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The Property Show 8th Oct 2017 Episode 229 - Blueprint of Contemporary Living

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Winnie Yvonne (22 days ago)
Does anyone know who did the kitchen cabinets,pantry and wardrobes at Shiloh Apartments?I would love for them to work ours
Dennis Limo (2 months ago)
This is the best show. I loved it.
94110mission (4 months ago)
Nice looking apartments but any place advertising itself as luxury or up-scale should have air-conditioning, and I didn't hear that mentioned in the description. Also, at this price point, I'd like to see something other than the building across the way when I look out of the window. I want rooms with a view. Other than that, the interiors are very nice.
yvelle2001 (6 months ago)
My goodness! The kitchen at Nima's place! I want that kitchen!
Maureen Ocheing (6 months ago)
I loved😙😙😙
James Rungaru (7 months ago)
wah!! Shiloh got it all.
Timothy Kiburu (7 months ago)
like the beauty of buildings
miemie johnson (7 months ago)
Rosemary gicheri (8 months ago)
ggggggg996 (8 months ago)
Shiloh apartment wow. the best house have seen in this show. Have seen its 45 m, its worth every money.
djspraxx (8 months ago)
price is 45 m but its worth it
Lovely Day (6 months ago)
45M🤔🤔🤔it's insane!
Awuor Ochuodho (8 months ago)
Beautiful place.
George Okello (8 months ago)
Damn it......that shiloh place.
itseverydaybro (8 months ago)
Stupid kenyans !
tan sa (8 months ago)
Shiloh is Truly the best Apartments I have ever seen In Kenya..omg Congratulations.
Boëthius M (8 months ago)
10 suits!! I've got 2, one for weddings another for funerals.
sandra fumbu (8 months ago)
Wow!!!! Shiloh apartments are really nice, Nimu did great, she was really thoughful & detailed. Can we also see more high-end penthouses and duplexes.
Lovely Day (8 months ago)
This are the best apartments ave ever seen on this show.I bet the prices are off the roof🤑
Lloyd Wamai (8 months ago)
That Shiloh place is nice!

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