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Megalodon VS Kraken. Who would win?

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Text Comments (54)
MIND TWISTER (3 months ago)
Hi there! What do you think, who would have won the fight, Megalodon or Kraken?
Sandy Cordeiro (11 days ago)
MIND TWISTER megalodon has the most likes
Garret Shark (23 days ago)
Ofcuz megalodon cuz if the kraken trying to catch megalodon the megalodon wil bite the leg
Landon Klein (2 months ago)
MIND TWISTER megalodon
galaxywolf gaming (3 months ago)
megalodon wins
RoLoX_YT n (3 months ago)
Aullston Shorts (3 days ago)
Alex Svensen (3 days ago)
That’s rit s
Teresa Zuniga (4 days ago)
titanicsdead (8 days ago)
i say megaldon because a bunch of people say that megaldon is king of the ocean
Sandy Cordeiro (11 days ago)
17 likes for megalodon
Sandy Cordeiro (11 days ago)
Wait 17
Sandy Cordeiro (11 days ago)
Wait I have to vote on megalodon so that's 15
Sandy Cordeiro (11 days ago)
Sandy Cordeiro (11 days ago)
Megalodon wins
Sandy Cordeiro (11 days ago)
Kraken 9
Sandy Cordeiro (11 days ago)
Megalodon 14
Rae Koz (11 days ago)
Megaladon. The Karmen won't notice it coming.
UltimateDestroyer YT (11 days ago)
Depends, if the Kraken raps the Megalodon just right, then maybe the Megalodon will drown (meaning it can’t move water through its gills), but if not, then the it can bite it’s way out of the grasp of the Kraken. Simple as that.
Sandy Cordeiro (11 days ago)
UltimateDestroyer YT how will it drown if it lives under water
Jpjp 26 (13 days ago)
Shin Godzilla (15 days ago)
Kraken vs Cthulhu
Sandy Cordeiro (11 days ago)
Shin Godzilla that will be awsome
Ricardo Negrete (17 days ago)
Omega 09 (28 days ago)
Karl Virtucio (1 month ago)
megalodon would win of course let me give ya a detail DETAIL: Megalodon/ Megalodon is a big creature he eats giant squids and bites hard enough to break the hardest metal in the world he can chomp up to any creatures to his pray /Kraken/Kraken is the largest squid or octopus in the world and can squeeze and other predator who gets to its way with its tentaciles and then sucks the blood and have a large beak that look like a bird beak and is dangerous to get close.so megalodon wins cuz he swims fast and bites fast then bites it really harder
luan Costa Santos (1 month ago)
megalodon wins
silluett singer (1 month ago)
Beth Fager (1 month ago)
The meglodon it will swallow it 2 bites
Kraken will won i m the fan of the kraken
Hekk (1 month ago)
I am pretty sure Megaladon will win, just because it is way bigger and has no problem with eating a octopus with that mouth.
sheila dias ribeiro (1 month ago)
krakens wins so easily lol i cant believe some peoples think megalodon could win kraken is bigger than a blue whale and megalodon cant even kill a sperm whale kraken is not a colossal squid kraken is a squid but is the bigger animal but krakens doesnt exist ;-;
Sandy Cordeiro (11 days ago)
The blue whale is bigger then both of them so go back to school
Sandy Cordeiro (11 days ago)
Sandy Cordeiro (11 days ago)
sheila dias ribeiro boi look at that video did you see that shark the shark is bigger
Zachary Dorian (1 month ago)
Josh Gaming (2 months ago)
its so easy to tell its the kraken look at how big it is u think a smaller creator that can't reach his back with its been grabed people just say magladon because its their fav
Xoxo-Nancyy Herrera (2 months ago)
Joseph Paul Abastillas (2 months ago)
2,000 feet megalodon VS the kraken, who would win???????
BigExtreme Nugget (4 days ago)
Flo Budjang your so wrong the great white is more than 20 feet and megalodon bigger than great white
Flo Budjang (27 days ago)
Joseph Paul Abastillas the megalodon is 20
Flo Budjang (27 days ago)
Joseph Paul Abastillas hes not 2.000 feet
galaxywolf gaming (3 months ago)
kraken wins
Wiktor Witek (3 months ago)
kracken will win
jay the new kid bishop (3 months ago)
Simon Jordan (3 months ago)
HyperBeast Of the wild (3 months ago)
Megledon but kraken is my favorite one so far
siewevonne (3 months ago)
Patatogamer 22 (3 months ago)
Dalana Mitchell (3 months ago)
Cynthia Pagangpang (3 months ago)
Stephanie Murray/Danford (3 months ago)
Megalodon will win
Myrlande Edmond (3 months ago)

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