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Best BIG Android Phones to buy in 2016 - Top 10 Phablets

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Like you phones BIG? Here are 10 of the biggest Android smartphones you can buy in 2016. The smallest device on this list is 6.0" and then they go all the way up to the giant 6.8" Huawei P8max and Zenfone 3 Ultra. Good luck getting one of these monster phones in your pocket.
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Text Comments (295)
ANIL KUMAR (4 days ago)
अशवनी कुमार
Chris9183 (6 days ago)
the problem is that the biggest phones are international, and not compatible with USA LTE bands...so you can forget about verizon, sprint, and AT&T and tmobile will be slow
Just bought the phab 2 plus.😂
HD TITAN (22 days ago)
Hey friend, the Honor Note 8 is 6,6" Do you write: 6,0"
O_3Y RBLX (24 days ago)
I got the Huawei Mate 8 today :O
Dead_Fox /De4Th (30 days ago)
So that means my Sony Xperia Xa1 Ultra is a phablet
[Shameka Rogers (1 month ago)
number 8 was the x not to be confused with the z
[Shameka Rogers (1 month ago)
nah ZTE blade x max is a great phone to have especially if u have big hands or big thumbs and it's only for 150 dollars not just for the phone but everything be sure to get unlimited data from the right place though
Arshad Arshu (1 month ago)
bru how mach
BagonTube (2 months ago)
I have a Samsung J7 and its 5'5 and i thought it was one of the biggest phones😂😂😂
What Happened? Haha (2 months ago)
The Honor Note 8 is 6.6"
sis Morris.sde8 (2 months ago)
How much the price ..........
ződ gyík (2 months ago)
i have 5 inch phone
Aron Ortega (3 months ago)
Where are the prices
مقاطع. راعة
مقاطع. راعة
Md Ismaail (4 months ago)
Without price we can't enjoy watching ds........
Br00klyTheBeastly (5 months ago)
I have the Honor Note 8 and i love it. For this price (i payed around 350€ with shipping and, i don't know the english word for "Zoll" because i life in Austria) You get a much bigger Huawei P9 and that is awsome. :) Sry for bad english.... (And it has a 6.6 inch 2k display and not a 6.0 one)
Kokica Langarec (5 months ago)
Honor note 8 is 6.6 inches
Mitch Maguny (5 months ago)
Can anybody recommend a Phablet with specs close to the Samsung s6 edge plus? Mine just died and I have been told It will cost over £200 to fix it.
Tequilla (5 months ago)
NAH I rather stay with my j3 hahah
Don Johnson (5 months ago)
Lenovo Phab 2
JACCO20082012 (6 months ago)
I like how the Chinese blatantly rip off other companies and no one even questions it.
Jieevz (6 months ago)
The bezzel on the first one looked horrible
Wijana Jana (7 months ago)
i am already bought huawai p 8 max..so enjoy..
Ak TV (7 months ago)
I want mi max prime
Similin (7 months ago)
I guess small tablets aren't good enough
Coogi Mane90 (7 months ago)
don't have a problem putting big phones in my pocket because I don't wear skinny jeans
Coogi Mane90 (7 months ago)
wish phone commercials were like this in the US
Elmo Lantis (7 months ago)
El Asus zen teléfono 3 ultra esta muy bueno es el más grande
Clive P (8 months ago)
No Price No talking.. Adios!!
nushin youssefian (8 months ago)
you spent too much time making unnecessary too much animation, slow video, too many special effects. It would be more ffective and useful if yo simply placed each phone next to the other on a table and explained each one and compare them. please, don't do these special effects anymore, i had to SKIP BACK AND FORTH to try and find the information i needed among all the special effects
Alperen Gür (8 months ago)
just asus
Sir Brannigan (8 months ago)
6" isn't bit enough for me... Gonna need at least an 8====D
Just Gaming29 (8 months ago)
They are other phones bigger out there.
whats the price ?
