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How Fortnite is transforming the gaming industry

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Fortnite is the biggest game on the planet right now. But beyond being super popular, this game is incredibly important to the future of the industry. Fortnite is impacting how modern video games are developed, get popular, stay relevant, and make money. **Correction: Black Ops footage at 4:54 should be sourced to Activision, not EA.** Subscribe: http://goo.gl/G5RXGs Like The Verge on Facebook: https://goo.gl/2P1aGc Follow on Twitter: https://goo.gl/XTWX61 Follow on Instagram: https://goo.gl/7ZeLvX Read More: http://www.theverge.com Community guidelines: http://bit.ly/2D0hlAv Subscribe to Verge Science on YouTube, a new home base for our explorations into the future of science: http://bit.ly/2FqJZMl
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Text Comments (762)
Cloud Thief (23 hours ago)
I don't like fortnite.
Iack (1 day ago)
it's not.
Izzarul Hadi (2 days ago)
What about dota where u can win millions of dollar in the international? Fortnite certainly not
Fritzroy Woods (3 days ago)
I would be willing to spend money on battle royal if the featured outfits / items weren’t such a rip off. $$10-20.00 for a skin- over my dead body.
IgetZTech (3 days ago)
I don't like fortnite
Sam J (4 days ago)
Pubg is the best
made in India channel (4 days ago)
the game world
Why am I good at PUBG but struggle at Fortnite? 😒😪😪
Legendaryman 1 (4 days ago)
It's all about roblox hunger games.
haro wilson (4 days ago)
What a fortnite? I has a social life
Fateh Ahmed (4 days ago)
Pubg mobile better
Saquib Kalim (5 days ago)
Fornite is for Kids
jarin ahtserhs (5 days ago)
It didn't came out of nowhere... 6:37 it came out, saw PUBG Battle Royal, copied it, made it easier for kids to play... However, in my opinion it still sucks as a competitive shooter game due to it randomizer.
MaL3K_XD (5 days ago)
2:05 pung isnt the first either get your facts right before you speak
Surya Jeyasekaran (5 days ago)
Iam a pubg guy
Sascha Wagner (5 days ago)
Shroud left his Esports Team for streaming pubg and played with deadmau5
Paul White (5 days ago)
Actually, even worse than Fortnite - the people who watch people playing games then donate to them. There is no need for more celebrities that add nothing.
DANK SH!T (5 days ago)
Can't wait got GTA 6 to come out so this game will die
Martin marty (5 days ago)
Daniel Kim (5 days ago)
this video could have done better in under 4 minutes.
Free Gaming (5 days ago)
Those types of game reminds me of death match in COD 2. I wonder why people don't play death match in COD.
Dark Lord (6 days ago)
Am i the only one who does't play pubg or fortnite?
Hogsweed School (6 days ago)
im not paying for micro transition nor do i care for mega death matchs
Mass Debator (6 days ago)
Fortnite made $300 million in one month. That’s more than the Avengers made in 2 days. TF
Peter (6 days ago)
did we forget about h1z1???
Latest News Channel (6 days ago)
I am reading for gaming sir
Wild pear running 1 (6 days ago)
Star craft2 the best game in the world I play it everyday for 8 years it is awesome ps do the arcade mode
Wild pear running 1 (6 days ago)
Fork night sucks
Issaiah jackson (6 days ago)
H1Z1 was first br game
ODiN (7 days ago)
I hate this game
Avi Sharma (7 days ago)
Everyone knows pubg is better. Ppls are only playing Fortnite bcos its free.
Corey Haynes (7 days ago)
Source EA? It's call of duty!
Avieshek Rajkhowa (7 days ago)
Actually prefer Combat games like INJUSTICE II and Mortal Kombat X that doesn't demand investment of time and necessary money with Console quality game in an already powerful iOS system.
