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OPPO F7 vs Huawei P20 Lite – A Midrange Comparison Review

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OPPO F7 is making a huge wave since its launch almost dominating the Philippine market. While Huawei P20 Lite also known as Nova 3e is not yet making a loud noise here in the Philippines. But just by hearing its name, what will eventually pop in your mind is its high-end parents making a good impression towards the smartphone. Read here: https://www.manilashaker.com/oppo-f7-vs-huawei-p20-lite-comparison-review/ Follow us! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ManilaShaker Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/manilashaker IG: https://www.instagram.com/manilashaker Website: https://www.manilashaker.com
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Text Comments (327)
Rex Pressor (1 day ago)
P20 lite is the best.
Michael Ramirez (5 days ago)
Justin (5 days ago)
Compare to p20 lite. Oppo looks cheap.
Man In Black Shourt (7 days ago)
oppof7 is very better.
yes. also thanks for watching.
Okayda2 2 (7 days ago)
Para sa akin P20 Lite ang mas okay kesa F7 masmadali kasi hawakan ang P20 kesa kay F7 at mas okay yung appearance ng P20 Lite kesa F7... Pero pag uusapan namn Sa Gaming F7 Panalo kesa p20 lite kasi Di Talaga Pang Gaming Ginagamit ng Huawei na Chipset.
nguyen ngochung (9 days ago)
Please add English sub on thí video. tks
we give a try on that.
Dan Rosima (9 days ago)
huawei p20 lite
Carl Lloyd (9 days ago)
The girl is favor in OPPO
Mr. Lactum (11 days ago)
Which is better huawei p20 lite or asus zen max pro m1??
John Aureada (12 days ago)
P20 lite
Jhonny Wang (12 days ago)
Both of these units have the same dimensions according to your specs sheets. I think your people need to verify your info sheets before you post it on video. Clearly both units look nothing alike in specs. This is the 2nd time i've seen this error from one of your previous videos. Cant remeber which one though
Jacob Prado (13 days ago)
ˢᴵ ᴴᵁᴬᵂᴱᴵ ᴾᴬᴺᴰᴬᴷ ᴾᴱᴿᴼ ᴾᴿᴼ ᴵˢ ᶠ7 ᴺᴬᴹᴬᴺ ᴹᴬᵀᴬᴺᴷᴬᴰ ᴾᴱᴿᴼ ᴺᴼᴼᴮ
Kenneth caracas (15 days ago)
Mas maganda pa rin p20 lite
yes! :D
Drew Medina (16 days ago)
so confused what should I buy f7 or p20lite😵
Natasha Bong (8 days ago)
Drew Medina haha. I have a a thousand and one questions bout your choice but it's okay. Won't trouble u any longer haha. Thanks for letting me know your choice btw! 😉
Drew Medina (8 days ago)
+Natasha Bong no hahahaha I choose f7 because the back of p20lite is glass if it fall down boom😂 don't just look for the specs look from the outside too
Natasha Bong (9 days ago)
Drew Medina you finally bought it? And based on ur experience it’s no good? Why though? If it was up to u, would u go with p20 lite then? Thank you!!
Drew Medina (9 days ago)
+Natasha Bong vivo and oppo has the same company😂 there price are not worth for the phone
Natasha Bong (10 days ago)
im also confused haha. it's between huawei p20 lite, vivo v9 and oppo f7. Suggestions please youtubers!
tony essam (16 days ago)
1 hour and 5 minuets to charge oppo f7 How it charge that fast did you activate airplane mode or power save mode?
DJ TV (16 days ago)
Anyare sa nagvvoice over ??
Angelica Singun (20 days ago)
F7 heating if prolonged use. Fucking trash
_gutom (20 days ago)
Oppo is overpriced trash.
FKR 5 (20 days ago)
i don't get why people do comparisons against the "p20 lite" compared to their "flagship" phones.... probably because they can't beat (Huawei's flagship) phones like the p20 and p20 pro...hahaha they'd fail in performance so badly....i guess that's why they only try to compare their flagship phones against the little p20 lite
Mailene Mora (20 days ago)
Mas maganda ang huawei jn lol
Edison De Jesus (21 days ago)
specs wise oppo f7 talaga. sa camera naman depende sa prefer ng tao. Kung heavy gamer ka oppo yung kunin mo. Kung gusto maka mura mag huawei nalang. Hindi op ang oppo specs to price is good. Yung huawei naman sadly yung hardware nya same sa nova 2i kaya pag kinuha mo yon same experience lang halos pero updated design
Maricel mar Marañon (21 days ago)
Huawei P20 lite is the best.clear camera super handy and ellegant.i love my phone
archangelmichael (21 days ago)
oppo F7 wins..mabuhay ang pinoy..
