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ASUS Zen AiO Pro Review (All-in-One 4K Touch Screen PC)

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ASUS Zen AiO Pro Z240IC Full Review. The 4K Touch Screen All-in-One PC from ASUS. Featuring an Ultra HD 3840x2160 IPS Display, Intel® Core™ i7 6700T Quad-Core Processor, NVIDIA GTX 960M, 16 GB RAM, 1 TB HDD, Intel® RealSense™ 3D camera and Windows 10 Home. More info: http://bit.ly/AsusZenAiOPro Subscribe for more: http://goo.gl/Cx6HWH Help support the channel when shopping on Amazon: US: http://amzn.to/1PGgasB UK: http://amzn.to/1ENfsHz Follow me on: Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/SuperSaf Twitter - http://twitter.com/SuperSaf GooglePlus - http://www.google.com/+SuperSaf YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/SuperSaf Instagram - http://instagram.com/SuperSafTV Web: http://www.SuperSaf.com/
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Text Comments (209)
deep pandey (14 days ago)
We can use it for gaming
Toonchi (1 month ago)
Can u play fortnite on this and if you can how?
Reids Place (3 months ago)
Place I work got this as our main computer broke. Its absolutely gorgeous but it is definitely held back by no ssd.
mayela dorak (3 months ago)
How can I configure the settings to be touch screen
I need mother board for this pc, can you please help me in this regards?
The Safari (6 months ago)
are you an indian???
What all in one would you recomend for graphic design and video editing? A pc that can work with photoshop, illustrator, after affects, premier pro, etc.
Erik Lusink (7 months ago)
Well expensive
Murni Jamaludin (9 months ago)
Saf! i want to buy all in one pc and im targeting on this since i need a new desktop for my video edting. From your review you said that it is not powerfull enough. So which all in one pc you recommend for me? Thank you Saf...totally love your video!
Wes Lind (9 months ago)
Had no idea they were coming out with an SSD version, that's the only thing keeping me from buying this. The day the SSD model comes out, that is definitely mine!
xavity reacts (10 months ago)
would u recommend this for gaming on high setting
WinterYT (5 months ago)
I have this atm, and I can say it truly is a upgrade, gtx 1050 and i7700T processor along with 12 gb of ram and 1T of hard drive, im truly am satisfied. GTA: 150 fps on high (not ultra) 1080p, Crysis 3 1080p on ultra, ~ 90 fps :D awesome for the price of 1.6k
Lego Strain Gamez (7 months ago)
They say it good for movies and gaming so yes
teemuntubetus (1 year ago)
WTF Asus.. Where is your personality, individuality and innovation?
DanielMagic (1 year ago)
Can it handle games well
Lego Strain Gamez (7 months ago)
Ian Aquino (1 year ago)
how do I switch hdmi inputs?
EM Olson (1 year ago)
PC Died after four months ... lost files, windows 10 upgrade, etc. THEN ASUS DIDN'T HONOR THE WARANTEE...... UPDATE: THE STORY GETS EVEN WORSE… So if you read below you will hear how my four month old PC suddenly just went off… no power, no lights, etc. This is a royal pain, waste of time and of $150 of shipping and shipping supplies to return it. But at least it was under warrantee, right? Well not anymore!!! Remember I mentioned that Asus insists you do NOT ship it back in the original box. This means you have to ship it in a box that is probably a little too big. My box was so I had to add bubble wrap and styro peanut around the original foam supports that were in the Asus box. This also means there is a greater chance of physical damage somewhere along the way. My box and PC came back to me all banged up. The LCD display was smashed and cracked from one end to the other. There was a nice pre-generated note inside saying that my warrantee was void due to physical damage. I assure you, the box was very sturdy and well packed when I gave it to UPS. (Remember I spent $55 on packing materials.) It is quite obvious to me that Asus decided to drop it from a high place or crush it with a fork lift rather that fix it. I am out $1000. This company is truly EVIL. Do not buy anything from them. ORGINAL REVIEW: I am writing about the ET2324 that I bought earlier this year... However Please Note that I was shipped the ET 2323 in a ET 2324 box. Furthermore the change in model numbers is irrelevant... All the 23 AiO models are essentially the same regardless of Model number... It just a way for Asus to keep new models coming faster than owner can review them. So my review applies to all 23" AiO PC in the ~$800 price range. If I had written this review one month ago, I would have given the product five stars. But given that I have only had the PC for four months I thought I would delay until I had thoroughly "broken the PC-in". Unfortunately (for me, not Asus) the PC suddenly went dead two days ago; the screen and lights just went ... "off"!!! The power button has no affect. I even bought a second power adapter from Asus (rush delivery) and nothing. All my equipment was on a high quality power surge protector and my router, modem, etc were not affected in any way... this was an internal power failure. I want to highlight how inconvenient this is... I spent months upgrading the PC from window 8 to 10, loading software, customizing, etc. Because of this sudden power loss there is no way to back up my settings or my files. Asus' return policy tells you to expect everything to be wiped clean (they take no precautions and admit no liability). So I am royally screwed. Oh, and you cannot return the PC in it's original box, nor do they provide a box and return postage.... nice!!! I hope this doesn't happen to you... be forewarned!!
