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This Computer Costs $10

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For $10 the Raspberry Pi Zero W is an ultra cheap computer but is it worth it? Raspberry Pi Zero W kit on Amazon: http://austin.tech/pizerow Raspberry Pi Zero W on Adafruit: https://www.adafruit.com/products/3400 Raspberry Pi Zero Case on Amazon: http://austin.tech/pizerocase MicroUSB Power Adapter on Amazon: http://austin.tech/pipower MicroUSB to USB-A Hub on Amazon: http://austin.tech/pihub Mini HDMI to HDMI adapter on Amazon: http://austin.tech/pihdmi 8GB MicroSD card on Amazon: http://austin.tech/pimicrosd Install Raspbian using NOOBS: https://www.raspberrypi.org/documentation/installation/noobs.md Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/austinevans Instagram: http://instagram.com/austinnotduncan Twitter: http://twitter.com/austinnotduncan Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/austinnotduncan
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Text Comments (5770)
PixelSplatMC MC (1 day ago)
if i were u I Would have used Windows XP
kenneth1751 gamer (1 day ago)
A raspberry pi 3 is more powerful to wtach youtube videos
Tushar Kathuria (1 day ago)
Can this run.. I mean literally..
Danny Corn (2 days ago)
Don’t even put Raspbian on it, use EmulationStation with ReteoPie and play your favorite classic games :/
Is th at my pc
Bige4u (5 days ago)
The power of XP on sigle core machines when it first came out... talk about moving forward in reverse when we have cell phones with more cores and power that run off a 3.7v/4.2v(full) battery.
Ososick (5 days ago)
I was about to say as a joke "but can it run minecraft" before he started playing minecraft wtf
The Projector (5 days ago)
Somebody's gonna be like "still better than my gaming PC"
Emanuel Abraham (6 days ago)
But question is Can it play roblox low settings?
Ibrahim Anser (6 days ago)
you actually have to pay MORE after accessories.
Dead FX (6 days ago)
I made ya all some apple pie
Dabi Games (7 days ago)
Perfect for LAN party
Chicken (7 days ago)
HeY gUyS This Is AUstIn
CarriedAtom9410 (7 days ago)
Mohamed Ehab (7 days ago)
Hello guys zaustin
quutalodeon (8 days ago)
More like motherboard from cyberchase
justin garza (8 days ago)
Can you run android
Ev Dogg (8 days ago)
Budget pc set up pc: $10 monitor: $80 uh we need a 5 dollar monitor
Skunky (8 days ago)
Guess you can say running MC was easy as Raspberry PI
You must have 4 cores, single core you might run windows 3.1
myroblyte (8 days ago)
the sky is the limit... more like YouTube is the limit
Caio Gamer (8 days ago)
Thats how much portable laptops are growing
Bryson Koehn (9 days ago)
The utimate raspberry pi
Hunter Spicer (10 days ago)
Can it run Crysis?
Nero (10 days ago)
But can it run crisis
Sean_ N64 (10 days ago)
cant wait to play gta5 on on this
Arcade Games 42 (10 days ago)
U just blow on it and its cool lol
Dat Boi Jay (11 days ago)
TBH I think it might be better than the PC I have now 😑
Logan D (11 days ago)
im watching on a pi 3
cool dood (11 days ago)
can it run fortnite at epic settings?
zakaria gamer (11 days ago)
Don’t worry my son I well sand police 👮‍♀️ to fort and help to get lost
Ga Ca (11 days ago)
Cat (12 days ago)
I always hate it when people say Minecraft isn't a graphically demanding game. And the only people that say these things are people who have never even played Minecraft, or at least not on low-end hardware. If you've played Minecraft for more than 5 minutes, you'd realize how demanding it is. Even on the lowest settings on my 2007 laptop, I only got below 15 fps. When you turn up the settings, like render distance, textures, and anti-aliasing. You're going to need at least a low-mid tier graphics card to get a solid 60+ fps. Something like the GTX 650 Ti Boost that I had a while back was doing pretty well for me. Currently on my GTX 1070 I get around 150 fps on stock Minecraft. So while it's not Crysis or anything, it's actually more demanding than CS:GO for example.
Nuke Jx2 (12 days ago)
Can I play fortnite
JoeTube -nl (12 days ago)
Can it play fortnite
JoeTube -nl (12 days ago)
HST (13 days ago)
Don’t put rasbian on this version of the pi. Should run Kano. Less demanding.
This little shit can handle games better than my 900 dollar HP notebook still.
Game of Charging (16 days ago)
bbponder (16 days ago)
This guy
Anupam prime (17 days ago)
Can it run Gta sa?
