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Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge Review - Best of 2015 | SuperSaf TV

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Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge Full Hands-on Review. Buy Galaxy S6 UK: http://amzn.to/1dj7oRT US: http://amzn.to/1dRPUgf See some of my other related videos: Samsung Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6 - Camera Test Comparison - https://youtu.be/2ogJ9U6Evng Galaxy S6/S6 Edge Battery Life - Does it Suck? - https://youtu.be/bLa4bz_g6n8 Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Apple iPhone 6 - https://youtu.be/G5Kl4D2PzxE Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Gold Platinum Unboxing - https://youtu.be/2b3nOe5Ws18 Samsung Galaxy S6 Unboxing UK - https://youtu.be/sc3CD0JleY0 Follow me on: Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/SuperSaf Twitter - http://twitter.com/SuperSaf GooglePlus - http://www.google.com/+SuperSaf YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/SuperSaf Instagram - http://instagram.com/SuperSafTV Web: http://www.SuperSaf.com/

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Text Comments (137)
Sheena Feliciana (1 year ago)
can u tell me the best camera settings for Samsung s6
merchymerch (2 years ago)
Thanks for helpful review
Tymisha Erving (2 years ago)
rotmee (2 years ago)
Plus or Sony Z5 premium?
Peter Frank (2 years ago)
nice beard man!
Leon Teo (2 years ago)
should i get S6 edge or S6 ??
Orbritblue (2 years ago)
I personally bought a galaxy s6 and it has been such a great experience. I have once used galaxy s3 and i dropped it and my LCD screen went out and i tried the LG G2 and it was a good phone, but i realized that nothing can beat galaxy s series. I dont think its a good idea to buy galaxy edge right now because it is a new technology in the market and it may not be well developed yet. And that is the reason why i bought the regular s6 because its safer. And there not much added to the edge feature yet, that explains that the edge technology isnt too stable yet.
iCanGrowaBeard (2 years ago)
The S6 edge was the worst phone experience ever for me. I've been using it for a month now and all i want to do is sell it.. -Where I live (the entire country) the stores have no covers / protection /... the only cover i could buy for this phone was the crapy samsung flip cover. The stupid flip cover gave my phone more damage than protection. Screen protection on this phone is a nightmare, stores have no edge protection, only the middle part (thank god for eBay) -The phone heats up like crazy -Apps crash like crazy (the fingerprint crashes 6/10 times). -Lags The camera is amazing but what is the point of having a cool camera if you can't share it with the world.. (your videos and photos get converted on all social media) You can't edit your amazing videos in editing apps  (only up to 1080 videos) -The apps from playstore suck (updates come late, buggy, stop working on the background, cost the double of what  apple AppStore asks, ads... ads everywhere and every minute. -Can't sync to or from your mac (so no perfect back ups) -Gorilla glass 4, more like butter glass 4 -Phone reboots sometimes out of nowhere  -The egde is cool but annoying as F#@! -€1050 for the 128GB
Hummam Sheikh Ali (2 years ago)
I have never regretted buying things, but buying the Galaxy s6 . I have an iPhone 6 plus and it's hundreds years better than this gimmicky device. 1 - Battery charges fast, but drains faster (not to mention how hot it gets when you put it on its fast charger, which means that the battery won't last long before you need to replace it.) 2-  Gets relatively hot with medium tasks, especially near the power key, which makes it annoying. 3- The camera is the biggest scam ever. It's no where near the 6 plus, especially in low light i have captured pics using both cameras in low light and i was astonished how bad the camera of the s6 performs in low light. I don't know why Samsung has yet to make the focus and exposure shift like in the iPhone... 4 - the screen is super nice, but it's so sensitive that if your hand accidentally touched the edge of the screen you will be pressing something. (It's really annoying). Verdict: I personally decided to sell the phone and never buy  Samsung phones anymore. call me what you want, iPhone is the best smart phone ever.
Jack (2 years ago)
Beard be on fleek
Kakashi Hatake (3 years ago)
Is it true the S6 cost £700 on Pay as you go?
