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Honor View 10 vs OnePlus 5T

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Read more: http://andauth.co/V10vsOP5T | If you've got $500 or so burning a hole in your pocket, should you drop it on the brand new Honor View 10 or the tried-and-true OnePlus 5T? Find out as Lanh puts these two budget beasts to the test. Download the Android Authority App: https://andauth.co/aa-app Subscribe to our YouTube channel: https://andauth.co/subscribe ---------------------------------------------------- Stay connected to Android Authority: - http://www.androidauthority.com - http://facebook.com/androidauthority/ - http://twitter.com/androidauth/ - http://instagram.com/androidauthority/ - https://snapchat.com/add/androidauth - http://google.com/+androidauthority Follow the Team: Josh Vergara: https://twitter.com/jvtechtea Joe Hindy: https://twitter.com/ThatJoeHindy Lanh Nguyen: https://twitter.com/LanhNguyenFilms Jayce Broda: https://twitter.com/jaycebroda Gary Sims: https://twitter.com/garysims Kris Carlon: https://twitter.com/kriscarlon Nirave Gondhia: https://twitter.com/nirave David Imel: https://twitter.com/durvidimel Bailey Stein: https://twitter.com/baileystein1
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Text Comments (624)
mizanur Tonmoy (4 hours ago)
View 10! <3
Shubhank R. (15 hours ago)
The only reason I am providing the few benefits of View 10 is that I don't want anyone to buy a phone just because of the hype without actually comparing. In Honor View 10, there are tons of features that are awesome to use and you won't find them anywhere like knuckle split screen, look to view notifications, face unlock(much secure than any other due to NPU), automatic toggle to switch to split screen when viewing a full screen app and you receive a message or something.. The list is endless. The View 10 is the real flagship, Not just by the hardware it has but what the software offers And Kirin 970 = SD 845 and also Kirin 970> SD 835 And yes View 10 comes with Oreo out of the box For those who think for charging speeds, Honor Super Charge is just equal to OnePlus Dash Charge(Search and you will get the results) View 10 is the best bang for buck for me.. Hope this helps✌️
Smit Vaishnani (19 hours ago)
I have honor view 10... Best phone... Better than 5T In specification as well as in price.. 😊
Black Bones (1 day ago)
View 10 because of physical button and finger print sensor position
Gagan Tyagi (1 day ago)
v 10 brother
DeGamer 23 (3 days ago)
Oxygen OS is a big factor for me. So OP 5T
Moosa Zeeshan (4 days ago)
View 10
Brody Lane (4 days ago)
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Argha Deep Saha (5 days ago)
Honor for the brave
Aman Narula (5 days ago)
5T is the BOSS
Charles Yeo (5 days ago)
V10 has the volume keys on the right side. Ewwww
Varun Raj (5 days ago)
mention the specs on the screen while telling about them
Ritesh Doshi (5 days ago)
Honor V10 has all the features in less price than OP5T so my pick is Honor V 10
Fixed (5 days ago)
why they dont use 120hz display??
Joseph Sebastian (6 days ago)
Honor V10 all the way.
Renu Rai (6 days ago)
V10 had Oreo out of the box which makes it eligible for Project Treble unlike the One plus 5T
zuhairsait (6 days ago)
OnePlus 5T
Luke Hero (6 days ago)
Got the 8GB/128GB OP5T, no regrets whatsoever.
michael jeacock (6 days ago)
there is also the new elephone pro but i will just wait to see what the follow up to my axon 7 looks like.
Finley Jenkins (6 days ago)
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Jason Li (7 days ago)
Game at 4:16??
Yozi On The Base (7 days ago)
5T all the way
Gambhir (7 days ago)
One plus
Oscar Brown (7 days ago)
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Qasim Rehman (8 days ago)
Oneplus 5T by far
Jamie Davis (8 days ago)
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Remo Haz (8 days ago)
Honor View 10 is better
kuldeep jain (8 days ago)
Have both v 10 and one plus 5T.. Results for v10 are far better than one plus.. Only face unlock is much faster in 5t...
ramachandran nv (8 days ago)
V10 is best
Meraj Kazi (8 days ago)
View 10 does not have auto call recorder
Snapdragon 835 is a inferior SoC and EMUI file system of Huawei is enhanced to prevent slow downs, a brand new One+ might be fast but in the long run the loser is for sure the One+ since Huawei & Honor are much better at software!
velectron (9 days ago)
Why isn't there more 1440p content?
