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Meet one of YouTube's top fast food reviewers

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One of YouTube's top fast food reviewers is a college student who lives with his parents in suburban New York. Known as "ReportOfTheWeek," he has a 1940's look and a devoted fanbase. CNNMoney talks to him about how he got his start and his biggest competition.
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Text Comments (4025)
John E (9 hours ago)
I think he gets his styling from mr bean. I like it
Ahgagaghagagagagahahqgagahagaagagahhagahaghagahaghaghagags Bread
Hows many girls does this guy fuck a week?
Geo V (1 day ago)
Haha YouTube nerds
Carlos Licea (1 day ago)
John S (1 day ago)
Its reviewbrah
Low key I don’t really like this guy....... he is so cringy.
Hollow nest (1 day ago)
Joeys World tour.
Blake Bell (1 day ago)
For what it's worth this guy's a genius
ThatOneKid (1 day ago)
Why the shit Is this on CNN
Bwez Cwez (1 day ago)
All the 1k dislikes are multiple accounts of Joey's fatass
I love how hes so matured
Hey there it's me (1 day ago)
Lmao is this real!!!
THEGR3ATDVAKIIN 135 (1 day ago)
Gummi Bear (1 day ago)
Joey is a comic. He reviews just so he can make weird ass sounds and eat all the food he wants. This guy on the other hand has a true purpose and he's a legend for it.
MirrorederorriM (1 day ago)
ZacStrikesBack (1 day ago)
Joey=Ernest Brah=Richie Rich
Adam Yacoby (1 day ago)
absolute legend
Roy Hunter (2 days ago)
He is everlasting.....god always was
Charlie Jones (2 days ago)
Future president.
ramrodskip 518 ! (2 days ago)
Aden Bills (2 days ago)
This guy is a reptilian
尿不 (2 days ago)
get this guy on jre
James Smith (2 days ago)
I love this guy.
99Problems (2 days ago)
He seems like a cool guy !
Pervert Indian (2 days ago)
Come on he is a meme
Wily Kingpin (2 days ago)
Never heard of the Joey guy but definitely not interested. Wow.
Shane Monteiro (2 days ago)
So wholesome.
JDOG (2 days ago)
HeyHey Hey (2 days ago)
I think youtube is his excuse of eating junk food everyday instead of cooking
Austyn Thompson (2 days ago)
This guy is a fucking genius
r3conwoo (2 days ago)
the fan art is hilarious
JayFeather (2 days ago)
TheReportOfTheWeek is a great youtuber
Apollo (2 days ago)
Ryan Autry (3 days ago)
No his main competitor is the wolf pit YouTube
Leohardson Stevenson (3 days ago)
His legs are fucking massive!!! Is it fat or muscles?? I believe its huge muscles that support his weak upper body!
Austin Williams (3 days ago)
He looks like a kid who put on his dads suits. I hope that’s part of the joke
SoulSlayerFTW 420 (4 days ago)
Is this some kind if fucking joke from cnn
Iron Mangetter (4 days ago)
his legs are fat and his top is skinny af
Chris Mills (4 days ago)
JoeysWorldTour won't ever measure up to this legend-Unless were talking waist size.
MrGamerHD (4 days ago)
he looks like he is still in the 90s 😂
caleb manning (4 days ago)
Day drops is more of your enemy than joey. Joey does complete opposite retarded stuff where as you do real honest food reviews like daym drops....
He unlearned his lisp ++respect
killa bee (4 days ago)
His intro is cringy. I feel like he was raised by his grandparents.
Chippe_Da_Dank (4 days ago)
Also looking his best this guy is a legend
BlazingSkrub (4 days ago)
Love him
Christopher DeKleine (4 days ago)
If could be the Collector from Guardians of the Galaxy I would have Reviewbrah be my only possession.
Ethan Quach (4 days ago)
why does he remind me of Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory
T-steak (5 days ago)
He is a living meme.
Black pepper on pizza (5 days ago)
Joey is MUCH better than this faggot. Thumbs up if you agree!
