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LG G4 vs Samsung Galaxy S6 Camera Test Comparison | SuperSaf TV

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Samsung Galaxy S6 vs LG G4 Detailed Camera Comparison. Comparing the front-facing selfie cameras, the 4K/16 megapixel rear facing cameras, auto-focus and audio of the LG G4 vs Galaxy S6 for both video and photos with example shots indoors, outdoors and in low-light. Subscribe for more: http://goo.gl/Cx6HWH See some of my other related videos: LG G4 vs Samsung Galaxy S6 - Hands-on - https://youtu.be/arMxaPbO4rc LG G4 - Hands on - https://youtu.be/ld1WDx6Rw0U Samsung Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6 - Camera Test Comparison - https://youtu.be/2ogJ9U6Evng Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge Review - https://youtu.be/OSpuI3AHmms Follow me on: Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/SuperSaf Twitter - http://twitter.com/SuperSaf GooglePlus - http://www.google.com/+SuperSaf YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/SuperSaf Instagram - http://instagram.com/SuperSafTV Web: http://www.SuperSaf.com/
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Text Comments (855)
H.R.K .36 (13 days ago)
Lg is the best 👌👌
Fouàd Fouàd (2 months ago)
whish camera is better????????
Fouàd Fouàd (3 months ago)
whish one is better ?? ANSWER PLEASE
jacklucien (3 months ago)
Tim mi (5 months ago)
Do we really want the NSA to have more detailed selfies of us? ;p
UnderWreck (6 months ago)
Hit me with your hate comments because while I think the Galaxy series is pretty darn good it is way too overrated.
YourTechGuy (6 months ago)
Front camera: S6 is much better,more stable,G4 is so bright. Mic:S6 is a lot more clear Rear:The S6 has better mic,More stable,is better in low light,But the G4 has more natural colors outside,While the S6 is a little bit oversatured
zGoldFo x (7 months ago)
Amber_pops133 lee (8 months ago)
Khalid Al-anesi (9 months ago)
I liked the way of putting the images without names for a while to make me guess, however, I was waiting for a videos and pictures in night light, Hope you all the best, ..
Rahul Rao (10 months ago)
lg g4 😍
marciano Silva S.P (11 months ago)
lg g4 ganhou
greenrobot5 (1 year ago)
The g4 might be slightly better but the damn thing goes onto a boot loop after about a year and LG doesn't give you your money back.
officialrobert (10 months ago)
i sent my to lg and fix for free and never had bootloop no more
Ali Raza (1 year ago)
both are gr8 cameras...if u buy any of it, u r gonna experience gr8 camera quality...but g4 provides you more control on camera when it comes to manual mode...
Ilyas Aless (1 year ago)
lg g4 best.
Finn Krygger (1 year ago)
Video recording is better on the g4 aswell as photos and flash photos, i would give the selfie video and photos as well as low light photos for the s6 audio on the s6 is better but I chose the G4
MyLife (1 year ago)
Great video, short to the point without skipping relevant information
Mihai (1 year ago)
thanks. very usefull comparison.
Davi com d (1 year ago)
As reviews gringas sempre sao melhores sabe se la pq xD
el laberinto (1 year ago)
galaxy s6
Cristhian Argeñal (1 year ago)
lg g4
Donovan Hall (1 year ago)
to me the s6 looks super sharpened like a filter was applied I like Samsung's cameras but I REALLY hate the over sharpening
EastAngliaUK (1 year ago)
may swap my LG G3 & G4 for an S6 getting board with the LG and had to be sent into be fixed but hopefully it won't bootload again.
Gui Monteiro (1 year ago)
Tha audio of LGG4 is suck. The worst audio ever
Lee Cason (1 year ago)
Gui Monteiro iPhone is much worse though it's the only phone I've seen worse than the g4. even the 7 still has shit audio
halal bros (1 year ago)
hello were did you get your sweater from?
MyVillageVEVO (1 year ago)
i choice G4
Petar Ivanovic (1 year ago)
+Tropical Wargaming heard* worse*
Tropical Wargaming (1 year ago)
His english is ok, I have seen and hear worst videos.
amina amina (1 year ago)
haha yeah
Petar Ivanovic (1 year ago)
you should choice some english lessons first.
ziad elwan (1 year ago)
thanks for this test , i loved the lg g4's camera because it gives real colors and more attractive 5.5" display
Joseph Butarbutar (1 year ago)
the microphone is horrible on lg g4! can I use external microphone to solve that problem?
Billy Valério (1 year ago)
LG G4 is the best !
King Ham Hubert (1 year ago)
They are both in auto mode but the lg G4 in manual omfg is just powerful!!!
David Maldonado (1 year ago)
en el minuto 3:24 deberia ser del reves porque lo probe y donde pone samsung deberia estar Lg
kirito sao3 (1 year ago)
the lg has better camera, but the s6 isn't that fair behind where you have to turn it down, over all the galaxy is better
Wallace Paule Bangsil (1 year ago)
s6 is very nice camera
Nevermore (1 year ago)
s6 worst camera but better sound...
