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Feeding a family on a food stamp budget

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Healthy food is hard to come by in many sections of Bridgeport, CT. Especially on a food stamp budget. We follow a single mother shopping as she tries to make her SNAP benefits stretch.
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J&M Squad (7 hours ago)
My BFF lives in the same neighborhood. Also she was shopping at food bizarre. Good store.
dog doggman (10 hours ago)
why doesn't she start s garden? And no.... gardening is not expensive and it does not require a lot of land, nor is it very time consuming. also, where is/are the father(s)?
Incredible Wash (13 hours ago)
Much respect to the single mothers out there keep ya head up!!
trash can (14 hours ago)
You can easily live on 5$ a day while eating healthy foods like beans, rice/wheat/oats, bananas, frozen fruit/veggies, etc
b1tt3r b1tch (17 hours ago)
$700 in food stamps a month!!! Damn I can feed 8 off of that!
ellena justin Willams (20 hours ago)
I lived in ct almost my whole life I just moved away 3 years ago its hella expensive there idk how anyone does it
Josefices Rogers (22 hours ago)
She's so pretty great mama and beautiful teeth keep your head up
Josefices Rogers (22 hours ago)
Keep your head up mama I'm struggling too God has a plan after hardship comes blessings
Looks like she's got a halfway decent apartment or home!
So Umm Why keep having kids when you can’t afford to take care of yourself? I don’t get it. That’s just selfish and unfair to the children and my taxes dollars Some folks put them selves in these predicament. JS.
Renee Randall (2 days ago)
Why the fuck do poor people have children when they know that they can't afford to have them?
E.M. H.S (20 hours ago)
Renee Randall ikr
Blake Mink (2 days ago)
Africans I’m not saying it’s just them have to stop having children and maybe world hunger and food stamps will be forgotten
Jamal Yusuf Ali Bey (2 days ago)
Where is the father of those beautiful children? Sad. Only a damn coward would leave such beautiful children and their mother. Women need to make better choices, concerning their pick in men. It's not that difficult. Character, moral's values principles and ethics is 90% of that choice, and wisdom the 10%.
Jarron Thompson (2 days ago)
If you lost your job get another one! No Dip Sherlock!
Com Truise (3 days ago)
Is this suppose to make me feel bad for people like this? We may not have a choice in where or when we are born, But we DO have a choice in what our future looks like, she just like plenty of others made mistake after mistake till they end up in the situation they are in
Georgia Carol (3 days ago)
Uuhhh! Excuse me, I am 39 and I make quite a lot of money, I am not going to lie about it. My husband makes more money than me and still, we were scared to bring children into this world, because we always thought that taking care of a child is not as easy as it seems, it’s much easier making them than raising them. Why is it always the ones that make no money, have no jobs that always need to keep bringing babies into this world?! Well I can tell you why they do it here in Canada .... welfare. A family with 4 children gets a total of almost 7000Canadian$/month from the Government ... now that’s a pretty good deal!
Godiva Smooth (3 days ago)
That’s crazy because my friend has 4 kids and her food stamps come with 2000 a month 🤔
Aw Dhagoweyne (3 days ago)
does your friend has a husband or she had these poor kids from 4 different friend guys?. Food stamp should be temporary not for life -- and some minorities are brainwashed don't get the consequence of their ACTIONS
Nik (3 days ago)
Please do not go on having kids. Why bring these innocent kids into a life of misery?
Life Of Leyah (3 days ago)
Not being disrespectful but did people not know what to name their kids cause they just started mixing things together there was was this girl in my class named London Green don't get me wrong the name is cute but did it get so bad u named your child after a city and a color is her nick name cc
Yafit Avila (3 days ago)
The Government is only there to assist and help out not to maintain that’s why it’s never going to be enough. They also limit you. It seems to me that they want to keep you there in order to demand things from you.
Catherine Zuklic (3 days ago)
$726 per month for a family is a LOT for food!!!!!! Plenty. And why the HELL does she have an 8-month-old baby for God's sake!!!!!! Now THAT is terrible!!!!! No responsibility.
Rosa Taylor (4 days ago)
I live in Missouri and i only get a monthly check and $100 in food stamps sucks
Slay with Loucel (4 days ago)
Good looking kids
April Diaz (4 days ago)
Stop having kids!!!! Period!!!! U knew how it was with one... why keep making kids if u can’t feed them?
Aw Dhagoweyne (3 days ago)
She is part of the blame having all these kids with no consequences --- 1 mistake is okay, 2 kids maybe but damn, she is blaming the government for her mistake ----- I don't get it. I am dude and If I have that many kids I will be working all day to help my family --- it is call humanity --- she is the problem.
