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Fredo Bang - Shootas On The Roof (MUSIC VIDEO)

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Fredo Bang - Shootas On The Roof (MUSIC VIDEO) Video Producer/Director: @Mr_OneNine For media & videography services, call/text 225-366-8805 or email Str8UpEntMusic@gmail.com
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Text Comments (1344)
Eddie Brown (8 minutes ago)
princess Gigi (2 hours ago)
, tbg 🦍🖤 #restinpeacegeemoney #inthenameofgee ‼️
Flagging Bloggers (2 hours ago)
😒 who really was fkn with gmoney before he passed because a lot of y’all niggas was hating on him when he dissed yb but soon as he died y’all jumped on his dick
martina johnson (2 hours ago)
“My shooter like my barber I paid him a double headddd” Mann Fredo bodied this 🔥🔥
Chris Waters (8 hours ago)
I fuck with yb but this shit 🔥🔥🔥🔥
darrayunna mcgrew (9 hours ago)
Lexo Lucciano Garcia (11 hours ago)
bobo the realest (11 hours ago)
Robert Mckinney (11 hours ago)
YB better watch his back 💯 rip #geemoney
Maur Loveless (12 hours ago)
On repeat
KJAYY TV (14 hours ago)
In the name of Gee🦍🖤
Shrewood Jaydee (17 hours ago)
He said Tec name in this bih this a message to TEC💯
BrezeLoe Vevo (18 hours ago)
GMG geemoney Gang nbaK
Vegito Black (19 hours ago)
Maxine Alexander (20 hours ago)
This go hard #inthenameofgee
Jesse Watts3 (21 hours ago)
He killed this song o right I got shooters on the roof and they amin just right ye ye
Switch Lanes (21 hours ago)
Issy Flores (21 hours ago)
boss boys (22 hours ago)
As long as yb ain’t alone Fredo ain’t doin nun
martina johnson (23 hours ago)
This fire
Blood 1Thouwow (23 hours ago)
Fredo bang dey ain’t fukkn wit u 🅱️💯
Jaerll Kirk (1 day ago)
James Tutson (1 day ago)
almost a million
wanya adams (1 day ago)
Jamirah Jackson (1 day ago)
Dropping shit and killing shit just like DA BANGMAN!!!!😭❤️🦍 rest up Gee!!
Jon G (1 day ago)
nigga killed my dawg, can't wait to go & get him back.
Hadden Sparling (1 day ago)
Fredo gonna pull some on all NBA gang but aye man it's gee money #longlivegeemoney #fredobreadwinner
Sid Wilson (1 day ago)
Nigga killed my dawg can't wait to go and get em back 💯💯🖕🖕
TEE VEE (1 day ago)
Did i hear a young boy diss?
A Steph (1 day ago)
Hey, Hey!!!
Quan Wesley (1 day ago)
We given out free coffins💀💀 #dabangman #ripgeemoney
Michael Rinehart (1 day ago)
Blood 1Thouwow (1 day ago)
dey aint fukkn wit u fredo on blood
TBG boys (1 day ago)
I like this song
cam yrg (1 day ago)
Telvin Henderson (1 day ago)
u killed this hoe lil fredo on god 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥#inthenameofgee
Janarrius Wilcox (1 day ago)
u blowing up now gee fredo bang😂😂🤗
NSC Manz Fo (21 hours ago)
🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯 #RipGee💸🙏
YBC JxJx (1 day ago)
Listen 2:15 to 2:23 he admitted to tryin to kill mane musik " they killed my dog cant wait to get em back...caught him on da interstate they said i did dat bad... but he was talkin he should expect to crash
YBC JxJx (16 hours ago)
yg boyd (1 day ago)
Zeyyy Beats Da Rest (1 day ago)
Intro fire
Almighty mari (2 days ago)
Issa beautiful day to die- Fredo bang 2018😂😂
lilstew1995 (2 days ago)
MR here before 1M!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ElChapo Trill (2 days ago)
Rudy West (2 days ago)
Dey ain’t think Fredo was coming home🦍🦍🦍
Victoria Daily (2 days ago)
Rip gee money
Alexis Alexis (2 days ago)
How does this not have Millions of views? 🤔
Se'Maj Johnson (2 days ago)
He a 🦍 in da name of gee🙏🙏
BrezeLoe Vevo (2 days ago)
Here before before a mil
Kyng Yellowshoe (2 days ago)
In the name of Gee 💯💸 #ripGeeMoney
Deion Savoy (2 days ago)
thoths tablet (2 days ago)
"we want the whole gang not just one or two"...do y'all hear this nigga?!...🔥
Wilbert Allen (2 days ago)
Lord you can’t live his life like xxx
Wilbert Allen (2 days ago)
Stop fucking diss nba young
smiperking 20 (2 days ago)
Kill that bitch nigga who killed gee
Kiambi Major (2 days ago)
You got shooters on the roof us to.song jamming homie🤘
Reggie Denireaux (2 days ago)
This one, and Father gon hit a mill‼️ #InTheNameOfGee
Kavera Millions (2 days ago)
Free coffins!!!
