Bro (1 month ago)
Worst phone, seriously, HTC was so good now its screwing up everything...
Thanuj Balamurali (1 month ago)
The front of the phone looks like s*it
nice (1 month ago)
skip this one? mate you are here to show off devices and shit not tell us what we should and shouldnt buy this decision is ours not yours
Mark Botta (10 days ago)
He's not here to "show off" a device. The purpose of the video is to review and provide a summary. That summary, in this instance, is to not buy this phone. You can heed or ignore the suggestion as you wish.
Gurubu (27 days ago)
lol this reminded me of a joke statement I tell friends when they give me recommendations - i'll randomly shout "YOU'RE NOT THE BOSS OF ME"
pro xgamer (27 days ago)
nice his job is to show you the phone so you can decide if you want it but his opinion is to skip it
Steven Falcon (27 days ago)
nice exactly he’s showing off devices and stating his opinion in his opinion he believes you should skip it
Jonathan Lin (1 month ago)
i agree
Guillaume Courcelaud (1 month ago)
Thank you very much for your review, I had a limited budget of 300 euros and the best i could get was Xiaomi mi A1 or samsung galaxy j5 2017. Because of all your reviews, they decided to drop the price from 799 euros to 309 euros, and so I can now have ( almost) a great phone! Sure it is obviously not the best, but for 309 euros it is. THANK YOU SOO MUCH
Ron Taylor (1 month ago)
$749.00 !!! plus $150.00 when you forget your google email login. if you cant remember your google email login whoever steals your phone or finds it has no worries they can use it all they want ( forever ) no problems and from my recent phone call experiences theres nothing that HTC , GOOGLE , or your cell phone carrier can do about it ... google should be illegal.
Cesar Aguilar (1 month ago)
i wonder if my mother thinks im a poor use of space
Cesar Aguilar (1 month ago)
really good informative review, good job
Samuel Pantoja (1 month ago)
HTC wanted to play Apple but they failed miserably. Also, the iPhone X isn't as bad as this but it still shit.
Cheeky Deeky (1 month ago)
It's 335 euro now.
Kumar Raj (1 month ago)
LG G6 and htc u ultra which one is best i want to buy a new phone so can you help me which is best phone ?
Cesar Aguilar (1 month ago)
i have a g5 really good and wife has g6 really nice looking and no problems with either i say g6
Wotblitzgaming (1 month ago)
Shine battle... HTC U Ultra rant vs honor 9
Rayven Hitt (1 month ago)
I think people are too harsh on this phone. The asking Price was crazy, yes... But keyword: was. Now you can find it for €290/$345 - much, much cheaper than an Galaxy S8, LG G6, HTC U11, OnePlus 3/5/T and of course any overpriced iPhone or Google Pixel... Hell, it's cheaper than a HTC 10! Even the "kings of affordable", Huawei and Xiaomi, don't have any Phone that can match this one in the Price/Value ratio. At its current Price Point, the lack of water/splash/dust resistance and smaller battery size is much, much more tolerable. You still get a huge, high-resolution screen, premium design and build quality, fantastic camera... Oh and 4/64GB RAM/Internal combination; for €100 more you can get a LG G6 with 32GB! Further, unlike its rival the LG V20 (again, more expensive) this Phone is will get Android 8 and doesn't have (a relatively high risk of) bootloop issues. So, some 6+ months down the line, this Phone is IMO an excellent purchase. It may not have the modern memes of Dual Cameras and Bezel-less design nor a Octa Core processor (your PC doesn't need 8 cores, why would your phone?), but it is still above any and all midranger (even HTCs own ones!).
Ricardo Martinez (30 days ago)
Rayven Hitt of course its a good deal. No one bought it.
Rayven Hitt (1 month ago)
Well, the Mi Max 2 also doesn't look as good, is much bigger (I don't want a phablet), has worse performance, a worse camera and worse software.
Jay Marvin Maglangit (1 month ago)
Rayven Hitt Mi Max 2 has a bigger battery and a better speaker than this phone. And it cost around $200
Robin k (1 month ago)
now you can get it for 350€ and I can see over those smal problems
Technohex (1 month ago)
Would you suggest it now for a cost of $399 AUD
neilkochi (1 month ago)
Really marques......apple dint have the space.....not because they wantwd eveyine to use their lightening port and pay them royalty fees.......????
The Insane Bolt! (1 month ago)
shut up its a cool phone
Rahul Rao (1 month ago)
Mada Rashad (1 month ago)
*Seems like a poor use of space.*

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