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Top 10 Must Have Outdoor Survival Gear Part-2

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Top 10 Must Have Outdoor Survival Gear Part-2 ***Best Survival Gear: https://goo.gl/fLFmcU Top 10 best Survival gear list: 1. SEVENTY2 Survival Kit 19:37 Amazon link: http://amzn.to/2qtKlyo 2. MSK-1 Ultimate Survival Tips Knife 12:57 Link: http://ultimatesurvivaltips.com/msk-1-survival-knife/ 3. S.O.L Origin Survival Kit 10:59 Amazon link: http://amzn.to/2pJWpe6 4. Gerber Bear Grylls Card Tool 10:04 Amazon link: http://amzn.to/2pK17bx 5. Slidebelts Survival Belt 07:34 Amazon link: https://amzn.to/2ukUG2z 6. SPARtool Survival Multitool 05:48 Amazon link: https://amzn.to/2pGAuCP 7. Iron Forest Knife Jack 03:06 Amazon link: https://amzn.to/2DUmlH9 8. Gerber Bear Grylls Tinderbox 02:09 Amazon link: http://amzn.to/2pb5Rnq 9. MSR TrailShot™ Water Filter 00:59 Amazon link: http://amzn.to/2pJQLbG 10. Bear Grylls Survival Series Hatchet 00:13 Amazon link: http://amzn.to/2q0VHKt ***Survival Gear: Part-1: https://youtu.be/RVJs3pxcnp4 Part-3: https://youtu.be/zoufP-mQ3gE Part-4: https://youtu.be/lec8gHRikYs part-5: https://youtu.be/E58jgt0Ua4w ***EDC Knives: https://youtu.be/-aG9GNTMIiA ***Survival Gear: https://youtu.be/RVJs3pxcnp4 ***Rescue Gear: https://youtu.be/dbZlt_gfylk ***Outdoor Gear: https://youtu.be/xdUBAsyqRtU ***Flashlight: https://youtu.be/cTZZDBdwJ94 ***Camping Gadgets on Amazon: https://youtu.be/k-0hvxRYWp0 ***Camping Air Tents: https://youtu.be/le_KG6KBF2c ***Camping Tents: https://youtu.be/yFhODqvf9V4 ***Massive Power Banks: https://youtu.be/sgG7NONo4Pk ***EDC Multi-Tools: https://youtu.be/mOXa6wT_fck ***Camping Stoves: https://youtu.be/cr9vA6iGWr8 ------------------------------------------ We are also on: Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/top10zone Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/top10zone Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/T10zone Web: https://www.top10-zone.com ------------------------------------------ If you found this video valuable, give it a like. If you know someone who needs to see it, share it. Leave a comment below with your thoughts. ------------------------------------------ Disclaimer: The footage in this video was created as promotional/educational material. If you are the creator or owner of the footage and have reservations please notify us via youtube comments or email and we will accommodate you.

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Text Comments (307)
Maineiac fishing (13 days ago)
The Jack is the only useful thing on the list I kinda want it
Patrick Payne (1 month ago)
The "Iron Forest Knife Jack" can't be found on Amazon. I went to look for it and it says this item can't be found... Any ideas?
John Trioxin (2 months ago)
It filters out cryptosporidium.... Not oil from the cars in the parking lot she no doubt left her car at nearby. The belt is nice and all but what if u genuinely need it to hold your pants? Can u still take it off and use it to carry wood?
Davide Balestrucci (2 months ago)
Im italian
Alabama Woodsman (2 months ago)
Mr. Grills' endorsement on "survival gear" is a sure way to get me to buy something else. Now if Mr. Grills wants to endorse a hotel or camper, I may listen.
Sean B (2 months ago)
I don’t know why it’s called “survival gear”. Should be called “equipment that you would use primarily in a forest”
antonio brown (2 months ago)
Number 6 is my double ain't never seen some one who looked like me
gregory Odell (2 months ago)
LES STROUD > bear grylls
jordan marten (2 months ago)
Oh no my pants are falling down but its ok my belt can be used to pull things. wtf dude are you doing oh just taking off my belt to open my beer.
