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The Property Show 2015 Episode 118 - The 717 Brookside Drive

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This Sunday we change gears bringing you a fresh perspective and market leading advice in the world of real estate. We feature Eco- Manyatta changing lives in a community within Narok County. Look our property pick of the week , a sleek and modern spacious apartment along Brookside. Our accessory spot highlights electrical products and new designs, perfect for your space. As Kenya Power and Orange continue to expand their networks.
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Etanedele (2 years ago)
what their are doing in that village is wonderful
Khatra Mohamed (2 years ago)
where are you located near near nbi. how much per month
Lucy G (2 years ago)
amazing project of the Eco-manyatta.Great job Nancy!
Patricia Oketch (2 years ago)
The Eco-Manyatta is a real life changing project. Congratulations First Lady

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