Marty McLeod (9 months ago)
Huawei Mediapad M2 (8.0, 8") doesn't get LTE in USA but it was a great phone/tablet and gets 5MBps, good enough for YouTube and other things. Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact 8" makes calls also but I found out only has speakerphone mode :/
Jane Cate Irungu (9 months ago)
think you should add Tecno Phantom 6 plus
j soul (9 months ago)
all these chinese phones suck azz! do not support chinese tech companies
Rauntaveus Mcmillan (9 months ago)
j soul zte zmax pro is American sold
Tech Best (9 months ago)
what phone do you use?
jay_615 (9 months ago)
you suck Huawei mediapad x2 is number 1. 7 inch
Tech Best (9 months ago)
anything 6.0" is not considered a tablet by the industry. Maybe to you it is a tablet, but you are not the industry, I don't go by your standards, I go by industry standards.
jay_615 (9 months ago)
Tech Best anything 6.0 inch is consider a tablet you call your self a tech yet you only read other people comment on the web I know people like you lol
Tech Best (9 months ago)
although it has phone functionality, it is marketed by Huawei as a tablet, it's also generally considered a tablet (eg GSMarena list it in their tablet section) so was therefore excluded from this list of Phones.
Ryan Locher (9 months ago)
I'm tempted to get an S8, but then install IOS 10
Atropin I.V. (9 months ago)
android 7 and emui5 is now available on Honor Note 8...(for a while)..
Holly A. Van H. (9 months ago)
It's barely 2017 but I'd love an update. Good camera and good phone + US warrantee 3 most important. Thanks
Pop MJ Vinay (9 months ago)
😰 I Like IT
Hidden Hazard (9 months ago)
Huawei Mate 8 should not be at #9. Atleast #5 and above.
AYUSH KUMAR (9 months ago)
redmi note 4 new features discuses
AYUSH KUMAR (9 months ago)
redmi note 4 new features discuses
AYUSH KUMAR (9 months ago)
redmi note 4 new features discuses
NewbPlays ML (9 months ago)
Oh My God! I already bought a Cherry Mobile Flare j5
wow I guess we should thank the people that made the phone and computer and more now ,,, like starting with Alexander Grahm Bell. and so on and so forth ...
cool features on thec $napdragon
Mary Kamara (10 months ago)
I have zte zmax pro
Lisa Monroe (10 months ago)
I feel like the phone outside the us is better smh we get crap
yitzy e (10 months ago)
Odiss agree
Crazcompart (10 months ago)
Damn! Whenever Samsung gets through pulling the slivers from out of its ass, and gets back on track with their Note 8 development (they might have to re-name it as not to step on Honor), they've got their work cut out for them... Some of these are pretty heavy hitters!
حسين محسن (10 months ago)
iwill xiaomi MI max I'm so exciting
ramuan lelaki (11 months ago)
all that thing came from china,way the go china...beat the west!
Missmadame Instagram (11 months ago)
I have two Xiaomi Mi Max. I love it!
Angel ! (9 months ago)
Esther MC give me one..! 😍😛
OMac Techy (11 months ago)
Looking to buy a phaplet, leaving the sinking ship of Micrsoft 950XL. Anyone got any suggestions??
MaCXdOlfy Tv (11 months ago)
were is galaxy note 7
war syndr0me (10 months ago)
This list is about phones with 6.0 inch screen and above......
zxcvb zxcvb (11 months ago)
Gaming Doll (11 months ago)
Yeah but what are the prices and height?
Jellyroll12 Fruit (11 months ago)
P.s.-all these phones are at least $100 or more.
iloygl (11 months ago)
I like Nubia Z11 max becuase I'm chinese boy
garykap (11 months ago)
And the winner is Doogee Y6 Max 3d, 6.5. The 3d is better than any 2d device.
ian hayes (11 months ago)
in the description you put "go luck" I think it was supposed to say good luck I thought I better let you know
HHTV3 (11 months ago)
Tech Best why it was too fast with the galaxy device ?
Tech Best (11 months ago)
Why do you say that? I really like Samsung devices
HHTV3 (11 months ago)
Tech Best you have a problem with samsung right?
Tech Best (11 months ago)
Thank you, I have corrected it now :)
Meavy Hetal (11 months ago)
y tho
Caped Baldy (11 months ago)
And here I am still rocking my Xperia Z2 and Nvidia shield tablet. Life can't get any better lol
Janz dela Serna (11 months ago)
getting the xiaomi mi max in 3 days. i hope it does well for gaming
Janz dela Serna (11 months ago)
sam cruz oh yeah. The camera is average. But im totally fine with it. :)
sam cruz (11 months ago)
Janz dela Serna yes a bit wet and warm but not like Sony which you can even cook eggs on the back. don't like the stock camera though.
