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60 Minutes Segment on Chinese Telecom Company, Huawei

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October 7th, 2012
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herminio perez (1 month ago)
so let me get this straight: all these hooligans are spending money flying around to question ceo's and reps based on conspiracy no facts cuz they aint got NOTHING over huawei albeith nobody can be trusted and scrutenize huawei over nothing? BUT apple can deal with u.s. govt and give them a backdoor key just like google, if apple is in china apple has to abid by their law therefor apple has to deal with the china govt 😲😲😲 shots fired, but we can have sony, asus, honda, toyota, lexus, electronic toys, tablets, bullshit hell even food and ppl dont complain about it gtfo.
Global Warming (2 months ago)
mike rogers is an known racist, most Michigan senators are
Sagitarius (2 months ago)
The US is complaining that the Chinese government "tells" Huawei what to do yet the US government trough "unknown agents" tell US companies like sprint and at&t NOT TO do business with Huawei. See the hypocrisy here? I trust Huawei, the Chinese and Russian governments more than I trust the US government. We the US are no longer good at anything other than make wars and pressure other countries to do unfair trade deals. EDUCATE our people and we won't have to rely on foreign technologies and products and STOP whining!
Kay y. Hong (27 days ago)
Americans are hypocrites. They tell others not to do what it does!
sai virinchi (3 months ago)
It's true that Huawei is been ran by Chinese government
Kay y. Hong (27 days ago)
antonio quinonez (3 months ago)
Business in the business of doing business...Can I use that? :P
Ca Bal (3 months ago)
8:15 the us head of huawei just admited that huawei spies for the chinese goverment
Kay y. Hong (27 days ago)
Abdulazeez Sule (5 months ago)
Stupid question ...... Does the CIA have a hand in iphone also... The Americans are just afraid of a new technology and how fast huawei is growing and taking over smartphones. And also because of the America greed they cant believe a smartphone with such power can be so cheap......@ iphone you can suck it @ samsung go and explode somewhere else not in my pocket HUAWEI IS KING OF SMARTPHONES....
Kay y. Hong (27 days ago)
The americans will demonize and attack anyone posing a threat to its dominance!
Lenny Online (5 months ago)
How stupid of the US to lose out on Telecom manufacturing. Who needs nuclear a $10 Billion aircraft carriers? Such a waste. The US govt doesn't help nurture its industries nor help it grow in international markets. Almost every other govt in the world helps its industry. Our policies stink. Hope Trump realizes that.
Kay y. Hong (27 days ago)
The u.s. continues to pour money into a military that can destroy planet earth multiple times. Ridiculous!
Penny Ying (1 year ago)
"if we care about our consumers' privacy...." cough cough, snowden, cough cough, NSA
Dominic Fastbender (2 years ago)
Lets pretend for a moment that your a person with no vested interests, well, you should think again. You see Windows 10 literally raping your privacy, google, microsoft and others monitoring the private lives and every facet of your children's lives as they grow up (if your not smart) and building massive data at your expense. Then you have huwawei. Dont get me wrong, I would never allow a Huwawei product in my home. Hell will freeze first. Having said that, I feel very similar about Microsoft since seeing Windows 10. The difference is only one of where you are born. I dont want the US to lose jobs, because my friends live there, I dont want the UK to lose IP because it costs jobs. However, our companies in the west are pathetic when it comes to protecting their IP. They WILL buy cheap wherever they can. They ALREADY outsourced building their products to China, the GAVE away their industry and now it is coming home to kill them off. Apple and others made sure this was always going to happen and consumers lost their jobs because of this outsourcing and still purchased the products because they cannot visualise how this will eventually come home to roost. Personally, I avoid companies that outsource outside the jurisdictions I personally benefit from. Not racism, not prejudice, just self interest and common sense. If more people did the same, we wouldn't be looking at a crisis for European and US companies over the next few years. Indian outsourcing companies are doing exactly the same thing. We outsourced so much, we became the middle man. What the West needs, is responsible executives. The responses here were laughable. MS and Apple tried to fight the US government when the government insisted they must spy on their consumers, even if their data centers were outside the UK. Simply because it is hurting their market. What did the US do, make a federal case against them. Way to kill the US IT industry.
OURWEI (2 years ago)
My channel is all about Huawei. I was Founder Ren Zhengfei's personal editor. Have a look.
Thene Rente (2 years ago)
The US government just wanna do everything to maximise the benefit. compared with other countries' government, they are the one who were not flowing the international rule, like back when US government attacked iraq. they just use their power to prevent others from growing and get the benefit out of it, even in business area like this case with huawei.
Franz chuck (2 years ago)
watching this on my huawei pad, apple products are also made in china
Patrick Neary (2 years ago)
That would be crazy if the "anonymous US agents" that discouraged the sale of equipment were actually actors sent by competing companies.  Greed can spur fantastic creativity!
bull Zhou (3 years ago)
what comes around goes around.china is doing the same thing to the US tech companies.
Alex Lee (19 days ago)
osuivan I guess he's living in the USA and should be deported to China.
osuivan (2 years ago)
+bull Zhou China is stealing IP to give to Chinese companies to beat out US companies which can/does cost Americans jobs. There is a big difference for Americans like my self (no clue where you live).
lord zilu (3 years ago)
now it appears that US is the who is spying other countries
g Gg (5 months ago)
How about Mr Trump's buddy Putin, who is financing Mr Trump's high rise towers. Why dumb head Americans are sleeping. Trump and his daughter has signed billions dollar deals for future projects in and financed with China and Russia. Kushner has started importing Chinese who can show him and his father in law minimum of millions .
Jørgen (3 years ago)
and they do
Ke Zhong (3 years ago)
Pananda Mao (1 year ago)
Ke Zhong 哈哈
dj gamer (2 years ago)
eeeedffttttyyhg v b k ijjj nhu
Ha Lert (4 years ago)
Why US government concerns the spy from this Chinese company because they did know the way to spy against the other from what they did in the past.

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