April Diaz (3 days ago)
Aw Dhagoweyne good question. Smh
Aw Dhagoweyne (3 days ago)
where is the father or fathers of these kids?
no name (5 days ago)
i think it’s ironic that her name is Mercedes
shake tha lenford (5 days ago)
Yea times can get pretty hard. Thank god for food stamps.
Aw Dhagoweyne (3 days ago)
Father should chip in not the government. Don't make excuse for this lady.
Shatty linda nena (5 days ago)
man that women that said that they donated food so they have food for their family make me feel so happy that she helps and feels proud of helping ❤️🇺🇸respect
Marcus Murray (5 days ago)
She is an awful shopper, the cheese she purchased is about 6$ rather than buying a block of cheese for 2$ and cutting off a portion when desired. Also buying those individual yogurts are much more when compared to a tub of plain yogurt. Welfare should teach a shopping course.
Amanda R (5 days ago)
A struggle can be with a job and no job it never got to do with kids it’s life. I had a struggle before my daughter and still struggle cause I put her first and I got $191 in food stamps for 2people in NY and I have no car and in housing myself it’s not easy and I get $773 in ssi but that doesn’t last after bills and my kid and I don’t get any summer things myself I have to put back and wear my same clothes and etc it’s never easy no matter what you got and how much it’s the life itself and how you get around and sales and more
Aw Dhagoweyne (3 days ago)
Where is the father ----- I just don't get it with some people
Juliana Teets (6 days ago)
Wdy get babybel cheese?? That craps expensive
neptunus tailunas (6 days ago)
Mira Kittenpop (6 days ago)
What happened to dollar tree? They have veggies for a dollar 😕
Ben Lee (6 days ago)
Maybe if you cant support yourself then you shouldn't drag kids into the world. Youre a grown ass teachers assistant and you thought you could support 4 kids. No
Cybor Gorgeous (6 days ago)
$3,000,000 to $5,000,00 to open a grocery store? That's a massive lie!
JustBranden Tv (6 days ago)
My food stamps don't come in until Friday
Aw Dhagoweyne (3 days ago)
where is the father --- if I am a father of these many kids --- I will be working as hard as I could ---- some people don't get any humanity at all and the system is awarding.
Muhammad Siddiqui (6 days ago)
$74 billion dollars spent on these mistakes... They could've already funded a NASA mission to Mars and back.
Lee Ortiz (6 days ago)
Stupid ass shit, get educated and stop depending on others... Work work work
Aw Dhagoweyne (3 days ago)
where is the father --- these people are all about me me me
Obey Physics (7 days ago)
Watch this you feminist before you tell your daughters they don’t need a parents male or female. We all need each other and having a partner reduces that load. Love and live. 2 incomes have saved me for so long. I love my girl and she loves me. 12 years so far and counting. The issues is most men now will not get with a woman who has kids already. It’s a bonding thing. It is hard to care for siblings that our not yours. Unless you where there since babies. The chances lower tech older the kids. If the kids our grown and moved out then the male or female cares much less.we need to reduce the amount of children allowed that will fix so much. 2 per family. When you have woman with 5 and 6 kids. The chances of keeping a father or mother drops rapidly. The stress and finances becomes to much to bare. So we need to reduce the amount of kids. Until they pay us much much more per hour. Or gov assistance is all we got.
Slime Reb (7 days ago)
I live near her
Slime Reb (2 days ago)
No I don't I live in same state as her and it's a really good city lots of school
Aw Dhagoweyne (3 days ago)
Damn u live in rough neighborhood
Epic Elle (7 days ago)
Y'all dissing her. Y'all need to be dissing the father? Where he at?
Alex Lanehart (7 days ago)
It’s the new person for pew news
Daisy Ruiz (7 days ago)
I was a teen mom and I’m considered to be living in poverty but I’m lucky I realized I couldn’t afford to anymore children, I can barley afford my little family of 3. I’m 21 now on food stamps but I am currently a junior in college. One day I hope I will rise out of this poverty that is why I made the decision to go to school and take birth control. Some people are just not as bright and that’s okay but there are people who truly need it and are thankful that the snap program exists because they knew they will not be on it for the rest of their lives but there are those who must rely on it for a long amount of time because they have no choice. As a country we should want to pitch in our portion of tax money to make sure that poor children are fed!! We are lucky enough to have an economy were taxes go to poor people who need it because there are countries we’re children are starving and need food as well and can’t even get a bag of rice and it’s horrible I hope every child and their family can eat 3 nutritious meals a day. I’m glad for food stamps and once I finish college and hopefully get a good job I will know that my taxes are going to great use to help someone that was once in the same position as me. The rich should help the poor instead of making them feel more bad about the position they are in.