Rock'ca Holic (3 years ago)
I wanted this phone but the s5 was cheaper so I got that
Samsung A7 vs Note 4 and S6 pleaaaaaaaaase
Phresh Ideas + Designs (3 years ago)
I'd definitely get one if it was within my budget. Appreciate the review. Check out this hilarious Chinese animation on "smartphone addiction" when you get a minute.
A08Fokrul (3 years ago)
What are your thoughts of the HTC one m9 saf ? What would you go for samsung edge s6 or htc ? Thanks
StyrbjornStarke (3 years ago)
Damn that icecream looks good
ZASKILL (3 years ago)
Pleaze answerd me
ZASKILL (3 years ago)
For my ,opinion i like the s6 because the 150 $ is much expansive fore a double edge display but the others feature is pretty the same pretty video but i want a answerd for this question : which is better iphone 6 or the brund new galaxy s6
Flamed Warrior (3 years ago)
samsung s6 eedge
android user (3 years ago)
Can you Review The Samsung Galaxy A5
Jaime Hellcat (3 years ago)
Man, I love all of your reviews...
RON69METS (3 years ago)
Awesome review as always . So waiting for the Note 5. Hate not having the expansion slot and no fan of the cloud but these phones look great.
Francisco Raigoza (3 years ago)
Great review. One of the best.
Cracked Biscuit (3 years ago)
Supersaf mate this or iphone 6 plus; I'm going to buy a new phone soon P.s I love both os and android
SassyScentsTM (3 years ago)
I put my phone screen down... :(
SassyScentsTM (3 years ago)
Jk. Great vid! I'd like to try the edge, but I think I'll wait for the Note 5 Edge...if there's one that is.
Rudy Z. (3 years ago)
Bot56 S6 , and S6 Edge are the best phones so far!!
Kevin Robinson (3 years ago)
Great dude..Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SuperSaf TV (3 years ago)
+Kevin Robinson cheers
Mehdi Foroughi (3 years ago)
my s3 is better :D
S8Plus IsBoss (3 years ago)
Definitely nothing is touching the S6 or S6Edge till October when the Note5 and Note5Edge arrives.
Gregory Barton (3 years ago)
what wireless charger did you just use in this video?
SuperSaf TV (3 years ago)
+Gregory Barton from +fonesalesman 
Abdul Rehman (3 years ago)
Please compare Galaxy Alpha and Galaxy A7.I am very confused which to buy ?
Won Suh (3 years ago)
Just wanna share my rant on "don't buy s6 edge". There was a wifi problem with the device that I purchased on the release date. Would stay connected, but upstream / downstream freezes every 20~30 seconds. I tried on different network, security settings, and bandwidth, but problem persisted. Then sent it for service at Samsung repair center, and I was promised of expedited service. More than a week passed, still no news. I called the service center today, and found out that device is still sitting in the warehouse, waiting to be repaired. And here's why S6 is awful : 1. They have not fully tested S6 prior to its release. Lots of bugs (app crash / battery drain), which most of them are negligible, but ones like wifi problem, is critical. Good luck on picking the phone lottery. 2. Awful customer service. I had to call three times / chat twice, spending more than 4 hours to find out where my device is and whether it is being fixed or not. The service center promised for expedited service, as well as promised the date when I will get the device back, but only later found out those words were nothing but empty promise to dupe customers. Also, as I escalated my call to higher level agent (or manager), they were keep blaming on me and making falsified statements that I never received an expedited service - whereas, online repair tracker clearly indicates the device was sent in for an expedited service. Classic blame-game from incompetent / unwilling call agents. Prepare to be frustrated when you have issues with the phone. Expect more than an hour for a call. BOTTOM LINE :  Do not buy the device. Don't be fooled by the looks. Service is awful at most. Go ahead and buy iPhone or Moto X. They do not screw customer like Samsung, and they take responsibilities for faulty devices. People at Samsung do not respect your time, and would not acknowledge their fault in poor manufacturing. For this price tag, you all deserve better.