Fille Mile (21 days ago)
Thank you! This is very informative :)
Hello manila shaker i have one question does the oppo f7 overcharge or the power cutoff when it reaches 100% I really need some answer thank you and godbless.:)
Oppo & Vivo para yan sa mga taga bundok na walang pakelam sa specs, yung gustong magmukuhang mannequin sa picture yun bang parang nagpa-plastic surgery. Dami nilang naloloko pag pumuntang mall grabe sila mag sales talk, kahit saang sulok ng mga malls puro vivo at oppo stalls haha kakatawa lang.
Fernando Dela Cruz (22 days ago)
Huawei is still not good at upgrading the Kirin Processor on 15-17k android phones :(, they only upgrade on 30k+ phones, still unfair :/ for their new releases :(
Vince Lee (23 days ago)
Type error in the video,both phone sizes is not the same.
Eco Raymundo (26 days ago)
Watching this on my p20 lite. And it works well and nice. Looks like im using iphone x. In terms of camera it has a good quality for a midrange phone better than other brands. And also fast charging takes 1 hour and 40 minutes to be fully charged.
jheng nazal (26 days ago)
The P20lite is the with 4 cameras. Fast charger. With Glass body. Is very like iPhone x. Oppo is not fast charger only 2 cameras
Chris Ferh (26 days ago)
still huawei :-)
Nexus Clyde (26 days ago)
Oppo wins huawie hindi matibay yung screen dahil di sila gumagamit ng gorilla glass mababa yung battery nila at kirin 659 ay wlang binatbat sa p60 kng gamer ka go for oppo f7
thanks for recommendation sir Nexus. :)
Ninan Andrews (27 days ago)
Oppo f7 is better
RK Gesmundo (27 days ago)
OPPO F7 wins talaga, sa performance palang, daming galit sa camera, sana DSLR na lang bilhin nyo, I'm a gamer but I don't have that kind of budget to buy high-end phones, It was hard for me to choose which mid-range phone would he best for gaming and my verdict was OPPO F7, I've watched a lot of reviews, local and international and most of it favors OPPO F7... So don't say that this video is biased... Cause all she said is actually true... Watch other videos and you'll know she's right...
Josephineso2003 (14 days ago)
Hi RK! I think I trust your comment. I'm looking for a phone that I can use for shoots, pictures, and watching movies. Is OPPO F7 better than Huawei P20 lite? I appreciate some feeds.
Yeah right! but sometimes it depends on taste of users.
arisV Kinta (28 days ago)
F7 superb for me. Games all high and Battery last 1day n half. No heating issue . Hindi ko Ramdam
Indeed. :)
Ian Gomez (28 days ago)
I cant wait to install Lean Launcher on that mofo
Thanks for watching!
danial nipis (28 days ago)
Why use p20 lite??? Why dont use p20 pro
Melody Lawrence (26 days ago)
becuz we're not rich?
Hi.we only use a midrange phone, p20 pro is in category of flagship phone. also thanks for watching.
papaya j (29 days ago)
oppo tried to compete with huawei but failed miserably. lol
Hi, thanks for watching. :)
MonMon Fiasco (29 days ago)
Huawei has finger print desktop version that every fingerprint has different desktop version it means kung may private file ka sa finger 1 sa finger print 2 hindi sya lalabas kay more secure than oppo lol
kulot XD (30 days ago)
subok ko na ang oppo kahit mahal matibay di nag lalag di kagaya ng mga phone ko dati..... wala akong pake kung mas may maganda pa sa same price nya basta OPPO subok na... pabida lang kasi yung iba na wag daw bilhin napaghahalatang ingit sila sa mga naka OPPO hahahaha #OPPOF7USER
Hi! Thanks for watching!
Daniayr Anisov (30 days ago)
Oppo the best
Hi! Thanks for watching!
MyProfleis ABitch (30 days ago)
Kungaka judge sa OPPO, oppo F7 gamit ko and im impressed of how it works
Hi! Thanks for watching!
Got no regrets purchasing f7🙂 This video's helpful👍
Hi! Thanks for watching!
jovert marcelo (1 month ago)
So ask ko lang guys . How to determine if flagship Ang phone?? Sorry baguhan lang ✌
In simple words Flagship device mean the most powerful phone that a company launches every year or in some cases twice in a year too. A Flagship device comes the best hardware available at that moment. It is necessary for a flagship device to be successful as it represents the brand itself. Some of the flagships that are going to launch in 2018 are Galax S9 and S9+ by Samsung, OnePlus 6 by OnePlus etc
The narration of the girl’s voice is improving.