FanZie (7 days ago)
Fortnite is not popular in our country but anime is
Boundless Atilier (7 days ago)
I don’t understand are people actually forgetting that there are insane high graphic games and there are other genres other than battle royale, GTA 6 really needs to come out, or else they are going to be so late that other battle royale games will take over it, Far Cry series, God war series and Forza, NFS, COD, still exist
Lance (7 days ago)
Super mono
Eric Msemwa (7 days ago)
pubg plus mine craft
Samuel Polay (8 days ago)
Lol. They credited EA as the source for the Black Ops trailer. It’s activision
Santiago Ponce (8 days ago)
I thought smash was the most talked about game
Santiago Ponce (8 days ago)
Fortnite taught me to copy someone if they have started a trend or have success and add Minecraft in it
Tom Markus (8 days ago)
Fortnite is fun but I enjoy Splatoon 2 so much more.
DotDotDot (8 days ago)
2:10 lol playerunknown made the br for that game
DotDotDot (8 days ago)
So heres what I see makes an ultra popular game. Usually when you take a good idea, like pubg br, which was very popular in of itself, and make it more aproachable for kids, the game usually gets super popular. Another example of this happening, survival and sandbox games, great, make it more simple and kid aproachable, you get minecraft, probably the most popular game ever.
PAUL TUBE (8 days ago)
When it will be releasing on android 🤔🤔
renmer jhon razo (8 days ago)
what i like about Fortnite is that it's FREE!
renmer jhon razo (8 days ago)
i thought PUBG is ahead of Fortnite..?🤔
Nick Colonna (8 days ago)
i hate this
Leon Kleber (8 days ago)
I can't wait for this cancerous game to lose it's hype.
avicohen2k (9 days ago)
This video is problematic. It's not explained well enough for non gamers but not deep or interesting enough for those who do know what's it about.. choose an audience and tailor the video to them.
Aryan (9 days ago)
Fortnite sucks dicks
ITZATRAP (9 days ago)
Fortnite became big because of only one thing, THE MEMES!
JCohensChannel (9 days ago)
c'mon... It's not that great.
denny music (9 days ago)
No one care this game in asean
oriwan (9 days ago)
I believe that in Fortnite the biggest playerbase are new gamers were this game is their first game. I'm with a group with more that 15+ years of gaming experience (Quake 2 was our first lan party game) we all don't like Fortnite and a lot of mature gamers have no interest in Fortnite. Still even when I don't like Fortnite I still celebrate the success because with all the new players the general gaming industry is getting bigger this means as well more and better games for the future.
Yassine Mathieu (9 days ago)
Annual old swallow best phone nice rebuild specialize gather.
Pablo Navarro (9 days ago)
Not really. The concept is good but it gets boring. Bring back the platformers: I need a Rayman 4.
What was the trick that Ninja played?
epSos.de (9 days ago)
Good to see that *the free to play model works out.* Maybe we can have such things for other online services, where people pay for extras. Maybe we can even get an eMail, socail network or video network with the same economic model.
Omar M Khalil (9 days ago)
Fortnite didnt copy pubg. There were a lot of battle royale games before pubg
Vishnu Prashanth G (9 days ago)
PUBG is way better
chicky sorise (9 days ago)
at 2:37 is that a projector, if so what kind?
trav is dead (10 days ago)
fornite is for plebs
MidiFire (10 days ago)
Generation defining, I’m waiting for him to say Call of Duty, Says minecraft..... Also, the games don’t become better, or innovating the target audience/players is just getting more crowded
Darth Plagueis (10 days ago)
Warz was the 1st battle royal likegame
Jayram Desai (10 days ago)
wtf fps games are so boring
SpikyPikachu 116 (10 days ago)
I feel like this game is ruining other games…if it affects halo and other games I’ll be pissed…I don’t play this game because it can get boring and tedious. You have to play that game CONSTANTLY!!! And I ain’t doing that. This game will die sometime soon most likely. I deleted the game because I never play it. I have played it but after a while once people just keep talking about it I wouldn’t care about it. This game has been talked about a lot to where it’s annoying.
sujal gurung (10 days ago)
I'd like to take this moment to thank God Almighty for going out of his way to make sure I had absolutely no way to play Fortnite and being my salvation in this chaotic world. God is merciful. God is divine!!!
