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Hackers show ways to protect your iPhone

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From ad tracking settings that reveal information about you to the location data you didn't realize you were sharing, there are ways to make your iPhone safer. Laurie Segall reports.
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erturul ocak (13 days ago)
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Yokieee B (2 months ago)
IF YOU ARE GOING TO RESET ADVERTISING IDENTIFIER IT WILL DELETE ALL YOUR CONTACTS (if not backed up) and apps whattsapp you need to allow them to go into your gallery. So it’s basically you restarting apps with out your data being erased
Iaime G (4 months ago)
We’re tracked no matter what
Penny Wise (4 months ago)
How to remove it if you all ready have it
Rongrong Huang (6 months ago)
when you are watching this in 2017
angelrosas999 (7 months ago)
I mean this is basic stuff anyone should know...
محمد ابو (7 months ago)
sup erc ell tshirt coc hhhh did anyone noticed ?
Vathid Gnaojai (9 months ago)
phone was contril by google commercial business number.
Vathid Gnaojai (9 months ago)
My phobe was control google. someone hack my phone through google comnercial account. They record my incoming and ourgoibg calls through google? Please help!!! Who lnows how to protect it.
Vathid Gnaojai (9 months ago)
Vathid Gnaojai (9 months ago)
it doesnt matter how long the passcode is it can be mixed numbers upper case letters symbols and lower csse letters. But my phone got hack overand over even though, i did not connect to wifi and no sim card inserted. I just use it to take pictures and videos but my picture got deleted left the teace with black empty spot and videos got shorter for example from 45 sec video git shorter to 01 sec.
Mary Nelson (9 months ago)
Great vid thank you 😊
Dominic Vladica (9 months ago)
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Jose Zafra (9 months ago)
Classshhh Royallleee
MysticGamer (9 months ago)
Love that SUPERCELL hoodie
Archibald Tuttle (9 months ago)
"The only thing that really matters is the length" -- Tomi Tuominen, 2017
DThackz (9 months ago)
Who is watching this in 2017
Shine P Carter (9 months ago)
Lily Tube (8 months ago)
Shine P Carter me
nexxoplanet (9 months ago)
Shine P Carter no
Qwert was the "secure password"
tastyow (9 months ago)
omv (3 months ago)
Josh Hacker doesn’t always mean people who access government databases and all that.
Joshua Jones (9 months ago)
0:32 I think the camera man is falling asleep
Jimmy Neutron (9 months ago)
Joshua Jones lmfao
EsechavaHD (9 months ago)
Joshua Jones wouldn't suprise me. these guys are boring as fuck
Wolf 098 (9 months ago)
Omg there is a dude wearing a SuperCell hoodie
Ossi R (9 months ago)
Wolf 098 I can tell by his name that he is Finnish because I am too and he might be one of the Supercell creators since it's from finland and we don't usually keep Supercell hoodies😂
rainbow lion (9 months ago)
Wolf 098 I KNOW RIGHT😂😂😂
Explosion Gaming (9 months ago)
Pretty boy Jay1 (10 months ago)
How my iPhone 7 get breached
Chrs Olvares (10 months ago)
Haha that bitch sounds stupid asf
C (10 months ago)
yea let's all trust CNN
XØLTRIX s (1 year ago)
Rainbow Kitties (1 year ago)
I wouldn't trust them!
H (1 year ago)
That location thing freaked me out
Konstantin Malaev (9 months ago)
Google does the same thing - go to location history in your Google Maps on your Android Phone, or go to Google Maps on iPhone, and search location history.
Enrique Guzman (1 year ago)
That supercell jacket. Clash royale for the win.
ReEditHQ (2 months ago)
Mr J Bear (1 year ago)
Very useful
John Paul (1 year ago)
Awasom information
Lonely Bluealien (2 years ago)
Great infos thx for sharing
Nathan Ward (2 years ago)
Guy is wearing a Supercell jumper haha he loves Clash
Ossi R (9 months ago)
I can tell by his name that he is Finnish because I am too and he might be one of the Supercell creators because it's from Finland
Christopher Barrow (1 year ago)
Hope he doesn't hack my gems 😂
urb8t (3 years ago)
LA CHRONICLES (3 years ago)
what kinda yes kinda world do we live in

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