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Meet one of YouTube's top fast food reviewers

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One of YouTube's top fast food reviewers is a college student who lives with his parents in suburban New York. Known as "ReportOfTheWeek," he has a 1940's look and a devoted fanbase. CNNMoney talks to him about how he got his start and his biggest competition.
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Kamikaze Yamamoto (38 minutes ago)
Reviewbrah needn't be concerned with that classless ugly fat and disgusting bastard he mentioned as his closest competition on YouTube. The differences between them are too numerous to count - like night and day. In thic crazy, fast, dangerous, upside down world we live in today, Reviewbrah brings a calmness that allows people to escape, if only for the time it takes to watch his latest video. The best way to describe Reviewbrah is this: Reviewbrah is therapy for the masses. Thank you for being a part of our world and keep up the great work you do.
Tom Kaos [Official] (1 hour ago)
Lmao.. no clue he did a Great Value water comparison 😆👏🏻
Todd McNugget (2 hours ago)
Classy = ReporterOfTheWeek vs. Trashy = JoeyWorldTour
tpdmc (4 hours ago)
Looks a bit like Conor Maynard for me lmao.
Renew Crew (6 hours ago)
Ultimate cringe ........
lol wat? (6 hours ago)
My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined
Le Bro (6 hours ago)
ReviewBrah look like lorde but a vampire
thus guy (7 hours ago)
Greatest anime character ever
01artist (8 hours ago)
I love this guys style. I wish it was still in style but it would be extremely expensive.
Clayton Sinclair (9 hours ago)
You made that Bigmac look awesome. You are the first person i seen talk about the mac. Nice work sir.
Trepimero (10 hours ago)
Why is he being called 'Reviewbrah'?
Steven Goodman (10 hours ago)
This Joey guy seems strange
Fabian Romero (10 hours ago)
That's my nigga
Tv Phantom (11 hours ago)
JAMES KRAMER (11 hours ago)
I just found him, and I like his style!!😊ReviewBrah is great😁
Moaz Tobok (12 hours ago)
God of sarcasm
Amber Tyhurst (14 hours ago)
He's a fucking badass❤
Amber Tyhurst (14 hours ago)
So well spoken and mannered, lovely guy.
Adolf Hitler (15 hours ago)
The Forest Gump of YouTube.
HunterVille (16 hours ago)
Meet Joey'sWorldTour
Southern Stacker (17 hours ago)
Mac Daddy gets all the poon
liszst (18 hours ago)
I just wish he'd fit his suits to properly compliment his physique. I think it would make him look dapper.
He is the richest male virgin on Youtube 2 ;(
太郎龟头 (1 day ago)
He looks like a gang leader.
Chris Estabon (1 day ago)
It puts the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again!
Clouted Judgement (1 day ago)
he gets mad pussy
I don't mean to sound more gay than I already am but he is cute
Austin D (1 day ago)
Joey is so Cringy that he makes Lamarr wilson look sane
I am Chappy (1 day ago)
This dude is ok cnn 😂😂 Get em review brah!
Ifal 2912 (1 day ago)
Hopefully he passed pewds
Squirrel ASMR (1 day ago)
I hope Joey dies. He's so nasty. Then we should launch his carcass off into space because I don't want it rotting here. Reviewbrah is a million times better.
Chadwick Dickens (1 day ago)
e x t r a s p i f f y b o w t i e
rattata (1 day ago)
I love my father
Operon (1 day ago)
I have his same exact camera. I don't se it though because of the size.
Mike Venturino (1 day ago)
This man is absolutely brilliant
King of 1974 (1 day ago)
Somnivers (1 day ago)
The H.P.Lovecraft of Fast Food.Great guy, love the channel.I don't even eat those foods,it's just very refreshing seeing someone who dares to be different.
Randja (1 day ago)
I think he's one of the two guys that Barney told how to live life in the 9th season of HIMYM.
He looks like a villain from a videogame
el3dlu (1 day ago)
The suits weren't out of fashion, just two sizes too big.
2ndPlaceDad (1 day ago)
el3dlu back then that's how most people wore suits.
RyanHardt (1 day ago)
He's a god amongst humans.
Alexa McKenzie (1 day ago)
This guy is amazing and I love him!
Kyore (1 day ago)
My man spitting knowledge at the end.
the seeker Dap (1 day ago)
Daniel Schlegel (1 day ago)
this is a really intresting chap
Tanner K (1 day ago)
Meme review
Zorlax (1 day ago)
"My main competition right now is a channel called joey's world tour" *Views clip* You are doing just fine
Seamonkey292 (1 day ago)
Honestly... I have never seen or heard of this guy before LOL
kamo (1 day ago)
I still hate his fake ass lifestyle
kamo (18 hours ago)
he doesnt really act like this off camera
2ndPlaceDad (1 day ago)
kamo Fake how?
thunderlips350 (1 day ago)
I love the suits. He looks like he's from 1930's Chicago. All he needs is a hat and a Tommy gun.