Soufiane Az (2 years ago)
S6 rules baby !
dilshad peerbhay (2 years ago)
hi can u please do one with the lg g5 and iphone 6s plus! much appreciated;)
Marius Friberg (2 years ago)
S6 much better!
Secret Society (2 years ago)
inkboy12345 (2 years ago)
Viccy Park??
Mitch Coull (2 years ago)
Hey man, are you planning on doing a G5 Vs S7 Camera review if you haven't already? Tossing up between the 2 phones and need your amazing video to sway my choice! haha I can't choose
Stefan Georgiev (2 years ago)
verry good win lg g4. lg g4 the BEST!
Dejan Radulovic (2 years ago)
LG the best!
Tynishe White (2 years ago)
I love how the LG g4 look but both cameras are awesome
Brennan Jones (2 years ago)
Gotta give it up for the GS6. I was wanting the G4 because of the fully manual camera, but watching this video I think I'm gonna be hanging around with Samsung a bit longer. Can't wait to see what the reveal for the next Galaxy phone has to offer!
Yesthisisme...Fran (2 years ago)
love the LG G4 camera
letskillbarney2 (2 years ago)
the perfect smartphone screen: s6 sound: HTC OS: nexus or stock droid camera: s6 body looks: iPhone 6s hardware: s6
Sandro Kako (2 years ago)
+letskillbarney2 exactly so it has to have an i in it
letskillbarney2 (2 years ago)
+Sandro Kako no ew the only thing I want from iPhone is the body or the frame
Sandro Kako (2 years ago)
so iha phone
Greg Zeng (2 years ago)
OIS tests? OIS is especially important for long exposures, low lightning, handheld.
Colton Does Cars (2 years ago)
THIS IS SO TUFF!!  Both of them are awesome!  The G4 is much better at low light and the S6 is much better at outdoor vividness.....  It's crazy how close they are.
khalidinhoPRO (2 years ago)
Victoria Park in Leicester
Pablo Palopoli (2 years ago)
allahu akbar saf
Miki 16 (2 years ago)
ITALIANO ??? se tu che leggi questo commento sei italiano scrivi #vival'Italia......questo commento
MIKI (1 year ago)
+Miki 16 io nessuno tu?
Miki 16 (1 year ago)
+MIKI che problemi hai???
MIKI (1 year ago)
Furbo eh.
G (2 years ago)
Had my eyes set on the s6 then compared it on PhoneArena.com, now I kinda want the G4 more. The G4 has the same MP as the S6 in the rear cam and more MP's in the front along with a cheaper price and a stronger battery. For me a good camera, battery and price are the deal breakers. Anybody know a better phone with these requirements bc I haven't found any.
abode_al king (2 years ago)
s6 coll 😘☺☺
MIKE Jay619 (2 years ago)
Jussty Gunnar (2 years ago)
g 4 looks better
Tricia Tran (2 years ago)
I own an s6 and whenever I turn on the camera it gives it this matte, smooth look if you know what I mean. I think the reason why they have this is get rid of blemishes, maybe? Anyway, I know how to turn that look on the front camera by sliding the beauty feature to zero. but how do I turn it off on the rear?
Apridot (2 years ago)
I have had really bad experiences with my LG.
Marissa (2 years ago)
+Naeem Khan No I'm actually about to get the Galaxy S7 Edge.
Android Savior (2 years ago)
for advice don't use any kind of fast chargers on this device .. many people (and they are not sure about what's the real problem) says it is a capacitor fault which is a direct result of over voltage or something related to the flow of the current in the motherboard. this was just an advice without any definite / confirmed source of information
Android Savior (2 years ago)
mmm i didn't mean to make you worry bro. you may never get it bricked... it is just a possibility and that is not 100% going  to happen to you :)
Clay Lears (2 years ago)
+Android Savior uh oh. Got the device a month ago and absolutely love it but now I'm nervous
Clay Lears (2 years ago)
+Android Savior uh oh. Got the device a month ago and absolutely love it but now I'm nervous
حمد بن جاسم (2 years ago)
samsung s6 n1
Mel Llanes (2 years ago)
Great review +1
steven lozano (2 years ago)
Crapsung is a shit!
Apridot (2 years ago)
+steven lozano The LG mic is shit.
likfrikbik (2 years ago)
LG,half the price than S6,same and better than S6 in many aspects,not just camera.Slap in the face Samsung!Good work LG,let it be example to all manufacturers.
Peter John Lee (2 years ago)
The LG G4 obviously has better coverage on dynamic range and the detail/sharpness of each shots. Focusing speed is hell alot faster too.
dante fitipaldi (2 years ago)
Excelent review! Thank you.
Dahmi69 (2 years ago)
Gay face (? :V
Dion Hadjiantoni (2 years ago)
Winner lg G4 but the s6 is still great
Hemen Kareamg (2 years ago)
are you sure your not isis?!
Felipe Sciença (2 years ago)
lg g4
Felipe Sciença (2 years ago)
lg g4 <3
Felipe Sciença (2 years ago)
lg g4 😍
Md. Mahbubur Rahman (2 years ago)
Very well done review. Thanks. Running both phone camera simultaneously actually make more sense rather that taking pictures on them one by one comparing two slightly different picture.
