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Feeding a family on a food stamp budget

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Healthy food is hard to come by in many sections of Bridgeport, CT. Especially on a food stamp budget. We follow a single mother shopping as she tries to make her SNAP benefits stretch.
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chuck s (2 hours ago)
Crying Hard Times and Still Popping Out Babies. I Really Don't Give A SHIT !
Soraya Watkins (3 hours ago)
Wow wish they could raise the minimum wage higher it’s not just adults struggling it’s also kids as well it’s sad
B. Neall (3 hours ago)
@smitty smith...Zach Stuart won that debate. No contest.
Debbie Villalobos (6 hours ago)
Oh my God stop beating get a job get a job she said we're not going to support your family we getting support our own family become something do something with yourself sitting sitting there
Debbie Villalobos (6 hours ago)
Damn that is a lot of money $700 Jesus I'm food stamps that's why she so f****** fat if she had a job she wouldn't be eating everything in sight
Debbie Villalobos (6 hours ago)
Look at how fat fat fat everybody's getting bigger fatter and fatter and fatter and they don't try and eat healthy they just junk food and that's what we buy with food stamps booze cigarettes anything they can
Debbie Villalobos (6 hours ago)
Get another job get another job 4Kids oh my God close your legs stop having babies my God was the f****** father get some child support you got losers forefathers losers
Debbie Villalobos (6 hours ago)
Who gives a s*** you know what a f****** job is dumb b**** I mean you too fat to move you know me fatter fatter and fatter you can't even move around I see everybody handicapped handicap stickers pigs stop eating
Debbie Villalobos (6 hours ago)
You look like a big fat pig you ate everything did you get it leave any for your kids I mean you look like a big fat pig I mean Jesus come on if your big fat pig eating everything in sight stop crying and get a job fatty
Ranger Law Gaming (13 hours ago)
0:43 is dat roblox?
Autumn (1 day ago)
$700+ in food stamps doesn't last them a month?!?!?!?! Bitch doesn't knoq how to fucking shop!!!!
Leak Central (1 day ago)
And I’m here making $250 making crappy meme videos on YouTube and selling all my stuff on a Minecraft server for $60 PayPal. It’s not hard to make money, you’ve just got to get creative.
Clovis East (1 day ago)
The system is to blame for this neighborhood. I guarantee you those streets in that neighborhood are not the best. I feel bad for children that grow up in harsh environments they have a mindset deeply inserted that there’s no way out because of what they have seen their entire lives. Schools need to start hiring teachers who actually care about changing a kids life. There are so many rude selfish republican ass teachers, who stay making kids feel dumb and alone smh
Ella Ams (1 day ago)
the greedy rich steals from people on foodstamps
Ahdam Ban of Malak (2 days ago)
Need to keep her legs closed, having all them kids and can't take care of them, screw that! I'm not paying for them. Oops technically I do. 😒 by the way where are the fathers?
jfsfrnd (2 days ago)
She needs a Basic Income so she can work and save money without benefit cuts.
Errique Young (2 days ago)
Four kids.......why?
slime slayers (2 days ago)
She kinds sounds like karina garcia
Chitown ShaSha (3 days ago)
Her story made me so sad. She should coupon. Her food stamps will go a longer way. As for Trader Joe's, I love what they do as far as donating. Just to know that everywhere in the world is some family or someone hungry breaks my heart.
juan escobedo (3 days ago)
She should have not opened her legs and she needs to get two jobs. Ungrateful lazy weak ignorant woman.
Tracee Johnson (3 days ago)
A teacher's assistant and 4 children, how did she think she would be able to afford a life for all 5 of them on that type of salary. Why have 4 children you can't afford and now unemployed!
tpamel (3 days ago)
Where is the kids' father(s)? To feed them? To bring groceries? To send a car for groceries?
Kaylee Hughes (3 days ago)
Poor mom. If I could help her, I would.
Madden Mobile Raw (4 days ago)
Hope you get better😀
Kathy Brown (4 days ago)
I think a class teaching people who are receiving government assistance EBT teaching how to stretch their food dollars would be extremely beneficial, some people really don't know, I grew up poor ,ate lot's of beans, potatoes and pasta, also frozen veggies are cheaper and still healthy.
