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Top 5 Best Midrange Smartphones 2018

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Text Comments (51)
555Lemmy666 (9 days ago)
what a useless video
Asriel Dreemurr (19 days ago)
It should be the Nokia 6.1 as 1st and the 5t is a flag ship killer
J Ghosh (24 days ago)
bencho ye kyaa midrange list tera bap banaya tha???
Atie jingz (30 days ago)
Your description is full of unwanted spams...bro try to omit unwanted poin
Anupa de Silva (1 month ago)
How is the one plus 5T a mid ranger 😐
brylle namuag (1 month ago)
wtf? you really mean oneplus 5t as mid range? are you joking that phone is a flagship killer phone..
Victor 33 (2 months ago)
Honor 7x the best in my opinion
Mr Shax (2 months ago)
The HTC U11 has no screen, who gives a crap about the back?
Jonathan Suniga (2 months ago)
7X compared to Mate 10 lite(Nova 2i).
saurabh mhatre (3 months ago)
It is funny how ppl are saying many of these phones are not mid-range and rather top-end coz of the specs. Specs do not dictate range.. price does. And all these are definitely mid-range when it comes to how much they cost
Jackjude (1 month ago)
This the idea behind 1 plus - is to offer top of the range specs at mid range prices, so the 'confusion' is understandable, as they're achieved that. Also people are seeing 'range' as to what a particular company offers, rather than the collective sense of what the market offers the consumer. One plus would be happy with this effect.
Mr. Right (2 months ago)
saurabh mhatre Agreed. Paying extra half grand for some top tier smartphone with ridiculous price of 1000$ (Yes, I'm looking at you, Iphone X) is a waste of money. 1+5T is my answer to those top tier phone.
saurabh mhatre (2 months ago)
Mr. Right 1+5T is definitely a high spec phone. I have been using a phone with 835SD which costs lesser than 5T. I am happy with that being categorised as a mid range phone. This video and similar ones usually group the phones in a specific price range so ppl with that kind of budget can know their options. I was triggered to post my initial comment coz ppl were behaving as if putting 5T in this one is some sort of blasphemy 😁. If my phone is put in mid-range, I would be happy that I am smarter than ones who spend so much on 'top end' phones n still get the same deal as me rather than being offended.
Mr. Right (2 months ago)
saurabh mhatre You're right and I accept your argument. However there are several things that I have to disagree mainly about any midrangers that can have 835 on board. I owned one myself and I might be bias and yes 1+5T is midranger in price but with top end specs with some missing features that top tiers have were actually my point. I've just realized that I talked about specs while yours about price point lol. My point is actually that 1+5T midrange in prices not the high range price but with top tier specs minus some unnecesary features.
saurabh mhatre (2 months ago)
Mr. Right range in mid-range is the price point of device. You have entry level phones that cost typical where the price of phones start from. You have top end phones which will cost around the highest among phones. Mid range is sumwhr near the middle. Buying decisions for anything is dictated by how much one is willing to spend. Price point is the definitive factor. 1+5T or any other phone can have 835 SD or whatever, if it sells at a price point sumwhr in middle of price range for smartphones then it is a mid-ranger. A mid ranger with specs to compete with top end phones... But still a mid-ranger. This is not my logic.. this is THE LOGIC
Alodia Gosiengfiao (3 months ago)
Oneplus 5T is not even mid range. It's high end smartphone
Thor God of Thunder (7 days ago)
its High Midrange phone
Cynic (3 months ago)
Pinger stayl
Thee Jason Bourne (3 months ago)
That HTC U11 life is good but I don't want it because they ditched the headphone jack.
Abhishek gajjar (3 months ago)
I think essential & one+ are flagship phones
Sam Adams (3 months ago)
Essential phone oneplus 5t is mid range?
Broodjekaas ! (7 days ago)
Thor God of Thunder not at all, maybe now, but when it came out it was a flagship
Thor God of Thunder (7 days ago)
Damiel Reyes lol one Plus 5 is Midrange
Broodjekaas ! (22 days ago)
Divine Rapiet no not at all
Divine Rapiet (1 month ago)
sadly yes. compared to Apple and samsung
Mahesh Samudra (1 month ago)
They are flagships :D
DASSING KUMAR (4 months ago)
You don't know what is mid range ........ and this is a funny video after all.....
Sto_Karfi! (4 months ago)
OnePlus 5T is a midrange Smartphone?
ajay raj (4 months ago)
what was the 2nd top phone ?
k.k.k gupta (3 months ago)
ajay raj essential phone
Rooprenu Shekhawat (4 months ago)
Were the really mid range????????????????????????????????????
Soujit Kumar Paul (4 months ago)
Asus kaha geya???
Syed Shaiban (4 months ago)
a Sab india me available hai
dristi pokhrel (4 months ago)
Hahaha op5t (world's powerful phone) is mid-range?
JaskaranSingh JASSI (2 months ago)
it is in India
Jonathan Jacquet (4 months ago)
Lol. If people think that 8GB's of RAM, a top of the line 8 core Snapdragon 835 CPU and a top of the line Adreno 540 GPU is "mid range", then the iPhone X should be considered "low end".
Benny Gouw (4 months ago)
Should change the name with chinese phones not midrange and the price for the phone is way way too expensive
Anime Lovers (4 months ago)
Last ones are aaukad see Bahar😅
Jalal Smash (4 months ago)
jalaluddin smash
Marlon Penullar (4 months ago)
The price is not midrange...
Simbothula Lalith Kumar (4 months ago)
Pls show it's price

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