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Feeding a family on a food stamp budget

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Healthy food is hard to come by in many sections of Bridgeport, CT. Especially on a food stamp budget. We follow a single mother shopping as she tries to make her SNAP benefits stretch.
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Jamie Jamie (2 hours ago)
I was at the grocery store last night. This girl in front of me with her $400 uggs boot and $1200 mackage jacket on pulled out her benefit card to pay for her snowcrab and shrimp. I work and can't afford to eat like that. Meanwhile huge chunks of my pay is taken out because I have no human kids. Why can't I file for my dog and cats. their necessities cost a lot.
bobby Mcbeth (6 hours ago)
This is horseshit, try feeding one with no snap benefits working 50hrs a week paying for all your bills then bitch to me
make believe (7 hours ago)
children are the number one cause of poverty all over the world
Financial Matter (9 hours ago)
such a strong and beautiful woman! <3
Darrell Price (1 day ago)
Strong women......
zadose (1 day ago)
She and her kids sure don't look like they've missed a meal.
zadose (1 day ago)
Lol, get harvest box. You won't have to worry about food no more.
Vertiline Black (1 day ago)
I almost can't believe how much she gets. I eat vegan on food stamps. It's healthy and doable if you budget. I do have to ask, don't her kids eat a free school lunch? She only has to worry about two of their meals and snacks.
Ronnie Dryden (1 day ago)
Godspeed Jesus bless christ
avader5 (1 day ago)
Wow she's fat so I would assume that she's eating enough!
MasLoff (2 days ago)
lol capitalism
Brianna Johnson (2 days ago)
Food stamps are supplemental meaning that add on to what you have already that you lack. Not supposed to supply you fully
TruthHurts (2 days ago)
you are wrong babygirl.. many of those rich people inherited their wealth whether through subversive means or the ancestors of slave owners, and the ones you think are rich, those doctors, took one hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt...it's all an illusion sweetheart.
Rafael Alvarez (2 days ago)
Womannnnn select yr dick.better like.ones with.jobs car house before u open legs
Rafael Alvarez (2 days ago)
too bad close ur legs for.someome to have 4 kids and a roof over your head and ur not working actually u make more $ then me
kaylove 33 (2 days ago)
Why keep having kids?? Where are the dad's i just don't get it at some point you can't keep having kids if cannot care for them its that simple
Always ALDC (2 days ago)
These videos make me realize how blessed I am to have a nice house, good food to eat, clean water to drink, and a family that loves me and does everything for me. I feel so bad for them, I wish I could donate somewhere😔
Taylor Savage (2 days ago)
Having kids while having no money
Mason Maurer (3 days ago)
Give this woman credit, she realizes it’s her fault and doesn’t blame the governments taxes, “white people being racist” or “low pay rate because men are pigs”.
Brian Sanderson (3 days ago)
Only people with kids get food stamps and huge tax breaks single people are sick of footing the bill
George Singh (3 days ago)
She is so big and fat more than my wife,why she cannot find a job?
Sufy ana (3 days ago)
I wish i could help her😣😭😭
BlueVersion2 (3 days ago)
build that wall for this person lol #gotrump
Hewhoislikegod0 (3 days ago)
Im confused as to how im supposed to feel any kind of pity on a person who shit out four fucking kids and knew from the door she couldnt feed them alone. Clearly the father isnt involved. He wasnt involved with the first kid yet she had 3 additional ones knowing he was a dead beat. Its like the fucking twilight zone. This cant be serious.