Ana Rivera (4 days ago)
Wait a damn min. I'm a single mother. I do it 100% alone. The one car thing is common with anyone that's not a problem. You wanna complain about government help take advantage of the job programs they offer. She is right when she said "her life is that way because of the choices she made." But you need to stop making excuses and do something. She is only talking about food. She has a job becuase if you dont have a job they will not allow you to live in housing becuase you still need to pay rent. So with that being said 700 a month for 5 ppl is more then enough if you buy smart. Store brands before name brands. There are alot of people who live in minimum wage and don't get food stamps for their families and don't have cheap rent becuase of housing. Where is the father dose he help. What is DCF doing to make him accountable. But sorry this story is bull. I know people who do more with less.
Mich Tsomething (4 days ago)
But why keep having children if you're not financially stable? Why not wait until you can give them a better life? I get it the older children came when she was stable, but the baby doesn't. Hopefully she can make the ends meet and take advantage of all the help she can get. But hopefully she won't bring another child in the world to have them struggle to get a decent meal.
Official Beetrill (4 days ago)
Crazy because I see people with food stamps buying steaks and lobsters... while I work 80 hours a week and have ramen for dinner......
icampbellsoup (4 days ago)
This is why we take education seriously.
Jonathan Rodriguez (5 days ago)
Enjoy your food seens i pay for it working my ass off
mama4lori (5 days ago)
700.00 a month for 5 people. My husband and I both work 40 to 50 hours a week. We feed 5 people on half of that.
Mimi krause (5 days ago)
God bless trader Joe's...their food is great and most places refuse to donate because they feel like their loosing out on money and costumers. I'm really proud of them!
melaine young (5 days ago)
If your kids have video games and mom's hair and makeup is done, you don't need food stamps.
Alphastarseeds (5 days ago)
i dont pity her she can spend 100 on makeup and beauty products but cant buy food living off tax payers you cant afford kids dont have em its that fucking simple
Alphastarseeds (5 days ago)
she can afford makeup but not food hmmm she needs to learn priorities
Ronya's Lit Life (6 days ago)
That infant formula is most likely what the cost is going to twenty dollars for one can boob milk is free and you have no job so no excuse food is really expensive in it sad to she he struggling but I doesn’t look like they are missing any meals they are cared for well
Shelly Peek (6 days ago)
I fed our family of 4 on less than $300 a month. $700 would have been amazing
john doe (6 days ago)
What does her husband have to say about this? Get the point?
Sam Wayne (6 days ago)
Single moms - Curse to the society
Ashley Aguilera (6 days ago)
I hope she get some help money wise.
K H-C (7 days ago)
So..she has a tight food budget, strives to buy healthy foods, yet is that overweight? Something isn't adding up here...
Blah Bleh (7 days ago)
Food stamp seems to be feeding her well. No, job, no car, but four kids... I have no sympathy.
Djms&capo DeMorais (8 days ago)
Civil war to get rid of subhumans who breed only to get benefits like they did in Syria.ISIS got rid of millions of subspecies .Send them to mexico
Eda Nur (8 days ago)
How come she has no money to eat yet she somehow manages to stay overweight?
Chioma Ifezue (8 days ago)
single mom so it’s her fault that she had 4 kids with some guy and probably wasn’t married. It’s just the typical single mother lifestyle: rely on taxpayers money and rely on baby daddy’s child support money.
Rasta Buritos (1 day ago)
Chioma Ifezue if she had a few baby daddy's she wouldn't need gov assistance, she'd be well off and not strugglin
ESKETITTT (3 days ago)
tpamel he’s right lol
tpamel (3 days ago)
Chioma Ifezue if she was getting child support money from her multiple baby's daddies, then she would need less tax dollar support.
Damiana Escobar (9 days ago)
Not to be mean but my grandma had 7 kids that she had to take care of them so she was a mother and a father they where pore and she worked hard to feed them all
derrie page (9 days ago)
Chioma Ifezue (8 days ago)
derrie page typically life style of a single mother. The father is probably hooking out with other chicks.
Mary Davis (9 days ago)
God bless her
David K (9 days ago)
Third world people, third world neighborhood.
mike sull (9 days ago)
she's one big fat cow .what's going on the people paying tax for that big fat cow .May be if she stop having bastards she would have money
David K (9 days ago)
Why is she so incredibly fat? Why is she living in the United States?
blah blah (9 days ago)
Why would you have another baby when you cant feed the three you already have?
Vile Crocodile (9 days ago)
Fckin animals
Jairoux (9 days ago)
*Awe, Jesus bless them please.*
Slirun _ (10 days ago)
Is not that bad she has lots of wealth store in her stomach.
karina otero (10 days ago)
So she can’t get a job as a cashier and work around the schedule of her children. And that’s more than a enough money a month. Go to a Hispanic household and they can stretch that money out. Also couponing can help you save money on the side.
