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Tesla Model S Problems: My Experience!

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Storytime! Apollo/P100D has been awesome, but not quite perfect... Tesla playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBsP89CPrMeMKjHnLfO3WAhiOOxiv5Xqo Video Gear I use: http://kit.com/MKBHD/video-gear#recommendation17959 ~ http://twitter.com/MKBHD http://snapchat.com/add/MKBHD http://google.com/+MarquesBrownlee http://instagram.com/MKBHD http://facebook.com/MKBHD
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RC 420 Guy (21 minutes ago)
If my dream car nissan gtr r35 had problems id fix it myself and get upgraded parts for what went wrong .... if i had the money 😂😂😂
Nurse Mingo (8 hours ago)
I’m doing my research now to get a Model 3. But thanks for the pros and cons on Tesla, it’s helping me to determine weather i should get one or not.
Asif Sarkar (15 hours ago)
nice vid
Yogesh Arora (1 day ago)
I bought this car from one of the largest car manufacturer of India named as "Maruti Suzuki" and it's been nearly 4 months the car has gone about 7 times to the service centre in which 3 times was just for the clutch barring issue. They had to replace the whole part twice to get it fixed. Although, I really not expected such a horrible experience from such esteemed car company, but it was a nightmare.
Scrap it. It a certain point a car can become too problem some. Maybe that model is no good but with a car like that it can cause you to lose money.
theAppleWizz (2 days ago)
This has happened to me in a BMW x3
Johannes Hügel (4 days ago)
JUST SUBSCRIBED...Great video...great presentation!!!
Dulana Wijeratne (5 days ago)
Tesla, a dream car, what ??? Marques your taste in gadgets are good but cars it's a zero man
ebin belji (6 days ago)
I have driven a car without a power steering and it's not a big deal when the cars moving
GutsRage (7 days ago)
You put your life at the ones around you at risk, no amount of money or car made out of gold is worth it.
GKAtascosa (8 days ago)
Wouldn't that qualify as a lemon under the Lemon Law? 3 identical failures within a certain time frame that wasn't fixed properly?
Tomi Nykanen (9 days ago)
Tesla is like a iPhone. Its a religion and You are not allowed to criticize it. 😃
Xavier Evans (10 days ago)
My favorite car is any Tesla except roaster 1
Jay Dabhi (11 days ago)
Buggy car
Günter Guttroff (13 days ago)
if it was a horse you'd have shot it already twice!
Ayush Jajodia (14 days ago)
Hey Marques, was the steering problem fixed after the second repair? Did you face any other problems after this?
Thepsychodoc (14 days ago)
dream r34 gtr its old no point in scarping a master piece get ut fixed
Avisek Mitra (15 days ago)
If I face issues with my dream car than I sell it and move to the 2nd car in my dream list
Darth Awar (15 days ago)
No the answer is just No it is not worth it try a swap/exchamge with a car from a different batch but same model they try a different model altogether
Antonio Aguilar (16 days ago)
It happened to me with an Audi and now with a BMW. In my opinion, premium cars are not too good compared with the “normal” cars.
James Driscoll (18 days ago)
That's a critical issue I would not keep a car if it did at the third time due to the fact it's a driving thing it's not a luxury thing if it dies Midway through a left turn you could be in for a head-on impact
Little Cripple (18 days ago)
Old Italian sports cars were legendary for having terrible electronics. And they had years of experience beforehand making cars. Tesla is new but it seems like a lot of their problems comes down to shoddy workmanship such as chrome not lining up etc. People expect it cause it's new but it's not the worse story that's out there
Юрій Гонта (19 days ago)
What to do with a car, that tries to kill you and your passengers every couple of month?
Dino Mad Dog (19 days ago)
For the money you paid it’s not worth the headache. Also consider next you might not be so lucky that you could just pull over. Your gambling with your life in the freeways.