Hailsco (4 days ago)
She puts her children first then herself she deserves everything
chocolate hersheykiss (4 days ago)
People say the taxpayers pay for food stamps but if you work but still have to have food stamps your paying for your own foodstamps...
amanda Patrick (4 days ago)
750 for 2 little kids and I bet she gets wic for the baby that is a lot and it looks like the mom should be working but she is sitting there complain about it is not enough maybe she is not putting out enough like working more hours the way I see it everyone that is in need the should have there need meet but do something for it like working in the community or go to a rest home and read ,play just help in some way to give back and make them feel like they're earning the government support that there getting My point is if someone thanks they can just live off the government support etc. They will for as long as you will let them I have a family of 6 and I spent less than 450 a month on food we even got by With 300 before these programs are not going to last forever and I fear this the most then what is all of the people going to do . I wish all who is on these programs the best and really want everyone to succeed no matter what skin you have .
Susan barnette (4 days ago)
America is two faced , and deceitful rotten sneaking country , they will start wars with other countries then blow them up and turn around give billions of dollars to rebuild while there own country is in poverty . How two face is this ?
Susan barnette (4 days ago)
Eastern Kentucky Appalachian hills .. there is lots of poor children poverty that our stinking rotten government hides pretending to other countries like there so good and no poverty here . Which is fat damnnnnn lie
Susan barnette (4 days ago)
She’s so beautiful, and a good mommy , our government is horrible.. they hide our poverty to other countries, hidden America with Diane sawyer watch it children of the hills ..
TINY RICK (4 days ago)
We get around $1,800 in food stamps but that's because we have 13 people in our house hold, minus my older brother who's married. It's low-key still not enough.
Super Duperest (4 days ago)
Mercedes be livin' like a Yugo
Leon Leo (4 days ago)
I just never understood why poorer people procreate so much, its not fair to them, their children and society
zita willingham (4 days ago)
By the size of her food stamps must be doing a pretty damn good job
Cuit Garcia (4 days ago)
Where's the babies fathers
Cuit Garcia (4 days ago)
Food stamps That's not including the Section 8 apartment that she's getting for free
Alberto Francesca (4 days ago)
Poverty is not only a lack of work , but cultural mind set . Get out of the dump of a city and move to a city with hope .
Hermano Mayor (5 days ago)
Don't have kids until you acquire a skill or trade! Stability first breeding second 🤔
manictiger (5 days ago)
A mile? Come on, that makes everything a food desert. I have to travel several miles to get to the nearest Trader Joe's. Know what I do? I take a bicycle. I could take the car, but that's not what humans were designed to do. We're designed to move long distances without a motor doing all the work for you.
Jay Hernandez (5 days ago)
Stop getting fucked
Richard Clause (5 days ago)
no excuse get married first. dont have premartial sex how is she so fat sorry but its truth
Richard Clause (5 days ago)
the truth hurts
Richard Clause (5 days ago)
dont tell me she dont eat
Henry Joseph (5 days ago)
where are dads
Jaileen Avila (5 days ago)
I saw this video before, I came across it again and I just noticed ...this is my city.. I need to get out of here lol.
vela890713 (5 days ago)
I love you girl!! Your not alone!!
Kasie Barrett (5 days ago)
I am married, we have 2 kids. I wanted more but we can only afford 2....it's not ok to bring kids into the world if you are unable to care for them on your own. I got my tubes tied because I didn't want to get pregnant again. My 2 kids are grown and thriving because they didn't have to go without anything. We're not rich, just responsible.
Mia Parkr (5 days ago)
I feel bad but why are you wearing makeup when you don't have money Start saving money at home and don't buy makeup products
Tara Morris (6 days ago)
you should be able to purchase anything other than real food when on Snap or EBT
Tara Morris (6 days ago)
your over weight lazy
Tara Morris (6 days ago)
i have a family of 3. spend less than 100 a week. we eat steak shrimp and mostly organic foods.5 dollars a day is way more than enough.dont buy crap...
JonnyDoesThings (6 days ago)
Get a job nigguh
Osafo D'Zulu (6 days ago)
Man cannot live by bread alone.
Osafo D'Zulu (6 days ago)
Where are the children's fathers?
Osafo D'Zulu (6 days ago)
Go to Mexico...