Camel 777 (2 months ago)
Does anyone else absolutely despise Bear Grylls?
JoeDoe_ Outdoors (2 months ago)
Hii I really enjoy your page ☺ Keep it up!
Donald J. Trump (2 months ago)
It hammers. It UN-Hammers.
Samuel Pyle (2 months ago)
you should ad MORA knife it is the best I have ever used and it only cost $20
mattis (2 months ago)
the seventy2 is the only "complete survival system" if I could only have one item from the list, that's the one I'd pick, but the Jack is the most versatile knife
Anton Chigurh (2 months ago)
Used the belt to carry firewood, pants slipped down to my ancles, I tripped and fell onto my survival shovel which launched the survival knive two inches deep into my thigh which caused me to stumble and fall into my camp fire. Thankyouverymuch!
Jennifer D. (2 months ago)
So basically it's mostly flashy stuff most people would probably not use....
Dude Perfectt (2 months ago)
Can I please have a oragen please
Cam Corder (2 months ago)
6&7 was cringy
Carolina García (2 months ago)
If you are interested in survival the best success that i've had was by following the Marla Survive System (just google it) without a doubt the most useful survival that I have ever followed.
john none (2 months ago)
There are several ideas for surviving any situation 1. Have food stock: 2. Find a shelter: In times like these having a shelter which can product you from weather as well as other living being is important. If you are out of your home, you have to first and foremost search for a makeshift shelter or you have to think about building one if natural shelters are not available. 3. Know the dangers: You have to be prepared for the most common dangers at such point of time to ensure that you are able to make preparations against it. This can be wild animals or the weather or other people depending on the situation you are in and therefore, you have to identify the immediate danger and after that you have to start the preparations to safeguard yourself from these immediate dangers as well to ensure that you are able to face them if at all you come across them. So, whenever you are speaking about survival situations, these 3 are the most basic tips which you have to follow at all points of time and once you are able to follow these simple tips, you can be sure that you would be keeping your family safe and yourself as well from all such types of dangers. (I discovered these and why they work from Marla survive system site )
Marcel (2 months ago)
Checkout falconoutdoorsupplies.com for all your outdoor needs!
Ryan McNaughton (2 months ago)
The belt is crappy
henning pedersen (3 months ago)
Haha 8.35 twist off and he uses bottle opner
Will Smith (3 months ago)
I want the belt so that I can open a bottle and drag a boat.
Hossman84 (3 months ago)
that hatchet in the beginning is a joke. Axes and hatchets are heavy for a reason, so their weight does the work instead of beating the shit out of your arm.
Kee Ppe (3 months ago)
it's all crap ... you probably die faster using this stuff
The only thing I might trust that bear Grill sells would be a tapeworm medicine other than that I don't trust the guy
Joshua Ortiz (3 months ago)
5:55 that guy sounds lime jack from jackinthebox
Dancing Kicker (3 months ago)
Perfect, were do you get your products 😋
her şey var burada (3 months ago)
Türkler burdamı
Blue Haze (3 months ago)
If all you people watched all these reviews from all of these products that says "ultimate survival tools" you will notice that these are all waste of money.. The only necessary tools for outdoor survival is a gun, rope, firestarter, water purifier, bolo and knife
EnglishatHeart (2 months ago)
You don't need a gun. Humans survived for thousands of years without them.
kim ekholm (2 months ago)
Hey what about a map and perhaps a shelter?
Austin Garcia (2 months ago)
Ryan McNaughton ..not if you have a watch
Ryan McNaughton (2 months ago)
So you don’t need a compass
Blue Haze (3 months ago)
And some extra underwears. Lol!