Nathan Jones (3 years ago)
+Won Suh if you have an option of smart network switch (pictured below) in the wifi settings, disable it, it's been a known bug since the s4, it's due to unstable wifi connection so the phone tries to switch back and forth between 2.4GHZ / 5GHZ and mobile data, picture - https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=smart+switch+note+4&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=daE3VY6WDInYarSogMgB&ved=0CAoQ_AUoBA&biw=1472&bih=715#tbm=isch&q=smart+network+switch+note+4&imgrc=bbiNugvz92EdkM%253A%3BA9H_3EEyUlzuYM%3Bhttp%253A%252F%252Fmedia.tumblr.com%252Fe93f368461e9347cef6947e7573d2f98%252Ftumblr_inline_nh71lmnGCc1t6yar1.jpg%3Bhttp%253A%252F%252Fwww.isdky.com%252Fpost%252F106229231859%252Fx100t-wifi-and-samsung-note-4%3B422%3B750
sajid butt (3 years ago)
Excellent review. Most people get phones on pay monthly contracts in the UK. So it's a couple of pounds more for the EDGE. Just sayin.
Gigi (3 years ago)
Love ur post
SuperSaf TV (3 years ago)
+Gigi thanks :)
Adam Chase (3 years ago)
White hairs saf? You're not even that old!
SuperSaf TV (3 years ago)
+Adam Chase Full time job + YouTube + Bills to pay - Sleep = A lot of white hair :-p lol
BiwiSHD (3 years ago)
7:38 name case for s6? Thanks for video men :)
SuperSaf TV (3 years ago)
+BiwiSHD cheapy one off eBay for now lol
angelo palmer (3 years ago)
So basically saf you said the edge is nicer looking but for functionality the s6 is streets ahead. As most of the functions for the edge you like most people wont and dont use. Looks like its a waste of extra money plus im sure the battery life is poor. 2015 and still getting less than a day for a top of the range phone.hmmmmm
SuperSaf TV (3 years ago)
+angelo palmer nope, did not say that. Functionality is practically the same with both, the Edge just has the 'Edge' in terms of looks.
Auroras Adventures (3 years ago)
The edge has a larger battery then the s6
Yannick Broers (3 years ago)
"*cough* iphone *cough*" have my thumbs up good sir!
SuperSaf TV (3 years ago)
+Yannick Broers :-p
JLJ0506 (3 years ago)
This guy truly does not know anything about cell phones to claim that this is the best phone out yet. This phone clearly copies the iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 all in one. And to remove the option to where customers can have access to the battery and also the ability to purchase an expandable memory itself is sad that Samsung took away from customers. Samsung should have designed a durable phone that is waterproof like the s5 and still give customers the option to have access to an SD card and to the removable battery that would have been a game changer. This phone is nothing but a copycat of Apple! In our research we have found that Samsung has actually paid certain YouTube reviewers to lie about their products so that people can buy them I have a feeling this guy is one of them.
JLJ0506 (3 years ago)
+adil2002ster that's right so why is Samsung now copying Apple? Believe me I am an Android fan but if you look at the s5 and all its features they completely went backwards with the new s6. That's why I say that this person doing the review is completely clueless when it comes to smartphones.
adil2002ster (3 years ago)
Hey man Apple couldn't carry until they made 6+ which that was simply a copy of note series idea come on man
Exoy .-. (3 years ago)
Every time i use 6s camera i feel that i have a big body and a small head
Natural Gamer (3 years ago)
+راع البل Were you high at that time?
m2m1992 (3 years ago)
one of the best reviews I have seen for Samsung s6 & edge :) straight to the point with all the important features highlighted, subscribed!
SuperSaf TV (3 years ago)
+m2m1992 thanks and welcome to the channel :)
Remy De la Cruz (3 years ago)
This dude its always on point with his reviews. Wondering how the Edge will work with vanilla Android/CM...
SuperSaf TV (3 years ago)
+Remy De la Cruz thanks man
Jonathan Jorge (3 years ago)
+Remy De la Cruz, you're getting terrible battery life on your note?  On Tmobile it's flawless.  I used to have Clean Master on it but uninstalled it after it started hogging all my resources and draining battery.  Once I went back to stock set up (touch wiz, 4.4.4) it went back to normal.   The way Samsung set up the S6 you really can't notice the difference besides screen size.  The Screen is just as brilliant as the Note's (a bit better since it's newer and they obviously tweaked it).   The Note 5 is going to be a beast, knowing that Sammy will probably make it out of metal.  I can't wait.  