Ika _7 (6 days ago)
The thing I don’t get is that these kind of people go on these kind of shows but why can’t the shows help them
Lele Lanaee (6 days ago)
I only get 30$ in food stamps she's lucky
Death Incarnate (6 days ago)
Me and my son rely on food stamps, I'd rather go hungry then have him not eat
Steven Vega (6 days ago)
I live in the same city and hood right across the street and that lady that said there's no super markets buggin there's like 7 off the top of my head I worked at one like 5 mins from my house which is near hers
one and only dope (7 days ago)
5$ a day for 5 people is nearly 10,000$ per year on her food. for the amount of families that don’t work and don’t even try we are wasting so much of tax payers money. working people who earn their money have to give a large percentage of their hard work to someone who doesn’t even have a job but still gets everything that a hard working american citizen does to earn their money. bull shit
one and only dope (7 days ago)
get a fucking job
DEEEZ nutzzz (7 days ago)
How bout u get the fuck off the liberal plantation!
fatty fatty (7 days ago)
God bless her she's awsome
fatty fatty (7 days ago)
hey I'm from bpt CT and she live by the greens apt worse place on earth bpt is not like it was in the 80s I left 28 yrs ago never moved back it not good
CaptainPNUTBUTTER (7 days ago)
From what I'm watching she can get a job because she has a 12 year old kid I was 10 years old taking care of a 5 year old it's dumb that she's living off of food stamps
PainlessYT-Minecraft (7 days ago)
I’m 15 and I have 1,500 dollars and I wish I could just give it all to her
Lan Astaslem (7 days ago)
Lan Astaslem (7 days ago)
Official Maya Green thanks to slavery you can now appropriate my culture
Official Maya Green (7 days ago)
Lan Astaslem "bum ass family" ha yeah ok I make more than the average person who has been workin for 30 years and dont even get me started on how much my whole family is worth, go to work and get enough money to get atleast close to what i make....case dismissed and you are blocked 🚫 bye now
Lan Astaslem (7 days ago)
I done more with my life than ur bum ass family combined hoe
Official Maya Green (7 days ago)
Lan Astaslem take several seats and calm the fuck down damn theres no need to be that heat over a fucking video. Go do somerhing with your life
Kathy Savage (8 days ago)
First, she could easily survive on only 2 meals/wk for at least 3mo. Second, it’s on you if you don’t make your handout stretch. No one needs shitty candy yogurt. Rice, beans, oatmeal, frozen produce...no reason why they can’t eat healthy on over $700/mo. Finally, how many mistakes does one bitch need to make before learning what happens when some rando nuts in her?
Eu Amo Minja Esposa (8 days ago)
Fk she's has a better home then I do .....haaaa you want to give your kids more ....STOP EATING THERE FOOD !!!!AND STOP OPENING YOUR DAMN LEGS LADY
Charlie Harris (8 days ago)
When you have kids you can't afford and blame the gov't for your poverty.....
Brien steve (8 days ago)
stop fucking guys, stop having kids... jesus christ you stupid women who think im gonna be a mom at 15, well fuck you and i hope the government cut off all help cause your a slut ass fucking whore...
Brien steve (8 days ago)
she get 189 dollars for each kid plus herself.. i know families who get 1500 a month in food stamps...
cool lovet (8 days ago)
OK almost everyone uses food stamps, why does this have to be a video that is what food stamps are for! Next there is gonna a video "this woman switches when she walks"
me heretoday (9 days ago)
what needs to happen is someone come in and teach them to budget their money and how to stretch it until it screams... we live on under $2.50 per day for all groceries for two people, we bus it everywhere ..... it is doable and although difficult is a skill well learnt... When I was a deserted wife with two sick kids we were on benefits ... it can be done, you can save and you can do things to help yourself, you just need to be shown how.. the Government needs to get people in to teach them how... real people too like the Economides .... I wish them all luck but the old adage of dont give the man fish, teach him how to fish, is something that needs to be thought about here...