Joey Schuszler (4 months ago)
why must every multi function tool have a bottle opener? i swear there's probably more bottle openers now than bottles to open with them
Vex (4 months ago)
Cameron Taylor (4 months ago)
Shaun Elliott (4 months ago)
The Jack,$250 for a compromise, are you fuckin silly in the head? Or are there people out their that think, I know ill just take this, and only this fuckin gimmick into the Forrest with me, what a brilliant idea. Why don't you people that buy shite like this have a look at what the old timers are using, they've been doing this for a long time, just look at their gear, it's old and looking pretty fucked because they have had it forever, way before any of this gimmicky shite, and they will still have it after you've lost all the bits to your shite that checks if your banana is the right bend while you're digging a hole for a shit and rubbing your feet at the same time. People have been using the right tools for the right job for a million years, some things you can make better, but some things are best left alone. I have some multi tasking tools and they work fine, but I always carry the things I trust my life to. Please people don't ever go into anywhere with just one tool, and don't trust your life to any fuckin gimmick.
VenomHawk96 (4 months ago)
SPARtool is a copy of the Crovel 👿
vandos37 lexington (4 months ago)
The spartool sucks and does not work
zombielover317able (4 months ago)
Well I hit the stop button when I seen the Bear Grylls Car Tool it's got a bottle opener so people can drink and drive and it's a car tool that has nothing to do with cars are you getting the advertisement just cuz it says Bear Grylls on it really it's a Car Tool that's nothing to do with cars here I'm going to sell you an airplane tool that has nothing to do with airplanes but you should buy it for 4995 I got your back trust me my name is Slade McGillis
Aijaz ahmed (4 months ago)
I like the knives like MSK1
Anders Uberman (4 months ago)
Hmmm.... Just got duped into watching commercials!
XGamersitalian (5 months ago)
I've been researching into survival and found an awesome resource at Survivor Crusher System (check it out on google)
Spaceman 1256 (5 months ago)
The only not crap item here is the MSK-1 But is expensive AF.
legit gamer22 (5 months ago)
I want number 4
Adriel De Souza (5 months ago)
How much does the msk1 cost
Top 10 Zone (5 months ago)
+Adriel De Souza Follow ta amazon link in the video discription
1 2 (5 months ago)
Hey everyone, the best success that i've had was by following the Marla survive system (just google it) definately the most useful preppers that I've tried.
Sue Wootton (5 months ago)
Yaaaa bear grills
SUPAFREAK (5 months ago)
sambo170a (5 months ago)
So I pay next new car to bear grills for a crappy mini axe or I spend 15£ on a tramontina machete that is more versatile and last forever ....let me come back to you on this
Mike Brink (5 months ago)
How come no survival kits contain the most important tool for survival/rescue, a cell phone......I don't need a signal mirror, I need a signal cell phone....The mirror might come in handy for shaving though.
Holy hell bottle openers are not useful at all most bottles are twist off anyways.
junkmailsucks10203 (5 months ago)
9:55 - slide belt GPS... so she knows where you left your pants? what's that about... looks a bit hokey after he used it for an anchor tie at 8:51. And you'd have to have 2 so you can keep your pants up and knife on your hip while dragging a boat or fire wood... maybe he needs a good rope.
Penguin (5 months ago)
If you want to get anything from this list I would suggest 1. The msk 1 2. The spartool For the msk 1 just search it up on google and you can buy the base model for about $300 and for the spartool it's on amazon for like $160
Rawr_Tiger (5 months ago)
I would disagree partially. I would replace the Spartool gor the Seventy2. Spartool is in fact a well built shovel, saw, and blade, however, the handle end isnt built as well as it could have been. In my opinion, the Seventy2 is a pack that can be a grab and go B.O.B with nothing really added. Although, the price is a bit offsetting. Well, that was just my 2 cents. Have a great day/night and thanks for the comment. :D
Penguin (5 months ago)
Top 10 Zone it's a good list but I tried out some of the items and they were not the best like the tinder box.. anyways have a good day
Top 10 Zone (5 months ago)
+Penguin Thanks
Penguin (5 months ago)
If you want to get anything from this list I would suggest 1. The msk 1 2. The spartool For the msk 1 just search it up on google and you can buy the base model for about $300 and for the spartool it's on amazon for like $160
Ethan Wadsworth (5 months ago)
The belt! 😂 it's just a belt. All the tools built in are useless. Plus your pants fall down Every time you want to open a beer.