Leonardo Santiesteban (17 days ago)
Austin you should give a try to a real pi like the new raspberry pi 3 model b +. The difference it’s huge mainly cause the zero version it’s more likely to be used on IoT projects. I have the 3 model B + and I use it as a NAS using openmediavault serving my 3TB external HDD to all my computers and my phone trough SFTP and SAMBA, also works as a time machine drive for my MacBook backups and it runs owncloud so I can have access to all my files from everywhere. On top of all that it runs osmc wich is a Kodi based software that allows me to access to all that content on my hard drive from my tv and to watch YouTube and lots of more things. It can be used in many projects and can host lots of services for home networks. The raspberry pi it’s a really cool thing to use specially in cases like mine cause I live in a country with literally 0 internet acces from your house or your phone, and the little we have it’s strictly limited. Let me know what you think. Also btw I’m glad you made it out of that fire and you’re doing videos again, keep doing it. Sending lots of support.
Garrett Barton (18 days ago)
i dont count it as a computer
Grimm1217 (18 days ago)
you should do a review on the eagletec KG010
Calcium (18 days ago)
is it possible to stack them on top of each other?
Maurice Smith (19 days ago)
But can it play Fortnight?
Robin König (19 days ago)
Scary thing is its stronger than my laptop
KeddZ (19 days ago)
I bought it for 3.1416 dollars....
T-Shirt King (19 days ago)
So can you install android on it and use it for your modular phone
Wertia3 (19 days ago)
If i upgrade it a bunch it can try to get it to work better
Rashad The Gamer (20 days ago)
playing GTA V 1 fps- then *Raspberry pi Zero w burns
therandomdot (20 days ago)
The Windows version available for this thing is the Windows IoT (Internet of Things) version. It's stripped down, and looks more like a game console menu interface. Microsoft is making a big push for IoT, b/c there's no hardcore standards for IoT yet .. every smart bulb, outlet, hub, etc that comes out seems to have it's own pet language or software it's running. EG: if you get an amazon echo, you have to often download "skills" in the alexa app on your smartphone to help her learn how to do shit, like hook up to some company's smart outlet you bought to make it turn on and off. Reason being.. there's no standardization in IoT yet. So, microsoft is seeing a way to get in on the IoT market by handing out the Windows IoT edition for free. The idea is that if you know how to run Windows 10, then you can be familiar with it and use the Windows IoT interface to quickly hookup and adapt devices you create (as a company) to sell to consumers. It's essentially trying to be a unified interface for all devices. The PROBLEM with this is that Microsoft has built spyware into Windows 10 (telemetry and analysis "phone home" bullshit), and app stores. So, the WORRY that people have is that if Microsoft gets their way and Windows IoT becomes the standard of the IoT world.. then what's to stop MS from making Windows IoT... a) auto-update.. to which MS gets to pick-n-choose what updates, when it updates, and what it will do in the future b) MS gets to choose to put spyware on your IoT devices to monitor what you're doing c) MS can get with companis to leverage the spying and data aggregation to start "serving you with useful features" d) MS starts to build app stores into your IoT devices "as a convenience", and MS gets to control the stores and profits from it Imagine you're using a Windows IoT device, eg: smart coffee pot, and one day it decides to show you an ad for some brand of coffee filters, or coffee pods or coffee grounds. The thing has been looking at product codes on the coffee pods you've been putting into it, and notices you're not using brand XYZ.. so brand XYZ pays MS to serve non-users with an ad asking them to try brand XYZ coffee pods. And MS takes the check and sends an update to your device to show you an ad. Want to skip the ad? Sorry.. the device has been updated to force you to see the ad for 30 seconds before it will brew your coffee. And, your coffee pot has a button that comes up that if you just press it, it'll order brand XYZ coffee pods for you... b/c your Windows IoT device is hooked into your Windows Live account (or whatever the fuck Ms is calling it these days), and that has your credit card info and shipping address.. so just push the button and it'll order the pods for you (and MS gets a cut of the profits.. which means there's a middle man, which means prices go up... b/c the more middlemen you add from producer to consumer, the more the price goes up as each hand in the supply chain wants it's cut of profit from handing it off down the supply chain.) This is the problem with having a company that's interested in data mining and profiting from it trying to wedge themselves into the IoT market as the de facto standard everyone should use.
therandomdot (20 days ago)
so let me get this straight.. it's basically a gumstick computer.. but instead of having a usb male plug to be able to plug it directly into, eg: a tv to use as a gumstick htpc.. you have to plug in a separate power adapter, and then plug in a video adapter to hook it to your tv. I know hobbyists love rasberry pi's, but if your'e going to make what is essentially a gumstick version of rasberry pi, for the love of god put a male usb adapter on it. This thing is basically an htpc / retro game emulator waiting to happen. Slap a 32gb microsd card into it, and you could practically run the entire nes, snes, sega master system and genesis catalogs off it.
therandomdot (20 days ago)
Raspberry Pi's .. "the gumstick computer you have to put together yourself. Hope you like Linux."
