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What is the best Smartphone of 2017?

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Best and top 5 smartphones in 2017 Awards! These are the best smartphones of the year, From the Google Pixel 2 vs iPhone X, to Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs 8 Plus or LG V30 vs OnePlus 5T, these top smartphones in 2017 are great, but which is the best? ▶dbrand skins: http://mcmx.in/2oZNlD7 ▶Subscribe for more: http://mcmx.in/sub-dom Google Pixel 2 Review - https://youtu.be/2WCOiEQnZnI Pixel 2 XL Review - https://youtu.be/jJgVFt6fxIE LG V30 Review - https://youtu.be/--TKX9LVQLQ iPhone X Review - https://youtu.be/veV_IlNCsjE Galaxy Note 8 Review - https://youtu.be/9DJ_oc8TnNU OnePlus 5T Review - https://youtu.be/PjLfoOV-xMU ▶Follow me on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/macmixing Like my Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/macmixing Check out my audio/video gear: http://mcmx.in/domsgear Check out my SoundCloud: http://mcmx.in/unboxing-remix Free iTunes and Amazon Gift Cards: http://mcmx.in/featrpnts FREE Amazon Prime trial & support this channel: http://mcmx.in/1bqdbQK Find macmixing on Google Plus: http://www.google.com/+macmixing Find me on Google Plus: http://www.google.com/+DomEsposito RATE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE! :-) My blog: http://www.macmixing.com
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Text Comments (141)
rishabh dhiman (16 hours ago)
One plus 5T only
Md Yeamin (2 days ago)
I can't afford any of this
Crime Pays (7 days ago)
iPhone x
Aftab Ahmad (10 days ago)
Oneplus 5t is best in every aspect
Riffin' Remmy (10 days ago)
Just by looking at the comment section...Note 8 for sure. I have LITERALLY never seen so much love and positive reviews on a phone.
Exciting Videos (12 days ago)
David Yim (16 days ago)
Rajesh Sharma (17 days ago)
LG V30 is the best phone I ever had so far.
TheFemaleNoob (17 days ago)
Google Pixel 2 <3
JEESQUAT (18 days ago)
Is the 1plus5 better then the S8+ ?? I don't think so but that Note 8 is sure sweet!!!
Jonathan Baya (19 days ago)
I own a note 8,i love the note 8...but battery life SUCKS!!!!
hector ponce (20 days ago)
Note 8 for me the beast!!!!!!!
Roger Wittekind (21 days ago)
Sony XZP and if anybody wants to see just how sharp the 4k display is compared to 1080 they will have to enable and use the triple tap magnification gesture.
Robert Barnes (22 days ago)
I feel after watching these videos my s8 plus is a pile of rubbish. And since the note 8 it’s like it doesn’t exist. I have loved it.
subha palani (22 days ago)
oneplus 5t is the best smartphone of the year
CAR_VLOGGS _PRESENTS (22 days ago)
What do you do with all the phones you unboxed
seloka kamel (23 days ago)
perfect list
Hiahteck Vybz (23 days ago)
Note 8
Beverly Frederick (24 days ago)
★★★ Google Pixel 2 ★★★
Nuelan Ian Atienza (24 days ago)
Note 8 plssss
Jeffrey Heister (25 days ago)
Lucas Johnston (25 days ago)
temple farmer psychology sunlight unlike legal cold option survivor upper information survivor safety.
Tech Cam (26 days ago)
Other all will be best if there is no ONEPLUS 5T
Dexter arias (26 days ago)
Google pixel XL 2 all day!!! 😋😎
Elaine Amora (26 days ago)
Iphone X huhuhu 😱😭
Vernon Warren (27 days ago)
Note 8
RAOUF Bouragbi (27 days ago)
the v30
DARK VADER (28 days ago)
Note 8 it's another win. Winning
matt D (28 days ago)
the sexiest phone by far is the samsung galaxy note 8. my current daily driver is a classic, the samsung galaxy s5.
mustapha jallow (28 days ago)
Note 8
Chowdah_RG (28 days ago)
Good video Dom!
Stefan Budai (29 days ago)
Note 8 the best all round phone of 2017👌👌
YEET Master (30 days ago)
The Best Phone of the year is... The Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Taha El Abidi (30 days ago)
Negan's lucille bat is sick !!
vikram hira (1 month ago)
Op 5t... definitely man. Vat op5t got in that price point, man....big giant companies wont even dare to think of offering !!! Rest of the phones are awesome as well, but op5t is best value for money ...
Raj Deepan (1 month ago)
The MVP 👑 goes to note 8
J R (1 month ago)
Loving my OnePlus 5T.
Mwai Kibaki (1 month ago)
Note 8 for sure
Ankur Raj (1 month ago)
Note 8
David Kwaku Wireko (1 month ago)
NOTE 8 IS THE 👑👑👑👑 In 2017
Alan Iq (1 month ago)
Dom the bomb
Arvind sai (1 month ago)
5T anyday
stevan gorre (1 month ago)
Note 8
Mostafa Mohamed (1 month ago)
Hey bro can you giveaway me any old phone I really need one I lost my Samsung s4 please
Jabriel Sisco (30 days ago)
Mostafa Mohamed buy a new one.