Simon Dunham (6 months ago)
and the mk1 is way to big
Simon Dunham (6 months ago)
a belt with a tracker in it what the hell
Ronnie Wolf (6 months ago)
2nd product, oh yah? then drink the water you hoe. I wanna see you do it
Blaine Lewis (6 months ago)
When SHTF occurs, you can depend on the excellent survival guideline “suvo amazing guide” (Google it) to assist you survive the simplest way possible. It could be applied to anybody living everywhere since these tactics and tips can be applied to a modern world "doomsday" and not just for individuals who get stranded in a forest somewhere.
Survive Alone (6 months ago)
Moises Morales (7 months ago)
MS K1 was the only great tool from this whole video.
no yes (7 months ago)
an anchor, a bug killer, sun shield, spoon,    I don't want to continue. Add more yourself.
Gerard Newell (7 months ago)
a wife looking like that, in bed alone, checking the gps of his location while he's out fishing is probably a bigger concern than he realizes.
Noah Mead (7 months ago)
Hey daddy I smack these hoes
Robin Siler (7 months ago)
Most of it seems like yuppie gadgets or unnecessary and cheaply made trinkets that just take up space and won't be durable through long-term use. That multipurpose jack blade is $250, get a well made parang for about $40-$80 and you won't need an overpriced gadget with little saw extensions that will just get lost or break. That blade was struggling to chop and shave with a pretty big guy behind it, it's a thin straight blade so it's going to be dreadfully energy intensive in a survival situation chopping through wood for shelters and whatnot. A parang/golok machete will chop through much smoother with less wear on your body and less energy expenditure because they are weighted towards the front of the blade which really takes a lot of the burden off your body. I also can't stand anything from bear grylls, he peddles unreliable trinkets that don't hold up to true survival situations and cripple people that are not experienced by making them reliant on a doodad that does it for you and is extra crap to carry because it's redundant. If you have a flashlight with a lens and a good knife you don't need a magnifying glass cheese grater thing to start a fire. I don't think it's wise to have a bunch of bright orange crap everywhere unless you are hunting and want to be seen or doing something recreational where you want to be seen if lost.
Low Light (7 months ago)
Question -  @8:35-8:40 - why would you ever want to use a belt to open a bottle that has a screw/unscrew cap on - makes no sense.
Joie Mojica-Gahum (8 months ago)
Check roadeavour out!
Dhruv Saxena (8 months ago)
1:14 girl- i just use these 2 bottles dirty mind guy - those 2 round ball like shaped bottles?
Spone Mr (8 months ago)
E bay is better and cheaper also you don't need to use a CC online and just use Pay Pal
رضا راد (8 months ago)
International Financial Services & Tax Consulting & Registration Company with over 22 years of experience in auditor and financial management in more than 30 international companies in Iran.emai: Reza.rad.njh@gmail.com
James Green (8 months ago)
I love the knife where can I get it and how much
Top 10 Zone (8 months ago)
Follow The amazon Link
Evgen (8 months ago)
о. пидарас гриль в самом начале
Maxwell Dickinson (8 months ago)
How much is the mask 1
weerobot (8 months ago)
After all that , he still can't get away from the wife....lol
Richie Abing (8 months ago)
Kudos for the Video! Apologies for chiming in, I would appreciate your thoughts. Have you tried - Lammywalness Your Dream Guide (google it)? It is a good one off product for discovering how to get a a FREE Edt multitool survival tool without the headache. Ive heard some great things about it and my friend after a lifetime of fighting got excellent results with it.