Dr. Retarded (5 days ago)
You "weren't sure how many ppl tried a Big Mac" you fucken #@%!$#$
prominentturkey (5 days ago)
And CNN wonder why nobody takes them seriously
Richard Phillips (5 days ago)
West coast beef 😂
Rusty Shakelferd (5 days ago)
2:32 "I hope it stays that way" Begins loading shells into shotgun
Poland Block (5 days ago)
Who the heck is joey? He looks like a fat stereotype meme
Jay Lofa (5 days ago)
So in other words... YOLO wat a savage
Soldier Flex (5 days ago)
Did he sleep in his car at one point because at 0:55 there's a bed in the back of his car?
Jessica (1 day ago)
He did because of personal circumstances. To clarify, he wasn't homeless or anything like that.
Lyn Berger (5 days ago)
Why does he talk Jewish?
John Kilroy (5 days ago)
He is my idol
Cameron Fisher (5 days ago)
I fucking love this guy
pizeblu (5 days ago)
Oakspirit (5 days ago)
you mean THE best youtube food reviewer?+
Ziva Games (6 days ago)
1 of the meme kings
gutt ._. (6 days ago)
The clips they used for Joey!😂
Dean- (6 days ago)
cnn is shit
Kievan Hartup (7 days ago)
Tbh he’s really logically smart
Joe Caruso (7 days ago)
Joey is life
Micah A. (7 days ago)
Reviewbrah's channel is only for those who are chosen worthy of viewing his videos.
Fernando Nando (7 days ago)
his face is funny 😂
Rai Kai (7 days ago)
Joeys world tour is god
1:42 holy shit i live near that McDonald's fuck god has blessed me
lIlIlIlIl- -_- (7 days ago)
how is he so famous, he is so cringe
Dwight Turner (7 days ago)
This guy's videos cured my cancer.
XxMemekipxX last name (8 days ago)
This channel is called CNNMoney because they upload to get free money
Woodland F (8 days ago)
Is he ten
Adventure Guy (8 days ago)
This guy seems a lot more chill than Joey.
farhanniz (8 days ago)
He looks like Donald Trump’s son.
Joshua Reynoso (8 days ago)
a man of the people
Mac Diddles (8 days ago)
Fuck joeysworldtour 100% committed to review of the week. Make this guy president
James Carruthers (9 days ago)
Daym drops owns the FR game
Sophie Y. (9 days ago)
When you think about it, more than a million people know who joeysworldtour is
Arran Dobson (9 days ago)
i have to respect this guy having fun doing his own thing. he's different.
ITS UR BOI DRAGO (9 days ago)
JoeysWorldTour is better
El Loco Rift (9 days ago)
This guy has memes of him being super chill and cool and Joey has memes of him barfing up Nutella. I'm pretty sure you should know the winner.
Ryder Nyuggah (9 days ago)
Maria Garcia (9 days ago)
2:19 eating booty like
abooo din mamma (10 days ago)
Lol fuck him wheare is joey
that_dirtrider 05 (10 days ago)
TBH I'm NOT a huge fan of food reviews but he seems like decent kid and I just say if u don't like his channel then don't watch and don't hate
Daniel Salazar (10 days ago)
This guy looks like a villain from a video game
Freedom Style (10 days ago)
His style is classic and his explanations was excellent, he is very intelligence.
1andOnly _HERCULES (11 days ago)
Who’s the other fat pig?? And why are they comparing them?? This guy is so genuine and seems chill, while the other fat slob sounds annoying and looks like he smells like shit 😂
_ Codstra_ (11 days ago)
I like him
Angelo Brunetti (11 days ago)
Joeys going to die for diabetes soon, you will be the unanimous fast food reviewing champ of the world soon
Zach Lane (11 days ago)
he needs a tighter suit
Rudolph Sturling (11 days ago)
how did CNN book an interview with God??
Dominick Claflin (11 days ago)
Joeys world tour is annoying
Tyler McLaughlin (11 days ago)
Harad (12 days ago)
Never change to compete with others. The other one looks retarded and you are the best !
He looks British lmao
Clorox Bleach (12 days ago)
When he said at this point i have made 600 videos i thought he was gonna say 600.000 dollars

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