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War Robots - 5 Tips to become a better player

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Hey guys, this is my first attempt in making such type of video. In the video I have covered five points which might help you in lowering your frustration level that you fight be facing due to current game status. Points covered are : 1. Stop complaining 2. Play your style 3. Plan your moves 4. Use abilities wisely 5. Remember - it's just a game Thanks for watching. Make sure to hit the like button if you liked it and share it with your friends. Subscribe to my channel for more videos. About the game : War Robots is an 6v6 multiplayer game in which there are more than 25 Robots available to chose from and a variety of weapons to put on your robots. It is developed by Pixonic. The game is currently available for three platforms - Android, iOS and Facebook Gameroom.

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Dipak WR (1 month ago)
Nice bro make more videos
Dr. Vicktor (1 month ago)
Dipak WR sure bro. Just need to improve my eyesight

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