LucienSabre (9 days ago)
Sorry to hear about your nasty experience....but ASUS is not that bad. My experience with ASUS, for example, is literally the opposite: I’m currently using a ASUS laptop, and I chose it because my previous ASUS laptop was the best among all the computees I used - which were the 2 mentioned ASUS, 2 HPs and 1 ACER; none of those machines has ever given me the same sensation of smoothness I feel when using the ASUS.
Daniel Newman (2 months ago)
Thanks saved me a lot of money. I'll be looking somewhere else for a PC
MEEP PEEP (1 year ago)
Needed this lol my dad just bought yesterday
Tiffany (7 months ago)
Is it good
Syloaw (1 year ago)
He is good for the gaming ?
Vahram Kocharyan (1 year ago)
so what modern games can i play on this computer
Tiffany (7 months ago)
You can play with this sims 4 and 3 WITH ALL EXPANSIONS so no worries
gloomy guts (10 months ago)
what about sims 4?
BLAST3R (1 year ago)
Ezra I was online when you replied to me. No problem, have a nice day :)
Ezra (1 year ago)
+Emir Bince Bro, didn't expect you to reply that fast btw thanks!
BLAST3R (1 year ago)
Ezra medium/high quality will run perfectly.
Van Lian (1 year ago)
Mr. Super Saf, could you please do update review for this AIO Asus computer after 4months of using? Since I watched this review, any other all in one pc didn't get my attention.
Sarah Nixon (1 year ago)
why is this not available in Australia?
Abigail Allen (1 year ago)
Does anyone know when they're going to bring out an SSD version? It's a rip off at that price for hdd
Jordan (1 year ago)
I have this myself :DD got it for half price.
Dima R (1 year ago)
Don't buy it if you want to upgrade the RAM or HDD/SSD. From what I've seen so far, it's nearly impossible to open the cover. More info from these users: https://www.ifixit.com/Answers/View/299791/Upgrade+HDD+to+SSD Very disappointed in Asus. Used to be a great brand. Also the SSD version will probably come with a slow SSD and 1y warranty. If you upgrade it yourself, you get 5 years warranty with Samsung or Intel SSDs.
HOUSE OF A MISFIT (1 year ago)
I completely agree with you. To make such a great computer just to drop the ball and install a slow HDD, what were they even thinking? Someone needs to get fired over this.
Jess (1 year ago)
I think they are beautiful for those who like the stylistic, appealing look of the mac, but running Windows for those who don't like running on OS. I think it was a smart idea on their part
Peter Magpantay (1 year ago)
Do you know when the SSD version is coming out?
AmirMemeZ_ (1 year ago)
AmirMemeZ_ (1 year ago)
+Sp00d3rp00l 4000us
AmirMemeZ_ (1 year ago)
+Sp00d3rp00l it actually is about that in my currency lol
Omega336 (1 year ago)
Over 9000 jk i dunno.
Mart Terv (1 year ago)
what are your temperatures with this one? motherboard?
ANiMARAS (1 year ago)
when is it coming out :( I want one with a SSD version
Oliver Chiang (1 year ago)
Can I upgrade it to SSD by myself?
yes, if you have one lying around.. just have an adapter for it then plug it in... and you're good to go
Kevin (1 year ago)
The ASUS Zen AiO Pro Z240IC must have been really expensive, it seems fun to use, to get me wrong. I will actually get one if i could afford it. but it going to take me a million years in order to pay for that PC
HiddenAdept (1 year ago)
Was about to buy this, but then no HDMI-In was a deal breaker. It's a monitor but you can't use it as a monitor for anything external. Should not have copied Apple there. Going to go for the MSI AG270 with GTX 970M at this point, since it's on clearance right now.