Roberto Zavala (19 days ago)
I’m sorry but that’s scary and I would never want to drive that car again if it was me.
xyz S (22 days ago)
I could say it's not worth it but if this is really you dream car it I'd say it definitely IS worth it. I just wouldn't trust this specific one anymore so try to get it replaced.
Moeid Elahi (23 days ago)
This is really crazy...Giving all that money to Tesla and you get funky alignment and other issues...I pay money to be treated VIP. BMW and Mercedes and all those guys hire engineers to work on sound of the door closing to be as pleasant as possible for the money of their customers...being in Tesla I feel like being in a bad relationship...you just keep fooling yourself...
Enki Callosa (24 days ago)
The answer to the question would vary on the manufacturer. As you have said tesla is an infant to service maintemamce and i guess that is a risk to accept vs your desire to own one. For other "old" manufacturers i guess i would take that risk of owning one. It alao boils down to what is im the contract and the local laws or car ownership regulations which applire to it.
Benjamin Grimes (25 days ago)
Seems like cars, whether they be all-electric, hybrid or good old ICE-powered have issues or break down and end up needing repairs. No car company ever has or ever will build a perfect car. They have flaws...just like the humans who design them. My Nissan Altima is notorious for having issues with its transmission but so far mine has lasted almost 160k miles of hard driving (knocks on wood). Getting a good and reliable car comes down to luck more than anything. Just keep on top of maintenance and fluid changes (ESPECIALLY fluid changes) and your car will usually treat you right. Also, go with Japanese or German if you're looking for reliability. Unfortunately, it seems like newer cars aren't built to last like they used to be. Oh, well.
Dorian Porrata (25 days ago)
Cool haircut bro
sebastian florea (26 days ago)
Sorrymate , I will only buy a Tesla after 5 to 8 years.but until than all of the other manufactures will have elctric cars...so I will not buy one just cose it has way to many problems. It' like every 2nd owner has a problem.
Meno Passini (27 days ago)
No! that's why I don't own a Ferrari. Better to lease or rent for a weekend of fun. Telsa owners and Fan boys lifes seem to be wrapped around this car, they defend it like a new girlfriend. Here's a secret she'll break your heart.
Sean McMunn (28 days ago)
Stockholm syndrome for cars :P just kidding, but it does sound like a bad relationship
Emad Ahmed (1 month ago)
So what's the update on this?
Ky Christensen (1 month ago)
Be careful! Problems like that your next video will be from a hospital bed
Jessicabmw535iXDrive (1 month ago)
Really want to get Tesla but upon research and talking to Tesla owners I have decided to give this company 4 years to fix their shit . I mean I understand that they are “new” company but if I am dropping 100K plus those issues need to be fixed . Also the Tesla owner that I’ve talked to his Tesla leaks when it’s raining outside... dripping basically on your head .. I need Tesla to be Minnesota ready !
John F. Jr (1 month ago)
Marques, i'm a year late on this. What was the final outcome?
Feroz Muhammed (1 month ago)
It isn't even worth giving a thought for owning one if it repeatedly bumps into issues like these. I can't imagine buying things that could put my life at risk and probably others too.
losteffekt (1 month ago)
Buying a 5 year old used one will be the most costly mistake you'll make. Because after 5 years, the battery pack has about 2-3 years of life left. Expect to pay between $25,000 - $35,000 for a new battery pack.
losteffekt (24 days ago)
buying one brand new, the battery pack will last about 8 years. buying a 5 year old used Tesla, and within a couple of years you'll be looking at an extremely expensive battery replacement.
Benjamin Grimes (25 days ago)
losteffekt Really!?!?! Hmmm...I thought they lasted longer than that.
Didier Jean-Charles (1 month ago)
Not worth it at all. If the car was given to me for free then maybe, but if I am paying for it not a chance.
llltlllulllblllellll (1 month ago)
Answering your question: in this case it's not my dream car anymore. The dream car works perfectly and serves for decades.