swagged out goat (2 days ago)
2019 Fredo back crazy out of jail makeing music nba better watch his back on gang
swagged out goat (2 days ago)
I mean making
Dre Bond (2 days ago)
From murdergomery al rip behind u all the fredo
EDward Fleming (2 days ago)
That fat dude look a Kid
BadNewsRambo -x (2 days ago)
I Put Some 🍞 Up On Yo Head Naa That Boy Dead😈
Macoyion Brown (2 days ago)
This nigga ass YB kill him😂
Fernando Cruz (3 days ago)
TBG🦍GVNG REALGEEMONEY keepin it fannesss for us
Gregory Tate (3 days ago)
Ight when nba fuck his ass up
Louis Casimier (3 days ago)
Here before a million #inthenameofGee🦍🦍
Valencia Hopkins (3 days ago)
u know were youngboy is if u want him u know were tf he is my nigga and nigga he got shootas everywhere my nigga youngboy will mess u up rt n youngboy didnt even kill gee money tec did on me he did if u want to get anybody get tec rt
Kidd_ Cozart (18 hours ago)
Valencia Hopkins 😂😂 dumb ass nba homo fans these days
Tiffany Mckoy (3 days ago)
He sounds just like g money
wanya adams (3 days ago)
I got shooters on the roof 🤦🏽‍♂️😂🔥💸💯
wanya adams (3 days ago)
why there’s kids 🤦🏽‍♂️🤔
Tezzy. (3 days ago)
wanya adams (3 days ago)
Rip gee money 🙏🏽😞💪🏽💯
wanya adams (3 days ago)
song dope 💯
Manman Man (3 days ago)
Youngboy will kill that Niggah just like he did gee money fuck u mean Niggah
John Jackson (3 days ago)
2:08-2:12 he talk bout tec
Taubarron Patton (3 days ago)
🦍 gang back
Yo_Worst Nightmare (3 days ago)
💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 #RatchetCity Shreveport fuckin with this 🔥👌
Chris Alan (3 days ago)
2:17 he Talon bout main and Tec hang musta been the 1 who did main m Traffic An gee money was a retaliation ?
Graceful Bills (3 days ago)
In the name of gee 💸
Tristan Lloyd (3 days ago)
he needs to blow asap! he needs to get all the money he deserves to gtf out the hood, take care of his ppl, look out for his niggas, & support Gees daughters 💯 OH after he handles Gees shooter 🙂 first things first!
Hadden Sparling (3 days ago)
I can’t wait til he start touring I need to kick it with this dude for sure smoke some pac he go hard asf #upnext
Tembria Nichelle (3 days ago)
#InthenameofGee He slid 🦍
SQAD Tay (3 days ago)
another clout chaser bruh niggas wanna start somthin
Maur Loveless (3 days ago)
Kole Crosby (3 days ago)
Bbyjoe watch out son
WininAphe (3 days ago)
*We got Gee money head on the rooffff ouuuuu*
Mark Youngboy 17 (3 days ago)
Best part nigga killed ma dawg can't wait to get em back #inthenameofgee
Dominique Meare (3 days ago)
i wonder if he was talking bout Maine muzik when he said ''i caught him on the interstate........he got shot at and shot while driving on the interstate and crashed
NB Braxton (3 days ago)
Dominique Meare he was talking about how he got in jail (that's how he got in jail and the person he caught on the intestate is dead)
Rossi Sparks (3 days ago)
Nigga killed my dawg can’t wait to go and get em back 💯🖤🦍 I real life cnt wait till that man fredo find out who wacked my dawg Gee and get they ass Gone 🤯🔫😈 InTheNameOffGee# Fuck ah Nigga 🖕🏾
Barbara Corsinie (3 days ago)
pamela leblanc (3 days ago)
This song is lame
Rossi Sparks (3 days ago)
In the Name of Gee🙏🏾❣️🦍!
Hottboi BloccBoi (3 days ago)
This already a classic swear
Bryan To (3 days ago)
R.i.p X
4 Ever Finest (3 days ago)
r.i.p gee $
Honey_ Badger15 (3 days ago)
YB is better🔥
A1 Fuent (3 days ago)
Javonte Freeman (3 days ago)
The song song was but rip gee
whopster webster (3 days ago)
nigga ain’t gone do youngboy shiii 💯
Jamya Brown (3 days ago)
what he say about yb
MKE JAY (3 days ago)
This the nigga that was in iPhone 6 now I know who this is
IndaCouch420 (3 days ago)
Fredo I Got Mad Respect For You Out Here Living For Your Brother In The Name Of Gee RIP

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