Nicho KP (9 days ago)
Like the name.. It just OP.
Robert-Jan (9 days ago)
Honor for me
PoTeTo (9 days ago)
Mia1 !!
joel jones (9 days ago)
For me both are good phones that delivers an unmatched experience.
countroshculla (9 days ago)
Just got the OP5T 2 weeks ago. Love it. Honor View 10 looks good but will be my second choice.
My dude (9 days ago)
Both gorgeous phones
UrAvgBlaxican (9 days ago)
OnePlus 5T
Faridzul Fauzi (9 days ago)
Using the Honor View 10 now, and it seems like you deliberately avoided to compare storage space to bias toward oneplus 5t. Honor View 10 comes with 128gb stock, and still has expansion for more. That is not similar to the oneplus.
Prem Kumar (9 days ago)
Sijoon Jang (9 days ago)
AMOLED >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> IPS
riskitall33 (9 days ago)
OP5T !!!!!
Bonez Baller (9 days ago)
One plus 5t definitely brilliant software and the open source community are amazing 😉
Mobile Gossips (9 days ago)
Honor View 10 <3
Ronak Jain (9 days ago)
View 10
Francisco Tripodi (9 days ago)
view 10
Shyma Babu (9 days ago)
Honor view 10
Sr. D (9 days ago)
Honor v10 could be perfect, if wasn't for his bad gpu compared with the adreno on the 835
Raj Gajbhiye (9 days ago)
One plus has a huge fan following honor v10 is better than 5t
E M R A N (9 days ago)
I'll go for 5T bcz of Software I hate Bloatware installed devices
Mridul Gupta (9 days ago)
I had both options open when I bought 5t. Main reason i went for 5t was its amoled display. IPS is great and all, but when it comes down to it, an IPS no matter how good will never be as good as oled. Also as I have not much photography needs, 5t was a blind go for me.
Christian S. (9 days ago)
V10 because it comes with Oreo out of the box and Project Treble support.
Musicxpert (9 days ago)
5t of course.
That Guy (9 days ago)
No talk of the audio?
Farhan Kazi (9 days ago)
Watching on the OnePlus 5
Nikhil Rauniyar (9 days ago)
V10 looks good with those features and good camera but I really love the fast stock android experience on OP5T
aditroitz (9 days ago)
just to remember, huawei forgetting honor 8 to getting new android update. the reason is what inside of honor 8 is not match with the new android update system. think twice they will do the same on your phone XD I'm read on the news for this statement...
Cyril Lucas (9 days ago)
And honor phones have bad track record with slow software updates. OnePlus for the win
Bhaskar Jogale (10 days ago)
#Honor View 10 #TeamHonorV10 is Best IT has Advance AI technology That simply One Plus doesn't have
max2max (10 days ago)
The Honor v10 has default 128Gb, the 5t only 64gb for the same pic. In addition you have also has the ability to extend it even thunder using a micro SD card. On the other hand 1+ has Bluetooth 5.0 over 4.2 Bad video, software is an important part but OxygenOs is not a stock android experience. I had the best android experience on my 1+ 3 with lineage os, gapps and some sony apps like the gallery.
ramiz ahmad (10 days ago)
Sumit Saurav (10 days ago)
one important thing which you missed out is that Honor V10 has no OIS or EIS or any type of image stabilisation...whereas 5t has OIS.So we all know which will take perfect click of moving object & which will smoothly record videos
Mihir Raval (10 days ago)
My inclination is towards huawei honor view10. Because of mainly AI and the camera performance because of monochrome sensor that gives very good picture quality also helps in low light conditions. additionally, dual 4G support sim is benefit. over to this, gesture response front fingerprint scanner which is unique concept and screen resolution with perfect balance brightness which enhance look of images and videos.
Abdullah Javaid (10 days ago)
Obviously, OnePlus 5t. Love this phone.
Sebastian J (10 days ago)
Well...Since I Started An Unintentional Habit Of Having 2 Phones~Since 2004~If I Were To Choose Between These 2 Devices[Code For If I Were Rich And Had That Sort Of Money Lying About] It's Quite Simple~I'd Purchase Both...