Prince Mensah (1 month ago)
just say the problems and stop trying to explain why the company is good at quality control
Power Solution (1 month ago)
i will just sell the car if my car will show so many issues dude
Theng Yi Ming (1 month ago)
This car is in Asphalt 8
I'm Travelin channel (1 month ago)
Nooooooooooooooooo way I'd buy a Tesla yet...!
Dave Gott (1 month ago)
U r nuts to be driving that death trap...shame on you....
Ciaran Frisby (1 month ago)
you would be very glad you dont own a drift car
Polkadot FFS (1 month ago)
it depends on whether or not you should expect it with your dream car. If your dream car is a modern vehicle, absolutely not. There is no excuse for a modern vehicle (post original NSX) to be unreliable (when it has low miles, obviously as mileage increases you get wear & tear, but you should still expect the first 100,000 miles to be problem free). On the other hand if your dream is to buy a 1970s italian supercar or a jaguar E-type, something along those lines then it does go with the territory of owning a classic car. There's not one uniform standard of reliability to which cars have to adhere. But a modern mass produced vehicle with low mileage especially when made by a company that has made claims about its improved reliability due to its simpler drive train shouldn't break down. It shouldn't have any kind of issue like that without owner abuse, and it should have maybe half the problem rate of a tesla.
Got Game (1 month ago)
Not sure why u got a 100. Stay away from tesla
little nick (1 month ago)
I drove to where they fixed them the fucking parking lot was filled also i heard the promblem is there is a huge mechanic shortage due to its a new beast you know
Bradley David (1 month ago)
Dream car not worth it if it's unreliable. I went through that with my 2006 Audi. Loved it when it was working, but over six years of ownership, it was in the shop a total of three months. My service records were a mini novel and my service techs and advisor knew me by first name; not good. Hope the Tesla issues are resolved.
Christian O. Holz (1 month ago)
great design and power. Awful/non-existent quality control at Tesla. It's a shame. No, it's not worth it to own a car that's consistently unreliable esp. if you use it as your daily and esp. at this price range. Things like non-functioning power-steering, leaky trunk, interior panels falling off and so on are simply unacceptable in all modern cars. Purchasing a car is a major purchase for most regular people so such issues are not something one needs to tolerate.
Dung Chu Viet (1 month ago)
tell me body car and over basic .? or .? you most anything .?
gmcjetpilot (1 month ago)
Hey Brother get out of that Tesla before the owner gets back.... Ha ha... Kidding good video.
Ravi Teja (1 month ago)
It's simply not worth it , the same steering shutdown happened with my Ford Fiesta multiple times and the engineers at ford could never figure out the cause . I ended up selling the car for peace of mind !
Gart Nilis (1 month ago)
Why do you guys name your car? It's an inanimate object. A hunk of metal that depreciates and deteriorates and rusts. If you want to name something, get a cat.
theAppleWizz (1 day ago)
he said it "deteriorates and rusts" well it wont because the car is made out of aluminum.
John F. Jr (2 days ago)
theAppleWizz Huh?
theAppleWizz (2 days ago)
Technically it will not rust because it's made out of aluminum.
ZesPak (22 days ago)
While I agree, naming something is a classic psychological way of "taking ownership" over something or even someone.
John F. Jr (1 month ago)
I think it has to do with programing the many systems of the car or over the air updates.
Mohammed Khopoliwala (1 month ago)
If it were my dream car and it would be having these issues, I'd use it until the issues help me get out of the honeymoon phase and then I'd go ahead and buy a new one.
Ben Powe (1 month ago)
Imagine in autonomous mode? Steering not fully turning ?????? Dangerous!!!!!!
Bob Last (1 month ago)
Lemon laws apply to tesla's too. In most states the law says you have to give them 3 attempts to fix the issue, after that you can lemon it. It varies a little state to state
Red Diamonds (1 month ago)
Shiiiiit!!!!! 140 fucking racks!!! They get ONE FUCKIN CHANCE!! You might as well put up another 40k and get a turbo s!!