Ethan Heida (1 year ago)
could you play battle field 4 on this on below medium settings and get a fps over 20?
Daniel Evans (1 year ago)
Fares Geek-dz (1 year ago)
asus the best..
Loki Laufeyson (1 year ago)
Ohh one question... Can you play lol on it?
yes you can!
Daniel Snook (1 year ago)
Why make your own design when you can blatantly plagiarise Apple's
sai prasad Mohanty (1 year ago)
bro do dbrand skins are available for windows laptops
HelpI'mLost (1 year ago)
try the dbrand website
dejgasrat (1 year ago)
This is not a Review, this is commercial! And last that's a big difference pal!
NoMercyHD (1 year ago)
4k with a 960m? wow funny as fuck
Shara R. (1 year ago)
are you going to be doing a review on the version with the SSD? that would be awesome, otherwise how do we know when this new one comes out?
Bax The Cat (1 year ago)
that looks amazing i would love to have one but i problebly wont get one. i think you should do a giveaway or something like that
sp1 (1 year ago)
You should review the SSD version as well when it comes out
Ryanrocksize 5 (1 year ago)
When windows laptops and apple iMacs have a baby :)
ThePeddle (1 year ago)
No SSD at this price point.....deal breaker
Gabriel Benchimol (1 year ago)
So you can actually game on this?
Azures (1 year ago)
+Vahram Kocharyan like getting, >=30fps on any games i believe , hmm likes big gmaes GTA 5 or Witcher 3 you will struggle on it if you want to play in medium res.
Vahram Kocharyan (1 year ago)
+Prydaz how low
Azures (1 year ago)
yes, but low rates you can search on for gtx 960M benchmark.
MP Dope (1 year ago)
How meny milions
Bruiser Bruiser (1 year ago)
How much will Apple sue Asus for? LOL
Axel Geuvens (1 year ago)
SSD is definitely a must here for most people
Best gaming all-one-PC?
jamaicaboy (1 year ago)
It looks cool but there's no getting away from the company that's influenced it's design. Nice one Saf.
Bo Pedersen (1 year ago)
Very nice, however the oversight of including a couple of M.2 PCI-E SSD's is glaring considering the premium status of this system.
Xalataf (1 year ago)
Is it just me or when you look at the side it looks like an iMac clone?
Shubham singh baghel (1 year ago)
Those Bezels
jemy j (1 year ago)
What about price
John Wick (1 year ago)
+jemy j Watch the video.
Aman Wankhede (1 year ago)
Great tech
Rizwan Ali (1 year ago)
thanks to you mundiya for making such a helpful videos any give away in dubai will be appreciated ;)
sagar aher (1 year ago)
i dont know why the fuck do companies copy other companies design!!! like wt da fuk is wrong with you?????
Rizwan Ali (1 year ago)
nice video mundiya;)
SuperSaf TV (1 year ago)
+Rizwan Ali thanks bro! :)
Tomas (1 year ago)
is it good for gaming?
SuperSaf TV (1 year ago)
+Tomas it can handle games well but would struggle to play any at 4K res
Yoosuf Muneer (1 year ago)
We need Moar PC Reviews! Wish it would be a little more detailed.
SuperSaf TV (1 year ago)
+Yoosuf Muneer thanks buddy, my first PC review so will hopefully do more if you want to see
that computer is fast when use what can the wifi use 802.11 ac or 802.11 n
JDN (1 year ago)
The thing about this is that they need to get the pricing right. If the price is significantly lower than the iMac, then it would be a hot buy for consumers. Considering that this is probably trying to go head to head with the 21.5" iMac with 4K display which is 1,500 USD, if this is priced at 1000 USD...it might be an attractive pick. It might be smart if they made a 1080p model and price it significantly lower than the regular 21.5" iMac w/o the 4k display.
john ralph sanchez (1 year ago)
a dream device again 😷😰
Gary Jo (1 year ago)
that was the fastest review ever
D Koziol (1 year ago)
really that screen saver is Ugly
SuperSaf TV (1 year ago)
+Duncan Koziol was just the default one lol
TekReviews (1 year ago)
At least with a Dell All In One you can open the back and install your OWN SSD!