Janz dela Serna (11 months ago)
sam cruz got the phone yesterday. It was beautiful. It gets a bit warm. But not like acer. Tried it for gaming. It was great. I love it. It is worth the buy
sam cruz (11 months ago)
Janz dela Serna I have one it's awesome, battery last for a day on wifi, not getting hot even it's a aluminum.
Janz dela Serna (11 months ago)
Tech Best thank you!
tecknos africa (11 months ago)
ZTE embedded battery , big mistake !!
tecknos africa (11 months ago)
the bigga the betta
Sachin LaL Shrestha (11 months ago)
note 8 is not 6 inch .. it has a 6.6 inch display
Hansel O'Neil (11 months ago)
Fox F33 (11 months ago)
thanks man
Marian vlogs Losardo (11 months ago)
Ahhhhh.... Xiaomi is... Beautiful... sooo... cool...
JEREMIAH GMIAH (1 year ago)
most these phones look like. Over grown iPhones not impressed. With exception of just 2 maybe. 😑🚮
Gaming Addict (1 year ago)
Lol,Lenova Phab 2 plus amazing camera 😂
Daniel D. (1 year ago)
I have a fairly unknown phablet to go along with my 7 plus. The Doogee Y6 Max. 6.5 inch 1080P, octa core monster :).
YAMI COOKIE (1 year ago)
I have the Samsung galaxy grand neo plus 5,2 inch I think
Sebastian J (1 year ago)
178 More Bloody Ignorant Dislikes And Counting...
Sebastian J (1 year ago)
All Of The Above...
Yoda Pusung (1 year ago)
cuma satu tombol panjang di tengah punggung itu sangat mengganggu pandangan...dan merusak seluruh kecantikan hp itu...kek megan fox tiba2 mukanya disiram air keras...Jelek!..
Pia Schneider (1 year ago)
Adjust teaspoon whether experience sidewalk proof both previously stuff interesting.
the channel (1 year ago)
Hey you forgot the POSH L700 ( 7 inch)
Tech Best (1 year ago)
it has a big screen, but it certainly isn't a good phone. 7" with 720p screen, 1GB RAM - definitely not top 10 worthy, thanks.
HNTR KLLR (1 year ago)
the specs on everything but the honor note 8 are completely obsolete
mohammad ameer (11 months ago)
Tech Best wishes
Hassan Tinga (1 year ago)
Tech Best (1 year ago)
You are right, manufacturers tend to see big phones as a niche market so often don't put flagship hardware in them :(
excalibur1812 (1 year ago)
The main problem with most of these phones is that they do not get 4G/LTE in the United States. If Hauwei, Asus and Xiaomi want to increase their market share, why are the cutting out these bands? It makes no sense at all.
karda dy (1 year ago)
Samsung a9 pro ! :))
karda dy (1 year ago)
Samsung a9 pro ! :))
Reg Thomas (1 year ago)
I have Galaxy Note 8 GT-N5100 with 8 inch display,the largest phone I own,The Galaxy Tab A SM-T555 has 9.7 inch display which also is a phone,although not of 2016,these are large devices to be noted.
Lavender C (1 year ago)
war syndr0me (10 months ago)
I wouldn't really say “THE BEST IN THE WORLD” Its just decent for its category
Thot Annihilator (1 year ago)
Guys Ronaldo was in the Z11Max, We have to get it
Mobilogeek (1 year ago)
merci de t abonné à ma chaîne pour un coup de pouce
Timothy Sun (1 year ago)
The annoying black margin ……
war syndr0me (10 months ago)
Tru dat
The mix max 652 vs the 650 are two different phones both support vr fiit SN headsets but the zenphone does not exist in that category.
Alper Altinkeser (1 year ago)
Here is Where you can buy https://goo.gl/BzBXWQ
i AM brsilan
Cristi Rosas (1 year ago)
where is it Lenovo Phab?
foxy126 PL (1 year ago)
posh equal pro lte It has a 7-inch screen
MZJO23 (10 months ago)
Paweł Paf I had this phone and it was horrible
francesco lacanfora (1 year ago)
Honor Note 8 nr. 1

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