MFeinstein (1 month ago)
Instead of thinking if the car is worth it, think if your life is worth it.
TheWisherable (1 month ago)
my 10 year old Hyundai is far reliable than this. I never had a single problem with it. The car is pretty cheap, but it get's me from point A to point B, no problem.
Richard Stefanits (1 month ago)
For me, I would never trash it, I would just try to get it fixed, or in my case as all my old cars are out of warranty fix it myself. Interestingly Tesla does not share knowledge at least not officially about fixing their stuff after they are out of warranty for some reason this could be challenging when these cars hit the used market in bigger numbers. Interesting videos about how to fix teslas or salvage parts from damaged teslas can be found on carguru's youtube channel.
Adam Lemus (1 month ago)
Tesla's problem is that there too focused on being Technically innovative and not focused on being a good car company. For instance the overly complication on the door mechanisms that require power to operate. Instead of just having a simple a reliable door latch they have an electric unit that has a mechanical back up. So they have two latching systems when only one is needed? And the door latch consumes power? Power you need to operate the critical systems of the vehicle.
Ali Ansari (1 month ago)
That's some serious issue. If my car had that as a perm issue, I'd get ride of it immediately.
David Wu (1 month ago)
Tesla has started to sell the car in Taiwan about a Year ago, they have sold around 300 cars during a year, which is good, but they are losing the trust of the public now, the owners are making a group that more than 200 people to defend and speak for their right, coz they all have had lots of issues with the “New Car”, some owners complained that the model X broken down completely after 3 days delivery, the steering wheel locked up when they are driving with the family and kids, which is incredibly dangerous, the doors panel detached, charging issue, motor died etc...ok, these are not the Minor issues like alignment of the doors, balala, this’s the issue that absolutely against what Tesla so proud of ! SAFETY. Very disappointed tbh. And btw, Tesla costs more than 5-7 millions Taiwan dollars which Is more than 200,000 USD crazy price here, but the quality is not what the customer suppose to get.
Matt Carter (2 months ago)
Wait you’re coming here for thanksgiving??
Anderson Paes (2 months ago)
Nice commentary, dude
Ed Vincent Calaguas (2 months ago)
We almost got this but the reliability was questionable. Good thing we didn’t get one. I would be really pissed to have a brand new car with all that problem. Especially driving with my family and put their lives in danger.
Gigel Horik (2 months ago)
no.its a piece of shit.
Remberto Adam Belcourt (2 months ago)
Once is bad but twice...!!! 🙄
Anurag Pal (2 months ago)
tesla needs time to mature as a car company
TheCamaro209 (1 month ago)
Anurag Pal yeah because the assholes prefer quantity over quality.
Steve J (2 months ago)
Go bye a Chevy volt prime? I bought a 2017 three weeks ago and it does everything this car does, the windows even go up and down remotely on it.
Johnny Knoxville (2 months ago)
No car is worth this much hassle
Johnny Knoxville (2 months ago)
I would wait til Tesla is 10 yrs old to buy one - Ridiculous esp given how arrogant Musk is
izsak itt (2 months ago)
I have a one year old P90D. I would not trade it, my Porsche 911 turbo is sitting in my garage, I have no desire to drive it since I got the Tesla. It is unfortunate having to deal with defects; for owners as well as for manufacturers. I design electronics for satellites. It is very difficult to design and manufacture flawless products especially in short time. For commercial products, cost is an extreme constraint. I am very curious of what Tesla ultimately finds as root cause.
chris coleman (2 months ago)
holy shit two steering racks in less than a year?!?!
TjRoland (2 months ago)
In my opinion, nothing, not even your dream car is worth your piece of mind. If your car is having issues every so often, then you won't have a lot of confidence in the car and it ends up becoming more stress then it's worth. Every time you go out in your car, you're unsure if it's going to fuck up on you or cause you to get into a accident, it's just not worth it.