Ken Ken (9 days ago)
Food stamps is bæ
socceryolo 316 (9 days ago)
Watching this really makes me thankful of what I have. Everyone should be thankful no matter what.
Chris Churchill (9 days ago)
Should have kept your legs closed then shouldn't you. She lost her job in 2013. She has 3 kids and chose to have ANOTHER one when she was jobless (the 8 month old). Stupid, self entitled, self victimising twat.
Chris Churchill (9 days ago)
They are both to blame..... Just because someone else was involved that does not excuse her own stupidity.
me heretoday (9 days ago)
funnily enough there was a man involved with the conception of these children...why is the father of these children not helping her...and maybe he should have kept it in his pants and she wouldnt have had to close her legs... ever think of that... stupid self entitled male twat
jo noname (9 days ago)
I think it wold be better to subsidise the food and deliver it to the family's. The meats and vegetables would be cheaper and higher quality . you could hire the people on the program to harvest it. Giving them a self worth and cutting the cost. I dont see a problem giving boots so later they can pull them self up by the boot straps.
Dodo Meat (9 days ago)
These people are robbing taxpayers she doesnt need to buy cornsyrup chips etc. but she does she needs to get a job.
Dodo Meat (9 days ago)
me heretoday yea i did asshole
me heretoday (9 days ago)
did you actually take the time to listen to what was said through your haze of judgement
Richard Bright (9 days ago)
Capitalism so sad but ending!! Please remember most of these people had careers, cars, homes, cable, electric and water. It doesn't take much in this economy of greed to be left on the side of the road pension stolen or lost by your employers!! This is the new america!! Being shamed and blamed by the taxpayer we used to be!! Right here in this home of the free. We used to be you!!! How oh now it has happened to me!! Get ready cause We The People have had about enough!? Shareholders need Profit! More Profit!! They always need Profit. This is a big problem with Capitalism!! The worker can be replaced with a machine. When nobody is left but the shareholders Profitability will be a non factor ((new)) fix This is no longer a possibility. Capitalism as we knew it must die. Even if there was a way to remove government subsidy of these mega corporations. The elite have already cashed in worthless paper for solid gold or other hard assets. If this system crashed today the elite would not suffer! The poor and what is left of the middle class will bare the burden. After a short period of complete chaos and the starvation, death of millions. These Old Families with very old gold will buy back the Throne and we will hang up this phone. Creation of jobs?? Let's think about that!!! Self driving cars, busses, trains, trucks and planes!! Thirty Six million jobs lost ! Farm tractors, lawnmowers, combines, seaders, spreaders all heavy and light construction and farming equipment completely automated!!! Sixty million jobs lost!!! Online stores!! No need for small local stores of any sort!! All in one warehouse with completely automated pickers and loaders of autonomous vehicles!!? Thirty two million jobs lost!! Building?? Three D printers now printing super luxury condominiums and warehouses!? Eighty Six million jobs lost!! Fast food and convenient stores?? Now are completely automated Do not apply!!!! Groceries?? If you can't print what you need call a drone to your home services now available!!!! And for the Great Capitalists?? Not much left that hasn't been exploited!! T See we the people have no jobs!! Millions on the public dole!! The end goal of capitalism¿? Was there any thought to what happens at the end???? People think of your children and the next seven generations!!! Are we the living caretakers of this Earth?? Are we doing everything possible to insure a better quality of life for future generations??? What is left???
Hero Of Bukit Padang (10 days ago)
Unless she is half samoan. I think she is getting too much food stamps.
RaphaelTK777 (10 days ago)
Wait how did that lady put on that weight if she doesn’t have the money to eat food like crazy not trying to be rude but somethings weird
RaphaelTK777 (8 days ago)
me heretoday well if you don’t eat a lot you don’t gain a lot of weight isn’t that black and white science
me heretoday (9 days ago)
Raphael you dont understand much about human anatomy do you lol lol lol
toomuch4em (9 days ago)
RaphaelTK777 "too many calories and not enough nutrition" The lady said it right at the beginning of the video. Poor people tend to live in food deserts where there is little or not access to super markets with healthy food and way too much access to cheap junkfood and processed food.