Remy De la Cruz (3 years ago)
I have the note 4 as well.  the battery sucks on the note. I like the screen and camera though.  I wouldnt mind going back to smaller/normal, but more crips screen. It seems I might get the reg S6 based on your usage/answer.  Probably gets more screen real state, too?  
Jonathan Jorge (3 years ago)
The edge is simply for looks. The regular s6 is just as good, only 100.00 cheaper. I got the edge because of how it looks. That's it. I disabled all the edge features because they aren't really useful to me. The phone is amazing. Fast, light, camera is fucking brilliant (front facing camera well). They hit a home run. Battery life is decent for a 2600 mah battery. The 64bit processor and dedicated core for battery efficiency are brilliant. I'm going from a note 4 to this and do not miss my note 4 at all. I thought the smaller battery and screen would be an issue but nope.
Remy De la Cruz (3 years ago)
Cool bro. Would u take the Edge again should u have the chance to get it again? I mean, did u play with it enough to call it a keeper over the regular S6 +Jonathan Jorge​
Sic Lusifer (3 years ago)
Everything is over priced in the UK, except those German supermarkets (lidl and aldi) :/
SuperSaf TV (3 years ago)
+Sic Lusifer agreed!
Degus Jacoby Pradana (3 years ago)
S6 edge, beauty become powerfull
tannacy jack (3 years ago)
Lol i put my phone face down sometimes. Great vid though. Tnks
SuperSaf TV (3 years ago)
+tannacy jack fair enough lol, I don't think most people do
Aaron Crawford (3 years ago)
I put my phone face down sometimes..
g0phuckyourself (3 years ago)
Now thats a beard you could set your watch to.
SuperSaf TV (3 years ago)
+g0phuckyourself lol thanks
Dee Jimenez (3 years ago)
Great video, as always.
SuperSaf TV (3 years ago)
+Dee Jimenez thanks man
Stefano (3 years ago)
Great review. I have the edge, and love it. Mainly for the looks lol. Hey, you gotta pay to play.
SuperSaf TV (3 years ago)
+76Duceman cheers
ReallyElvis (3 years ago)
Lol im watching this on an edge
wesammasharka (3 years ago)
Do camera test betwen the s6 and the note 4
Qasim Amad (3 years ago)
nice top where can i buy one from?
SuperSaf TV (3 years ago)
+Qasim Amad SuperSaf Shop, coming soon ;-)
imicca (3 years ago)
I like galaxy s6 - apple fan
AnimeActionLover (3 years ago)
I'm broke, IF i had money, I would had bought S6 Edge, been to T mobile Store to try it out, gosh! it looks gorgeous , I couldn't put the phone down.
imicca (3 years ago)
Nice review :)
SuperSaf TV (3 years ago)
+imicca cheers buddy :-)
Idrissa Kouma (3 years ago)
Any idea on when we are getting lollipop on the international note 4, here in the UK
Davis USA (3 years ago)
For someone here who had the galaxy s4 before and then Galaxy s6. Can you tell how is the battery life compared between them?. Please an honest answer
Eyad Tahayna (3 years ago)
Seriously man , there is something special about your reviews I've seen many , just decided to get the S6 edge . thank you for this amazing work . Good luck ! 😊
SuperSaf TV (3 years ago)
+Eyad Tahayna thanks buddy, appreciate it
parth parashar (3 years ago)
U don't reply to your emails
SuperSaf TV (3 years ago)
+parth parashar my email is for business enquiries only buddy and my agent looks after it, please tweet me @SuperSaf for anything else :)
bodrulm1 (3 years ago)
Does this not have double-tap to wake? Does it wake via the home button rather than power button?