Abhinav Jeebun (2 years ago)
next time do in manual mode
MadCowGoMoo (2 years ago)
I've owned the S6 and I send it back after 1 week. I couldn't handle the idea of being stuck with limited storage, It does look really nice but to protect that you have to have a fugly case which instantly removes any beauty it persuaded you with. So I have decided to opt for the G4 now, great camera, removable back/battery and upgradable storage.
nikos egrafidenkano (2 years ago)
+1 I did not expect to have such a camera g4 and the company makes a new placings and certainly as what experienced the samsoungk makes the difference look like detail
Sajid Ahmad (2 years ago)
LG g4 colours are way more accurate and true to life. s6 blows colours and super over saturated.
Elvin Hesenov (2 years ago)
lg g4 ♥
Conz Coronacion (2 years ago)
LG G4 focused so much on the image processing side that they forgot the audio.. the mic was horrible for a flagship phone.
Mosè Pugliese (2 years ago)
I've a lot of difficult to shot my Son and my dog. This difficult I haven't whit iPhone 6 Plus. Indoor image take a no real color. I've spoken about LG G4 camera. I prefer absolutely iPhone.
First Name Last Name (2 years ago)
The OIS of Samsung is better ;-)
Korag Pistol (2 years ago)
auto focus on my device is faster than both of them this is weird :/ s6 edge plus
Damian Lewandowski (2 years ago)
who knows what mark and model sunglasses he has? looks good
Nattawut Petsung (2 years ago)
S6 is the winner of 2015
zactheandroidmac (2 years ago)
Good win S6.
John Radford (2 years ago)
Excellent and helpful comparison. Thanks! I would also like comparison with DSLR but you did a great job as far as you went.
Miguel Reyes (2 years ago)
s6 edge :)
Jack Mehoff (2 years ago)
galay s6 has much,much better sound
YT (2 years ago)
The LG G4 camera is good but that mic is awful...
PRATEEXEN (2 years ago)
I don't understand! I just bought a G4 and the camera, in ANY mode, takes very grainy pictures when you would zoom in to a very nominal distance. This is not expected. Anyone facing the same issue or has a fix for it?
PRATEEXEN (2 years ago)
+David K i actually was talking about cropping AFTER the shot was taken. And I don't have any say in setting the ISO in auto-mode. Having said that, I tried the manual mode also. Setting lower ISO only decreases the visibility of the grain. I have a HTC 820 with a 13MP camera which seems to take very similar, if not the same, grained pictures.
David K (2 years ago)
Grain occurs when you use a very high ISO in low light photos, so try tweaking some settings in manual mode. Also, if you zoom in too much it will inevitably cause pixelatian, that's totally normal for any camera and I recommend not zooming until AFTER the picture is taken (by cropping it). The LG G4 has awesome cameras.. Easily the best when it comes to smartphone cameras.
Matthew Moscotto (2 years ago)
the LG G4 depicts the image as it actually is... The S6 seems to have some post processing to enhance images taken. In a world full of filters and consumers who want shots that are social media ready... the S6 wins out easily. The LG G4 seems more suited for professional photographers.
Аднан Азири (2 years ago)
make a camera test iphone 6s vs galaxy s6
Matheus Rodrigues (2 years ago)
Samsung Galaxy S6 <3
Stevo Atkinson (2 years ago)
Good review on these 2 fantastic mobiles. I have the S6, but noticed on daylight recording that the scenes wasn't very clear. Maybe I need to tweet a little bit.
Criminal Peligro (2 years ago)
good Galaxy s6 camera and lg g4 nou
Power01 LeGend (2 years ago)
No se entiende por que cambias de lado las fotos ??????????????? Men
Aristol Reang (2 years ago)
My left hand or your left hand ?
Damian Lewandowski (2 years ago)
Hi SuperSaf! What mark and model of sunglasses do you wear - 2:55? Thanks in advance! Great video!
Aniko's World (2 years ago)
I really wanted to buy LG 4G, I like it for the microSD card slot and that you can open up and change battery! Also, the design is very nice (something else) and fits perfectly in the hand, my last phone was a samsung and was so slippery that it always slipped from my hand and fell down (when I was hurrying). I'm very careful with technic, but it still happend. But now seeing how shaky and bad the audio in taking video is...makes me wonder if I really should choose LG 4G over Samsung S6....
Abdelilah Benzzine (2 years ago)
The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Is Better Than LG G4 !
Salvador Terrazas (2 years ago)
LG G4 wins
Ken2it (2 years ago)
hi saf, please try for the next time to take some more pictures of faces (rear-cam). no one does this here on youtube - most pics are of buildings and flowers, that nobody cares. cause of this i bought the SGS5, which indoor photos of faces look terrible. even the old S2 does this job better :(
Constantine (2 years ago)
s6 better
Apridot (2 years ago)
+doylestatus The mic is crap on the LG.
doylestatus (2 years ago)
s6 is dog crap. G4 all day
Apridot (2 years ago)
+Big Mama yes
Tobias Westermann (2 years ago)

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