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Nextbit Robin Review: Unlimited Storage?

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Nextbit Robin: Cloud storage + physical storage in a new Android phone. How well does it work? https://www.nextbit.com/ Video Gear I use: http://amzn.com/lm/R3B571T7PT4PWM?tag=m0494a-20 Intro Track: Ongoing Thing by 20syl, Oddisee ~ http://twitter.com/MKBHD http://google.com/+MarquesBrownlee http://facebook.com/MarquesBrownlee http://facebook.com/MKBHD http://instagram.com/MKBHD
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Text Comments (3136)
"well built" next to this video is a video where the thumbnail is the phone snapped in half
Kakashi Hatake (2 days ago)
"durable enough to hit someone with it" Jerry disagrees strongly
Jasper Gribble (2 days ago)
Watch jery rig everything’s video
Razer phone
It's a me Mario (8 days ago)
This was sponsored.
It's a me Mario (8 days ago)
Except it's horrible in durability
GEEZ JUICE (12 days ago)
My brother has this and people think its a toy phone heheh
khalil taylor (13 days ago)
Well built lmao that thing snapped in jerry's bend test
ironfist941 (13 days ago)
Annnd then u go and see Zacks vid xD
Drew Nai (18 days ago)
This has to be the ugliest phone I’ve ever laid my eyes on. Cool features tho 👌🏽
If you're wearing jeans (jeans have very tight pockets) and you try to put your nextbit in there, 83.6% chances are it's gonna snap in half.
supernightslash (29 days ago)
It's a nice phone. $400 nice? No.
Keishon Browne (1 month ago)
I am watching this on a brand new Nexbit Robin in 2017 :)
c l o v e r (1 month ago)
why do you have a white boy voice
Alex Thorn (1 month ago)
Well, this phone certainly was weird but much like the Axon M today, it brought forth quite a few features that flagships use today
AppleReviewerUk (1 month ago)
good job go ahead :)
The Lucina Channel (1 month ago)
You make it sound so good but then, JerryRigEverything with Nextbit Robin Bend Test
Filip Pham (1 month ago)
I died watching Jerry's Nextbit video xD But seriously, for a 100 bucks that I saw it on the internet, it aint bad tbh.
TheMusicVlogger (1 month ago)
Just found one of these for 25 dollars!
Levin Studios (10 days ago)
Captrad (1 month ago)
Portgas D. Ace (2 months ago)
how is it 129$ now? lol
Flapjack Frank (2 months ago)
Now 99 bucks
Computing Net (2 months ago)
Waiting for the Nuclear Phone with unlimited battery 😀
Computing Net (2 months ago)
It’s called Auto Offload on iOS11
M Ashir (2 months ago)
How to use cloud storage
CrystalKitty101 (3 months ago)
but they hav big bezels -_-
Chloe Price (3 months ago)
I like the black version more but this is a pretty phone
NurIndoGamer (3 months ago)
Try bending it
berry-duke96 (3 months ago)
just dont put it in a back pocket XD that thing will snap like a g string!!
Azyatic (3 months ago)
Well built?
Zeta (3 months ago)
This makes my Huawei Y6II a bad phone (my opinion tho)
mady bali (3 months ago)
sd card still for traditionil minded :)
Defiant Clone (3 months ago)
I thought the stereo speaker was a home button XD
Player Franzen GD (4 months ago)
That shit is full of Plastic Ya Know?
grandhelper sucker_punch (4 months ago)
I call the nextbit robin:the shocking braker.
jack Klein (4 months ago)
Hey what is up guys I'm Kim PhD here and this is the next fit Rob him .
Liam Joseph (4 months ago)
I liked this concept a lot, too bad it didn't work out
Hamza Jalal (4 months ago)
Those bezels are so fucked up.
CartoonMaster (4 months ago)
It looks like a toy and is EXTREMELY weak and made of plastic.