C G (10 days ago)
The sad part is that I can completely relate. Every time you try to save a penny something happens. I owe thousands of $'s in student loans that I have been trying to pay off. Then last thursday the alternator went out in my car, when my dad tried to change it, he realized that the tensioner belt had slipped out of place and the water pump had sliced it up good. Then after taking the tensioner belt off, my dad realized that a screw had broken in the engine so now I needed to get a new one!!!! And of course the best news of all was the fact that I had just bought the car 6 months prior. Yeah, so life is hard.
According to Isabelle (11 days ago)
Omg people stop feeling bad for the lazy people who don’t get a job Bc they don’t want to. They take advantage of food stamps and like the woman in this video, they get to the point where they don’t have a frickin car....smh😤😤
According to Isabelle (8 days ago)
Chioma Ifezue yeah ikr
Chioma Ifezue (8 days ago)
According to Isabelle she’s a “single mom” so it’s her fault that she had 4 kids with some guy and probably wasn’t married. It’s just the typical single mother lifestyle: rely on taxpayers money and rely on baby daddy’s child support money.
Everything. (11 days ago)
I’m sorry sis what? I live in Connecticut and Fairfield is not the wealthiest place here
Julian C (11 days ago)
Where is the baby daddy or daddies? They or him needs to pay child support
Julian C (8 days ago)
Chioma Ifezue if that's true what a dang shame
Chioma Ifezue (8 days ago)
Julian C Her baby daddy is hooking up with other chicks
Bryan Bui (12 days ago)
How does she have money to buy all that makeup but barely enough for food?
Andi Miller (14 hours ago)
What the fuck? She could have owned that makeup for years. That's the problem with making assumptions, you make yourself look and sound STUPID.
That's so Arianne (18 hours ago)
Makeup products lost a long time
5th PreciousAngel (19 hours ago)
You would be surprised how cheap you can get makeup. Don't be so rude.
Mel Ann (5 days ago)
All that makeup? You're an idiot if you really think because she's wearing some eyeliner and damn eyeshadow, that she isn't spending her money wisely and is making makeup a priority over food.
Mary_janeshorty (5 days ago)
You sound dumb af
John Dough (12 days ago)
Sterilization of all women and males on welfare
Bo Do (12 days ago)
Is there a way to donate to her?
David Brown (12 days ago)
Trump and the other low life's are going after food stamps next.
Danielle Fontenot (13 days ago)
I fell so much sorry for this stuff that keeps happening I will pray for you and your family
ExperimentalVaccines (13 days ago)
I have watched a handful of these videos of people living on barely any money. WHY ARE ALL THE WOMEN FAT IF THEY DONT HAVE MONEY?
Anna Marcalleti (13 days ago)
John Texas (14 days ago)
As in all these cases, the slutty mother is causing her children to start in their lives at a real disadvantage--and not just because of the food stamps.
John Texas (8 days ago)
You obviously know nothing about how to find and present documentation as opposed to opinion.
Chioma Ifezue (8 days ago)
http://www3.uakron.edu/schulze/401/readings/singleparfam.htm https://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2015/12/how-poor-single-moms-survive/418158/
John Texas (8 days ago)
That article doesn't support your statement. Try again.
Chioma Ifezue (8 days ago)
https://singlemotherguide.com/single-mother-statistics/ here is the article
John Texas (8 days ago)
Please share with us your statistics making this "just the typical single mother lifestyle". Please be specific with real sources.
Aiden Jimenez (14 days ago)
The government has been highjacked... They've been bribed and now our wages will stay low and the corporations are robbing our government. How??? Simple,they pay wages so low that the government has to assist. And Walmart is making record profits. Where do you think that profit is coming from?? From the assistance the government gives...
LoVaKo (19 hours ago)
Doesnt the government determine the minimum wages in the USA? That profit is coming from being a well structured business. They don't need to pay their employees more because if one stopped for not getting paid enough, 10 others are in line to fill up that spot. No real experience neccesary to start out in a store... It has nothing to do with the government, but with supply and demand when it comes to those types of jobs.