Metaforically Speaking (10 days ago)
"its everywhere on social media" Really? I dont see a single clip of it anywhere. Hmm wonder why that is. Oh thats right - my social network doesnt have gamers who play or talk about the game
Lis Nikoliqi (10 days ago)
God I hate this game
Jack Sparrow (10 days ago)
Ernesto Ponciano (10 days ago)
Tendency is the Secret
Rohit Sanyal (10 days ago)
No not on every phone... Its not out on the biggest platform..... Android!!
Emerald Bros (10 days ago)
PUBG is still better.
ZAcrackedgamer,GG 12 (10 days ago)
Battle royale burned me out
dmcdevils (10 days ago)
"fornite made 300million in april, thats more than what the new avengers made in 1 week" hmmm, verge with their picky words. xD Comparing one month's earnings to that of a week's xD
Douglas Smith (10 days ago)
People who spend money on fortnite ONLY for costumes, hammers, umbrellas, glide trails, and emotes, are the reason Aliens refuse to visit earth (along with justin bieber and kim kardashian). Please someone, I cannot for the life of me understand why people put TONS of money into a game that will not give you added gameplay. Everything is strictly cosmetic. The fact that people putting thousands of dollars into this game is actually a real thing just shows how stupid we are as a society and makes me incredibly disappointed and sad.
GR8888888888888888888 #marskundanpariyar
Jonathan Kerr (10 days ago)
This seems so much like an advertisement it's a little creepy
Evgenii Neumerzhitckii (10 days ago)
I think Fortnite is popular because: * It is Battle Royale. * It is free to play. * It's not a money grab, since you pay for optional cosmetic items that do not give you any competitive advantage (although people may be scared of you if you play John Wick). * It has a simple but appealing progression system. * It is well done technically. Runs well on many platforms, including low-end PCs (waiting for Android, of course). * Its colourful goofy style is appealing to broad audience of different ages (including myself, and I'm 38). * It is connected with present day culture through dances and skins, so people are not ashamed to talk about it in public. Even celebrities play it openly. This allows the game to spread beyond the gaming community and become a cultural thing. * The building system is amazing and really well executed. This makes every game unique, since there are infinite number of ways players can build stuff. * Frequent updates. Every week there is something new in the game, so there are always things to discuss and show on youtube and twitch.
iAmXpressFusion PSN (10 days ago)
Shows a BO4 video with source as EA. LOOOL
Taylor Gandu (10 days ago)
pubg mobile and pubg pc is way better :3 fortnite is popular cuz alot of children are playing it geez
Dan Bate (10 days ago)
PUBG* without the chicken there's no egg.
WZRD-FX (10 days ago)
If I had to choose a game company to suddenly become on top of the world, I would have picked Epic Games. They deserve every bit of success they are getting.
ha (10 days ago)
who are you
Mukesh Basira (10 days ago)
pubg is best . fortnite sucks in everything.
Divine Silence (10 days ago)
Check out Realm Royal.
WEKRAYS (11 days ago)
I still don't get why people so love with this.
Siam Ekanto (11 days ago)
So basically now there are 2 types of gamers in this world. 1. Fortnite 2. Other Games.
ROgeRs hell (11 days ago)
When the game is coming in india on mobile?
Abraham Kobke (11 days ago)
Battle royale modes were fun for a bit. Really getting sick of it now though. Death to Fortnite and PUBG.
RheariO (11 days ago)
Logan Stanfield (11 days ago)
Battle Royale is basically going to be a new gamemode in every game. Just like how crafting is in every game from Minecraft.
Dionysius Lam (11 days ago)
Carlo de Guzman (11 days ago)
"worried about video game violence... " really, the cartoon look downplays that? i forgot, whats this game about?
Charlie Donnelly (11 days ago)
Fads don’t transform industries, sorry
alenn mosses (11 days ago)
ARMA... was the first to introduce battle royale.
Jujhar Bling (11 days ago)
Played since September not spent a penny! The game is FREEEE
Jujhar Bling (11 days ago)
Pubg is a better game but Fornite is more FUN
Jujhar Bling (11 days ago)
generation defining title: Minecraft... WTF ?? You mean super Mario . ..

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