Lis Heanue (10 days ago)
I get 116 on EBT. Live on that every month
Harlow Gold (10 days ago)
No boo hoo from me
Harlow Gold (10 days ago)
Why would she have 4 kids if she can't feed them? Absolutely REPULSIVE.
me heretoday (9 days ago)
why should the daddy not be supporting them??????? takes two and as for repulsive...yes you are
Jimbo Jones (10 days ago)
This is why there are so many fuck up kids now a days, stupid parents who shouldn't be having a kid let alone 4 fucking kids
Jimbo Jones (9 days ago)
Having 1 kid with a dead beat is a mistake, having 4 is being stupid. You stupid cucks
me heretoday (9 days ago)
Daddy isnt there to support them, as I also just said to repulsive Harlow.... but I guess laying the blame only on the woman is the way idiots like to go now a days
Harlow Gold (10 days ago)
cody king (11 days ago)
people who think we need to get rid of food stamps should see this
Harlow Gold (10 days ago)
cody king We do need to get rid of the program and get these idiots jobs because my tax dollars are going to these fuckers that are lazy and keep having kids.
Dan Milne (11 days ago)
Future of the children .
Oreo Studios (12 days ago)
God bless people who rely on food stamps 🙏
Harlow Gold (10 days ago)
Oreo Studios - I make ROBLOX Vids :D God bless the people working 2 and 3 jobs having taxes go to idiots like this that keep having kids.
Lacey Young (12 days ago)
My family uses food stamps......... what's wrong with that.......... My grandma has custody of my brother and I and she is on disability so we get 300 a month and 300 in food stamps but 300 dollars isn't really enough because that 300 has to go to 3 different bills (electric, water, one other one I can't remember) at those bills are around 112-130 a month
Lacey Young (9 days ago)
me heretoday are you talking to me?
me heretoday (9 days ago)
Harlow Repulsive, stop being such an ignorant fool...there but for the grace of God go I.... one day you or someone you love could get to the point they need help.... people who talk like you usually learn the hard way so have a brain and dont make enemies of those who may help you.
Harlow Gold (10 days ago)
Lacey Young food stamps are funded by hard working Americans working 2 and 3 jobs. Your situation is different but most people on food stamps abuse the system.
Lacey Young (11 days ago)
Kathleen DiGregorio thanks
Kathleen DiGregorio (12 days ago)
I glad you have your grandmother to take care of you and your brother and your family is getting help. Take care, dear heart
The MLG Meme Master (12 days ago)
Cc Cc \________
Sasuke Guerra (12 days ago)
Only hos are sticking up for this ho
Sasuke Guerra (12 days ago)
Why did she have so many kids she should've kept her legs closed
PoetLG (13 days ago)
At least she's holding herself accountable for her own actions and learning from them. It's just too bad she didn't learn earlier.
Bryant Jimenez (13 days ago)
I feel bad for her.😐😐😐😐
Alex: SVU (13 days ago)
to everyone in the comments saying she shouldn't have had kids if she can't afford it: there are so many reasons she's in the situation she is. Hell she probably had a stable job when she had them to begin with. my mom had 4 kids and at the time she was financially stable but she got divorced & lost her job. we lived off food stamps for a few years but that doesn't make any of it my moms fault.
Terryankev Miller (13 days ago)
So much negative comments......it make u so sick
My gotdamn tax payer money.........
Wolfcat Wildcat (13 days ago)
i'm sorry i have problems with CNN sob stories, I wish all the best for the family
Byron Chavarria (13 days ago)
Nick Vlogs (13 days ago)
Hello from Trumbull, Connecticut
annex ford (14 days ago)
Where are the fathers in this story?

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