Max Zak (1 year ago)
like asus it self (had notebook and smartphones), good quality and prices (still i think that thing is expensiv as fuck)
Cyber (1 year ago)
It's exactly like an iMac what's ripoff Apple should sue them.
Malcolm Literally (10 months ago)
girlsdrinkfeck Want to know a fact? I actually do love PC over Mac, but as a previous mac user, I'd say I could get a good 100fps on csgo, everything with the mac is simpler, sleek and stylish. So in conclusion macs aren't that bad, but the irony here for me is... got a pc😂
girlsdrinkfeck (10 months ago)
+Malcolm Literally Macs are slow and over priced and ugly
Malcolm Literally (10 months ago)
girlsdrinkfeck your comment seriously made no sense, get a mac
girlsdrinkfeck (1 year ago)
+Cyber since when did apple invent design language ? idiot , macs suck
LuneTech (1 year ago)
them bezels though 😱
Pete S. (1 year ago)
+LuneTech They fit with its design.
Bactino (1 year ago)
Yah. :/
Koji G (1 year ago)
If you're a Windows user looks pretty sick, but without the SSD for now it's useless
Kmemu Ka (1 year ago)
No ssd, major fail
omar mccook (1 year ago)
This is actually nice.. The graphics not too bad for gaming depends on what games you play but overall it's a nice pc I would love to have this
SuperSaf TV (1 year ago)
+omar mccook cheers, yes it's pretty good overall
Mac or Asus what do you prefer the most!!!
earlbee31 (1 year ago)
Josué González (1 year ago)
Great review, as always. Conratulations.
SuperSaf TV (1 year ago)
+Josué González thank you my friend!
TechnoNewsNow TNN (1 year ago)
Its designed by the same person who designed the iMac, thats why it looks the same. Nice review, really want this PC
TechnoNewsNow TNN (1 year ago)
+SuperSaf TV It would be so cool, if you could check out my review/tech videos and advise me how to improve them. Would really appreciate it.
SuperSaf TV (1 year ago)
+TechnoNewsNow TNN interesting. Thanks mate
ladyvee7110 (1 year ago)
Yes, everything looks like all Apple products....um...lol.
girlsdrinkfeck (1 year ago)
+ladyvee7110 no macs look like them ,and macs suck shit
ladyvee7110 (1 year ago)
+Emmanuel Ezeagwula Lol
Emmanuel Manu (1 year ago)
Go fuck ur self
DrMacintosh (1 year ago)
If I wanted specifically an AiO desktop I would buy an iMac, Apple seems to have that concept down imo. If I wanted any desktop computer though.......I would build one......like I already did xD http://pcpartpicker.com/user/DrMacintosh/saved/LwgH99
ArgaJones (1 year ago)
+Eric Melendez Sweet!
DrMacintosh (1 year ago)
+ArgaJones all I had to do was take the drivers from my iMac Windows install and boom it works. Has a few issues with function keys so I have to press "fn" for F10-12 and I don't have a print screen button lol
ArgaJones (1 year ago)
+Eric Melendez Ahh, I see. 
DrMacintosh (1 year ago)
+ArgaJones carried over from the iMac xD I also really like the aluminum.
ArgaJones (1 year ago)
+Eric Melendez Why the apple keyboard?
Key Y (1 year ago)
機械翻訳の結果 Is this that it has a meaning to completely imitate imac?
girlsdrinkfeck (1 year ago)
+Kunihito Yoshida macs suck and ugly this is nothig like max
Harison (1 year ago)
looks like a btec version of an iMac
Premium Gear DK (1 year ago)
What's the UK price bro? Superb video!
SuperSaf TV (1 year ago)
+Premium Gear DK thanks mate, currently priced at £1500 i believe
Edwin Baktanian, M.D. (1 year ago)
Please do a review on the ThinkCentre x1 when it comes out next month. Thanks!