Cierra Clark (14 days ago)
Try feeding 6 on a food stamp budget
hellfireansulfer (14 days ago)
I wouldnt have kids if i cant afford them
gena maher (14 days ago)
"money for Wars but can't feed the poor" 😡😡😡😞😞😞
elizäbeth (14 days ago)
She’s so cute
Marissa Barnett (16 days ago)
well she’s not starving
Elizabeth Segel (16 days ago)
0:43 nasty child playing Roblox because that’s totally what you do on the budget of a food stamp
LinnSundgren (17 days ago)
Emma Honer (17 days ago)
I hope this woman is able to keep helping her children😭
spinehorse 6858 (17 days ago)
Bull shit my mom can support me and my brother and sister a house and car in 7.50 an hour and no food staps
Crystal Wolf09 (17 days ago)
Well at least she has a roof over her head and is trying her best take care of her children
Tito Tio (18 days ago)
74 billion dollars 😲
TheMabes69 (18 days ago)
Sad. Maybe after a single Mom has her first child she cannot support, she should agree to mandatory birth control for a period of time in exchange for welfare to prevent more pregnancies. This is jsut not sustainable.
It's Alison (19 days ago)
Result of bad desisons
That's so Arianne (18 hours ago)
tpamel How do you even know? Ya don't stfu
That's so Arianne (18 hours ago)
That's what I said about you, snobby asshole
tpamel (3 days ago)
It's Alison resultof thot decisions too. You know these kids have different dads
Smalls Not Talls (19 days ago)
I watch this while eating ice cream
Dab In them haters (19 days ago)
She knows she could get wick since she has little kids which would get her free food payed for by the government
Makayla Thompson (19 days ago)
I don't want to sound like a troll but maybe she shouldn't have had all those kids in the first place I know it sounds a bit insensitive but its the truth
Rasta Buritos (1 day ago)
She may have not chosen to have a lot of kids, or maybe at some point she was in a situation where she could support 4 kids. But thanks for not being a dick about it
1800 Eli (20 days ago)
Looks like she eats a lot.
Aryan Kapoor (20 days ago)
This is how to solve her problem.... Get a shit ton of food from using Food Stamps. Sell the food to someone and get money just keep doing that. Quick maths
Candy Pablo (20 days ago)
Let's go boi
Berend Kuipers (20 days ago)
saw another bananarepublic where a sort of foodstamps exist: CUBA!
ll Dark Lxrd ll (20 days ago)
How is she on a budget yet has a laptop and a lot of electronics?
brittanie sidebottom (9 days ago)
Could be Christmas or birthday gifts from family\friends. Or like the other comment said, maybe the schools in their area use electronics instead of textbooks and the students bring them home to do homework.
MsBarelythere (9 days ago)
ll Dark Lxrd ll Guess you haven’t discovered that schools nowadays? Frequently use the technology/internet for children to do their homework on. 🙄 Therefore, government provides labtops, tablets, etc so children can complete their educational requirements at home..even when they can not afford to pay internet/computers. Smh. Get out of the 1950’s much and actually talk to educators/students nowadays?? 😂😂
Weirdly satisfyingly (20 days ago)
I really wish I copyleft do something to help a
Geneva Jackson (20 days ago)
instead of recording help I honestly hate that these people will take out these expensive cameras and record it instead of helping
Hannah Brown (20 days ago)
RODRICK HEFFLEY (21 days ago)
This is where our taxes go
Tom fair (21 days ago)
I would love to by HEALTHY STUFF, but i pay a lot of taxes and cant afford too
YoungChicoFromNewark (21 days ago)
you americans got it good even the poor in america. my country don't got food stamps or shelters nothin the kids steal chicken to kill and eat it and u gotta find your own way NOBODY and NOTHING to help you. id rather be poor in america then in Brazil.
David K (9 days ago)
She is not American.
The Last 49er Fan (21 days ago)
Why would you have 4 kids?
That's so Arianne (18 hours ago)
The Last 49er Fan omfg its as if every one in this comment section is in kindergarten
The Last 49er Fan (1 day ago)
And have a car
The Last 49er Fan (1 day ago)
duong minh if she could support more than 4 kids she wouldnt live in a housing
duong minh (1 day ago)
Or maybe it's just because she previously had a steady income that could support for four kids and now that she suddenly lost her job, she just can't? Ever think about that before judging her?
TheMabes69 (18 days ago)
Because you get almost free housing, free medical and food stamps. Does she look like she is starving?
Derick Lopez (21 days ago)
Quit f****** and sucking if you can't afford to feed your kids
Daniel Sugar (22 days ago)
No kids no financial problems
sunniallwein86 (22 days ago)
Don't have kids you cannot afford. Point Blank if you can't fucking feed yourself and you can't feed them kids

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