Roderick Ross (2 months ago)
I would try to find the problem myself
Terrence Mobley (2 months ago)
Be careful waiting on strike 3 or you may be out. We often ignore signs before it’s too late.
Venkat Durvasula (2 months ago)
Electric or gasoline, if its a premium vehicle I expect it to perform like a champ!
fernando meneses (2 months ago)
lol garbage tesla. Get a camaro you dumbass
Javi G (2 months ago)
lol garbage camaro. Gat a tesla you dumbass
slouch (2 months ago)
if the problem is one that puts me at major risk of an accident - hell no that's not okay. working fine most of the time with a "small chance" of getting me killed every couple thousand miles that's worth giving it a pass. driving is already pretty dangerous, i wouldnt want to add any more risk to that equation. plus good luck telling someone after an accident that "the steering suddenly just stopped working and i lost control." man nobody would believe me
Asymo Bartowski (2 months ago)
If it is still under warranty then its all good. But, the thing is, Tesla is a brand new company car with new technology. You should have waited for few more models from that company before purchasing it. All these problems will stressed you out eventually.
Jay (2 months ago)
I guess i would have to move on. The issues i would have would make the experience terrible.
barabaspolo (2 months ago)
Thank God they don't build planes!
Antonio G* (2 months ago)
Anything electric always fails eventually PERIOD if you think a tesla is going to last you ten years yeah right i have my Infiniti G35 coupe for 10 years and it still run great but lol electricals stop working after 5 years
Brandon Wohlfarth (2 months ago)
I know this is an old video, not sure if your still having these problems but I've worked for other car manufacturers like BMW and Audi and Mercedes Benz and even Acura and Subaru. All of them have issues with new vehicles too. It's not just Tesla though. Any new car you buy is susceptible to problems though. It hasent been out long enough for them to find all the issues.
Jacob R. Doty (2 months ago)
Anyone know what camera was used to film this? Must be decently compact since it's on the dash
KungFuBlob (2 months ago)
That's HORRIBLE quality control. The wing doors misaligned?!!? FUCKING HELL........
RReifyzarc (2 months ago)
I think you ran over a Nokia 3310.
ObamaReally Suucks (2 months ago)
reliability is the #1 most important item in a new car purchase......that Tesla POS is going to get you killed........Buy Jap and never look back.
Samsung Time (2 months ago)
Nate Fedor (2 months ago)
Honestly sounds like a software issues hardware ok or replaced still having issues? Idk
HERCULES0070 (2 months ago)
Personally I don't have a lot of money so if the car is having issues and I can't afford to fix it I have no choice but to replace it. If it money is not an issue and the car is brand new I would have them replace it after the second time there was the same issue. And if I'm in your situation I would definitely replace it immediately because of the safety of myself and other drivers. It's not as simple issue that just is cosmetic you have an issue with your vehicle that can cause someone to lose their life including your own.
aestheticsforlife (2 months ago)
Not worth it. These cars are basically software they're gonna have issues.
Reblr (2 months ago)
power steering pump?
Rahul Sood (2 months ago)
So what happened?
Rahul Sood (2 months ago)
Alan Wu (2 months ago)
2001 Honda Integra Type R. No ESC, no Traction Control, nothing fancy. Only ever produced with a manual gearbox, some european market variants even came with no radio. 185000km's (115000miles because everyone is from stateside), steering is stiff, there are rattles everywhere due to age and wear and honestly it's a pile of shit to some. However, it's reliable, and even after 2 trackday beatings, chinese takeout deliveries where the b18c is revved out to fuel cut because i drive like a dick and good delivery times are important, the thing still beats on and nothing major has happened thus far (with the exception of a failed distributor and o2 sensor). I appreciate Tesla and Elon Musk for bringing tomorrow's cars to us today, but really, you gotta remember that driving and working on cars are a passion for some. Autonomous driving is great, but like how long until we become the people aboard the space ship in Walle? Just my 2c

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