Arlene and Romel (1 month ago)
I have a P20 Lite and I am more than happy with how it has performed.
rahul btech (18 days ago)
we're happy for you maam arlene. :)
SIEGFRED BUSAIN (1 month ago)
People here are saying Huawei is the reason why they are buying it... Well that could be true because Huawei is a well known company... But then again, Oppo is also a company with Oneplus. If you guys are familiar with Oneplus phones, it is one of the most recognized and well known phone manufacturers because of its specs and "fastest" benchmark performance each year. Going back on choosing whether its Oppo F7 and Huawei P20 lite here, I would go for Oppo F7 (I have used both phones but I sold my Huawei P20 lite, nabili ko cya kasi akala ko mas okay cya...) Oppo F7 - Higher Antutu Score (Higher means better performance) Camera - Front Camera is outstanding plus a Camera App like "Camera FV-5" - paid google app that you can download for outstanding macro shots Build quality - much decent looking and doesnt look cheap Form Factor - Since the trending notch phones are out there, pangit na sabihan kang Iphone immitation ang gamit... well its still safe to use Oppo F7 because it is a "distinct" design Huawei P20 - Form Factor (looks almost like an IPX and this is the reason why I bought it) Camera - Dual Cam - Bokeh Effect Sabi nga ng advertisement ni Google Pixl - why have 2 cameras if you can have just one with all the great features (I'm already giving you a hint which one has a better camera) Heavy gamers like me and all day usage required ng phone ang gamit, go for Oppo F7. My Oppo F7 is full charged by 5am, by 10pm, it still has 20% remaining and that's 15 hours straight of my LTE on, Facebook and other Social Media Apps. If you are after the form factor, Go for Huawei P20 lite
Josephineso2003 (14 days ago)
Thank you for this feed! I'll go for Oppo F7 to replace my samsung old. Salamat!
i like oppo f7 too.
Drew Medina (1 month ago)
sa lahat lahat sa mga performance at pang laro at good specs ano sa dalwa ang maganda
Randy Espeleta (13 days ago)
Manila Shaker Philippines lol oppo user...
oppo f7 for me because of its soc the helio p60.
Joel Bulay (1 month ago)
Id really like ur reviews so pleasant and lot of informations
richardson craste (1 month ago)
David's chanel (1 month ago)
p20 lite is a lot of better
Khalid Aziz (1 month ago)
Finally I bought Huawei p20 lite. Really it is so amazing and cool I like it
sharjeel khan (1 month ago)
Good review
Dennis Mauli (1 month ago)
Pangit ng boses 😂
Aljun Cortez (1 month ago)
Mali G72 MP3 (High End GPU) VS Mali T830 MP2 (Low End Ancient GPU)?
Nirmal Seven (1 month ago)
which phone will last for a longer time ?
Justin Paquiding (1 month ago)
Oppo sucks No user customize Layout unlike Huawei
wilma infante (1 month ago)
Camera lang kana fucos reviewer... Babae ka kasi kaya mahilig sa filter
wilma infante (1 month ago)
Sv ninyo pde haevy game oppo f7 kasi mataas score nya sa benchmark... Pero meron frame drop oppo f7 anu ba totoo haha?
Insane Dota (1 month ago)
anu ba tlga? p20 lite o oppo f7 hirap pumili kung anu bibilhin ko
Janelle (1 month ago)
Seems like sponsored video by oppo 👎🏻
rensui (1 month ago)
Price lang yung hindi maganda sa oppo. Bilhin niyo kasi para malaman niyo kung gano ka ganda. 😂
Arline Dedal (30 days ago)
Rene Tan ang gulo mo!!!!
Uddhriti Bhowmick (1 month ago)
I use Samsung Grand Prime...ANY phone is better than that right now.
Arena of Valor Heroes (1 month ago)
Hi ms daniel,, higher battery capacity does not automatically translate to higher endurance, look at the power consumption instead in relation to battery capacity
Baco nator (1 month ago)
F7 ftw. Haha
Edna Jane Vasquez (1 month ago)
I'd still choose huawei P20 lite.
Khalid Aziz (1 month ago)
So informative video After watching this video I decided to buy hwawi p20 lite
noel pogs (1 month ago)
I dont like oppo poor battery
Noah Barral (1 month ago)
Meron po ba slowmotion ang OPPO?
Karlo Tee (1 month ago)
huawei P20 lite is the better than Oppo F7
Daniayr Anisov (30 days ago)
Karlo Tee Oppo F7 win , the best smart
marben pagdanganan (1 month ago)
Just heard about the "however" being over used. And did it really took 1hour and 45min to charge a mobile phone with a usb type c charging, comparing to a 2.0 usb charger? Hhmm
Gab molo (1 month ago)
please guys comment what is the best oppo f7 or huawei p20 lite pumipili kasi ako sa dalawa kung ano bibilin ko?