Blank Gamer-EX (4 months ago)
This phone isn't durable at all
linc (4 months ago)
Build quality, my ass.
wow dude if it's good for 400 dollars it must be amazing for 130
Seth Yellin (4 months ago)
I got about nine hours with streaming Spotify Premium with extreme quality, downloading apps., some YouTube, Messenger, Facebook, using the camera a bit, some Internet, and streaming the music via Bluetooth to my Bose. XD :like:
Seth Yellin (4 months ago)
Ah okay. Yeah I saw the video. I don't really agree with him on storage being a lot of phones don't go past 64 GB SD card storage and most phones are between 16-32 GB storage. So that part felt quite biased indeed but overall it is what he prefers and he overall loves the phone. I got mine last night after wanting it for months. I have the Ulefone Power but it has had display issues in the last week or so. The phone I have had for a few or so months. It doesn't take 4GLTE doesn't work with certain carriers, including what I use which is the amazing MetroPCS. So between the E, EE, and H+ and the display issues I made sure to have another phone. Now I have one with over 6000 MAH and this beauty!¡ xD ∆∆∆ <(())>
Seth Yellin (4 months ago)
It may have unlimited storage for it's 'own' memory is what it is trying to state? It never claims that really. 32 GB internal and 100 GB online, free.
KeonXD (4 months ago)
The phone is made out of plastic
Zareldo (4 months ago)
A $400 ugly plastic phone with 132gb of storage? No thanks
Kai Han Xue (4 months ago)
worst phone ever, its like a toy
Machine gun Korok (4 months ago)
It. Reals so easily its and has horrible durability
Razer Bought Nextbit Robin In 2017
Elias (4 months ago)
Looks like a toy
Sharym Jaffery (4 months ago)
do you play coc
Edups Enterpris (4 months ago)
If you bend the nextbit robin with hands it will snap in half, so if you're looking for durabilty, dont buy it.
largg3 (1 month ago)
Or don't bend it.
Aman Sharma (4 months ago)
Please tell the name of the intro song
ohio outdoors (5 months ago)
This phone is only 130 bucks on Amazon now you should remake a video on it I think it's one of the best bang for your buck rn
Mohsin Nadeem (5 months ago)
Why you never review huawei phones ???
Rahul Narvekar (5 months ago)
you should add this in your smartphone awards, this phone can now be bought for only about 130, which is amazing for the specs that it offers
Srilanka TechShow (5 months ago)
im your this video sinhala translations
All In One (5 months ago)
It is worth it in 2017?
largg3 (1 month ago)
I bought one when the price dropped to around $160 and it is well worth it. Two things I didn't like is small battery and no app drawer. Nova launcher fixed the app drawer problem and putting up with small battery. If you can get one at this price go for it.
The Milestone LP (5 months ago)
The phone would be so much nicer if the black bezels arround the screen were just made blue plastic aswell!
Adrepixl5 (5 months ago)
The nextbit robin is dead now. no more online stuff. Farewell!
Cryonic Two3 (5 months ago)
too bad it snaps in half bc of the all plastic build
Emre Konuk (5 months ago)
but its just a plastic nonbrick sow its a snapper
Meraadj (6 months ago)
what's that app at 1:28?! with the illusions?
Barca2014Casa (6 months ago)
Its plastic phone
Eli-R ZR (6 months ago)
It's now 130 guys
fghfhg1212121 (6 months ago)
zack destroyed it very well
ِِ ِ (6 months ago)
When will there be a Nextbit Robin 2??
Windows Red (6 months ago)
The NextBit Robin breaks by bending it because its only plastic
AJ Mauricio (6 months ago)
Anyone know the intro song to this video?
Donald Baird (6 months ago)
The fact that there is no app drawer scares me.
Daniel Pierce (6 months ago)
You can get the dark blue version rite now(July 8th 2017) for $129...
