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Unboxing the NEW 2018 LG SUPER UHD TV which features a 65/55 inch 4K Nano Cell Display with Full Array Local Dimming, Alpha 7 Processor, Cinema HDR, ThinQ AI and Dolby Atmos. Thanks to LG for sponsoring this video. ►LG SUPER UHD TV Retailer Page: http://geni.us/superSupersafUKc ►LG SUPER UHD TV Product Page: https://bit.ly/2qWEm3f ►LG Nano Cell Super Challenge Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FbdactyQadQ ►►►SUBSCRIBE for more: https://www.youtube.com/user/SuperSafTV?sub_confirmation=1 Help support the channel when shopping on Amazon: US: http://amzn.to/1PGgasB UK: http://amzn.to/1XK6ZLU Follow SuperSaf on: Twitter - http://twitter.com/SuperSaf Instagram - http://instagram.com/SuperSaf Snapchat - https://www.snapchat.com/add/SuperSafTV Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/SuperSaf GooglePlus - http://www.google.com/+SuperSaf YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/SuperSaf Web: http://www.SuperSaf.com/
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Text Comments (407)
SuperSaf TV (26 days ago)
Unboxed SuperSaf Style 😎 What do you guys think of the New 2018 LG Super UHD TV?
Abdullah (18 days ago)
Masha'Allah the only thing sharper than that TV is your beard
Emma Gordon (21 days ago)
SuperSaf TV i
Virendra Thakor (24 days ago)
Amazing TV
Lexy Garcia (24 days ago)
SuperSaf TV looks amazing
princessprea popo (25 days ago)
Kiran Daya (1 day ago)
Which cost this TV bro.
stryfetc1 (2 days ago)
I'm leaving LG....I have a 2016 4K SUHD and it stopped connecting to wifi.....going back to Samsung
Zilla Films (4 days ago)
My 2015 LG 65 inch 4K has all the exact same features besides the new screen technology nothing in the past few years is new, also are you in Scotland ? I noticed it says stv
fuad ahmed (8 days ago)
Hi there My question is what's Input Lag of this t.v. for gaming ????? Thanks
Seif Khan (10 days ago)
Can’t believe you got this for free so lucky
Parental Guardian (11 days ago)
where can we find a reviewe on the picture qualty for this product? seems the higher end stuff barely have reviews.like a hit or miss if u goin to buy
Borris Müller (13 days ago)
I honestly wanted to put it on my tv
Keir Nonato (16 days ago)
I like this but there's no question Samsung QLED is better. 1M subscriber soon BTW! keep it up Saf!
Jay Anderson (19 days ago)
I'd like to know what the actual input lag is because we already know the picture is going to be gorgeous, but I want to know if I really can game on it.
Martin marty (19 days ago)
Donald Christian (20 days ago)
LG is good at making electronics I just hope they will bounce back in the mobile world
ironman fan (20 days ago)
Anyone else thought he started signing at the start when he said NANO CELL 😂😂
Phoenix-2063 (21 days ago)
Aiming to pick up my first 4k tv this year and pretty sure i'll got with a LG nano cell over OLED, although prices aren't much different i'd be worried about image retention & burnin all the time especially when gaming.
Sam Vincent (23 days ago)
This tv is very good. Remote is really great.
Ajay Kumar (23 days ago)
The bigger the better
Rahmath Unnisa (23 days ago)
Dude.... wondering what saf does with his old hardware..... It might be useful to me .....?
TomPlays (24 days ago)
Just Curious! Are you a Muslim? I am
Bran Hall (24 days ago)
SuperSaf Style!!!!!
Darrion S (24 days ago)
LG is the goat when it comes to TV's
Bichr Salhi (24 days ago)
This costs a kindney and a leg
Gary (24 days ago)
Nice TV how much did that set you back
Yogi Sharma (24 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqetZCexiR5izlhU_B1NEbg Plz subscribe my channel
Beautiful LG Super UHD 4K First
Vimal J (24 days ago)
Unbox in ease. It's gorgeous.
Syed Ibrahim (24 days ago)
Bro what happened for the result of s9+ ?
pachhegam Ramamandal (24 days ago)
LG supar TV is good photo. And video and HD TV 👍👌👌
GrumpyMan's REVIEWS (24 days ago)
65” wow I just reviewed a 43” LG 4K its a awesome TV
TOM CAMP (25 days ago)
That is the most greatest unboxing i have ever seen Why in the world this guy haven't reached to a million subscribers yet
Life Replay (25 days ago)
Price in dubai????
Shaik Mohammed (25 days ago)
That TV is damn awsome.....
marlon young (25 days ago)
Hassan Haidar (25 days ago)
Should I buy this one or the LG oled C7?
Manto Zindabad (25 days ago)
u r great bro. love from Pakistan.
Mka 1994 (25 days ago)
Is there any difference between sk7900 and sk9500?!
P300Beats (9 days ago)
Sk7900 is without local dimming and comes with quad core processor. While sk9500 is full packeged and with the faster intelligent chip.
Amen Marandure (17 days ago)
Mka 1994 yeah, wondering the same thing. Hope we'll get an answer
What's about MI TV In 45K it's superb. You should check that TV in Super Saf Style
Hi I have old camera Japanese who to sell camera plz make video or reply me
Benjamin Hammond (25 days ago)
Like if SuperSaf is the best!!!!❤
Elias Barhouche (25 days ago)
LG has one of the best display for tvs
Christopher Lee (25 days ago)
That tv 😍
S CHAMBER (25 days ago)
Iam impressed on s9 is notchless displey
S CHAMBER (25 days ago)
Super saf style is better than lg supper uhd
DarthVaderModding (25 days ago)
LG all the way!
