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Perfume Hacks To Make Your Fragrance Last Longer | Pinkvilla | Beauty

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Looking for different ways to make your perfume fragrance last longer? Our Fashion & Beauty Director Hesha Chimah Pathak shares her tips, tricks and hacks to make your fragrance last you all day long. These hacks are tried & tested & in case you happen to try any of these or have tried it earlier, do share your thoughts with us in the comments below. We'd love to hear :) Stay tuned in for more such fun videos! Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pinkvillamedia/ Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/pinkvilla Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pinkvilla/ For Pinkvilla South visit: https://regional.pinkvilla.com/ For Hindi visit: https://www.hindirush.com

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Text Comments (43)
nimra habib (3 hours ago)
I only spray my perfume only on neck and underarm area.
KEKA BAIDYA (2 days ago)
Himanshu Dhyani (3 days ago)
Sarita Hela (3 days ago)
Hair hacks after before & after shampoo. Please I really need it.
Duheeta Joshi (4 days ago)
Thank you for the tips Hesha Ma'am
PINKVILLA (4 days ago)
Duheeta Joshi Anytime Duheeta, do send in your requests for Hesha ❤️
Tanvi Shah (4 days ago)
Which perfumes did you use in this video...plz tell
aarshie raj (4 days ago)
This perfume is from ajmal amzing fragnance
Khushboo Chaurasia (4 days ago)
plzz make the video of collage makeup
PINKVILLA (4 days ago)
Khushboo Chaurasia For Sure ❤️
atharwaa kale (4 days ago)
That rose gold perfume bottle is Shine from Ajmal Perfumes. Such a Lovely fragrance
Bhavana Chouhan (4 days ago)
Plzzz make one collage lookbook
Bhavana Chouhan (3 days ago)
I am waiting 🤗
Khushboo Chaurasia (4 days ago)
+PINKVILLA thnx sir
PINKVILLA (4 days ago)
Bhavana Chouhan For Sure ❤️
Gouri Satyan (4 days ago)
3:05 which are those 3 perfumes? And nice video😘😘😘😘😘😘
Gouri Satyan (4 days ago)
atharwaa kale thanks
atharwaa kale (4 days ago)
Rose gold bottle is Shine from Ajmal Perfumes
Honest Review Yogi (5 days ago)
Your eye lashes 😍
shavacadoo (5 days ago)
OMFG STOP!!! asking me to subscribe before I've even seen the FUCKING video 😑😑😑😑😑😑
Ankita Rao (5 days ago)
Can u pls make a video on how to prevent underarm odour due to excessive sweating ! Thanks for this video !!
PINKVILLA (5 days ago)
Ankita Rao Yes, we most certainly will come up with suggestions ❤️
ishika roy (5 days ago)
can anyone say me what is the name of the perfume that she is using..........
ishika roy (4 days ago)
thank you.................
atharwaa kale (4 days ago)
Rose gold bottle is Shine from Ajmal Perfumes
PINKVILLA (5 days ago)
ishika roy Hey, Hesha is using AJMAL Perfume along with ZARA.
zakir Hussain (5 days ago)
i am going to use it
PINKVILLA (5 days ago)
zakir Hussain Awesome!!
Aaraani Aryan (5 days ago)
Love perfume all de time 😍i like&love perfume and about u..?
PINKVILLA (4 days ago)
Aaraani Aryan We love it too!
Oshin Joshi (5 days ago)
I like her.
Sanjukta Pal (5 days ago)
BEATITUDE - Get it! (5 days ago)
pranav kumar (5 days ago)
Nice video
Anjali Gera (5 days ago)
Please tell some hacks to reduce underarms sweating and it's bad odor
Mayuri Gupta (4 days ago)
Rub salt while bathing all day fresh
PINKVILLA (5 days ago)
Anjali Gera For Sure!
RISHIKA AGARWAL (5 days ago)
55 view 12th like 3rd comment😁😁
Pinky Roy (5 days ago)
But I don't use perfume 😐
Aaraani Aryan (5 days ago)
Pinky Roy why
Tanish Jain (5 days ago)
Hit like for pinkvilla
anurag singh (5 days ago)
She is Idiot😂
Mahima Jaiswal (5 days ago)
PINKVILLA (5 days ago)
Mahima Jaiswal Glad You Enjoyed ❤️

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