KingStivan (1 year ago)
what i think about it ?? i think it looks like shit ... and if your going to copy something AT LEAST get rid of the main design flaws like the ports on the back ... and what the heck is wrong with them thinking that we would like to own something that resembles a iShit or what ever its called .... and those bezels are as thick as it comes even back in 1999 screens had thinner bezels .....
ameer karaty (1 year ago)
true and the sad thing is the iMac is better with the 5k screen
tannacy jack (1 year ago)
supersaf !u r costing me alot ,i watched ur vid of Nvidia shield tv and i had to buy it. the same happend with logitech circle and nw with this 1 lol. thanks for ur videos anyway.
tannacy jack (1 year ago)
+SuperSaf TV lol no need to sorry man! i really appreciate ur videos, ur videos r a reliable source for me as whatever i bought so for after watching ur videos came out to be very very good. keep up with ur good work. thumbs up frm me .👍👍
tannacy jack (1 year ago)
+SuperSaf TV lol no need to sorry man! i really appreciate ur videos, ur videos r a reliable source for me as whatever i bought so for after watching ur videos came out to be very very good. keep up with ur good work. thumbs up frm me .👍👍
SuperSaf TV (1 year ago)
+tannacy jack lol sorry buddy, hope you're enjoying the purchases :)
tannacy jack (1 year ago)
+ameer karaty the best thing abut it is that it is a gaming station as well as multi media. its fast aswell. i dont regret buying it
ameer karaty (1 year ago)
what's the point of the nividia shield
Broads in Africa (1 year ago)
....when will people learn to build a desktop pc
Ricsi Rusinaru (1 year ago)
your vid is awesone,but what the hell is that hideous iMac copy for god sake???
hassan nassar (1 year ago)
Is an external SSD an option?
ameer karaty (1 year ago)
+hassan nassar duh of course as long as you have a usb port available
hassan nassar (1 year ago)
As in can you get an external SSD to connect to the PC?
TBW Pro (1 year ago)
Just gorgeous
SuperSaf TV (1 year ago)
+TBW Pro indeed!
BeginnersTech (1 year ago)
Great review bro, SSD option would definitely be better. Great review
SuperSaf TV (1 year ago)
+BeginnersTech thanks dude, yeh for sure man
Emilios RL (1 year ago)
looks amazing!👌
SuperSaf TV (1 year ago)
+Emilios R it really does
Tech n'More (1 year ago)
Great video!
SuperSaf TV (1 year ago)
+Tech n'More thanks mate
Fidel Guevara (1 year ago)
4k display with no ssd and shitty graphics card? wtf is asus thinking?
Fidel Guevara (1 year ago)
+ameer karaty i wouldn't say the 960m is good for a 4k display
ameer karaty (1 year ago)
+KiMpAn they can always throw a 970m for the price but the 960m is actually a good graphics card for thin laptop like desktops
Laurențiu Derecichei (1 year ago)
+Fidel Guevara its targeting stupid apple people :))
K.Evrgrn (1 year ago)
well the bad gpu is because its not made for gaming
Darius Dinu (1 year ago)
If this doesn't look like a Mac, than I don't know what.
assyrian guy (1 year ago)
isus ;)
Saikat (1 year ago)
Zain Akhtar (1 year ago)
cool, its really good.
SuperSaf TV (1 year ago)
+Zain Akhtar thanks
Arek J (1 year ago)
wonder if asus be sued
girlsdrinkfeck (1 year ago)
+Arek J right ,a laptop PC inside a monitor to be patented ? lol 
Arek J (1 year ago)
+girlsdrinkfeck should of patented their design what were they thinkin lol
girlsdrinkfeck (1 year ago)
+Arek J imac design isnt a patent ,its generic design for a AIO PC
Arek J (1 year ago)
+girlsdrinkfeck imac design 
girlsdrinkfeck (1 year ago)
+Arek J sued for what ?
Thomas Le (1 year ago)
that look totally like imac
Fatal Undead (3 months ago)
Except it has better hardware
girlsdrinkfeck (1 year ago)
+Thomas Le or imac looks like this u mean ?
akshay salve (1 year ago)
+Nebula Mirage 😂😂😂😂😂
Nebula Mirage (1 year ago)
The iMac is definitely a complete replica of my stainless steel spoon
Limitless Tech UK (1 year ago)
All I can say is that display tho. But the rest looks pretty nice as well, not overly keen on the colour finish but as an aio it looks great. Shame that this model didn't have an ssd though that would have helped a lot. Great review as always Saf.
Limitless Tech UK (1 year ago)
+SuperSaf TV I totally get you, ssd is perfect for what we do and anytime man 😀
SuperSaf TV (1 year ago)
Thanks man, really wish it had an SSD, would have been perfect for me 😔
Sebastian Ion (1 year ago)
Total ripoff.

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