MotoK tips (6 months ago)
this phone is VERY durable... dont buy this crap
Emil Forslund (6 months ago)
just dont sit on it
Madara Uchiha (6 months ago)
when you see jerryrigeverything in suggestion video lol
Fanvsant (6 months ago)
It is NOT durable
Alberto 9324 (7 months ago)
$130 now
Chad Tucker (7 months ago)
I'm getting that phone for my birthday
magical potato (7 months ago)
When you just came from jerry rig everything's channel and you here marques say it has good build quality
Joseph George (7 months ago)
Waiting for the Nextbit Batman
Zahoor Ahmed (7 months ago)
"well build" its made out of plastic
Electric Eel (7 months ago)
Thank u sooooo much for making this vid it inspired me too get a robin off amazon and I will get it soon
Yuyah Medallion (7 months ago)
Sure there is a fingerprint reader but what if your left handed!
jesushairstyle (7 months ago)
i like the colour. thats the only reason i am gonna buy this phone.
Nemish Sharma (7 months ago)
hey marques brownlee, I request you please make a video on obi world phone. Obi is another awesome looking budget smartphone. Its the company of former APPLE CEO . Seriously .
Cruun (7 months ago)
The problems weren't mentioned here, so I will make note of them. The CPU heat dissipation is horrendous, sometimes to where I have to put it down for a few minutes because the phone got that hot, there is something within the back facing camera that jiggles around like it's loose when you shake the phone/put it on a hard surface, and the bottom speaker, when introduced to bass, will crackle, sometimes intensely (I've figured out that for some reason, Nextbit has implemented software-based bass booster). Hopefully this is just a defective unit, but I had read other people with these same exact issues, which is quite disappointing.
Justin Nguyen (8 months ago)
If there's a nextbit robin, there should be a nextbit batman right?
BigChief THE GREAT (8 months ago)
it is NOT durable
Tredon Aldridge (8 months ago)
the nextbit Robin is dumb. it breaks easy.
largg3 (1 month ago)
I have had this phone over 10 months and it has been very durable. But then I don't go around trying to bend something I paid a lot of money for.
Aaron Kennedy (8 months ago)
Roses are red violets are blue I got clickbaited and so did you
Wanooknox (8 months ago)
this is actually a really cool idea, but the fact that they directly tied it to the cloud was a terrible choice. Both for users and them. They should have implemented their archival system against an SD card instead, so that the stuff you don't use a lot gets moved to a slower SD card, but not totally off the phone. that way the fast internal storage gets used to its full potential, while not putting everything else out of reach without the internet. Plus they wouldn't have to pay for all the cloud space for their customers. One of the biggest problems with Androids built in handling of SD cards is that it is all or nothing. Either entirely replace the internal storage at the cost of flash storage speeds or only use it for media and not apps, but then you're limited by what storage systems your apps support. This archival software is a great idea to utilize secondary storage while maintaining the snapiness of internal storage.
Random Stuff (8 months ago)
Doctor Aarav (8 months ago)
Screams sony.
Kappa Pride (8 months ago)
400? for this? I would pay maximum 100$
DiffieTheCat (8 months ago)
This phone's build quality is not up to par! you can snap it in half with ease! its made of plastic! Don't keep this phone in your back pocket it will break
The CLASHERS !! (8 months ago)
it is not well built. don't believe me watch jerry rig everything for this phone
Bartosz Olszewski (8 months ago)
so ugly. I mean, this phone is a toy, plastic, cheap, anything but not this
Simon (8 months ago)
I love the way you review a phone like the Nextbit. The way you film, and the information you tell in a nice way. You tell positive things about the phone like the unlimited storage, but also bad things to like the annoying volume buttons... thanks for the good review - Simon
Carlil Jean (8 months ago)
Honestly, buying this phone has been a huge mistake for me. The battery life barely holds up, the phone bends with the slightest bit of pressure, there are some glaring software issues, it takes forever to charge but depletes in less than 3 hours.. it's just not a good phone.
Aiden Emery (8 months ago)
Great Review! Always appreciate the awesome cinematography of yours also that crispy 4K , keep up the great work!
Garnet Sunset (8 months ago)
Yo Marques, I came back to this video today, and I just gotta say, even though it's been a year since this video, your style makes it feel fresh and clean. I rewatch your videos all the time, they're fantastic.

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