Brandon Ibarra (7 days ago)
Pray for her
Kiresha Ingram (8 days ago)
Nothing bad to say her house is clean her kids are too house has things in it she's down on luck wish her the best
Rave (8 days ago)
726 dollars? yo fam i'm coming to dinner
cougar goddess (8 days ago)
I grew up extremely poor and on welfare - it sucks. I know about food deserts. I am sick and tired of people that insult people on welfare.
CARRRL {Cheese Whiz} (8 days ago)
At least she's not like alot of others who use it for expensive systems and fast food, she uses it to go to the grocery store and to buy things for her children and take care of them and make sure they get what they need.
Cavan Black (8 days ago)
Why does the government have to take of you after your mistakes?
Grandpa Pete (9 days ago)
She's eating WELL.
Amanda Earle (9 days ago)
People struggle, but the smart ones don't bring 4 kids in the world without no help. She just wants sympathy. "Oh, help me.... I open my legs, and have tons of kids, and I can't pay for them".
Amanda Earle (9 days ago)
She just wants the govenrnment to pay for her. Too lazy to to get back on her feet and take care of herself and her kids. Stop popping out kids, and let real life slap you in the face.
Asmr Nariya (9 days ago)
Julie Owens (9 days ago)
Where's dad?
EDEN ETIENNE (9 days ago)
mj1994 (9 days ago)
We all fall and our lives get harsh but we cant depend on anybody else besides us!
mj1994 (9 days ago)
Im sorry I sympathize with the family. But in reality after my second kid I stoped having anymore for now. I now what I can and cant afford. And doesn’t she get those kids in day care? I dont understand how do you go home and even sleep while your finances are in ruin. Idk maybe im stupid and dont get it.
Nicholee Joyner (9 days ago)
Everyone saying how she needs to stop having kids and try to get a job needs to shut tf up. I know how it to struggle. My mom tried to support us but we needed the help too. It's hard to get a job now. Even with my mom and my step dad having jobs we still need a little help.
Ania Kot (9 days ago)
Maybe her kids can eat some of her food. She doesn't need anymore. Also close your fucking legs.
Jennifer Aviles (9 days ago)
It’s not temporary if you’ve been on it 2 years now.
Karli Mojica (9 days ago)
People have jobs but we’re not getting paid enough to make it
Evie X (9 days ago)
"I can't afford this! I can't afford that! I need this! I need that! I need food! I need money!" *Keeps shitting out kids, has large home, is morbidly obese, has multiple children, meanwhile stealing from government* She is fucking disgusting. I hope she ACTUALLY loses everything.
DXL.00124 (9 days ago)
I love it. Lol. Were our own demise.
S Canon (9 days ago)
They should do a segment on poor decisions and then show this as a consequence of suck poor decisions instead of sympathy they should empower and educate these people.. CNN ain’t shit for this
Alejandra Corona (9 days ago)
She looks too nice to be livin like dis
Alejandra Corona (9 days ago)
And they ALL from different daddies lol
M Walker (10 days ago)
Super cute kids
Kyle Winters (10 days ago)
Why do you have 4 kids
Israel Peralta (10 days ago)
4? I mean.. of course any person in need deserves a hand... but 4? Damn! I have 2 and we have taken all surgical procedures to avoid more children by obvious reasons. We both work and just barely go above to save and invest.
Alles Gute (10 days ago)
american dream
Jalisa Wilkins (10 days ago)
I wish I got food stamps lol me and my husband work 2 full time jobs and have bills out the ass and groceries are expensive AF but we make too much money cause I could really use just 50 dollars in food stamps lol
Madison Baca (10 days ago)
They need an aldis
Sam Garcia (10 days ago)
So sad, I know how things can be hard at times. My husband and I both work fulltime we have 3 kids and make about 2000 a week, but somehow still struggle. We get no assistance
Andre Williams (10 days ago)
Some people of the world have way to much and then there some that has too little.Must be someone in the middle,the rightful owner of the earth to divide it properly
Hello there (10 days ago)
A person who hasn't worked since 2013 has more money for food than a lot of people who work 40+ hours per week. This woman made her bed and now she's sleeping in it. No sympathy from me. Food stamp dollars are not mandatory. Food stamp dollars are to keep you alive and healthy, not to keep you eating what you love. Treat them as such.