Canuck S (3 years ago)
Or you can double tap the home buttons to launch the camera while the phone sleep ;)
MTc98 (3 years ago)
No double-tap to wake but you can use the home button to wake it up
evilakuma1000 (3 years ago)
Put touchwiz under more testing load more contacts, apps, games, pictures, videos and show us how it handles it, and over time does it slow down, do we have force closes wake up lag, theme lag, how is the battery does it start to charge slower in time, because if the battery can't hold the charge the phone will have less live then other hones with removable batteries.
Huber Zabaleta (3 years ago)
I wish Samsung would give us the choice right out the box whether you want to install TouchWiz or Vanilla Android os. I'm not the only one who hates TouchWiz. Who agrees with me? I currently have the Note4 running Nova launcher.
Ibraheem Al hadede (3 years ago)
+Huber Zabaleta I love TW on my Note 4.
Jassari96 (3 years ago)
I have the S6 and its camera is the best
coldsause14 (3 years ago)
+Jassari96 Nope..... iphone 3gs
thefeithfuly (3 years ago)
+David Wessel i think he was joking XD
Weazel Withaz (3 years ago)
+TRONwins bruh? The iPhone 5 has an 8 mp camera, the Samsung Galaxy s6 has 16 mp camera. It's not even a competition.
abu siddique (3 years ago)
i watch ur video because of ur beard
SuperSaf TV (3 years ago)
+abu siddique haha thanks
Adel Naif (3 years ago)
Best phone in the world The battery life is amazing comparing to the battery life in my previous iphone 6 phone which I sold it get the S6 edge ..
Akshit Kapoor (3 years ago)
Can 240 fps slow motion videos be made available if Samsung thinks of doing so?? Or is it a hardware thing?? +SuperSaf TV
Fares Ahmed (3 years ago)
anytime welcome :)
Akshit Kapoor (3 years ago)
+Fares Ahmed​:thanks :)
Fares Ahmed (3 years ago)
+Akshit Kapoor of corse hardware thing
Danny G (3 years ago)
The hardware is easily capable of it.
Ayman Romhi (3 years ago)
Great review as expected . I think S6 and edge are very good phones but over rated , design wise is a cross between iPhone and sony z series with standard samsung front look , the edge I find not beautiful and no use of it like the elegant curve on LG flex , display is great but so what ?LG g3 did that a year ago , battery is not good and that leave us with camera , it is great camera but so is iPhone . I like to see comparison with htc m9 + .
actincrazy__ (3 years ago)
+Ayman Romhi I think you forgot to focus on that it's the smoothest Touchwiz to date
k_Jay (3 years ago)
I love my Galaxy S6 edge.
SurvivalCraft (3 years ago)
s6 is the best phone in the world
Blud AKA Uzzy (3 years ago)
gr8 video!!!
SuperSaf TV (3 years ago)
+MR.RandomLicious AKA Blood-hunter435 cheers!
yvibes (3 years ago)
Dem selfies in the gallery dooee
SuperSaf TV (3 years ago)
+yvibes haha erm they were to test the camera of course :p
Migs (3 years ago)
Loving my gs6 edge well worth the money I spent, no more flat phones for me now
Koushik Sengupta (3 years ago)
Atlast was waiting for it SAF. :) Thanx a lot. Helped me a lot . :) Also i shared with my friend :)
SuperSaf TV (3 years ago)
+Koushik Sengupta thank you my friend :)
Ishan Sethi (3 years ago)
iPhone 6 = REKT
BeginnersTech (3 years ago)
Great review bro really enjoyed it
SuperSaf TV (3 years ago)
+BeginnersTech thanks dude :-)
Sai (3 years ago)
Is that john lewis in leicester?
SuperSaf TV (3 years ago)
+Purpleslime321 yup! lol
kalpesh4100 (3 years ago)
It seems like
Sam A. (3 years ago)
Great work bro.
SuperSaf TV (3 years ago)
+Sam A. thanks buddy
Sid Narula (3 years ago)
your videos are awesome Saf! Keep up the great work! :)
SuperSaf TV (3 years ago)
+Sid Narula cheers!
Nayan Pradhan (3 years ago)
Your videos are just amazing
SuperSaf TV (3 years ago)
+Nayan Pradhan cheers man

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