Drew Medina (16 days ago)
+Maricel mar Marañon pano sa laro sir Ang iniisip ko kase ung sa laro😵
Maricel mar Marañon (21 days ago)
Mas maganda ang huawei p20 lite.yan phone ko.ang ganda. super ganda ng camera.fastcharging pa..oppo d maganda.over price pa
Louie Jay Magsayo (30 days ago)
mas maganda f7 kita naman sa review 😂
K B (1 month ago)
Iphone x peasant
Camilee Isip (1 month ago)
Gab molo hello. Ano binili mong fone? Sobrang confused na rn Ko kung F7 or P20lite. Huhu 😭
mwemezi samson (1 month ago)
How much did Oppo pay you
Ryan Lemon Mendoza (1 month ago)
manila shaker ba ito or india shaker? na-confused ako sa voice-over eh...hahaha!
Rin Llanes (1 month ago)
for a camera comparison, considering oppo f7 has 25mega pixels front and 16 megapixels rear vs p20 lite's 16 mgpxls by 16 mgpxls, I think the huawei p20 lite is quite impressive and its reasonable price is another thing to celebrate about. i am an oppo user, but huawei is starting to convert me.
Joshua Chavez (1 month ago)
Para sakin lamang talaga si oppo lalo na sa heavy games which is mas kailangan nating ng mas mabilis na processor si oppo lang ang gumamit ng big.little processor sa midrange phone nila katulad ni a8 ng samsung
roice 20 (1 month ago)
Got my my p20lite not so long ago and I'm loving it. Battery life is not so good for me since I am using the phone a lot but it's not that bad either. In 2 hours of charging the battery will be in 100%. Camera is lit, however zooming in your target might be a little problem because it wont look that good. What I love the most is there is only a little amount of space that the system pre installed app is taking, unlike with my 2 other phone that it consumed almost 3gb of system app that cannot be deleted. Overall I am still loving my p20 lite.
Deshi Matsuoka (3 days ago)
I play ROS and ML on my p20 lite both in hi res. So far i haven't experienced any lagging
roice 20 (8 days ago)
coc lng naka install sa phone ko kc un lng nilalaro ko hndi ko pa naman na experience na naglag. kahit mga games na nasa messenger hndi ko pa na experience mag lag
Ephemeral Felicity (8 days ago)
Sa laro po hindi? Thank youu
roice 20 (8 days ago)
Ephemeral Felicity nope! so far so good.
Ephemeral Felicity (9 days ago)
roice 20 naglalag po ba siya?
frenk frenky (1 month ago)
I don't know what kind of people wouldn't wake up after seeing bright screen directly in front of their face. So oppo F7 face recognition is not bother me at all
asif vengara (1 month ago)
Oppo F7 💖💖
Julian Villa (1 month ago)
I have a question. When you charged the Huawei P20 lite, did you put it on ultra saving mode? I have this prob kasi with my P20 lite wherein it charges for more than 2 hours.
roice 20 (1 month ago)
Julian Villa, Try to put your phone on airplane mode when you charged it will take 2hrs depending to how many percent left before you charged. Based on my own observation if I charge my p20lite while on airplane mode with 5 or less battery percentage it will take 2 hours to fully charge. If I charged it with 15 - 20% battery it will take less than 2hrs.
Shin Landicho (1 month ago)
Patawa tong nag review i already checked both unit sobrang basura amg camera ni oppo f7 mas accurate si huawei
Jhony Sins (22 days ago)
Camera talaga ang basura patawa ang bakla
Arline Dedal (30 days ago)
Shin Landicho TANGA!!!
Victor Jugan (1 month ago)
Pag basehan ng performance basura ang P20 gaga
It really depends on people’s preferences. :) Thanks for watching!
anonymous (1 month ago)
Parang Indian itong nagvovoice over
we'll improve over time ^_^
greenaddict123 (1 month ago)
wala ba kayong ibang voice over jan? lol
we'll improve dont worry.
ram le (1 month ago)
P2O lite gamit ko 1 month na. Iba iba ang gusto at need ng tao kaya di mo masabi na mas okey or mas angat ang huawei or oppo. Kung sa price ang basehan mas okey ang huawei. 👍
Gener Napolis (1 month ago)
1. 1/2 hours lng full charge na base on my nova 3e ane-LX1
Wilfred Gawat (1 month ago)
ram le musta charging ng p20 lite?
