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Bunkerville History Two A Brief Explanation Of The Land Issues

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The title of this video pretty well explains its purpose. In all of this, we must not forget to take into account the actions of Harry Reid to conspire with the Chinese Government to take this land from the American People. Bundy's Prescriptive Rights are also an issue, as well as the unenforceability of the Enabling Act that becomes null and void after a state achieves statehood.
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roypotterqa (4 years ago)
I added the following  information in the description box, as well. Mr. Davis does not talk about the Bundy's Prescriptive Rights, nor the unenforceability of the Enabling Act that Congress used to approve the territory for statehood. I have to emphasize that the Enabling Act has no force of law or regulation or contract once a territory is granted statehood, otherwise the equal footing requirement of the Constitution is violated. In other words, any agrrement made by the representatives of the territory before statehood are null and void once statehood is achieved. This is a dire issue for many of the western states and must be cited as they take back their lands. For instance, Governor Sandoval of Nevada said he has no authority over any of the lands of Nevada under Fed management (I call this political cowardice). That means, if taken to its logical conclusion, that Nevada does not need a governor, nor sheriffs, because Sandoval has ceded 85% of the state as NOT Nevada!!!!!  I hasten to emphasize that the argumenst of the Feds and Sandoval are NOT valid, and the state has EVERY right to repossess the land inside its borders!! This can, should, and must be done!!
Danny Adams (4 years ago)
Except that the "Chinese solar energy plant" was 200 miles away and completely canceled last year. It's a lot more likely that the government is trying to get the land for oil and fracking, which is something the Koch brothers have been pushing for on public land for years. http://www.lasvegassun.com/news/2013/jun/14/company-dumps-big-laughlin-solar-project-says-mark/
Nick B (4 years ago)
Now what we also gotta worry about is what the other hand has been up to while everyone's distracted by this for over a week now and before that it was all about that missing plane. Obama just ask for a 1.1billion $'s for gun control! During all this real quietly too. So expect a lot more of this as agenda21 is carried out in such a ruthless senseless fashion.
Mah Be (4 years ago)
This is what folks need 2 understand---pray it goes VIRAL!
risingsun49 (4 years ago)
In New York they wanted to frack all of upstate and people began rising up and protesting and fought them in court and with petitions and feet on the ground and it deterred them, we have to use the laws to our benefit and abolish other laws that dont serve us our country has been high jacked!!
risingsun49 (4 years ago)
The Feds want the minerals and gold, oil also.We the people need to clean our country up our corporate govt, was investigated and what was found was astonishing they could find a remedy so they shut it down and the politicians said the american people wont know what to do because there not smart enough its time to fire all politicians that are against the people.
L chavez (4 years ago)
as I see it the land is illegally taken by the government and then as we see, given to others, in this Bundy case, China. to pay off debts we owe to them. How do you take back what was given to another country, how to unravel that? Obama was put in office to totally destroy us. and he's doing a damn good job. time to take him out, along with others like Reid, Pelosi and hellery. for starters. Thanks for keeping vigilant Roy. 
Peter IcYou (4 years ago)
God Bless by the Grace of God...peace man in peace we will strive...
latlanticcityphil (4 years ago)

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