Aya Powers (8 months ago)
Nice Video clip! Excuse me for butting in, I would appreciate your opinion. Have you ever tried - Lammywalness Your Dream Guide (do a google search)? It is an awesome one off product for discovering how to get a a FREE Edt multitool survival tool minus the headache. Ive heard some incredible things about it and my buddy at very last got astronomical results with it.
ed c (8 months ago)
That axe is honestly a joke of an axe.
König KoolbwoY (8 months ago)
why put bottleopeners on everyrhing i could open a bottle with my shoes or a sheat of paper or a piece of wood or what ever so crappy stuff
ᴊᴏʀɪᴄ (8 months ago)
Top 10 Zone (8 months ago)
Top 10 Best Portable Solar Power Generators https://youtu.be/RMjKJfJN7Ls
Victor Pavlov (6 months ago)
+Top 10 Zone heers for the Video! Excuse me for chiming in, I would love your opinion. Have you ever tried - Lammywalness Your Dream Guide (do a google search)? It is a good one off guide for discovering how to get a a FREE Edt multitool survival tool minus the hard work. Ive heard some interesting things about it and my cousin after a lifetime of fighting got excellent results with it.
Sky Looloo (7 months ago)
Top 10 Zone Coolest
Peter Mamo (8 months ago)
hi everyone ,if anyone else wants to uncover ultimate survival kit try Franaar Spies Control Formula (just google it ) ? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my brother in law got excellent success with it.
Dilli Gajurel (8 months ago)
Top 10 Zone p
wolfaneter killer (9 months ago)
Shit shit shit
wolfaneter killer (9 months ago)
Adham Elsharkawy (9 months ago)
Seventy2 bag is the best
Top 10 Zone (9 months ago)
Right !!!
dakotaescher1 (9 months ago)
The Jack: For adult's who want to build a clubhouse and play in the woods.
dakotaescher1 (9 months ago)
#1: for the weight of an axe you can carry a shelter and emergency blanket with you. Now you won't expend unwanted expenditures of calories building a useless shelter. You are welcome. On to #2.
truth seeker (9 months ago)
We get alot of dead sheep etc here in the uk peak /lake district, ,,i would still filter the water ,,,boil,,cool down. ..drink/and for cooking too...
Etoile Dor (9 months ago)
Lourd 💨🏅🥇🏆🥇🏅👍👏
dog23 (9 months ago)
i loved this video
Bambino (8 months ago)
Its shit
Top 10 Zone (9 months ago)
Thanks ♥
SachnoPanchez (9 months ago)
Just expensive crap you wont need but the plastic tits were funny
Lil tay (9 months ago)
My number 1 is toilet roll
Nebula Nights (9 months ago)
"My axe is dull, better drink my piss"
Dutch Bushcraft (9 months ago)
Sorry, but this seems like a big advertisement for people that don't know the first thing about survival.
Zach & Luke, The Show (9 months ago)
Yay! Let's all put our hands on a sharp shovel to Un-hammer!
Dark Miner (9 months ago)
Bear grylls tinderbox AKA the survival cheese grater
Penguin (5 months ago)
Dark Miner I bought one of those to see what it was like and it is absolutely horrible if you want to make tinder do it with a knife
joshua fisher (10 months ago)
7:04 the dude is standing on nothing xD
jhon doe (10 months ago)
the problem with the iron forest jack is the wood your using as a handle is prone to breaking under force throwing a knife to jump around that may hurt you
d u p p s s M (10 months ago)
17:20 best knife
macman gaming (10 months ago)
I know that feeling when u have a crap knife but u feel like a survivor
Jorge Maluf (10 months ago)
bear grylls is a god
April French (10 months ago)
, you dont evan survive u stay in a hotel and eat waffels (1st one)

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