Christopher Lee (1 month ago)
I really like the look of the 1Plus 5T. Really good bang for your buck. I might even upgrade from my iPhone 6 Plus to the 5T instead of another iPhone
santosh (1 month ago)
Note 8 and iphone x
OnePlus 5T
D Riv (1 month ago)
Hey Dom, it's ALWAYS android vs iOS! Alaways. My favorite phone is the pixel 2xl it was my daily driver but iOS is just better. So now I have an iPhone X
Amen Avalos (1 month ago)
Note 8 is better
Amen Avalos (1 month ago)
Screw the iPhone x
Toya Sterling (1 month ago)
Note 8, Pixel 2 xl, LG V30
TGU (1 month ago)
The best phone of the year is the NOTE 8
Sharul Ikram (1 month ago)
Note 8 is my daily driver!
Santos Jerome (1 month ago)
Huawei mate 10 pro!! Beast!!
Naruset Lomaban (1 month ago)
I want the pixel 2 xl so bad, but we don’t have google store in Thailand and if I want to import, I think screen burn will ruin my warranty
Abhishek Sarode (1 month ago)
Note 8
Din Drago (1 month ago)
Pixel 2 xl is awesome!
Renwick C (1 month ago)
Too many Good smartphones came out this year.
RACHE (1 month ago)
Where's Razer smart phone
mohit yadav (1 month ago)
Op5t ❤
Michael Upchurch (1 month ago)
LG v30 is pretty damn dope
Michael Upchurch (1 month ago)
My pick would be NOTE 8 and iPhone X and pixel 2 xl
josue perez (1 month ago)
HTC que 11 +
Nihar RD (1 month ago)
Iphone X
arjun sodhi (1 month ago)
Iphone X!!
Rueben regi (1 month ago)
Note 8
Bharat Maru (1 month ago)
Note 8! 👌
Saleh Salah (1 month ago)
NOTE 8 is the best imo
316KaseyG (1 month ago)
LG V30
glenn kennedy (1 month ago)
Note 8 hands down!
Ezra Clay (1 month ago)
Note 8 FTW!
Jayesh Pansare (1 month ago)
note 8
Stormtrooper oo7 (1 month ago)
One plus
Tamara Girodie (1 month ago)
In a perfectly objective world I would likely agree with your top fives, but there's one phone in particular that I cannot support in a top smartphone video: the OnePlus Five. Any phone selling hundreds of units in the US should have CDMA compatibility. I mean, Samsung, Apple, LG, they do it... They're much bigger, true, but part of that could be objectivity of network support. Seriously OnePlus, add CDMA and you can be the king of budget phones.
Sameer Khan (1 month ago)
Google Pixel 2 XL 😍😌
akshay k nair (1 month ago)
5t supporters hit that like button
Note 8 and V30 😍😍😎😎
rafa mendez (1 month ago)
One plus 5t
ronaldiño el niño one plus is shite.
Pinak Mohapatra (1 month ago)
Note 8! 😊
Technology Master (1 month ago)
why you don't get views much compare to others you are so awesome
Will Frame (1 month ago)
Screw Dbrand
hepta haiza (1 month ago)
I agree
schazreiyn (1 month ago)
OnePlus 5T for me :)
Vinnie Sims (1 month ago)
Mohit Agrawal (1 month ago)
which software do you use for editing
Matthew Miller (1 month ago)
BJ Hewitt (1 month ago)
Note 8 all the way.
Phone Daft (1 month ago)
I actually agree with you Dom. Nice 1.
phenixboy1 (1 month ago)
Note 8
themessiah809 (1 month ago)
Note 8 is king period😍
Saksham Kumar (1 month ago)
Note 8 is the smartphone of year 2017
Donelle Page (1 month ago)
War!!!!!! Must spill ios blood!
Charoen P (1 month ago)
I tried U11 didn't like the build, came back to LeEco Pro3 and Xiaomi RN4
Shawn Orjiakor (1 month ago)
1. U11 2. Huawei Mate 10/ 10 Pro 3. Pixel 2 XL 4. V30 5. S8 Plus
Evan Staub (1 month ago)
Definitely the OnePlus 5T followed a little behind by the LG V30
I wonder what the iPhone prices will be next year. 😞
Shawn Orjiakor (1 month ago)
SocAnxDis Over $1000. Good luck.
STATIC SKILLZ (1 month ago)
LG V30 💓💓💓💓💓😍
STATIC SKILLZ (1 month ago)
Best phone is the PHONE YOU CARRY
Charoen P (1 month ago)
STATIC SKILLZ yep completely agree 😁😉
Shawn Orjiakor (1 month ago)
Gandek (1 month ago)
STATIC SKILLZ what if I don’t have hands
Austin (1 month ago)
My top 3 best phones are note 8, pixel 2xl and iPhone X.
Hicham Gouchida (1 month ago)
nokia 8 = 450$
Shawn Orjiakor (1 month ago)
Hicham Gouchida Nokia 8 is underrated.

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