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Meet one of YouTube's top fast food reviewers

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One of YouTube's top fast food reviewers is a college student who lives with his parents in suburban New York. Known as "ReportOfTheWeek," he has a 1940's look and a devoted fanbase. CNNMoney talks to him about how he got his start and his biggest competition.
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Text Comments (5160)
Captain Aesthetic (1 day ago)
I love him :))
Jazzy J (1 day ago)
Lovely guy, lovely channel. Been a fan for about 2 weeks now, feels like much longer.
Yinzel Is fabulous (2 days ago)
baby report of the week was cute not to lie
Jay Paglia (2 days ago)
Nothing but respect for my President.
So glad Content Cop never mentioned him.
dominic ariceaga (3 days ago)
the funny thing is people actually think he is like that, he is not, he's acting goddamn
Allen Law (3 days ago)
I predict that his popularity will not only make suits a major thing again but also make older "out of style" suits a thing again. If the executives at Men's Wearhouse were on the ball they would be trying to figure out some marketing based on Review Brah.
The Lawless 1 (4 days ago)
fucking meercat
Prince Vegeta (4 days ago)
Joey still continues to build his army of Muchachos,his awaiting to attack
Lady J B (4 days ago)
I love this guy!!!
Tomkanplay 2 (5 days ago)
The kid version makes him look like he’s from hogwarts
jopimp14 (5 days ago)
Definitely kind of a forest Gump type of style Lives like a fast food restaurant...... You never know what kind of fucked up shit is gonna be brought to you
Pogba Longshots (5 days ago)
Joey vs Reviewbrah: Top 10 Anime Battles
dcn (5 days ago)
cnn is fake news review cnn
Low Fat Bacon (5 days ago)
They didn't
renragged (6 days ago)
That guy "Joeys World Tour" seems like a total idiot. I can see why he appeals to a lot of people though. There are a LOT of idiots out there...
Cye Monkey (6 days ago)
You remind me of H.P Lovecraft, you talk and look refind. And you look similar too.
Dan Peña (6 days ago)
I love the suits!
VR.Sauce (6 days ago)
Its gween
LV (7 days ago)
This guy is awesome. Love watching his videos.
Rob P. (7 days ago)
How much money does this guy make?
kingof206 (7 days ago)
He’s so genuine in how he is and he doesn’t care what people think and he’s such a nice guy! That’s why I like him
Javier Lafarga (7 days ago)
Damn he's weird af but he's growing on me, I'm starting to enjoy watching his content. The man has a way of keeping ur attention without doing anything special at all
Gilbert Gross (7 days ago)
Christopher Walken
For me with food reviews it has to be The Report of the Week or Daym.
BetaAtlas (9 days ago)
My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined
JayKrisspy1 (9 days ago)
Can't 2018 have more people like him and not idiot f***ing teens ruining media
Connor (9 days ago)
What the fuck It's totally Joeyworldtour
K E (9 days ago)
That Joey guy is fuckin ridiculous...
Pa Ps (10 days ago)
report of the week is just pure and fun to watch
xᴇʟᴍ (11 days ago)
Joey is disgusting.
Nico Delacruz (11 days ago)
Joeys world tour he’s gonna be gone soon diabetes
Ghetto/LA/COOK (11 days ago)
Joey ain't no competition brah. He is a clown. You are a different breed
i stan too many groups (12 days ago)
half of the time i can’t even tell if he’s being serious 😂 but i love him
Mr. Plush (14 days ago)
Wow.....He's like the Bob Ross of food reviewers....
B Reilly (14 days ago)
I like him. Very nice man and respectful.
Meme Meme (14 days ago)
He's one of those people who should never change his personality
Pill Cosby (15 days ago)
"we're able to manage, and able to co exist for now, and i hope it stays that way" Damn... reviewbrah on some John Gotti mafioso type shit
JasTGC 911 (15 days ago)
So chill
omg wtf (16 days ago)
A true gentleman is a rare treat in these troubling times.
Série B (16 days ago)
Now he should have the money to buy a suit of his size!
japs did 9/11 (13 days ago)
Reviewbrah wears zoot suits to express his solidarity with the minorities. He is the first civil rights activist food reviewer.
Série B (13 days ago)
japs did 9/11 Oh yeah, using oversized suits totally to be on the 40s fashion, sure... When suits were popular as your every day dress, even as a poor, it didn't mean shit. It wasn't like they were custom made and adjusted by the finest tailor. Ask any tailor if he looks good on most of his suits. He does have a couple nice suits I've seen, it's just not size and even with a good shoulder pad it wouldn't look nice. He's not really tall, is skinny and has weird narrow shoulders. Not everyone can use the standard sizes and some people need a good tailor and many tweaks to not look like a clown I'd guess most of his suits were inherited or he was too broke when he started.
japs did 9/11 (13 days ago)
The older style of suits had a different fit. Look at pictures of how men dressed in the 30s/40s. He knows what he's doing.