What is he studying?
sergeant5027 (1 day ago)
The thing is, most of the people watches him because they thing he´s fucking retarded
jethro_my (1 day ago)
"lives with his parents",I dont know about that description but it rub me the wrong way,but then again this is cnn and maybe its just me.
AndyB (1 day ago)
No way he put foxbody cobra wheels on his car
Oskar Thompson (1 day ago)
My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.
Tikus 12 (2 days ago)
This guy has the spirit of a 1940s aristocrat, snobby rich kid, but mature, yet has a down to earth vibe, i wonder who his influences are.
Mohd Ali Burhan (2 days ago)
just change your outfit and everything is perfecr
Shiny Shinx (2 days ago)
He is Jesus Christ reborn!
Jr. Jorge Dandoval (2 days ago)
A licensed food tester he could be and get paid a respectful amount that people would be shocked but it’s the risk of testing fast food where it may or may not effect your health. Basically like watching a person of our race risk his life to test food that is not poisoned for the king but this is for the people. But some have taken off into another mindset so they really don’t know about what a guy like this is doing on YouTube it’s obviously simple he is risking his health and life’s commitment to YouTube where you’re not a licensed person but if you have at least 1million subs you can pay off a middle class home like nothing or be cautious and buy a manufactured beauty of a home. He likely won’t last if he is doing this as a hobby.
is the 2 one a kid
Blackbeard (2 days ago)
keep it up love it
MelonWithIce (2 days ago)
Holy shiet he is an Triple-A class Actor :))
Billy The Goat (2 days ago)
No way CNN actually took the fucking bait. Are you kidding me.. JOEYS WORLD TOUR! YOU CANT BE SERIOUS! ahahahahah
Tianaz Bryant (2 days ago)
Cody Goins (2 days ago)
If Versace was still around, HE WOULD DEFINITELY make suits for this man.
Cody Goins (2 days ago)
*Let's give him a 2018 GQ Cover* . *FOR REAL!!!* Petition it!!! He has earned that damn cover!
Big Bick Ditch (2 days ago)
Somebody pull that fat fuck out of the Nutella and get his ass on a treadmill
Ricky (2 days ago)
Still not sure if he's faking his persona. He must right? His suits are too big and the way he talks is odd.
Bathtub Barracuda (2 days ago)
What can one say? Checkmate, atheists.
Victa Nguyen (3 days ago)
khốn Nạn
BigPapaSmurf66 (3 days ago)
Is this actually him or a character??
2ndPlaceDad (1 day ago)
BigPapaSmurf66 It's him
Mr. Brayne (3 days ago)
The only time I would ever watch CNN.
ba55letmysoulfly (3 days ago)
“It is clear in color, odorless with no carbonation” hahaha
Tee Juke (3 days ago)
I don’t know if he’s playing a character or he’s actually like that, and I’m high af and it’s freaking me out helpb
Stephen M. Stouter (3 days ago)
The man is a living meme, I aspire to be him
Maline ! (3 days ago)
I watch this every morning
Hoss Ironvein (3 days ago)
good to know peter parker stayed in the pizza game
Mancala Board (3 days ago)
“I’m just going to wear it and if it makes me happy, it makes me happy.” True words to live by
Spookylenny (3 days ago)
"My top competition is joeysworldtour" I'M BAAAACKKKLKKK
TheConocon (3 days ago)
His tie is way too long btw
Sack of balls 88 (3 days ago)
What a view on life this guy has... he does what makes him happy! Genuinely nice guy.
Darth Plagueis (3 days ago)
i hate when people call him reviewbrah
Bashar Mukhayer (3 days ago)
Is he looks like rich like if he is
0:14 "meme review" I mean food review :)
Noel de Arc (3 days ago)
ReviewBrah I'm always here to support u if anything is wrong😄😃😭
Clare Hill (3 days ago)
He's one of a kind. I like him. I enjoy his channel.
Huskycord (3 days ago)
He resembles a majestic elf. Cast him for BRIGHT 2.
Queen B (3 days ago)
This cant be real he must be playing a character lol
Jon Smith (3 days ago)
"My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined" t. Reviewbrah My favorite quote.
Some Guy (4 days ago)
2:48 seriously a life lesson.
And this is important to CNN? K.
Alexander Walker (4 days ago)
Joeys world tour is autism if u could make a Chanel out of it , also as idubbz proclaimed joey needs the camera maybe 15-30 feet further away from his face
N K (4 days ago)
He's a great and smart young man, bright future ahead of him
Jacob Hanson (4 days ago)
bacOn bOi (4 days ago)
He's like a food critic Sheldon Cooper He's amazing
matthew Stunna (4 days ago)
"If it makes me happy it makes me happy and that's just what I'm gonna do" I said the same thing about cocaine
Blurp Slurp (4 days ago)
He is an old soul
Grace (4 days ago)
He is amazing.💙
Tubular Topher (5 days ago)
ReviewBrah and Joey sums-up the differences between the East Coast and the West Coast well.

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