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Fundamentals of Automobile Engineering Course - Promo Video | DIYguru

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This course is meant for those who are from non-engineering background to get an overall idea as to how does an automobile work. See the complete lecture videos at DIYguru - http://courses.diyguru.org/course/fundamentals-automotive-engineering/
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Text Comments (10)
prasaanth NK (1 month ago)
What is mean by ergonomics of car
mohit joshi (2 months ago)
Yes sir i want to learn
Bahadar singh (4 months ago)
Whats about automobile designing(b.des)
ashok Bhargav (6 months ago)
Sir I like it but please tell video in Hindi
DIYguru (6 months ago)
We will upload this in hindi too in next month
Let's Fix (6 months ago)
I want make animation videos like this
Let's Fix (6 months ago)
How can i use make like this video please tell me
DIYguru (6 months ago)
This is on torrent
Let's Fix (6 months ago)
DIYguru .this is on play store bro,
DIYguru (6 months ago)
You can use camtasia software

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