Mariners Hope (17 days ago)
peep the reviewbrah movie trailer -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AHT2tFiWlpE
westben2000 (17 days ago)
2:25 ReviewBrah's veiled threat at a food review war.
OhioStateFan (17 days ago)
This guy seems pretty cool tbh
OhioStateFan (17 days ago)
I hate joeys world tour
mike (17 days ago)
As another of my fellow you tube aficionados has so eloquently said; "Review Brah is a prince amongst swine"
Traxxattaxx (18 days ago)
His awkward demeanor makes him cooler
Six String Nomad Steve (19 days ago)
I'm looking for awesome subscribers! Thank you :) https://www.youtube.com/user/MUSICMANOFOKC
shushruth sudhir (19 days ago)
Aj Olac (19 days ago)
Just discovered about him today and I loved every bit of his content!❤❤❤
Danish D'Abreau (19 days ago)
Cocky banana split (20 days ago)
Nicely looking Thunderbird tho!
a little mr. bean :v
Franken Stein (20 days ago)
Reviewbrah reminds me of a Noir genera type old school character. His humor is subtle, but very funny. He's one of the really great YouTube content creators.
Cassidy M (20 days ago)
Is the description wrong? Im pretty sure he lives in FL
Quester91 (21 days ago)
I've stumbled on his channel a few weeks ago. He's amazing.
The Grapist (23 days ago)
ok but joeys world tour should be executed for advocating excess in an already terrifyingly obese country.
Daniela Restrepo (24 days ago)
I love him so much. I'm fucking obsessed.
Joey is trash, ReportofTheWeek is class.
TheHunterAwaits (24 days ago)
0:50 He look's like 'The Unmarried Mother' in the movie called Predestination.
George Hernandez (25 days ago)
Are you serious about Joey world tour being your competition? that big dungus xxxL fupha has nothing on you brother, you are top 1
schitt legit (25 days ago)
Reviewbrah finally made hail yah
Joosep Kroonmäe (26 days ago)
mine sa putsi sitta suur silmad juma küll ufo saama modi
Daniel Olivas (26 days ago)
Joeys the Bestbpeople believe that
Movie Games (27 days ago)
He's more fashionable than most people today. Most people today wear those ugly skin tight suits.
Steven L (27 days ago)
OMG at 0:48 he looks sick. Hope he gets well.
Blue Yoshi (27 days ago)
CNN stands for cunt nigger nigga
zedd man (28 days ago)
ive really learnt to like this guy, it didnt take long....no fancy cars..no fancy house , no fancy back drop and definatly no fancy suits...hes just real and happy most importantly
Scratchin Glove (28 days ago)
When they remake The Matrix, he definitely needs to play the role of Agent Smith!
TomGreek1980 (28 days ago)
ReviewBrah is so based. Best food reviewer out there
bitch ass (28 days ago)
1:40 i just did that an hour ago though.....................
Perfect Enrager (29 days ago)
He is so rich trust me
Dive Bar Casanova (29 days ago)
A culinary deity.
Dina (29 days ago)
Truly a God
Ocho0579 (30 days ago)
love this kid
ilovelanarhoades (30 days ago)
He's a fucking boss.
JDPOWER (30 days ago)
he is a virgin fo shizzle
Joshua Langdon (30 days ago)
MrOhWhatTheHeck (1 month ago)
He's a good role model.
MellowDash (1 month ago)
I like this guy, he is so classy
Peter Bakich (1 month ago)
The difference between Joey and review brah is that Joey is older and acts like a kid. Review brah is a kid and acts very mature.
zhbvenkhoReload (1 month ago)
Joey recently blocked Reviewbrah
Through the Telescope! (1 month ago)
You sure he's not Autistic?
Sammykid2 CPI (1 month ago)
He looks like a food critic.
The Kulička (1 month ago)
hes weird but cool hmm
Amethyst H. (1 month ago)
This guy is so much better reviewing food than the other crazy food reviewer.
Amethyst H. (1 month ago)
Like he is a relaxed Sheldon Cooper.
Dante Solaris (1 month ago)
The most American dude ever.
Georg Leonhardt (1 month ago)
This is running on empty.. food review
john (1 month ago)
Dude looks 1950's generic yet is quit possibly the most unique Individual I have ever reviewed.
john (1 month ago)
Not sure who's getting more exposure, him or cnn lol......well just going by number of subscribers that is.
C N (1 month ago)
When the maffia goes into the food review business.
leet (1 month ago)
I can't even eat when I watch joeys world tours little clips. They're so bad.
tokgae tingtong (1 month ago)
yoy suits is way too big for you you moron clowns you look like space suite in a garbish dump
Zefn (1 month ago)
sid from ice age lookin ass
J T (1 month ago)
oh he is the boss. no doubt
Dale Gribble (1 month ago)
He kinda sounds like JFK
Christina Brown (1 month ago)
BRUH he legit wears a suit in a vid
Nemegan (1 month ago)
Only CNN video I'm upvoting

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