NMA_ YT (1 month ago)
Basurang oppo HAHAHA. Highlights camera ng oppo pero basura yung stats.. dinadaan sa beautifications lol.nauuto naman yung mga pinoy kasi ganda dw nila HAHAHA
THE UNKNOWN Man (4 hours ago)
close minded na bobo
Arline Dedal (20 days ago)
NMA_ YT for you!! Tanga!!
Gervie Pilapil (22 days ago)
Palibhasa di na nadadala yang mukha mo sa beautity effect ng p20 mo! Yang mukha mo ang basura!! Pwee!
RK Gesmundo (27 days ago)
Mediatek is one of those underappreciated chipets with good performance, as you can see with the benchmarks... You seem like one of those fanboys who are close-minded with this kind of stuff...
K B (1 month ago)
Bobo mga pinoy kung saan ang uso dun sila di muna sila mag sesearch ng maigi daming magandang phones sa price na yan ahaha sasayangin lang nila ang pera ahah oppo and vivo mga basura .mag Asus zenfone 5 or nokia 7plus knlang sa ganyan price tag
sourrav kumar (1 month ago)
Thank you for watching!
Kea Reactions (1 month ago)
Can we have f7 vs a8 plus? Pleaaaaasssseeeeeee
ozzy osbourne (1 month ago)
Meron na ba p20 lite dito sa Pilipinas? Hahaha pinag pipilian ko kasi yung dalawa
JIMMY REY ORTIZ (5 days ago)
ozzy osbourne meron na meron p20 lite maganda.. parang iphone 4 ang case nya hindi siya gasgasin its a glass
Maricel mar Marañon (21 days ago)
ozzy osbourne meron na.nakabili nga ako.ang ganda nya.napaka handy.ang ganda pa ng camera super clear.lalo na pag nagve video ka napaka linaw.affordable pa.blue black lang available na color.ang ganda ng huawei p20 lite.fast charging sya
Yes! You can check Huawei stores and kiosks. 😊 You can get it for PHP 15,990.
Junior Macopa (1 month ago)
Oppo f7..interms sa gaming..specially sa nba 2k18..high lahat graphics..lag na si p20lite..
Arline Dedal (30 days ago)
Junior Macopa hindi naman pre! Mix of high and medium may frame drops pag all high settings!!
ՏօմӀժíҽɾ 776 (1 month ago)
Junior Macopa yeah i used it for gaming
SPIDER DEV (1 month ago)
Hello "Ms. However"...hehehe
Taxa Mokh (1 month ago)
F7 is better
Joseph Arenas (1 month ago)
100% should get a better mic
We will! Thank you!
F7 at P17,990 ($360) and P20 Lite at P15,990 ($320). Let us know which is a better buy
Arline Dedal (21 days ago)
Manila Shaker Philippines wala!!! Bibili ako ng asus zenfone max pro (m1)
Fuldark Lighty (1 month ago)
Thank u sa price
Manila Shaker Philippines I love how ironic you all are.
Gab molo (1 month ago)
Manila Shaker Philippines please comment what is the best oppo f7 or huawei p20 lite which is the best in the all features and specs kasi bibili ako ng phone ko namimili ako sa kanilang dalawa thanks
James Carl Odchigue (1 month ago)
Really oppo f7 only takes more or less than an hour to be fully charge?
Wiicked - Critical Ops (1 month ago)
James Carl Odchigue yes
SamiraXox (1 month ago)
lmao, I would rather get a Samsung galaxy s7/s8 instead of the oppo because of its price. In this video, I prefer the P20 Lite
seohyun 1993 (1 month ago)
SamiraXox but why Samsung battery life becomes soooo poor after few months using it?
Asus Zenfone 5 > Huawei P20 Lite Oppo F7 Vivo V9
Anna Liza Panopio (1 month ago)
I thought I've decided to buy OPPO f7 to replace my existing. But when I saw Huawei P20 lite I changed my mind. I've been a Huawei user for about 5 yrs now. And I am currently using Huawei P8 lite which I have no complains, actually for 3 yrs of using it I never had problems with it, durability and performance wise. Until now it is still in good condition. I could say that Huawei really is giving us the worth for the money we spent for it.
Jb life (1 month ago)
Superb video and please tell me that oppo f7 is good for long term use like 5to 7 years use
rahul btech (18 days ago)
I am using oppo from 7years
K B (1 month ago)
Chinese cheap ahahah
Thanks for watching! As of now, we can't say for sure if the F7 is good for long-term use but so far, it hasn't betrayed any of our expectations.
Justin Lopez (1 month ago)
Zenfone 5 vs vivo v9 please

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