Sebastian J (10 days ago)
Those Are Splendidly Nice Phones...And Not To Be Nitpicky~I've Never Like That iPhone Like Camera Placement...I Like The Camera Yo Always Br In The Center...Apat From That~Those Are Marvelous Devices... Larger Displays Are In These Days...At Least For Me...5.7 And Larger... Especially In The 6 Inch Range...5.5 Is The Lowest Id Go...
Yash Diwane (10 days ago)
OnePlus for the same reason
Sunil Gelli (10 days ago)
I go for honor view 10 because i don't like stock experience
Revzah (10 days ago)
AMOLED all the way
Omar Craviotto (10 days ago)
They are both great phones.
Valenty 46 (10 days ago)
Honor V10
Madhu RP (10 days ago)
5T Love it
NT production's (10 days ago)
Honor view 10..
Dec Orman (10 days ago)
i have the one plus 5 T
Mohd Radzi Nurul Azri (10 days ago)
Got the V10... It's cheaper than 5T. Also another point is Huawei phones tends to have more accessories vs Oneplus. Most shops don't even know oneplus. Agreed on the Oxygen OS as my previous phone was 1+2. It's still a great phone if not for the battery...
REDIXIT - Roblox (10 days ago)
Omg.. He knows da wae to go! One plus 5t for sure, not for the camera tho
M@noj (10 days ago)
Honor view10 for dual sim volte and lot of features
- Freezanator - (10 days ago)
Screw EMUI. Get an iPhone with true iOS rather than this bloated iOS copy.
Aryaraj Banerjee (10 days ago)
View 10 is better
Ben Tenyson (10 days ago)
Dash Charing Takes it all, Charging in hurry is one the important things that helps
Eddie Chung (10 days ago)
I might go for the honor's camera
arnold kokonya (10 days ago)
This is a difficult pick. I will go with the OnePlus coz they are better with updates compared to Huawei.
Alfredo Gonzalez (10 days ago)
Why put the ugly button on the front mannn you just dont learn honor , amoled all the way ... honor phone looks outdated even cheaper budget phones are doing away with front buttons period...
Mohamed Ishak (10 days ago)
Honor View 10 much better...
nifran khan (10 days ago)
Saw many comments about the view 10 as well as op5t... I have used both the phones... To me I feel OP5t is just one step higher compared to view 10... View 10 is nice phone which gives a premium look but it has a cheap looking display when compared to OP5T... And when it comes to camera I would definitely recommend op5t... The details are higher in the one plus camera... When you take a picture on both the phones and when u compare it with each other... On the phone the honor view 10 it is good but when I transferred both the pictures to my computer and reviewed it opposite... The one plus picture has more detail and natural looking... We have nothing to do with dual volte.. for a single volte itself the charge isn't that great...
Rugved Patil (10 days ago)
I have iphone se should I upgrade to any of these
Ravindra R (10 days ago)
The price is definitely in the equation at least in India. And for that reason and the time being, the Honor v10 beats OP5T hands down. In the long haul, I think the OP5T will beat the former due to the community builds that will keep it up to date with Android.
Mohan R (10 days ago)
OP5T anyday
Anthony McIntosh (10 days ago)
I really can't understand the Rave around stock android. It's so boring and common.
Paul Anderson (10 days ago)
One Plus 5t would get my vote.
shahzaan siddique (10 days ago)
oneplus 5T is best but its a dream for us to buy these phone . i wish i could buy if i have that much money in my pocket .. for me oneplus is the best bcoz i like pure android stock . and there is much more great feature after rooting i hope so ...
Ruthvik Natesh (10 days ago)
Honor view 10!!
3dr14n G (10 days ago)
I'll choose the Honor V10: 1. Cheaper. 2. Extensible (microsd). 3. Multifuncitonal (IR Blaster). 4. Better Camera Software. 5. Bigger Battery.
THE NOOB DUDE (10 days ago)
Background song?
codenamearun (10 days ago)
Honor view 10,in india it is cheaper than one plus 5t by 20 percent.
imSunil (10 days ago)
One plus 5t
Cheetos Ortiz (10 days ago)
Oneplus 5t for me. The Android experience is important to me
Praveen neevarP (10 days ago)
Both of them have the same camera design and none of them designed them 😂😂
Rushabh Zaveri (10 days ago)
oneplus 5t my choice

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