Luis Aleman (20 days ago)
I have 8 of then as a main cluster for a 2T file server 5gb per second speed over internet And I have all of the pi inside my gaming desktop One of then control my desktop RGB lights and fans
porque no en español
Rafi Fathan (21 days ago)
its actually cheaper than minecraft
Narth TED (24 days ago)
make a minty pi
Cavna (24 days ago)
hey i got a GTX 1050, Intel Pentium g5400, 1x8GB RAM, 1TB HDD and b360M D3H......FOR FREE HOW? My parent gave it to me as BDay present....
GamerBoy 703 (26 days ago)
If you get vis for Minecraft only it cost less than a account on Minecraft
TREKZEE (27 days ago)
Trudy McMurrough (27 days ago)
So what is the ram amount?
Akshay Gopal (27 days ago)
FML i have an 15yr old PC with 1gb GPU,2GB RAM even i cant run minecraft in fancy
kitler (27 days ago)
But can it run fortnite
TheSwagGuy5000 (27 days ago)
They raised the price to $24. WHY AMAZON, WHY?
Charlie Jacobs (27 days ago)
The first three sponsored links to buy a ten dollar computer aren't even real.
Tooniis+ (27 days ago)
It's pointless to use the zero as a computer. Maybe use your phone instead. It's meant to be used more like a microcontroller. If you need a small computer the you should get a 2 or 3.
Loseless (27 days ago)
what's that touchpad w/ keyboard he's using in this video?
Jordan_5051 (27 days ago)
When I saw it, I was like, “where’s the ram stick?”
GamingWithJumbo (27 days ago)
But can it run *Cry*sis?
GamingWithJumbo (27 days ago)
Still better than my pc
Haiden Horsfall (28 days ago)
But can it run Fortnite?
montyrosh95 (28 days ago)
Buying this is cheaper than buying minecraft itself
pavle bugaric (28 days ago)
Tyrantrum Games (29 days ago)
Do one on the raspberry 3 model b or b+ PLZ
Seventy Nine (29 days ago)
Wow. We went from literal “computer rooms” to “Oh no I accidentally stepped on my computer” so fast.
Top Time! (29 days ago)
It’s pi not pie🥧
Zachary Jordan (30 days ago)
Can it play fortnite
Gaming Sapiens (30 days ago)
Download gta v
Fun stuff (1 month ago)
RPi 3b is better
Fred Jr. (1 month ago)
*him* "You're not going to buy a Raspberry Pi for a YouTube machine," *me* "But... that's exactly why I bought a Raspberry Pi 3B!"
Avery Atkinson (1 month ago)
I know your really rich but the non PC master race people need to be recognized as well Austin
Pablo Arnold (1 month ago)
But can it run crysis? No... i have one...
Yasuo (1 month ago)
Holy fuk better than my pc at minecraft
Van Tazzy (1 month ago)
Ehm, that is not really THE Minecraft, this is the free version everybody could download and play, where there was only one mode: creative (do not understand why you hold a sword in the first place) - to me, Minecraft = Mining & Crafting, that is more like Grab & Place. xD
Kuri0 : Gaming & More (1 month ago)
That version of Minecraft isn't the real thing though it's stripped down
Meow Boss (1 month ago)
8 bit huh?
Hank the Weird (1 month ago)
how to get more memory on this thing
unturned player (1 month ago)
But can it run crisis?
Ron Swartz Anonymous (1 month ago)
Sky is not the limit with this one.
MrMeTech (1 month ago)
Rudy Smd (1 month ago)
I am not familiar with linux... lil boring
skelerex 592 (1 month ago)
Aden Mann (1 month ago)
Now kids this is what they buy in India
ScytherRaid (1 month ago)
A 200$ Laptop can’t run Mc
Arctic Fox (1 month ago)
Lol, Minecraft alone costs more than that entire computer.
Dan (1 month ago)
Shit review from dump man. the Minecraft is like a VERY basic version of the game and he is not taking consideration of other items such as SD card. This is what tech review people have come too.. just clickbait title and talk shit they dont know about
Matthew Cordova (1 month ago)
You should find a way to connect an external gpu
Electroblade (1 month ago)
the way you put on that heatsink makes me cringe. Wrong damn case!
Hamed Bilal (1 month ago)
Can it run crisis
Clorox Bleach (1 month ago)
Still can't afford...

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