Ansari Mesbah (25 days ago)
Good product
Huss Charchouh (25 days ago)
That tv looks awesome 👌🏼
Sehaj virk (25 days ago)
Nyc...unboxing super saf style
Om Pandey (25 days ago)
Bhai iska pricw ky ahai
DivyrajSinh Rana (25 days ago)
Best pannel
s anand anand (25 days ago)
LG UHD TV Simply awesome :) great SuperSaf style of unboxing :)
John Alleen Pugoy (25 days ago)
Nice review. But it's been a decade since our tv was broken. I do not amazed by its features. Anyway, supersaf style is the best.
Ipsita Aparajita Patel (25 days ago)
Just wow
sushanth p (25 days ago)
Congrats on nearing to one million subscribers.
KEHISH Panday (25 days ago)
Any s9c left or any phone
Aditya Aggarwal (25 days ago)
It's amazing
Sai Bhargava (25 days ago)
Awesome video #supersafstyle#
Tarek EL Derbas (25 days ago)
The only worry with LG products is reliability as compared to Samsung...
Tarek EL Derbas (2 days ago)
BEYOND THE UNIVERSE 1- You said you work at the apple store. The store is an outlet for the product, not involved in the design or production of the product. Hence, you’re a low-level employee. 2- I need not defend my “good face” in front of an anonymous twat on youtube (AKA you).
Tarek EL Derbas Well I can afford a good face!! Unlike you!! Wink wink...
Tarek EL Derbas how do you know that I am a low level employee of apple?? Do I really want to showoff my occupation in front of you!! I can be anyone...
Tarek EL Derbas (2 days ago)
BEYOND THE UNIVERSE Being proud of some commecial accomplishments that you had nothing to do with as a low-level employee is the sign of a true idiot. Furthermore, “Richest” does not mean “best”.
Tarek EL Derbas yes a proud idiot thats works for world richest company!! :)
Pradeep Doot (25 days ago)
Wow nice
Saeed Khan (25 days ago)
Hey Saf who won that giveaway of six S9 pluses..??
Revant Singh (25 days ago)
Amazing like You👍
HAKIM DZ (25 days ago)
Ahmed Mahari (25 days ago)
YMOJ (26 days ago)
Supersaf style 🔥💟💟
Imran Peerzada (26 days ago)
Miguel S. (26 days ago)
Freakin' Awesome
shemar dixon (26 days ago)
Awesome the TV lol so so freaking good
gene sochia jr (26 days ago)
Its bigger then my apartment
Troy Saunders (26 days ago)
It's awesome love that screen!!
LG has always been the bomb on TVs but the price tho...
Richard Jordan (26 days ago)
Great tv, and great Video supersaf! But did you say affordable?? It's over 2k 💷💷🤔🤣
benimsayfam1000 (26 days ago)
Do you declare sponsorship? Just asking.
Lyudmil Ognyanov (26 days ago)
Naser Bin (26 days ago)
😎 Great lg is killing it!
SARATH.P.S Ps (26 days ago)
Very nice
Ajay Nair (26 days ago)
I have an LG 3D tv 55” but I can’t find a never version of 3D TVs what happened to them? Will there be any more 3D TVs?
Armando Margjokaj (26 days ago)
Give it away
HUSSEIN GAMER (26 days ago)
Comics 4 Ever (26 days ago)
Bro you are sooo luck that you have this luxurious TV. All the best for future . 👍
shah Faizal (26 days ago)
Saf style !👍
Spidy Solutions (26 days ago)
Super quick #sepersafstyle
Puneet Singh Jaspal (26 days ago)
Very cool or very expensive TV
Ad. PhotoGraphs (26 days ago)
Wow but sony is lit 😀
Spidy Solutions (26 days ago)
thumbnail is 💯👌❤❤
Hudayfah Ahmed (26 days ago)
Hey Saf I saw the 1 in 20 chance to win the money back! Did you win it? 🤞🍀 Amazing TV.
Mohammed Shamal (26 days ago)
Superb bro. I am a supersaf genee unbox a 65 inch tv in a snapp✌
Solomon Laryea (26 days ago)
Wow!!! I luv it's display
Gaurang Savardekar (26 days ago)
When is supersaf style TV comparison coming up?
Norris Machatombi (26 days ago)
BRO After watching your unboxing video i wanted to change my tv 📺
Abir Sarkar (26 days ago)
Plz unbox the Samsung qled tv 2018 version.
AJ BEATS (26 days ago)
😘😘😘😘 l love it
Adeeb Taja (26 days ago)
Why it isn't 8K?
vishal bharadwaj (26 days ago)
Saf . Need LG g7 review . when can we expect
Arsh Guraya (26 days ago)
Which date you choose giveaway einner of s9+
Izzat Za (26 days ago)
I will never leave my home if i buy this 😂
Sufyan Lone (26 days ago)
Indeed, absolutely dope.
Dastan Lim (26 days ago)
The remote control is very ugly
Cool panel, I want one on my bath
viktortomko (26 days ago)
0:29 wtf
worldofamal (26 days ago)
Link for the 4k videos used in this???
Shania Johnson (26 days ago)
I want this t.v.
Snehotosh Chatterjee (26 days ago)
What about the giveaway results

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