KarmaDreams1 (10 days ago)
Having had 3 kids already, when she lost her job, you’d think she’d be smarter than to get pregnant, and add one more mouth to feed to the bunch. Sometimes you have to wonder if having a “safety net”, doesn’t CREATE the need.
OnceUponATime518 Alex (10 days ago)
Okay you're 31 raising four kids and you're raising them on food stamps and you don't work and your fat as well yeah Waco America
Lisa Schumacker (10 days ago)
I'm a waitress l make $2.15 a HOUR. My paycheck biweekly is normally around $15.00 so l live only on tips. Considering some people don't think they need to tip a waitress. So at the end of the day l barley make any money kill myself at a dead end waitress job!!! To have have the government take out money from my paycheck. . So her four KIDS CAN EAT IS MESSED UP.. thank you TRUMP . KISS AND HUGS .
Mike Vega (10 days ago)
Don't give me that Bullshit ....shes eating damn good .....LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THAT WOAMN !!!!
Ashley Walls (10 days ago)
" oh we need to eat healthier" gets syrup and yogurt with candy on it :/
Elder PlayGames (10 days ago)
Food stamps should be a short term help for those in need. There should be a limit of 6 months to a 1 year at most. It should NEVER be longer than that. She sure isn't starving, my GOD she is huge.
Faith Garden (10 days ago)
1:46 that lady said thats one of the healthiest corner stores but it dont look like she earong e Healthy😂😭😭 (she fat)
tripjet999 (10 days ago)
Spend the money for birth control.
Kokoro Shaira (11 days ago)
You people need to look at the dates by 2013 she already had 3 kids since this was video was published in 2015. This means only her last child was probably an accident.
666 ashes (11 days ago)
666 ashes (11 days ago)
If you need food stamps you aren't allowed to have a savings account! It is like that in every country that has programs like this! This is the way it works!
666 ashes (11 days ago)
It works out to 5.75 USD per person per day! I've been living off of 4.25CAD per person per day my entire life., i was working for a while but i had an accident and because there is no coverage for disabled persons under 18. So i am back to how it was before. Each person in my home lives of the equivalent to 3.25 American per day! It is perfectly valid for 5.75 per person! Especially children! Everyone in my household is over the age of 16! She just needs to shop smarter!
Evan Shore (11 days ago)
Well that’s why you withdraw the money before you tell them! Hello!
Harman Khinda (11 days ago)
We should set a minimum income requirement to have children. I’d say at least 40k on average, and maybe more/less depending on your location. This would save us hundreds of billions in taxes, and prevent children from living horrible lives. If impregnated, the woman should be forced to have an abortion, paid by the government of course. Would be better to pay for an abortion than sponsor an entire family for many years. Main lesson is to not have kids out of wedlock. Have kids when you can afford to have them.
gameplayer502 (11 days ago)
Yet she cant close her legs to stop having kids smh fat useless bitch
Christopher Hulsebosch (11 days ago)
Keep your head up. I hope that we have people in office that does us justice.
D payne (11 days ago)
She thicc I'm tryna fuck
Dora (12 days ago)
It’s not that bad for me and my mom y’all treating it like it’s a war or sumshit
Dinah Nang (12 days ago)
$750 of food stamps and u multiply that to how many families or individuals relying on it, what a burden to us taxpayers.. I am also struggling but never get any benefits.. sometimes u just have to stop feeling pity to yourself and go find a job ..
Bunny (12 days ago)
“For a short period of time” how many times did you need to film that to get her to stop smiling, laughing or smirking
That Guy (12 days ago)
She should cut down on food
tommy moore (12 days ago)
Keep ya head up and pray it will get better!!!
Daniela Rubio (12 days ago)
Fuckn dead beat sorry excuse of men. Smh don’t fuckn leave ur kids or cover ur lil dick up
Gloria Perdomo (12 days ago)
This is sad man, makes me feel and be more grateful.
Naiym1 (13 days ago)
4 kids no dad in sight.
star man (12 days ago)
Poor kids
ked147971 (13 days ago)
Get a job lady. You only get enough to survive so you stop mooching on the taxpayers.
GOD it makes me sick that their are people like this that blame everybody else but themselves this is your fault. Sorry your look like you have plenty of food face the facts. Don't act like the victim. You had a kid? WTF? Get married and have a husband to help you. you know that you might not be able to take care of the baby than don't have a baby? BTW my grandparents immigrated to the U.S in 68' no government benefits and they survived a ok.

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